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Common Drugs, Including Benadryl And Xanax, Cause Brain Atrophy And Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer and Dementia*

Common Drugs, Including Benadryl And Xanax, Cause Brain Atrophy And Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer and Dementia*
By Whitney Webb

A group of common drugs used to treat allergies and other chronic health issues increase the risk of Alzheimer and dementia, according to a new study by the University of Indiana School of Medicine. The study also found that these drugs reduce the overall size of the brain as well as its metabolism if taken regularly. The drugs, known collectively as anticholinergics, are commonly prescribed for allergies, insomnia, hypertension, cardiac problems, and depression among others. Some of the most well-known brands in the U.S. include:

  • Xanax
  • Zyrtec
  • Valium
  • Wellbutrin
  • Benadryl
  • Dramamine
  • Paxil
  • Histex

You can see a comprehensive list of anticholinergic drugs implicated in this study by clicking here.

This class of drugs blocks acetylcholine in the brain, an important neurotransmitter vital to normal brain function. In people with Alzheimer, there is always a lack of this neurotransmitter and, according to this study and others, these drugs worsen the condition or can provoke it. However, this study is not the first to find problems with anticholinergic drugs. A study in 2013 found that people who take these types of drugs showed a significant reduction in cognitive ability. Their risk of contracting Alzheimer also increased by more than 60%.

This new study from the University of Indiana was the first to investigate the direct impact of these drugs on the human brain. 451 adults between 70 and 75 years old participated in the study and were all given MRIs in order to see the changes in the brain over time. They were also all given different tests of memory and cognition. The group that took these drugs for 2.5 years showed a significant decrease in brain size compared to their condition before the study began. A decrease in brain size and a reduction in brain metabolism became evident after only 2 months of regular use. They also received worse scores on the tests compared to the people who did not take anticholinergic drugs over the course of the study.

Yet, the problem with these studies is that they only focus on the elderly. Many of these drugs are approved for the use of children and teenagers, whose brains are still developing. A lack of Acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter blocked by these drugs, can cause mood swings, attention deficit, and memory problems in children. It’s very possible that the widespread use of these drugs could be to blame for increases in the diagnoses of ADD and similar disorders in children. Could these drugs also be shrinking their brains and causing permanent damage? What other effects could these drugs have on a developing brain? Unfortunately, no one knows as no studies currently exist. However, these studies have definitively shown that these drugs damage the human brain and should be removed from the market or, at the very least, come with warnings on the box. If you or someone you know is taking any type of anticholinergic drug, you should consider talking with your doctor or naturopath and looking for an alternative that won’t shrink your brain.


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Maryland Schools ban Thousands of Students without Government-mandated Vaccinations*

Maryland Schools ban Thousands of Students without Government-mandated Vaccinations*

Kids Flee Deadly Vaccine by David DeesBy Victor Skinner

Maryland schools plan to ban thousands of students from attending class over new mandatory vaccine requirements.

Maryland students are required to receive vaccinations for chicken pox, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, and meningitis and parents are required to provide proof within 20 calendar days from the start of school, but thousands of students across the state are out of compliance, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Next week, students without the proper immunizations will be banned from class until their parents provide proof they received the shots.

“… Baltimore County barred hundreds of children from school this week after failing to meet a Tuesday deadline for required vaccinations,” according to the news site.

For Baltimore City schools, the number of students who could miss out on class next week is in the thousands, as 3,800 were without the required vaccinations Wednesday.

The new requirements apply to students in kindergarten, first, second, and seventh through ninth grades based on a schedule of immunizations with different required vaccines for different grades.

Younger students are required to receive two doses of Varicella, to protect against chicken pox, while older students also need immunizations for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis known as Tdap, as well as a dose of Meningococcal vaccine to guard against meningitis, according to the Sun.

“I cannot stress too strongly how important this is,” Baltimore city schools CEO Sonja Santelises told school board members this week.

The Sun took a tally of the number of students out of compliance in numerous districts, which included about 600 students in Baltimore County, about 89 students in Anne Arundel County, and fewer than 40 in Carroll County. Two other school districts were unsure how many students have not received the mandated immunizations.

