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Video Footage of Syria Aid Convoy Released Shows Convoy Accompanied by Al Nusra Terrorists*

Video Footage of Syria Aid Convoy Released Shows Convoy Accompanied by Al Nusra Terrorists*

The Russian military unveiled on Tuesday video footage of a U.N. humanitarian aid convoy that came under attack in Syria, which shows a militants’ pickup vehicle carrying a large-calibre mortar as part of the convoy.

The video shows that the U.N. aid convoy was accompanied by a terrorists’ off-road vehicle with a large-calibre mortar launcher, the Russian Defence Ministry spokesman said.

“The examination of the video footage made via drones of the movement of the humanitarian convoy in areas controlled by militants in the province of Aleppo has revealed new details.  The video clearly shows how terrorists are redeploying a pickup with a large-caliber mortar on it using the convoy as a cover,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

He said that

“it is unclear yet who accompanies whom: the [pickup with a] mortar accompanies the convoy with “White Helmets” volunteers or vise versa. And most importantly, where did the mortar disappear near the destination point of the convoy and what was the target of its fire during the convoy’s stop and unloading?”

On Monday, the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that the aid convoy crossed the conflict line in the Big Orem area of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Later in the day, U.N. officials stated that the convoy had been shelled and there were casualties.

Earlier in the day, the Russian Defence Ministry said that neither Russian, not Syria aircraft carried out strikes against the U.N. aid convoy, emphasizing that the examination of video footage reveals no signs of an ammunition strikes on the convoy and it seems to be set on fire.

The ministry emphasized that the perpetrator of the fire, as well as his goal may be known by members of the “White Helmets” organization that allegedly has connection to al-Nusra Front terrorists who have “accidentally” been at the right time and in the right place with cameras.

According to the official, al-Nusra Front terrorist group carried out an artillery attack on the south-western suburb of Aleppo using multiple launch rocket systems.


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Study Listens to the Natural Rainbow Bridge Vibrate and Sing*

Study Listens to the Natural Rainbow Bridge Vibrate and Sing*

Oblique view of Rainbow Bridge. Credit: University of Utah


Utah’s iconic Rainbow Bridge hums with natural and man-made vibrations, according to a new University of Utah study, published September 21 in Geophysical Research Letters. The study characterizes the different ways the bridge vibrates and what frequencies and energy sources cause the rock structure to resonate. The vibrations are small, according to geology and geophysics professor Jeff Moore, but the study provides a baseline measure of the bridge’s structural integrity and shows how human activities can rattle solid rock.

“Rainbow Bridge is constantly on the verge of stability,” Moore says.

“It’s at this delicate balance, and it’s worth trying to understand what forces play a role in accelerating the demise of such sensitive and exceptional natural features.”

Listening to the bridge

Rainbow Bridge, located in southern Utah, is a sandstone formation arching over a side canyon of the Lake Powell reservoir. At nearly 300 feet from the canyon floor to the apex of the arch, Rainbow Bridge is one of the highest natural bridges in the world. The site is also revered as sacred by five nearby Native American nations, and visitors are asked not to walk under the bridge out of respect.

With permission from tribal groups obtained by the National Park Service, Moore and his team monitored Rainbow Bridge to determine its modes of vibration, or predominant movements that together make up the vibration of the bridge.

“A mode is the pattern of vibrational motion at a given frequency,” Moore says.

“Think of a guitar string. When you pluck a guitar string you generate one main tone plus several overtones on top of that. Those are all different modes.”

He and his team placed two seismic sensors on the bridge and two at a nearby location for reference comparison. Moore had conducted similar studies on other rock arches, seeking to understand how arches vibrate and what kinds of vibrational energy can cause resonance in the rock structures.

Every object, including buildings, bridges, and rock arches, resonates at preferred frequencies. If the object feels vibrational energy at its resonant frequencies, then the motion of the object amplifies the vibrational waves – sometimes to the point of damage. Resonant frequencies are well-known for man-made objects, but are more difficult to calculate for natural structures, such as Rainbow Bridge.

The team recognized the rare opportunity to study the revered site.

“We had a real respect for the bridge and the access we were permitted,” Moore says.

