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Italy, the Philippines and Oklahoma get an Earthquake*

Italy, the Philippines and Oklahoma get an Earthquake*

By Katherine Frisk

A U.S Marine helicopter flies over Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, just a few days after the tsunami, 2004


By Katherine Frisk

If the tsunami in Sumatra in 2004 and the earthquakes in the Pacific Rim during 2011- 2012 taught me anything, it is that tsunamis and earthquakes happen for a reason.

As a recap, with regard to the former. The northern part of Sumatra was going to break away from the southern part and nationalize their oil resources and free themselves from ExxonMobil. They were the worst hit in the tsunami of 2004. To quote from Wikipedia:

“Aceh has substantial natural resources, including oil and natural gas; some estimates put Aceh gas reserves as being the largest in the world. Aceh was the closest point of land to the epicentre of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, which devastated much of the western coast of the province. Approximately 170,000 Indonesians were killed or went missing in the disaster. The disaster helped precipitate the peace agreement between the government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).”

A little bit too convenient don’t you think?

Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand


With regard to the latter, the Pacific Rim and the countries within it just happen to also be party to the TPP agreements which Obama is attempting to get signed and sealed before he leaves office.

I have to conclude that the earthquakes and tsunamis that hit this region, two examples being Christchurch in February 2011 and Fukushima in March and April of that year, were and in many instances still are weather warfare and methods of persuasion against those who have attempted to resist the Pivot to Asia and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

With regards to the Fukushima catastrophe, most people outside the loop cannot conceive or accept that such evil could be perpetrated against the Japanese people. Those within the loop, many considered to be the “tin foil hat brigade,” are fully aware that such evil intentions are not out of the realm of the global, corporate fascist’s agenda.

Japan, the only country who has experienced a full frontal nuclear attack, not once, but twice, in spite of being in the process of surrendering at the end of WW2, has no such illusions.

For an in depth analysis of the TPP see: In The Court That Rules The World by Chris Hamby. Here is an extract:

“Imagine a private, global super court that empowers corporations to bend countries to their will.

Say a nation tries to prosecute a corrupt CEO or ban dangerous pollution. Imagine that a company could turn to this super court and sue the whole country for daring to interfere with its profits, demanding hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars as retribution.

Imagine that this court is so powerful that nations often must heed its rulings as if they came from their own supreme courts, with no meaningful way to appeal. That it operates unconstrained by precedent or any significant public oversight, often keeping its proceedings and sometimes even its decisions secret.

That the people who decide its cases are largely elite Western corporate attorneys who have a vested interest in expanding the court’s authority because they profit from it directly, arguing cases one day, and then sitting in judgment another. That some of them half-jokingly refer to themselves as “The Club” or “The Mafia.”

And imagine that the penalties this court has imposed have been so crushing — and its decisions so unpredictable — that some nations dare not risk a trial, responding to the mere threat of a lawsuit by offering vast concessions, such as rolling back their own laws or even wiping away the punishments of convicted criminals.

This system is already in place, operating behind closed doors in office buildings and conference rooms in cities around the world. Known as investor-state dispute settlement, or ISDS, it is written into a vast network of treaties that govern international trade and investment, including NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Congress must soon decide whether to ratify.”

On the 24th of August 2016 an earthquake hit central Italy.

My condolences and sympathies go out to the Italians. But what interests me more here is the political and economic background noise. On the 5th of July an Italian minister said:

“A free trade deal being negotiated by the European Union and the United States is at a dead end and an agreement with Canada is also at risk.”

“I think (the TTIP deal) will fall through, and the agreement with Canada is at risk of doing the same. We have been negotiating it for too long,” Carlo Calenda, Italy’s industry minister said at an event in Rome.

Calenda said confidence in the negotiations was lacking.”

The TTIP is the E.U.-U.S; equivalent of the Pacific Rim/ Pivot to Asia/ TPP agreements.

On the 8th of July Alessandro Nicolette pointed out that the TTIP would be a disaster for the Italian economy.

“The TTIP approval would see European markets invaded by approximately 1,300 chemical substances which are forbidden by European law. In fact, there are more than 80 pesticides that are used in the US whose production was blocked by the European Commission for being hazardous. Moreover, there are animal growth hormones and genetically modified organisms among the banned substances which are allowed in the US. Other EU banned practices, such as feeding antibiotics to animals or washing chickens with chlorine are also permitted in the US…

As the Italian Department of Economic Development pointed out, it entails the counterfeiting of Italian products in the U.S. and pushing the consumer to associate such products with the Italian original ones. According to the official body, about 75% of Italian products abroad are not authentic, and it damages Italian production. The signing of TTIP would bring Italian sounding products to Europe: another blow to Italian agro-food producers.”

With regard to the Philippines they have had ongoing weather disasters.

Before Typhoon Hagupit struck in 2014, the government voted not to allow a US military base in their country. Shortly afterwards a US military base was established. Since then they have had a number of earthquakes. The most recent on the 4th of September 2016.

Newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte is a mixed bag. He is cracking down on illegal drug trafficking, possibly paving the way for Big Pharma patents on narcotics such as opium. Heroin junkies that are increasing worldwide are not the only market for this commodity, opium is an essential component in health care medication and pain relief for those who really need it. It is also big money for anyone with a patent on this product and when freely available through drug traffickers undermines their profit margins.

So you have to wonder about the Philippine government’s “war on narco-politics,” and the killing of over 400 drug dealers that has reportedly led to an additional 500,000 turning themselves in…

Duterte: “I’ll really have you killed… My order is shoot to kill you. I don’t care about human rights, you better believe me….my mouth has no due process.”

Duterte has also promised the voters free wi-fi (more opportunity for Google and social media brainwashing), lower taxes, polygamy being legalised, (will paedophilia and child marriages also be included considering that child sex trafficking is rife in Asia?) and higher wages for government employees. He wants to lift foreign investment limitations and join the TPP. This is in stark contrast to current legislation:

“Duterte has expressed interest in granting foreign investors access to sectors currently restricted to Philippine nationals and allowing them to own at least 70 percent and possibly up to 100 percent of companies they establish in the country, up from the current limit of 40 percent. Getting rid of the so-called 60:40 rule should pose a challenge, however, as it requires amending the country’s 1987 constitution.

Sectors that are currently heavily restricted to foreign access include:

Mass media and broadcasting
Retail trade
Domestic shipping
Public services
Small-scale mining
Private security
Utilization of marine resources

While there is no guarantee that all or even many currently restricted industries will be opened to foreign investment if Duterte successfully amends the constitution, there could still be significant opportunities on the horizon in these largely untapped sectors. Further, Duterte has also indicated support for joining the TPP, which in itself could require altering the constitution due to foreign ownership restrictions. However, it appears that he will maintain restrictions on foreign ownership of land, which is currently limited to long-term leasing.”

Which makes me conclude that Duterte is a Trojan Horse.

In many of his campaign promises he has said that he will make congress “illegal.” This would pave the way towards getting rid of major obstacles and politicians that currently block TPP agreements and getting rid of foreign investment limitations as they currently stand.

If the newly appointed President, who shows all the signs of becoming yet another CIA Kissinger–type dictator and Pinochet/ Videla/ Suharto clone, does not succeed in bringing the country into compliance with corporate fascist monopolistic globalist ambitions, then a few more earthquakes and a couple more tornadoes just might be needed in order to get the message across.


Weather Warfare

“The significant expansion in America’s weather warfare arsenal, which is a priority of the Department of Defense is not a matter for debate or discussion. While, environmentalists blame the Bush administration for not having signed the Kyoto protocol, the issue of ‘weather warfare’, namely the manipulation of weather patterns for military use is never mentioned.

The U.S. Air Force has the capability of manipulating climate either for testing purposes or for outright military-intelligence use. These capabilities extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes. In recent years, large amounts of money have been allocated by the U.S. Department of Defense to further developing and perfecting these capabilities.

Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, … and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in U.S., or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. (U.S. Air Force, Air University of the U.S. Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report,

Dady Chery (News Junkie Post) who has investigated the activities of the Clinton Family Foundation, the earthquake and the rape of Haiti said in a recent interview @ 85 mins:

“I think the reason that they do not want people to look too closely at Haiti is because Haiti is such a perfect example of what a Clinton administration would be. And I want people to keep in mind that we are heading toward a situation where we are going to have more planetary change disasters.

We are going to have more floods, we are going to have more hurricanes if Clinton becomes president and stays president for the next eight years.

We can expect that there might be a major hurricane that causes a major disaster in the Gulf for example and other kinds of disasters in the United States. In Haiti we have a pretty good idea how the Clintons would handle this…”


On the Saturday the 3rd of September an earthquake struck Green County Oklahoma.

The strongest out of hundreds that have occurred since 2009. Other than their land what else does the Pawnee nation have that anyone could possibly want? Or have the Pawnee been too active in stopping the Dakota oil pipeline for comfort and is this an earthquake war?

Dakota Access Pipeline Sage Turns Violent Amid “Largest Gathering Of Native Americans Since The Little Bighorn

In what has become the largest gathering of Native Americans in more than 100 years, a coalition of dozens of tribes across the country oppose the pipeline’s construction, citing concerns that it would put the Missouri River – as well as the network of lakes and tributaries that the “Big Muddy” is connected to – at risk of contamination via oil spill and lead to the destruction of culturally significant sites for the Sioux tribes in the area.

Saturday’s clash began when a group of several hundred protestors gathered near construction crews on Saturday afternoon at a site close to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The demonstrators aimed to act as a human shield against the pipeline’s further development, after the removal of topsoil from a 150-feet wide and 2-mile long portion of land caused “devastating” damage to the tribe’s sacred lands.”

Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline which endangers the water supply to Native American reservations.

