Former Enemy Tribe Unifies in Peace with Standing Rock*

Former Enemy Tribe Unifies in Peace with Standing Rock*

By Lance Schuttler

“This is something unbelievable. This display of unity and the power of coming together is unbelievable. No words can properly describe the feeling. For example just this morning our traditional enemies the Crow came to the camp here to stand in solidarity with us. And we  welcomed them with Open Hearts. That was a power that brought tears to many people’s eyes. The Oceti Sakowin stand strong and committed to stopping this pipeline.” – Dave Archambault Jr., Chairman of the  Standing Rock Sioux Nation.

This quote, along with the picture was posted this morning, September  18th 2016. We are seeing the power of love in action. We are seeing  the awakening spread and magnify. And because we live in a  holofractographic reality, we will see unification continue to occur  more and more. Prayers are being answered. Calls for peace are being  heard and actions are now being implemented.

As healer Mary Crooks Kirkpatrick recently said,

“It feels like what is happening to me is a microcosm of what is happening everywhere.  A lot of dark, not-so-pretty stuff is coming to the surface of our collective awareness.  What do we do with it?  Shine light on it!  Send love, refuse to get dragged into the ugliness.  As we each shift and shine, the darkness vanishes.  It doesn’t always happen instantly but it does happen.”

We are and will continue to see the purging of the darkness on this planet. Continue to send love to all situations and events playing out right now that are being transformed by this same love.

Continue to see the beautiful and wonderful things that are coming out of tough situations. Though the pipeline issue is not yet over, we have already seen so much beauty and unification come from this event. Perhaps the universe is conspiring to help us as a human race to once again come together in peace. Perhaps all the crises we face as a collective are helping us to understand our unity and are motivating us to take the necessary action to create the solutions.

What else can you do in your life to create more peace and unity? As I pose this question for all readers, I also ask this of myself. What can we do right now? Perhaps starting with ourselves by healing our own hearts is a great way to begin.


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