“More than 6,400 children in Prince George’s County started the school year without state-required immunizations, prompting urgent phone calls warning parents that children will not be allowed into classrooms tomorrow,” WUSA reported in late August.

fedef-mahatma-gandhi-vaccination-400Groups like the Maryland Coalition for Vaccine Choice have fought for parents’ rights to immunize their children as they see fit, pointing out conflicting science on the need for vaccines for young children.

Parents in Maryland and virtually every other state have opposed efforts to force them to vaccinate their children for a variety of reasons, from religious objections to health concerns to philosophical reasons. Proponents of vaccinations argue that parents put entire schools at risk by failing to protect against preventable diseases.

In Maryland, parents can opt out of the required immunizations only for medical or religious reasons, and they must obtain documentation to prove their reasoning is legitimate.

Filipa Gomes, health services director for Carroll County Public Schools, told the Sun that many of the students out of compliance who risk missing out on class have been vaccinated, but district officials simply don’t have their records on file.

“In a lot of these situations the students have the immunizations; we just haven’t received the records from the parents,” she said.

“Once they got the call from the school principal, ‘We need your records,’ all of a sudden a lot of them came in.”

Baltimore city schools and numerous other districts have launched free health clinics where parents can bring their children for their government-mandated shots.


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A Former Street Child in Mumbai Builds a Cafe-Cum-Library for Homeless Youth*

A Former Street Child in Mumbai Builds a Cafe-Cum-Library for Homeless Youth*

By Vishal

The story of Amin Sheikh, who wanted to change the fate of boys like him who grew up on the streets of Bombay. Photo credit: Humans of Bombay

After selling his autobiography book for nearly three years on Mumbai’s busy streets, author Amin Sheikh is seeing the payoff for all of his hard work. He has finally fulfilled his long-time dream of setting up a cafe-cum-library in India’s financial capital for impoverished street children.

Sheikh, 36, has had a lot of experiences in his short life. He was born in a slum in the north of Mumbai (at the time, the city was called Bombay) to a poor family. For him, life began at the age of five when he started working in a tea shop. By the time he was 16, he lived on Mumbai’s hostile streets as a homeless child and had experience collecting garbage, singing on local trains, begging and rag picking, working as a factory labourer, as a vendor on a train, as a boot polisher and as a doer of other odd jobs before being rescued by an orphanage in Mumbai named Sneha Sadan. They gave him a new home and changed his life.

Sheikh was sent to work for Eustace Fernandes, a very famous artist, when he was 17. He was his driver, cook and cleaner and learnt English in the process. With Eustace’s help, Sheikh started his own travel company called Sneha Travels in 2002. Eustace even took him to Barcelona once, where he visited a few library cafes from which he found the inspiration.

Workers in Amin Sheikh’s cafe, which is staffed by former street children from Sneha Sadan.


Today, Sheikh’s cafe Bombay to Barcelona is painted in various shades of white and orange and is staffed by numerous former street children from Sneha Sadan. The cafe, which opened in the middle of August this year, wants to be inclusive for people from all walks of lives and thus the food items are priced reasonably. For example, a cup of tea costs only 10 rupees (15 U.S. cents), the same as at any roadside tea stall. Sheikh’s motto is: “Everyone deserves to go somewhere nice for coffee or tea”.

An estimated 37,059 children live on the streets of Mumbai, according to a census conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and voluntary organization Action Aid India. Two out of five have experienced physical, verbal or sexual abuse or forced starvation at some point in their lives.

Sheikh spoke to Global Voices about how he made this cafe possible, collecting funds by selling his autobiography, and his future plans to help street children.

“I sold books for nearly three years to collect funds to set up this cafe. We will always be open to street children and never reject their entry into the cafe,” he explained.

The cafe provides food and other assortments free of cost to underprivileged children. Photo credit: Bombay to Barcelona FB page.

In his autobiography, ‘Bombay Mumbai: Life is Life: I Am Because of You‘, published in 2013, Sheikh recollects experiences from his childhood days living on Mumbai’s streets, singing and begging in the city’s famous local trains and the turmoil he faced due to lack of family support.