“The Dakota Access pipeline is set to be constructed near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, crossing under the Missouri River which is the only source of water to the reservation. The pipeline is planned to transport approximately 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The potential of oil leaks would contaminate the only source of water for the reservation.

While Dakota Access claims oil leaks are unlikely, an oil leak from a separate pipeline in North Dakota was discovered (8/15/16) to have leaked over 500 barrels of oil since the leak began on July 19, 2016. You can read the article here: A leak like this from the Dakota Access pipeline would leave the Standing Rock Sioux without any clean water.”

Or… are we talking natural gas reserves and Fracking in Green County, which the Pawnee would be correct in resisting. Space Weather makes an “oh so brief reference” to it when covering the earthquake in Oklahoma at 1.50 mins and if you are not up to speed on the damage that Fracking does to the groundwater, soil, air and contributes to health hazards causing cancer for one, HERE is what Bernie Saunders thinks of it.

As for “earthquake wars,” make of it what you will.


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California Lawmakers Kiss the Feet of King David*

California Lawmakers Kiss the Feet of King David*

By Richard Edmondson

A young poet supplies an answer to a question


Last week I put up a couple of posts on the same day, the first featuring the video that you see above. The second, entitled “Israel Approves 463 New Housing Units; US, EU Issue Faint Peeps of Protest,” discussed the most recent settlement expansions slated for Palestinian land, along with the usual, half-hearted expressions of “concern” timidly voiced by US and EU officials.

In this second post I discussed some of Israel’s ongoing offenses to common decency and civility and ended the article by posing a rhetorical question: “Why is it Western officials are powerless to do anything other than express their ‘concern?’”.

Both posts were posted at my own personal website, Fig Trees and Vineyards, and overnight, after I had put them up, a curious thought came to me: that the answer to the question posed in the second post is supplied by a line from the poem in the first post.

The poem is entitled “Mr. Death.” The poet’s name is Pola Fanous. It’s an extraordinary poem, but I call your attention to two lines in particular:

“O Israel, O puppet master of continents, I learnt that power was perfect corruption
When Uncle Sam kissed King David’s feet at instruction”

A metaphorical, though quite apt, way of putting it, don’t you think?

In late August, the state of California’s Legislature passed an anti-BDS measure that would prevent companies that boycott Israel from doing business with the state, requiring contractors to certify “under penalty of perjury” that they do not engage in boycotts of “any sovereign nation or peoples recognized by the government of the United States, including, but not limited to, the nation and people of Israel.”

The bill, AB 2844, passed by overwhelming majorities in both the Assembly and the state Senate (by 69-1 in the lower chamber, with 10 abstentions, and in the Senate by 34-1 with 4 abstentions). The lawmakers of California essentially kissed the feet of King David. The lone exceptions to this, i.e. those who cast the two “no” votes, were Bill Monning in the Senate and Mark Stone in the Assembly.

The bill now goes to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown, who is expected to also kneel and kiss the royal feet by signing it.

Sen. Richard Bloom, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, characterized the vote as a victory in the fight against “hate” and “bigotry,” which Bloom apparently believes (or pretends to believe) are the principle motivating forces behind the BDS movement.

“The action today by the Legislature sends another strong message that California does not tolerate discrimination, hate, or bigotry,” claimed Bloom.

Isn’t it interesting–that anti-BDS zealots seem forever to harp on the “hate and bigotry” they perceive to be lurking in the BDS movement…while never uttering word-one about the rampant racism epidemic in Israeli society and which is manifest even among the Jewish state’s leaders?

I first wrote about AB 2844 in a post I put up back in April of this year. This was just after the bill had been approved by the California Judiciary Committee. That approval was given on April 19. Curiously–and I made note of this in the article–April 19 was also the day the following image appeared on the Internet:

This was less than one month after Israeli soldier Elor Azarya had executed a wounded Palestinian with a point-blank gunshot to the head. That event took place on March 24, and the Israelis in the photo taken on April 19, including presumably the woman holding the sign reading “Kill Them All,” had gathered for a protest–in support of Azarya.

The members of the California Judiciary Committee were bound to have known of Azarya’s act of savagery, since the execution had been caught on video and the story had made global headlines. Yet they likewise kissed the feet of King David, approving AB 2844 by a vote of 10-0.

“It is always the right time to fight against discrimination and hate speech, and today the Republicans are honored to stand strong in this bipartisan fight,” Assembly member Travis Allen, also a co-sponsor of the bill, said at the time.

Like Bloom, Allen too played up the “hate and bigotry” angle, and, like Bloom, he also had nothing to say about Israeli racism–which as I mentioned earlier isn’t limited to the Israeli populace, but is often vomited out by the country’s leaders as well. These officials include Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who has referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes,” and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who once called for beheading Palestinians he deems insufficiently loyal to Israel.