Catching the waves

Over two days of seismic monitoring in March 2015, the team identified eight major modes of resonant vibration – some forward and back, some up and down, and some twisting. Overall vibration of the bridge was a combination of those modes. Most of the time the bridge just shivered at a low hum.

Several human-caused events contributed to resonance, however. Mode 1, for example, a forward and back bending motion, resonates at a frequency of around 1.1 Hertz – about the same frequency as the waves of Lake Powell. Vibrations from those waves travel through the rock and are felt in Rainbow Bridge.

The bridge also feels earthquakes. During the study period, the team recorded three earthquakes (listen to one of them in the accompanying audio file). Two of the earthquakes were local, but one, likely an induced earthquake, occurred in Oklahoma – a testament, Moore says, that human activities can have unanticipated consequences.

A 3D simulation of resonance mode 1, exaggerated to show the magnitude of displacement. Credit: Jeff Moore

“Many things we do are actually felt by Rainbow Bridge, which is extremely remote,” he says.

“Human activity has altered the earth’s vibrational wavefield.”

It’s unclear what effect these low-level vibrations have on sensitive structures, or how they compare with natural vibrations caused by forces such as wind.

“Recording that is an interesting outcome,” Moore says.

Future directions

While Moore’s team conducted seismic monitoring, Jack Wood of the National Park Service took photos of the bridge from countless vantage points, allowing the team to construct a 3-D model of Rainbow Bridge that can be viewed here.

From the model, the researchers were able to estimate the weight of the bridge at around 110,000 tons. According to Moore, that’s about the same as a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier or a large cruise ship.

Moore says the team’s work is an impetus for further study of Rainbow Bridge, since so little is known about how vibration and resonance affect the health of the bridge. A repeated experiment would allow for comparison of the bridge’s vibrational modes with the baseline established in this study as a way to assess whether the bridge is undergoing changes.

“We hope to provide a new way for people to look at the bridge as a dynamic, lively feature that’s constantly vibrating and constantly moving,” Moore says. “You get a new understanding of the bridge as a living feature rather than a static structure.”


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Human DNA Tied Mostly to Single Exodus from Africa Long Ago*

Human DNA Tied Mostly to Single Exodus from Africa Long Ago*

In this Feb. 20, 1962 file photo, an elder warrior with a stone axe over his shoulder stands over the Baliem Valley in the central mountain range of Papua New Guinea. New research published Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016 suggests that the genetic ancestry of people living outside Africa can be traced almost completely to a single exodus of humans from that continent long ago. But some native islanders of Papua New Guinea may also carry a tiny legacy from an earlier exit. (AP Photo)

The genetic ancestry of people living outside Africa can be traced almost completely to a single exodus of humans from that continent long ago, new studies suggest.

Still, a tiny legacy from an earlier exit may persist in some native islanders in the south-western Pacific Ocean.

That’s the conclusion from three studies of modern DNA from around the world, released Wednesday by the journal Nature.

Our species, Homo sapiens, arose about 200,000 years ago in Africa. From there, it colonized the world, and scientists are still trying to understand the timing of that expansion.

The new work takes advantage of the fact that human DNA accumulates tiny changes over time. That can be used like a clock to estimate how long ago two populations split off from each other. The approach can’t reveal every migration out of Africa, just those that left a genetic legacy that has been handed down to this day.

Scientists have long traced one such exit to a single population that left around 40,000 to 80,000 years ago, probably over time rather than all at once. But some other work has turned up potential signs of a previous migration as early as 120,000 to 130,000 years ago.

Model of the relationships among diverse humans (select ancient samples are shown in red) that fits the data. We can reject the model that Australians, New Guineans and Andamanese have substantial (more than a couple percent) ancestry from an early dispersal out of Africa. Credit: Swapan Mallick, Mark Lipson and David Reich.

One of the new papers says it found a trace of an earlier migration in native people of Papua New Guinea, which lies north of Australia. At least 2% of their DNA may come from a population that split off from Africans about 120,000 years ago, reported researchers from the Estonian Biocentre in Tartu, Estonia, and other institutions. The study analyzed the DNA of 483 people from 148 populations worldwide, including six Papuans.