Now, he uses revenue generated from his book’s sale to fund his cafe.

“I ran away from home at the age of five after facing abusive behaviour and threats from my step-father. I begged, slept on train station platforms before being rescued by a shelter house — Sneha Sadan,” Sheikh says.

And he is resolute about providing shelter and support to other street children now.

“I don’t want these kids to go back to the streets again.”

Bombay to Barcelona FB page.


Sheikh has managed to sell nearly 12,000 copies of his book in various languages including Spanish, Catalan, and Marathi as a way of raising funds for his cafe.

One reader from Spain, Maria Antonia Perez, visited Mumbai recently to help Sheikh set up his cafe after reading his book.

“We have a special table set in the cafe with cakes and other snacks for street children. Their reaction to this place has been extremely positive,” Sheikh concludes.

Here is his story in YouTube uploaded by Ditto TV:

In Mumbai, a group of media students have also made a short film on the book and Sheikh’s life:

People who visited the cafe mostly have nice things to say on social media.

Shivangini Singh wrote on Facebook:

“This book costs only 300/-. If you buy it, you are helping Amin Sheikh, a former street kid, build a better life for others who are on the streets.

I just finished reading it. The life story, the journey is deep. Very real, very positive and oh so inspiring!”

Bombay to Barcelona cafe is such a warm and nice place. 🙂

— sabari (@_sabari) September 12, 2016

Deanne Moraes wrote a glowing review on Facebook:

“Never felt like home at any cafe before, like I did when I visited your cafe…. The ambience, the decor, the snacks… everything is just perfect….. The customer service is something I will never forget… I have always forgotten names of people working in hotels or cafe but at your cafe SAI, I can never forget the hospitality he provided and his name.. All the best…”


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100 Year Old Saudi Beggar Woman Dies a Millionaire*

Macedonia Bulldozes Roma Families’ Homes, Then Ignore their Plight*

Macedonia  Bulldozes Roma Families’ Homes, Then Ignore their Plight*

By Filip Stojanovski

Roma kids left homeless after Skopje city government bulldozed their homes. Photo by Vančo Džambaski, CC BY-NC-SA.


The government of Macedonia’s capital city Skopje evicted 31 Roma families with children from a settlement under the historic Kale fortress over the summer. Authorities not only razed their home for the last nine years, but also reportedly left the families without any realistic support.

Photo-activist Vančo Džambaski published a photo album on Flickr to try to draw attention to their plight. In it, he described the families’ situation:

“Without any help from the state institutions, they now reside in an improvised dwelling by the Vardar River. Without electricity, water supply or sewage, with high risk from infectious diseases due to the floods and lack of minimal hygiene conditions, they dread the coming of winter.”

In 2011, the state sold the land, which is a prime piece of real-estate, to a private company, the Amadeus Group, for about 100 dollars per square meter. The location is a few minutes walk from the centre of Skopje, and the new owners say they intend to build a hotel.

Authorities so far haven’t been moved by the protests of those affected. They have offered to move the homeless group to the dilapidated camp Čičino Selo outside of the city, which the families have refused because it does not have space to house all of them, and the living conditions are worse than living in the open. Most of these people make a living by collecting discarded plastic bottles and food from garbage containers, which then they transport on bicycles. Distance-wise, relocation outside of city limits would severely impede their ability to gather enough plastic bottles to sell to recycling plants to make it through the day.

Hard honest work. Main source of income of homeless Roma is recycling plastic bottles thrown away as garbage. It’s also very dangerous, as the same garbage also contains glass shards, metal pieces and wires, and various toxic waste. Photo by Vančo Džambaski, CC BY-NC-SA.


Some activists have pointed to the lack of concern by the government and the media as a sign of ongoing discrimination of Roma in Macedonian society. Ljatife Sikovska, from the Roma Education Centre Ambrela, explained the gravity the situation with the homeless group in a statement for Global Voices:

“The City of Skopje metropolitan local government tore down the huts on August 1, just a few days before the heavy downpour that caused the recent deadly floods. The authorities made no provisions to temporarily shelter the 121 affected persons, including 64 children. The youngest child at the time was a 2-month-old baby. The homeless people survived the worst storm in recent memory under an open sky, and unfortunately they still have no roof over their heads.”