Can you imagine a U.S. official referring to members of a racial or ethnic group as “snakes,” or who called for beheading someone? Can you imagine how quickly that person would be drawn and quartered by the media and turned out of office? But yet US politicians like Bloom and Allen slander the BDS movement while pretending to be oblivious of such pronouncements from Israeli leaders. And their colleagues in various state legislatures across the country go on casting their votes for bills attempting to side rail–not the racist politicians in Israel, but the BDS movement–the very movement standing against the sort of hatred and bigotry that King David’s abject lieges in America profess to be opposed to.

“O Israel, O puppet master of continents, I learnt that power was perfect corruption
When Uncle Sam kissed King David’s feet at instruction”

Is it really in the best interest of the state of California for its lawmakers to kiss the feet of King David? Or were the legislators who voted for AB 2844 motivated more by advancement of their own political careers? Kevin Baker, legislative director of the American Civil Liberties Union of California, says the anti-BDS bill is ill-advised from a fiscal standpoint, and could end up costing the state money. In a letter to Bloom last April, Baker pointed out that the bill “does not evaluate or give preference to contractors that are fiscally sound; in fact, it specifically disqualifies businesses that may be the most economically responsible bidder simply because the company participates in a boycott of Israel.”

Baker went on to add that the bill also exempts businesses offering goods or services that state agencies might regard as essential–and all for an arbitrary political motive:

It therefore appears the bill is motivated not by concerns of fiscal responsibility so much as a desire of the proponents–however worthy their cause might be–to use the economic power of the state to vanquish those with whom they disagree. The bill itself admits its political motives by finding and declaring that “the provisions of this measure address the political nature of contracting with a company that is participating in the boycott Israel and the need for the government of this state to respond to the policies of Israel in a uniform fashion.”

Using the power of the state to “vanquish those with whom they disagree” is, of course, a violation of the First Amendment, and this point also is made by Baker, who asserts that “politically motivated economic boycotts aimed at influencing public policy and advancing social change are a classic form of constitutionally protected free speech.” He also cites a Supreme Court ruling from 1996 in which the Court determined that “the Constitution prohibits governments from conditioning eligibility for public contracts upon the political affiliation of those bidding for a contract.” **

But I wouldn’t count highly on any of this making a difference to the anti-BDS zealots, as it obviously didn’t greatly impact the thinking of Bloom or Allen. When it comes to Israel, logic often gets tossed out the window.

The California Legislature ‘kissed the feet of King David’ with passage of AB 2844. Will Governor Jerry Brown now follow suit by signing the bill into law?


But where does this discarding of logic eventually take us? Kissing the feet of King David has led to 68 years of warfare, bloodshed and ethnic cleansing in the Middle East, as well as a flood of refugees pouring into Europe. It has led to instance after instance of government leaders acting against their own national interest, and eventually, if it continues, will almost assuredly wind up in the complete collapse of Western society. Or that at any rate seems to be the logical outcome if we follow it to its end.

Another aspect to all of this, and one which Jews might especially want to ponder if they can stand the case of indigestion that may result, is that Israel’s occupation and settlement expansions, the injustices meted out daily to Palestinian families–all of this challenges the historic view of Jews as innocent victims of the pogroms and expulsions that run rife through Jewish history. It causes people to examine that history in a new light. So how does this impact Jews living outside the state of Israel?

More pertinently, has the existence of a Jewish state in the Middle East been a good thing for Jews in the wider world at large? Has it improved their lives? Does it offer them hope and security in a world grown increasingly precarious and more dangerous? There was once a time when the answer to this might have been yes. But you could argue that the negatives have grown considerably and that they have long since begun to outweigh the positives. No matter how the media try to spin it, occupation is occupation; illegal settlements are illegal. None of it is pretty. Israel is the Jewish state–or that’s how it refers to itself–and it’s hard to see how public perceptions of Jews as a whole can escape being colored by its actions.

Add to this the unwholesome picture of Jewish lobbyists pressuring state legislatures to adopt measures like AB 2844–an attack on free speech rights–and public perceptions are likely to alter even further. It is about as illogical for California to adopt AB 2844 as it is for the federal government to hand Israel billions of dollars per year at a time when the US national debt stands at $19 trillion and growing. The cost of kissing the feet of King David mounts up any way you look at it–and eventually this is going to become clearer and clearer to people. It has already become clear to many.

The possibility that at some point conclusions will be reached that the Jewish state should be dismantled–not only for the sake of Palestinians but even for the sake of Jews as well–is not inconceivable.

* I’m told that Fanous is only a high school student. If he’s writing poetry this good in high school, imagine what he might produce when he gets older. The Bankstown Poetry Slam, by the way, is an organization in West Sydney, Australia, which holds a poetry event usually on the last Tuesday of each month. You can visit their website here.