The two other papers concluded that if there was a genetic contribution from an earlier migration, it must be tiny. One studied the DNA of 300 people from 142 diverse populations, while the other examined the genetic codes of 25 Papuans and 83 aboriginal Australians.

Overall, the evidence shows that the vast majority of modern human ancestry outside of Africa comes from a single exit from Africa, said David Reich of Harvard Medical School, an author of the 142-population paper.

A graphic representation of the interaction between modern and archaic human lines, showing traces of an early out of Africa (xOoA) expansion within the genome of modern Sahul populations. Credit: Dr Mait Metspalu at the Estonian Biocentre, Tartu, Estonia

Joshua Akey of the University of Washington in Seattle, who co-wrote a Nature commentary on the papers, said linking that vast majority of ancestry to just one departure seems settled.

Todd Disotell of New York University, who didn’t participate in the research, said the reported hint in Papuans of an earlier migration might actually be due to something else. The analyses in all three papers are very complex, he noted.


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#NoDAPL Noise Demo Demands Freedom for Jailed Water Protector Olowan Martinez*

#NoDAPL Noise Demo Demands Freedom for Jailed Water Protector Olowan Martinez*

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services claims Olowan Martinez was extradited to Nebraska this morning. She was held because of a felony warrant for her arrest in NE. She was released into NE law enforcement custody this morning.

On September 20th, 2016, water protectors from Red Warrior Camp and others from the Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone camps converged on the Morton County Correctionial Center to hold a noise demonstration.

The Morton County jail has been used to hold all arrested water protectors from the numerous direct actions which have occurred to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

One water protector and Red Warrior Camp elder, Olowan Martinez of the Oglala Lakota nation, from the Pine Ridge reservation, has been held for a week. Long after all others arrested have been released, Olowan continues to be imprisoned at the Morton County jail as the state of North Dakota insists on continuing to hold her for attempted extradition to Nebraska.

Olowan is wanted in Nebraska based on charges related to her alleged involvement in actions against liquor stores in the small settlement of White Clay, Nebraska, which lies just a few miles from Pine Ridge across the South Dakota-Nebraska border.  By most accounts White Clay exists for the sole purpose of selling alcohol to Native people on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Alcohol is illegal in Pine Ridge and the reservation has disproportionately high rates of alcoholism and suicide.

Olowan tells her story in this video from the People’s Media Project:

A fundraising campaign has been launched to fund legal efforts to free Olowan Martinez, and raised over $1,000 within 24 hours of being launched.  Various individuals and groups have expressed their concern over Olowan’s continued incarceration and plan to work towards her release.

Olowan is currently incarcerated at Morton County jail for her defence of the Water at a #NoDAPL action to stop the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. She is the only one still being held captive, in their custody. The state is pushing for her extradition on charges connected with her resistance at White Clay, Nebraska (to stop alcohol sales from destroying her community) and is attempting to hold her for weeks without proper representation and process….

Olowan is an Oglala Lakota Mother and Grandmother. She is a long time Indigenous Land Defender, Water Protector, a born and raised Warrior. Her roots in resistance run deep and strong, far and wide, from Liberation Days to the Sounds of Resistance, she has worked to bring together the Women’s Peace March, to organize with Mothers Against Meth, to protect Indigenous women from industrial man camps and to stand in the way of resource extractive industry time and time again. Olowan is not only an Indigenous Land Defender and Water Protector, she is also working to actively protect her community from the oppressions tied to drugs and alcohol.

Olowan is a Sundancer, a Pipe Carrier, she is a spiritual woman, a mother to the movement, a teacher, a matriarch and a mentor to the youth. Her war cry has brought so many to these frontlines and many others. We don’t leave our Warriors behind and we will not let Olowan become another missing and murdered Indigenous woman, kidnapped by the state, we will not let her become another statistic, Indigenous women are the largest and fastest growing prison population.” – West Coast Woman Warriors Media Cooperative

A video posted to Facebook by the West Coast Woman Warriors Media Cooperative shows a friend of Olowan reading a letter she composed in jail to her fellow water protectors.  You can read the letter below:

Anpetu waste’ beautiful resistors, Olowan Miye.. I would like to share with you my Innerstanding of what is happening around me..