These Roma have received aid from NGOs in the meantime. Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) donated around 4,500 dollars worth of supplies.

“This urgent measure includes donation of food and drinking water, hygiene products, children’s diapers and other basic products for around 30 Roma families (nearly 130 people) who are now homeless. Among them, there are people without ID, pregnant women, ill persons and children. The objective of this action, which is implemented by FOSM in cooperation the Association for Health, Social and Educational Support “Initiative for Development and Inclusion of Communities” (IDIC), is to meet the current needs of these citizens while they are waiting for the institutions to find a permanent solution for their problem.”

Civil society organizations continue to demand that authorities, primarily the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the City of Skopje, provide shelter for the homeless before the cold months add exposure to their already rudimentary living conditions. Life in the improvised camp resembles a post-apocalyptic setting characteristic of major natural disaster, such as a devastating earthquake.

Man stands in front of his tent, located 3 km from the main square in Skopje. Photo Vančo Džambaski, CC BY-NC-SA.



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British Embassador to Saudi Arabia Becomes a Haji*

British Embassador to Saudi Arabia Becomes a Haji*

Collins, whose wife Huda Mujarkesh is a Syrian Muslim, is the first British diplomat to perform the revered pilgrimage to Mecca, known as Hajj.

He was pictured with his wife dressed in the traditional white robes worn by pilgrims in a photo shared by Saudi women’s rights campaigner Fawziah al-Bakr via social media on Monday.

The first British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to do the pilgrimage after his conversion to Islam: Simon Collins with his wife Huda in Mecca. Alhamdulillah [Praise be to Allah],” she tweeted.

Simon Collis becomes first UK ambassador to perform Haj@fawziah1

— Habib Toumi (@HabibToumi) September 13, 2016

Collins has been posted to Riyadh since 2015 after fleeing Syria where he was Britain’s representative until the civil war there escalated in 2011/12. He had previously worked as the U.K.’s ambassador to Qatar and part of the diplomatic corps in Bahrain, Tunisia, India, Jordan and Dubai.

The diplomat thanked well-wishers on Twitter after news of his conversion emerged, saying he had decided to join the Islamic faith “after spending 30 years in Muslim societies.” Among those to congratulate him were two members of the Saudi royal family.

 at the Grand Mosque in Makkah

at the Grand Mosque in Makkah

As part of his conversion and pilgrimage, Collins can now use the honorific granted those who’ve visited Islam’s holiest city, giving him the title Ambassador Haji Collins.

Officials at the East London Mosque told the Times they hoped Collins would be “able to share his recent experiences from the hajj with his non-Muslim colleagues at the British embassy.

They added that his “unique position” could prove vital in the relationship between Islam and the non-Muslim world.

Collins is, however, not the first British diplomat to convert to Islam. The writer and diplomat Charles le Gai Eaton converted to Islam in the 1950s before serving in India, Trinidad and Ghana.

Britain’s first diplomat to convert to Islam, Abdullah William Quilliam, was a 19th century British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, who denounced Britain’s imperialist policies in Sudan.


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U.S.-Israel Launch New Spy Satellite to Aid ISIS*

U.S.-Israel Launch New Spy Satellite to Aid ISIS*

On Tuesday, Israel launched into orbit its seventh spy satellite, Ofek 11, which is set to provide the Israeli military with surveillance imagery of the developments in the Middle East; however experts tell Sputnik that the Israeli space program, which is financed by the U.S., is also aimed at Russia and even China.

On September 13, Israel’s Ministry of defence and Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) manufacturer launched Shavit2 rocket from the facility at Palmachim airbase, south of Tel Aviv. This is the seventh spy satellite launched by Israel and it will allow the country to conduct unlimited surveillance of developments throughout the Middle East, according to reports of the local media. “Ofek 11 joins Ofek 9 and 10 in space.