** The case in question is Board of County Commissioners, Wabaunsee County, Kansas vs. Umbehr. Umbehr was an independent trash-hauling contractor who frequently criticized the commissioners. When the Board voted to terminate his contract, supposedly because the Board grew tired of his constant criticisms, Umbehr filed suit against two of its members. Umbehr alleged that his termination resulted from his criticisms of the Board and, therefore, infringed on his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. The case made it to the Supreme Court, which ruled in his favor. Aside from the points Baker made about disqualifying economically responsible businesses, the fact that California lawmakers have passed a needless bill which, should it be signed by the governor, likely will be subject to legal challenges, would also seem to reflect unsound fiscal policy.


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NASA is Paying Russia over $70mn to bring an Astronaut Home in this Spaceship*

NASA is Paying Russia over $70mn to bring an Astronaut Home in this Spaceship*

By Dave Mosher, Skye Gould

A three-module Soyuz spacecraft. NASA


Three people who have spent 172 days in orbit above the Earth will attempt to return home.

But they won’t be riding in a U.S. spacecraft.

NASA retired its space shuttle fleet in 2011. Meanwhile, commercial carriers like SpaceX and Boeing are still building, testing, and certifying their spaceships, respectively called Dragon and CST-100 Starliner.

Today only one spaceship can launch people more than 200 miles above Earth, drop them off at the International Space Station (ISS), and fly them back: a Russian spacecraft called the Soyuz, which first launched in 1966 and means “union” in Russian.

Though Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, has upgraded the three-module Soyuz design several times over the decades, it has hardly changed its core layout.

What it charges other space agencies per seat, however, has changed dramatically in recent years.

Below is a chart that shows what Russia has historically charged NASA per Soyuz spot since 2006, plus what it plans to charge in the near future, according to a new report that NASA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) released on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016:

How much NASA is paying Russia for each US astronaut seat aboard a Soyuz spacecraft from 2006 through 2018.

The cheapest Soyuz seats NASA ever paid for were $21.8 million in 2007 and 2008.

As soon as the space agency permanently grounded its space shuttles, though, Russia sharply raised the cost per seat. And it shows no signs of stopping while NASA, JAXA, and the European Space Agency wait for other options.

By 2018, NASA and its partners will have to pay roughly $81 million per person to ride a Soyuz to the ISS and back again — a cost increase of 372% in 10 years. (The total cost to NASA over 12 years will be about $3.37 billion.)

That contrasts to the $58 million NASA expects to pay per seat aboard SpaceX’s and Boeing’s ships, or roughly $214 million per space shuttle passenger. (Both numbers account for total lifetime costs of each spacecraft’s development.)

What will $81 million get you on a Soyuz?

One of the safest trips to space yet cramped between avionics and bags of cargo — for anywhere from 6 hours to 2 days per leg of the journey:

Astronauts and a cosmonaut buckled into a cramped Soyuz descent module make for a very tight fit.. ESA/NASA


Companies like Space Adventures have also purchased Soyuz seats in the past, sending mega-millionaires like videogame developer Richard Garriott up to the ISS.

But the space outfitter’s next mission is far more ambitious: It intends to recreate the Apollo 8 mission of 1968 and launch a lucky passenger (and two cosmonaut accomplices) around the moon.

At $150 million per seat per lunar trip, it’s starting to sound like a bargain.


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Soros: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Govt Can Be Established*

Soros: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Govt Can Be Established*


In the following video, Alex Jones begins by making a general statement in response to a question he’s been asked more times than he cares to count over the course of his professional career. The question always comes from the wilfully ignorant, normally in a very condescending tone, and it often sounds something like,

“If there really is a big bad secret world government, then where is it, and tell us who runs it.”

Alex’s response is perfect. He says it’s really not a secret who runs the TransPacific Partnership. It’s really not a secret who runs the IMF, and the World Bank. It’s also really not secret who runs the United Nations. These days, the globalists are so over the top and in our faces about what they’re doing, sometimes information is learned that can later appear to have been kept secret, but that’s normally more the result of the public’s limited access to programs inside certain institutions, rather than a deliberate effort to conceal information.

The insanity of it all is that the global elite have brainwashed the masses, largely with the assistance of the globalist run mainstream media, to disregard what their own eyes and ears tell them. For example, George Soros admits the he’s been the financial backing to the refugee “crisis” that has brought Europe to it’s knees, and he admits that he’s funding the far-left group Black Lives Matter here in the U.S., but yet anyone that brings up either, is somehow branded a “conspiracy theorist??” Can anyone explain that to me?!?!

To make matters worse, not only has much of what “conspiracy theorists” claim to be true already been committed to writing and published by the elite (try actually READING in Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030), but there are huge amounts of what  “conspiracy theorists” are warning about that have already been voted into binding legislation too. Furthermore, those who are carrying out such acts claim to be operating under some imagined diplomatic immunity, making them free from prosecution.

As Alex rightfully points out, Soros and Co. aren’t “secret” about much of ANYTHING these days. People have become SO ignorant, that no one even bats an eyelash when a globalist thug freely speaks about his intention to use the U.N.’s migrant counsel as a weapon to undermine national homogeneity. That is utterly insane. He should be locked up. We live in a time when the head of the U.N.’s migrant counsel is openly sharing his intent to use his authority to deliberately undermine the sovereignty of countries, for no other reason than that their population is naturally indigenous, or potentially more predisposed to being white. What?!?!