I must start by acknowledging my love for my ancestors, my children, and of course for Mni Sose. I also pray my words reach you in good strong health and spirits..

As I sit here in Morton County Jail I can see clearly that us sacred water protectors are the least of their problems..

thru the tears stories and friendship shared with me by the beautiful women of the surrounding communities I know I was meant to be here and for that I have no regrets..

the heartache of a life tormented by abuse of mind body & spirit, the grief of love lost, death and abuse, and the anger of feeling helpless and hopeless is limitless to creed or color..

I have also come to Innerstand that the threat to poison the Mni Sose aka the Missouri River is felt by all..

Altho the sacredness of our first medicine must always be stressed it is always Innerstood by those who choose to listen, and many are listening to Mitakuyapi, my relatives..

I encourage all to keep up the battle to save sacred water thru all tactics being used.. DO NOT GIVE UP!

To the surrounding communities of Morton County, open your eyes, us sacred water protectors are thinking of your grandchildren’s grandchildren whether you want to believe it or not..

We are not getting paid to be here! Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves.

Death to meth! Death to DAPL! Alcohol is the enemy!


Olowan Sara

Liilii Red” – Letter from Olowan Martinez, handwritten in the Morton County jail



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With Most of Dakota Access Pipeline Approved, Final Battle Remains Over Critical Portion*

With Most of Dakota Access Pipeline Approved, Final Battle Remains Over Critical Portion*

With Most of Dakota Access Pipeline Approved, Final Battle Remains Over Critical Portion*

KIM BROWN, TRNN: Thanks for watching The Real News Network, I’m Kim Brown in Baltimore. American motorists have been enjoying lower gas prices for most of 2016–but if you’ve noticed a spike in prices at the pump lately, it’s due–in part–because of an oil pipeline leak in Alabama. The spill happened a week ago in Shelby County and CNBC is reporting that over two-hundred fifty thousand gallons of gasoline have spilled into neighborhood retention ponds. Colonial Pipeline who owns the pipeline has constructed a bypass and says the pipeline will be restarted by Wednesday.

But this raises a greater concern in issue about the safety of oil pipelines and it actually highlights, precisely, the protest that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe have been engaging in against the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Joining us today from Indianapolis, Indiana is Steve Horn. Steve is a Research Fellow for DeSmogBlog and a freelance investigative journalist whose work is also featured in The Guardian, The Nation, and Truthout. Steve, thank you so much for being here.

STEVE HORN: Good to be back, thanks for having me.

BROWN: I was actually under the mistaken impression earlier this week that there have been two oil pipeline spills–the one in Alabama and another one in Yellowstone River, up in Montana–but upon further investigation, many people on social media were re-tweeting an article from The New York Times form 2011 about this Yellowstone River pipeline spill and there have been, at least, one more since then. And, the Yellowstone River is still dealing, really terribly, with the outcome from these two pipeline spills. But it really highlights what the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s protest has been all about. What is the latest on the Dakota Access?

HORN: So, the latest on the pipeline right now is sort of a hiatus on only one part. That is the twenty miles east and west of the Missouri River and Lake Oahe, which connects to it. Which is located on also near sacred land that the tribe in the area, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, has claimed, their sacred sites, their sacred burial grounds. The water, itself, is important to the tribe. The Obama administration announced on September 9th that they asked for voluntary hiatus, by Dakota Access, to stop building the pipeline in that area. Meanwhile, it is important to point out that the very rest of the pipeline have all the permits they need, from all the states, that the pipeline goes through and all of the right of way access from private landowners to build the rest of the pipeline. So, what we’re really talking about is a small but important area that is not yet built. So that is what remains and that’s what the fight will be about in the coming weeks and months.

BROWN: This is not about just the people in North Dakota who are being impacted because you have a piece up on your website, DeSmogBlog, about the Dakota Access. The Energy Transfer Partners, the company that is constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Bakken Oil Pipeline through Iowa, how is this pipeline also impacting Iowans, as well.