Ofek 9, which was launched in June 2010, is an imaging and intelligence gathering satellite developed by IAI and costing $300 million. Ofek 9 and 10 have sent back exceptional quality images and it is able to identify objects just dozens of centimetres in size. This is technology possessed by very few countries around the world,” Israeli news website Globes reported shortly after the launch. Meanwhile Iranian political analyst, expert in the Middle East and former editor-in-chief of Iranian agency MehrNews Hassan Hanizadeh told Sputnik Persian that this program of the country’s Defence Ministry, which is being financed by the US, is not only aimed at the Middle East.

“Throughout many years Israel has been using the advanced and high technology surveillance satellite systems for espionage on the territories of the Middle East and Central Asia,” Hanizadeh told Sputnik.

“It has previously launched ten modifications of the Ofek series. With these provocative actions Israel wanted to thoroughly monitor and collect the secret data, analyze and control developments not only the Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran, Syria and Iraq, but also in countries farther afield, such as Russia and China,” he said.

The expert noted that such actions contradict international laws and norms which specify that the use of the satellites should be purely for peaceful purposes.

 “Israel is using these satellites for espionage and provocative military actions in Middle Eastern states. Israel’s actions put the national security of the whole region under threat,” the political analyst said.

The expert added that these satellites were constructed and launched with the participation of the U.S., which supplies Israel with the advanced equipment for the construction of these telecommunication spies.

There are no doubts that Iran and other countries of the region are within direct sight of these spy satellites. The political analyst noted that there are no restrictions for the Israeli espionage and surveillance activities, all of which are supported by the US. Hence, he said, Iran and other countries are within their rights to react to these spy activities. Seyed Mohammad Marandi, professor of North American Studies and dean of the Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran, told Sputnik that the recent launch is not an outstanding event for the U.S. as it already has a number of powerful spy satellite systems and high technological equipment operating.

Israel, for its part, does not possess its own technologies which it might use for the construction of unique satellites. The U.S. is always ready to share with Israel its intelligence on Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestinians from Gaza Strip. In other words, Israel gets timely surveillance data it needs from the U.S. Hence the launch of a satellite does not change much.

“The problem with Israel is in the policy it pursues, the policy of apartheid and racial segregation,” the expert said.

“This policy results in ethnical cleansing and land grabs,” he added.

These facts, he said, have made the Israeli regime unacceptable to the countries of the region. Even though some dictatorial regimes have made some agreements with Israel, the regional community denounces Israel’s foreign policy.

The Israeli authorities should better study how the apartheid regime in South Africa ended, he finally stated. Meanwhile Israeli media reported that while the launch and delivery of the Shavit2 rocket was successful, the payload, the Ofek-11 satellite, is malfunctioning. The Times of Israel quotes Amnon Harari, head of the Defence Ministry’s Space Department, as saying that it was “not clear that everything was in order,” hours after the launch. The Ofek-11 is widely believed to be the newest satellite among the world’s most advanced satellite recon systems. It operates at an altitude of 600 km with an  orbital path designed to pass over Israel’s region six times per day, allowing the Ministry of Defence to focus on targets of interest in the region. Its enhanced imaging system purportedly collects images at a ground resolution of 0.5 meters from its 600-Kilometer orbit. However for obvious reasons, the Israeli Defence Ministry is keeping its exact capabilities secret.


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U.S. Air Force Accidentally Bombs own ‘Rebels’ in Aleppo*

U.S. Air Force Accidentally Bombs own ‘Rebels’ in Aleppo*

The U.S. Air Force accidentally bombed the moderate rebels they are backing inside the village of Al-Ra’i in the northern Aleppo countryside, the Islamic State’s official media wing “Al-‘Amaq” reported on Friday.

According to the terrorist group’s media wing, the U.S. Anti-ISIS Coalition mistakenly bombed the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) positions in the western countryside of Al-‘Ra’i.

The U.S. Air Force was intending to bombard the Islamic State terrorists that were combating their ground allies at the western farms of Al-Ra’i; however, they attacked the Free Syrian Army instead.

This latest report comes just hours after the same rebel groups chased the U.S. Army out of Al-Ra’i.