It absolutely shocks the conscious, that in a day and age when information is available at the click of a button, that there could still be so many of the smug condescending types, who like to laugh, point fingers, and yell “conspiracy theory,” when issues this serious are discussed. Seriously? It’s almost as if a level of weapons grade stupidity, ignorance, or perhaps both, somehow got released into the atmosphere or something, because who could possibly be THAT clueless? Yet, here were are….



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G4S Guards Dakota Pipeline as Protesters Get Attacked*

G4S Guards Dakota Pipeline as Protesters Get Attacked*

G4S is one among several private security companies protecting the pipeline construction, a spokesperson told teleSUR.

G4S, a U.K.-based security multinational, admitted to having personnel deployed at “remote sites” where Native Americans are defending their lands from the planned US$3.8-million Dakota Access pipeline that they say would pollute the drinking water of millions.

The actions have brought together over 200 tribes in solidarity and faced a heavy offensive by private security companies and state officers deployed under a state of emergency.

The security company has been under fire for providing services to Israeli prisons and settlements, expanding across the Middle East including Afghanistan and Iraq and operating juvenile detention centers and handling deportations from the U.S.

In an email to teleSUR, G4S Communications Director Monica Lewman-Garcia wrote,

“G4S Secure Solutions is providing fewer than 10 security officers, assigned to remote sites, providing limited short-term unarmed patrol services.”

G4S recently published a new job opening for an armed custom protection security officer in Mandan, North Dakota—next to the campsites—which was reposted on Facebook by Lakota Sioux Tribe member Olowaan Plain.

Lewman-Garcia said that “there are other names” of security companies but failed to name any others. She would not answer other questions and was not available to speak by phone.

Organizers told teleSUR that 10-Code LLC, a local veteran-run company, is also providing security, but they were not able to be reached.

A direct action to stop construction on Saturday ended in security deploying dogs, who bit six people including a pregnant woman and a child. The private security forces also maced 30 people, activists said. G4S officers

“were not present and not involved at the location where the incident occurred,” wrote Lewman-Garcia.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which set up the Sacred Stone Camp in April, was denied a request for a temporary restraining order against the companies behind the pipeline Tuesday. It filed the request after construction workers bulldozed “burial sites, prayer sites and culturally significant artefacts,” said tribal chairman David Archambault II in a press statement.

Over 200 tribes and First Nations and over 100 organizations and businesses, including an Ohio mosque, have signed statements of solidarity with the protests, which are said to be the largest Native American mobilization in almost 150 years.

The state has mobilized armed patrols and requested the help of federal officials following an emergency declaration and a state of emergency, justified by claims of “hundreds of criminal acts” and “outside agitators,” according to North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple—a claim that protesters deny.

The state homeland security director also pulled out state-owned water and medical services to punish “unlawful” protesters and ensure “equipment is secure.”

The FBI has also been sent to investigate “laser strikes” against a surveillance aircraft circling the camp. Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said the planes were there to ensure public safety, but people at the site said they were used to disrupt cell phone signals. Occupiers also complained about limited freedom of movement, with armed military checkpoints restricting entrance to the camps.

Meanwhile, the Red Warrior Camp has been continuing its direct actions at construction sites, which led the Army Corps of Engineers to support Tuesday’s temporary halt to some construction work on the basis of “ensuring peace.”

Two week-long solidarity protests have started across the country, targeting other companies benefiting from the pipeline, like Citibank and TD Securities.


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G20 Meets In China To Fight Anti-Globalism and Usher In New World Order*

G20 Meets In China To Fight Anti-Globalism and Usher In New World Order*

By Jeff Berwick

Members of the G20 countries are meeting in China this week with an expressed goal of “fighting anti-globalism sentiments”.

You see, the global elites are rewriting the rules of the economy to help usher in a new world order that, as Zbigniew Brzezinski says, will now include Russia and China.

This new globalist order is something for which they have no remorse because of their disloyalty to any one nation – or even to humanity as a whole. What’s more is they’ve shown their willingness to trash the dollar to attain that end.

These purveyors of division are more than willing to obfuscate secret trade agreements in documents longer than Barack O’bomber’s initial 2,700 page “affordable” care act which has, as a side note, dramatically hiked premiums for Americans who were already hard pressed for cash and proved itself an utter failure in the realm of affordability.

While many people know that Obama is attempting to quietly pass the heinous Trans Pacific Partnership during the upcoming lame duck session of congress, they likely haven’t heard about its equally nefarious counterparts TTIP and TISA. These so called “free-trade” agreements are naturally far from liberating. A true free-trade deal should never need 5500+ pages of stipulations. Surprisingly, these far-reaching trade deals are so shrouded in secrecy that even most elected officials don’t know the specifics.