HORN: Many people have known about this pipeline, and I praise the activists, I praise the Standing Rock Tribe for putting it on the public radar. The fight over water in the Missouri River but this is a fight that’s actually been going on for a couple of years. We’ve been covering it since, really it was put on the public radar in Iowa. At that time, about a year ago, year-and-a-half ago, it was really Libertarians, and farmers, and also progressive activists in Iowa who were against the pipeline going through their state. The pipeline actually cuts directly halfway through that state, it bisects the state, and then goes on to the state of Illinois and ends in Patoka, Illinois. Also, besides South Dakota it goes through North Dakota.

In these past couple years, right now we’re talking about federal permits, in these past couple years, Dakota Access had to get permits from all four of those states. And they did get them. The biggest fight was definitely in Iowa. It didn’t end up being much of a public discussion in the Primaries, months ago. But it was something that was raised by both Rand Paul, he’s a Libertarian, and Bernie Sanders, of course, who came out against the pipeline before the Iowa caucuses. So this is something that’s of course been on the public radar for a while, in the smaller way. It really gained national attention in the past month or two.

BROWN: Steve you had another piece about the Dakota Access Pipeline, the owners of the company, the Energy Transfer Partners, were they creating fake social media accounts in order to troll activists online? What’s the story about that?

HORN: There’s a coalition that was formed, really because of the fight in Iowa called, The Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now, it was formed by a PR firm in Iowa called, The G2 Group. It really kinda ended after the thing got pushed through Iowa and they got the permits and they built the pipeline through that state. But that same front group, MAIN, the MAIN coalition, was brought back for revival, because of what’s happening in North Dakota. Now, a new PR firm is controlling that coalition. It’s called, the DCI Group. It’s a D.C. based powerful, right-wing, GOP-centric firm. The political director for the Trump campaign used to be the President of the DCI Group, Jim Murphy.

So they’re very well, politically, connected. They have other players too from the firm, going to and out of the revolving door. Including the spokesman for the MAIN coalition now, who formerly worked on the Romney campaign. So, long story short the MAIN coalition social media accounts, is that I noticed, on Twitter that there were some oddball tweets coming out of fake looking accounts with pictures sometimes of famous singers, famous actresses, famous models, tweeting in support of the pipeline. Singing basically the same tune as the MAIN coalition. I spotted that one day, looked the next day as I was writing the article. Almost all of those accounts were gone, except for maybe two of them. But I took screenshots of them and wrote an article, basically, I can’t say it’s with a hundred percent conclusivity but it seems pretty likely that the MAIN coalition was behind it based on the fact that the messaging reflected perfectly what they’re saying.

They of course denied it but they were a group, MAIN came back along right when protests heated up again after Labor Day weekend where the dog bite incident happened, where this thing really got put in the public radar. DCI group got involved throughout September and they’re still very involved. I think that really shows, DCI group was brought out for crisis communications and it shows that Dakota Access and Energy Transfer Partners, the company that owns it, does see what’s happening with at Standing Rock Tribe and the Sacred Stone Camp. It’s a crisis, given that they brought out a pro in crisis communication to handle the situation.

BROWN: That’s pretty interesting that social media trolling is now a component of crisis communication so that’s a very interesting take on that. But Steve, we are hearing repeatedly from most of our elected officials, including the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the oil and gas industry, continuously touting the safety of oil pipelines. How it’s supposedly the safest means of transporting crude oil across great distances. But how safe is it really when we continuously see these oil spills happen often? The oil spill in Alabama, this particular pipeline runs from Texas to North Carolina. Many are viewing it as a blessing in disguise that the oil spill or gasoline spill is being contained to these retention ponds but it very easily could have spilled into a body of water that people drink out of, or over land where it would be virtually impossible to clean up a gasoline or an oil spill. So, how safe is this method of transportation of oil, really?