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Australian Attempt to Dump the United Nations*

Australian Attempt to Dump the United Nations*

By Alex Newman

As the United Nations becomes increasingly radical in its assaults on liberty and national sovereignty, the movement for free nations to leave the dictator-dominated U.N. has now officially arrived in Australia. Speaking on the floor of Parliament in his inaugural address, newly elected Senator Malcolm Roberts with the One Nation party said Australian values were under threat from “insidious” institutions such as the unelected U.N. To deal with it, he called for an “OzExit.” In a passionate defence of freedom, Roberts also blasted privately owned central banks and the incestuous relationship between global mega-banks and Big Government.

The tide is already turning. Roberts said the historic Brexit vote, in which British voters decided to secede from the European Union, should be seen as a model worldwide as nations work to reclaim their sovereignty from globalist institutions. The Australian lawmaker, who represents the state of Queensland, joined a growing chorus of anti-U.N. voices stretching from the halls of the U.S. Congress to the Presidential Palace of the Philippines.

“Australia’s values and way of life are also at risk from insidious institutions such as the unelected swill that is the United Nations,” Roberts, who belongs to a pro-sovereignty, pro-borders political party, said on the floor of the legislature in his maiden speech. His comments promptly made headlines worldwide, from RT and the BBC to the Washington Post and the U.K. Express.

He also blasted the increasingly totalitarian E.U. and other controversial institutions of what globalists call “global governance,” and celebrated the growing uprising against transnational government.

 “The people of the United Kingdom recently spoke, and I have great admiration for the way they broke free of that socialist, monolithic monster, the European Union,” he said.

“The E.U. is a template for total socialist domination of Europe through unelected bodies, such as the IMF, forcing their frightening agenda on the people,” Roberts continued, referring to the radical International Monetary Fund currently being groomed to take a lead role in the global monetary regime.

“It is also the U.N.’s template, and Australia must leave the U.N.”

“We need an OzExit,” Roberts added, a reference to Australia exiting the U.N.

Roberts also blasted various U.N. schemes that seek to undermine liberty, property rights, and nationhood.

“People are waking to the U.N. destroying our national sovereignty through implementation of the U.N.’s 1975 Lima declaration and 1992 Rio declaration for 21st century global governance, often known as Agenda 21 — more recently as Agenda 2030,” he said, referring to dangerous plots to empower the U.N. at the expense of nations and people that have been thoroughly exposed in this magazine and other publications.

Based on Roberts’ speech, it seems that Americans are facing many of the same dangers as Australians. Those U.N. schemes, he said, were

“signed quietly by the then government and sneakily implemented by ministers of every government since under the guise of biodiversity to steal property rights, sustainability to pass regulations controlling people and climate change to push foreign control using unlawful agreements like the Paris sham.”

The Obama administration and other U.S. administrations before it have engaged in similar lawlessness, with Obama recently using his pen to “ratify” the imploding U.N. Paris Agreement to shackle humanity under the guise of stopping “climate change.” The Constitution requires Senate ratification.

“Let me say: the people of Australia are desperate to regain our sovereignty,” Roberts said, echoing growing sentiments expressed by voters across the Western world.

“We need to rebuild our nation. Australians have had enough of foreign control, enough of tax and enough theft of our prosperity and future. Australia is on a precipice.”

In his hard-hitting speech, his first as an Australian lawmaker, Roberts also vowed to work to restore Australia’s Constitution and its national sovereignty. He then promised to fight against the crushing tax burden, and to push to devolve powers back to state and local government. Finally, he vowed to take on the establishment to do it.

“We are not worried what the establishment says about us,” he continued.

“We’re not here for the establishment. We’re here for everyday people and our nation.”

His passion for politics was unleashed during the “grassroots uprising” among the Australian people against the “reviled and dishonest carbon dioxide tax,” Roberts said. Indeed, so massive was that uprising that the supporters of the tax were swept out of office in a landslide, with opponents of the tax dominating the election. After taking power, the newly elected government swiftly worked to abolish the hated scheme, vowing to reject U.N. “socialism masquerading as environmentalism.” Globalists were not amused, and worked fiendishly to undermine the government Australian voters put into power.