To compensate for the USA’s diminishing power in the World Trade Organization they have turned to these clandestine three “T’s” as a “solution”.

Although we are meant to believe that China and Russia are trying to financially undermine the U.S. for their own gain, at TDV we know their true intentions.

The Elite’s goal is to break up western hegemony and redistribute power back to major countries in the East in order to further destabilize the world financial structure.

Many who follow the actions of the Elites know that they operate on an occult timeline. Just ask Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF who gave an eerie numerology speech about the “magic number 7”. It is not happenstance that the addition of the Chinese Yuan to the SDR basket in early October coincides with the end of a biblical cycle called the Jubilee.

Back in May we watched the Baltic Dry Index, a barometer used to measure the cost of shipping raw materials, plunge to its lowest levels since last November.

The Index has had a meagre dead cat bounce since May but the fallout from the plunge has just begun.

One of the world’s largest worldwide shippers, the South Korean Hanjin line, just filed for bankruptcy. And, being one of the largest shipping companies, it has caused chaos and disruption in the sector. Turmoil in global shipping is a clear indication that something has definitely gone awry.

We’ve also been watching the refugee crisis in Europe and seen Angela Merkel tell Germans to prepare for an “attack”. Now the hardship continues for German investors who cannot redeem their paper gold for tangible bullion.

Deutsche Bank, who acts as the guarantor of physical gold delivery upon demand for Xetra-Gold, one of their sponsored exchange-traded commodities, has given suspiciously vague responses as to why physical deliveries cannot be met. They claim that the “service” is no longer being offered for “reasons of business policy”.

Perhaps even more glaringly problematic is that Deutsche claims it and Xetra are not the only European institutions who cannot make good on their obligations. This is a testament to the old precious metals adage, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”

Refusals like these, weaknesses in the European economy, and the ECB’s willingness to prop up equity markets the same way Japan has – by purchasing stocks directly – are all a recipe for disaster.

This is the reality, and the more people that can understand it, the better off we will all be. Here at TDV, we’re well aware of these monetary evolutions and our knowledge of Shemitah Trends and the Jubilee Year has allowed us to act in ways that have secured and expanded our TDV portfolio. We’re up some 200% in the last year and as market volatility increases as it no doubt will, we expect to add considerably to our portfolio to further expand its profitability.



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U.K. Base Used by U.S. to Kill Thousands in the Middle East*

U.K. Base Used by U.S. to Kill Thousands in the Middle East*

Leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed how his former employer used the U.K. spy base at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire to conduct ‘kill or capture’ missions in its global shadow war.

The new files published by the Intercept partly lay to rest speculation by journalists and campaigners over what really goes on at the U.S. base.

They show that secretive NSA kill-capture operations in the Middle East have been developed and initiated from inside the base’s heavily guarded perimeter wire.

The programs, which carry names like GHOSTWOLF and GHOSTHUNTER, has been used to support conventional operations in war zones such as Afghanistan and Yemen – with which neither Britain nor the U.S. is officially at war.

In July, the Obama administration revealed that somewhere between 64 and 116 civilian casualties were inflicted by U.S. air strikes outside Afghanistan and Iraq in the years 2009 through 2015. While Washington didn’t specify where exactly the deadly strikes took place, they are believed to have been carried out in Yemen, Pakistan and North Africa.

But the release of the figures, touted by Obama as a step toward more transparency, was criticized by various human rights organizations as distorting the actual picture. According to various independent assessments, anywhere from 200 up to 1,000 civilians fell victim to the U.S. air campaigns.

The leaks also call into question claims about U.K. complicity in deadly drones strikes carried out using the intelligence base.

In the past Britain claims to have full knowledge and have given full consent for what goes on at Menwith Hill, despite claims by campaigners that clandestine U.S. operations may constitute war crimes.

The latest revelations have been criticized by human rights groups, including Reprieve.

The organization’s top lawyer, Kat Craig, told the Intercept on Tuesday this was

yet another example of the unacceptable level of secrecy that surrounds U.K. involvement in the U.S. ‘targeted killing’ program.

It is now imperative that the prime minister comes clean about U.K. involvement in targeted killing to ensure that British personnel and resources are not implicated in illegal and immoral activities,” Craig said.

While the Ministry of Defence (MoD) refused to comment on the release, an approach by the Intercept to the NSA was referred to Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

DNI spokesman Richard Kolko told the website:

The men and women serving the intelligence community safeguard U.S. national security by collecting information, conducting analysis, and providing intelligence for informed decision making under a strict set of laws, policies and guidelines. This mission protects our nation and others around the world.

In April 2012, the covert Menwith Hill intelligence centre was propelled into the public spotlight after local residents joined by the members of the Occupy movement. Together, they staged mass protests outside the base.

“The U.K.’s providing a facility here that’s involved in drone attacks that we know, from independent assessments, are killing and injuring thousands of civilians, and because of the covert nature of that warfare, it’s very difficult to provide information and accountability through the U.K. parliament. And yet these are acts of war,” Dr Steve Schofield, author of the 65-page report “Lifting the Lid on Menwith”, told RT back then.