HORN: A couple things raised here. One, the industry, the MAIN coalition and others have been pointing to the fact that, “Well if we don’t move this stuff through pipeline, it’s gonna move by rail and look at rail. It explodes. Look at the track record on that.” They point to the bomb trains. It’s a little bit disingenuous because this is the pipeline that’s going north to south. Those trains are still gonna be moving east to west. There’s really no pipeline infrastructure to move this fracked oil east to west. So, both are going to exist under the regime that they know it’s going to exist, the industry is fully aware that they’re telling the public that it’s one or the other. And of course there’s the safety of pipelines themselves. Looking at what they say, every pipeline in recent memory that’s been controversial, companies have come out to say, “This is the safest built pipeline in the history of pipelines.” Right now, they’re saying that about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Before that, they were saying it about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Usually, the track record is, it’s not like everyday these pipelines are exploding and spilling. But accidents happen, for sure, there’s not the best track record as you pointed out. Look at the Kalamazoo River spill several years ago, which was the biggest land oil spill but that one was carrying tar sands. So, there’s really, that I know of, no huge track record of this bock and oil spilling or exploding or doing anything so terrible. In a way, the biggest concern still should definitely be climate change and the impacts of pumping that oil out of the ground. But at the same time, these are called accidents for a reason. You don’t know. Something could go wrong another accident could happen and it could have water impacts at the Kalamazoo River, Yellowstone River, for the accidental oil spill a few years ago in Montana. It can happen and when it does happen, it has devastating impacts on the surrounding communities and on the water. We’ll see, the jury’s out on whether this is, yet again, the safest pipeline ever, as they’re telling me. Or whether in the future there will be a spill. That remains to be seen.

BROWN: Steve Horn is an investigative journalist. His work has been featured on The Guardian, The Nation, and Truthout. He is also a research fellow for DeSmogBlog. Check out his work there. Steve, we appreciate your time and your analysis today. Thank you.

HORN: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.


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U.S. State Court Rules Black Men Justified in Fleeing Police*

U.S. State Court Rules Black Men Justified in Fleeing Police*

The court takes into account the racial profiling of Black people in the ruling.

On December 18, 2011, police in Massachusetts were called to investigate a robbery in the town of Roxbury. They were given the details of three Black men, described only as one wearing a “red hoodie,” one wearing a “black hoodie” and the other wearing “dark clothing”.

Jimmy Warren happened to walk past the police that evening, strolling through a park with a friend in dark clothing. As police charged towards the men, they attempted to run away. Warren was later arrested, searched and was found to have on him a .22 calibre firearm. He was charged and convicted with unlawful possession of a firearm, despite having nothing to do with the robbery.

But this week, a landmark ruling by the the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court threw out Warren’s gun conviction based on the premise that Black men who try to avoid an encounter with Boston police by fleeing may be legitimate in doing so, and should not be deemed suspicious.

In its ruling, the court essentially concluded that the police didn’t have the right to stop Warren, and that his sprint to flee the cops is in no way criminal.

The court ruled that state law affords individuals the right to not speak to police and walk away if they aren’t charged. It also ruled that when an individual does flee, that action alone is insufficient to demonstrate guilt.

Perhaps most importantly, the court cited an ACLU reports that documents “a pattern of racial profiling of black males in the city of Boston,” and concluded “…the finding that Black males in Boston are disproportionately and repeatedly targeted for FIO (Field Interrogation and Observation) encounters suggests a reason for flight totally unrelated to consciousness of guilt,” declared the court, as reported by WBUR. “Such an individual, when approached by the police, might just as easily be motivated by the desire to avoid the recurring indignity of being racially profiled as by the desire to hide criminal activity.”

Matthew Segal, the legal director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, welcomed the decision, calling it  “a powerful ruling” that addresses community concerns about policing.

“The state’s highest court, in talking about people of colour, it’s saying that their lives matter and under the law, their views matter,” Segal said.

“The reason that’s significant is that all the time in police-civilian encounters there are disputes about what is suspicious and what is not suspicious. So this is an opinion that looks at those encounters through the eyes of a black man who might justifiably be concerned that he will be the victim of profiling.”

In nefarious fashion, Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans blasted the SJC ruling, saying he was “troubled” that the court heavily cited the ACLU report, which he called “heavily tainted against the police department”, despite the ruling also taking into account the BPD’s own report, which found that Black people were 8% more likely to be stopped repeatedly and 12% more likely to be searched and frisked.

The SJC ruling comes a week after the launch of police body camera pilot program in Boston, that many, including Segal, see as transformative in terms of ensuring police accountability and transparency.


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