Just a few days before former French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that he, too, was a climate sceptic amid an effort to get re-elected after years of Socialist rule, Senator Roberts also took aim at the increasingly discredited man-made global-warming theory.

“Like Socrates, I love asking questions to get to the truth. So I ask the question: over the last 130 years, what was the longest single temperature trend?” he asked.

“Is not the inconvenient truth this — that from the 1930s to the 1970s, during the period of the greatest industrialisation in human history, when our carbon dioxide output increased dramatically, atmospheric temperatures cooled for 40 years straight?”

“Another inconvenient fact is that temperatures, statistically, have not been warming since 1995 — 21 years,” he continued, a reference to the great “hiatus” in warming.

“Records show there have been warmer periods in Australia’s history than the current decade. Temperatures are now cooler than 130 years ago. This is the reverse of what we are blatantly told by the Bureau of Meteorology, which has manipulated cooling trends into false warming trends.”

He also noted that changes in CO2 levels are a result of temperature changes, not a cause of it. And global warming would actually be beneficial, Roberts added.

“The U.N.’s claim is absurd,” he continued.

“Instead of science, activists invoke morality, imply natural weather events are unusual, appeal to authority and use name-calling, ridicule and emotion. They avoid discussing facts and rely on pictures of cute smiling dolphins. These are not evidence of human effect on climate.”

It is clear that the man-made global-warming theory is a “scam,” he continued, blasting “extremist voices” in Parliament advocating the de-industrialization of Australia to deal with a phony problem.

In his speech, Roberts also praised a wide range of prominent Australian climate skeptics and ridiculed alarmists for their failed predictions.

“Again, and again, and again, climate activists have been warning us that we have just five years to act,” said Roberts, who has an honours engineering degree covering atmospheric gases. “Every time, nature has proven them wrong.”

He also said it was time to restore the understanding that science is a method of inquiry, not a belief system.

In an act of courage, Roberts referenced the establishment forces behind the curtain pulling the strings of the climate-alarmist movement, previously exposed in a U.S. Senate report that blasted the group as the “Billionaires Club.” Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2012 in his capacity as leader of the climate-sceptic Galileo Movement, he said that what passes as “climate science” has been captured by “some of the major banking families in the world” who form a “tight-knit cabal.” That has been obvious for quite some time, with “vampire squid” mega-bank Goldman Sachs and billionaire “bankster” families, including the Rockefeller dynasty, showering resources on global-warming zealots.

In his September 13 maiden speech as senator, Roberts also took on the international banking cabal.

Worldwide, privately owned central banks have greed as their creed and cannot be trusted to work in a country’s best interests,” he said.

“A royal commission into the banking sector and currency is just one tool needed to expose what the big international banks are doing to trash our country.”

He also called for stopping the “manipulation of our economy so often exerted by the tight-knit international banking sector.”

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has similarly taken on the Federal Reserve and its manipulation of interest rates.

On the purpose of government itself, Roberts boldly defended Western civilization and its traditions of liberty and limited government.

“In my view the purpose of great institutions such as this parliament, and broadly politics, is to protect life, protect property and protect freedom,” he declared.

“Government has, sadly, transitioned, though, into a beast that only wishes to control people’s lives. And it has very curious bedfellows…. Big government in partnership with big banks is a disaster for ordinary Australians. One of the greatest threats to our liberty and life as we know it is the international banking sector.”

Then he quoted U.S. President Andrew Jackson, who said,

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.”

That, of course, holds true in all nations at all points in history.

The Australian senator’s comments come amid massive U.N. scandals and growing outrage about the U.N. all over the world. In the United States, there is an increasingly influential movement to have an “Amexit” from the U.N. Legislation in Congress, dubbed the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1205), would do just that, in addition to evicting the widely ridiculed “dictators club” from U.S. soil.

As the U.N. becomes increasingly extreme — last week the U.N.’s “human rights” boss even equated hundreds of millions of Western voters and their political leaders with ISIS — the movement for free nations to leave the U.N. will only accelerate. Americans hoping to get involved can call their members of Congress and educate opinion moulders in the communities on the threat. The future of liberty and national independence hangs in the balance.


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