Matteo Bergamini, founder, director of Shout Out U.K. platform, believes the U.K. government should give an explicit account to the public on what is actually going on in the clandestine facility.

“Ideally, I would like the authorities to come clean, to say what has happened and essentially put it to the public and actually start to act like a democracy,” he told RT, adding that those people who will be found responsible of violating the international law as result of such revelations, should be prosecuted in the U.K.

However, the chances of this taking place are low, judging by past experience.

“I think the reaction of the authorities will be trying to hide it, or trying to scapegoat it on somebody else like they had with the whistleblowers in the past,” Bergamini said.


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U.S. Govt Exposed for Forcing Foster Kids, Even Toddlers to Take Dangerous Psychotropic Drugs*

U.S. Govt Exposed for Forcing Foster Kids, Even Toddlers to Take Dangerous Psychotropic Drugs*

By Justin Gardner

After years of growing concern, the California state auditor has produced a damning report describing how the state’s 79,000 foster children are being drugged with psychotropic medications at abnormally high rates.

The report found that nearly 12% of kids in California’s child welfare system were prescribed psychotropic medications – including antipsychotics, antidepressants and mood stabilizers – during 2014-2015. This compares to a rate of 4-10% for non-foster kids.

Some of these vulnerable children were drugged “in amounts and dosages that exceeded state guidelines,” with no follow-up by the county to ensure these prescriptions were appropriate. Some counties also violated the law by failing to obtain court or parental approval for psychotropic medications.

California spent $226 million on psychotropic medications for foster kids over the last decade, which amounts to almost 72% of total drug spending for foster youth.

The report slams the state and counties for a failure of oversight that has allowed child welfare centres to resort to drugging to control behavior, which can have devastating effects on brain development and health condition.

“…there is substantial evidence of many of the drugs’ dramatic side effects: rapid-onset obesity, diabetes and a lethargy so profound that foster kids describe dozing through school and much of their young lives. Long-term effects, particularly on children, have received little study, but for some psychotropics there is evidence of persistent tics, increased risk of suicide, even brain shrinkage.”

Over the last decade, nearly 15% of California’s foster kids were prescribed psychotropic medications, and almost 1 in 4 adolescents were being drugged in this way – part of a growing trend across the country.

“To be prescribing these medications so extensively and so, I think, thoughtlessly, with so little evidence supporting their use, it’s just malpractice,” said George Stewart, a Berkeley child psychiatrist who has treated the neediest foster children in the Bay Area for the past four decades.

“It really is drugging them.”

The investigation goes on to highlight several disturbing practices that have become the norm in the state’s child welfare system. Nearly 60% of foster kids receiving medications were put on the riskiest antipsychotics – a figure that stunned experts and officials overseeing the system.

More than 12% of foster kids on meds in 2013 were put on two, three, four or more psychotropic drugs, which falls in “uncharted medical territory.” Foster children, age five and younger, were put on psychotropics, even though federal health officials say this is not safe.

While foster kids, who have often been the victims of abuse and neglect, can certainly have more trouble coping with life and may act out dangerously to themselves or others, the increasing reliance on mind-altering drugs to sedate and control them is disturbing.

Several former foster kids who were interviewed described being in a dazed state all day long, rapidly becoming obese and diabetic, and constantly being in a state of dizziness and nausea. Rochelle Trochtenberg, now 31, still suffers from tremors after being subjected to “a shifting mix of lithium, Depakote, Zyprexa, Haldol and Prozac, among others.”

Another investigation by the Los Angeles Daily News detailed how irresponsible doctors are contributing to the problem highlighted by the auditor’s report.

One psychiatrist who manages treatment at a group home for troubled children is a self-proclaimed “spokesperson for pharmaceutical companies.”

“A mere 10% of the state’s highest prescribers were responsible about 50% of the time when a foster child received an antipsychotic, the riskiest class of psychiatric drugs with some of the most harmful side effects…

These same doctors often relied on risky, unproven combinations of the drugs, a practice widely rejected by medical associations and other states.

In San Bernardino County, one psychiatrist prescribed antipsychotics to 328 foster children — 85% of the patients to whom he gave a psychiatric drug in the five years the investigation examined. And when one antipsychotic didn’t work — or wasn’t enough — Dr. Warris Walayat routinely prescribed another.”

And last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the role of pharmaceutical companies themselves. Drug manufacturers paid $4.6 billion in settlements to federal prosecutors after they misrepresented scientific evidence to illegally market their expensive antipsychotic drugs.

Eli Lilly advised its sales task force: “The competition wins if we are distracted into talking about diabetes.

And, unsurprisingly, when California tried to rein in those prescribing psychotropic medications to children, doctor and psychiatrist lobbying groups enacted heavy pressure to delay or block pieces of the legislation.

There’s just too much money to be made in drugging the most vulnerable kids in the state’s foster care system.


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