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Sunni Volunteers to ‘protect’ Shia Mourners in N. Pakistan*

Sunni Volunteers to ‘protect’ Shia Mourners in N. Pakistan*


In a sign of sectarian harmony, Sunni residents of Gilgit have volunteered to escort mourning processions in the valley during Muharram.

The development is seen as a major step towards bridging the sectarian divide in a region which has been plagued by sectarian violence in the recent past.

This is what we should do and we will do,” said Shah Raees, a resident of Gilgit’s Amphery area on Thursday.

“We will be there to guard our brethren so that they can perform their rituals peacefully,” Raees added. He was speaking at a Muharram security meeting which was also attended by Shia elders and police officials.

G-B has been peaceful for some time now though security forces have been on red alert, especially during Muharram. Intelligence reports in the past had suggested that a terrorist attack was possible.

SHO City Police Station Zahoor Ahmed was one of the motivating forces in bringing various stakeholders to the table, especially the youth.

“In the past two days I have held meetings with people from more than five areas,” Ahmed told The Express Tribune.

“Talks in those meetings were held in a peaceful atmosphere and representatives from both sides assured each other of their support,” he added.

G-B government has included over 200 people in schedule IV to keep their activities in check.

According to officials, bank accounts of these people have also been frozen to stop that money from being used to foster any hostility.

The decision of putting the suspicious people in the fourth schedule was taken as part of the national action plan against terrorism.


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DEA Delays Ban on Kratom Amid Popular Protest Government Pushback*

DEA Delays Ban on Kratom Amid Popular Protest  Government Pushback*

By Kit O’Connell

The Drug Enforcement Agency has delayed the implementation of its ban on kratom, a plant-based treatment for depression, anxiety, chronic pain and addiction that originated in Southeast Asia but has gained widespread popularity in the United States.

Although the DEA has abandoned the emergency scheduling decision announced on Aug. 30, the agency says it still plans to classify kratom as a Schedule I drug, alongside substances like heroin, cocaine, and even marijuana, which the federal government claims have no medical benefits.

“We have determined that it represents an imminent hazard, so we’re not going to drag our feet very long,” DEA spokesman Russ Baer said on Sept. 30, the day the ban was supposed to go into effect. “It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when.”

Kratom users insist the substance is safe and that it often offers more benefits for their health than pharmaceutical drugs. The decision to push back the “unprecedented” measure came on the heels of a wave of popular protests and opposition from within the government.

“I think they are starting to realize how much of a negative effect this will have on fully functional, law-abiding Americans,” James, a member of reddit’s popular kratom subreddit, told MintPress News in an email on Tuesday.

James, who asked to be referred to only by his first name, citing legal concerns over his use of kratom, told MintPress in a previous interview that consuming the plant helps ease the otherwise intractable chronic pain and depression he experiences due to a back injury.

On Sept. 30, Sen. Orrin Hatch, the senior-most Republican in the Senate and chair of the Senate Finance Committee, penned a letter to the DEA urging the agency to delay its plans to allow time for public comment and input from Congress. Hatch’s letter followed a similar missive sent on Sept. 26 to the federal Office of Management and Budget and signed by 50 representatives, who urged the office to use its “statutory authority” to delay the DEA ban.

“Thankfully, due to the activists and users and industry associations, it looks like Congress is leaning on the DEA and they’ve delayed the ban,” said John Bush, owner of Brave New Books, an Austin alternative bookstore, in an interview with MintPress on Tuesday.

Over 141,000 people signed a White House petition urging a halt to the ban, easily surpassing the threshold of 100,000 signatures which requires a response from the Obama administration. Activists took to Twitter using the #KratomSavesLives hashtag and marched across the country, including in Austin.


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Israel Attacks All-Women Solidarity Flotilla to Gaza*

Israel Attacks All-Women Solidarity Flotilla to Gaza*


Setting sail from Barcelona, Spain nearly a month ago, the all-women solidarity flotilla to Gaza – known as Zaytouna – was intercepted by Israeli naval forces Wednesday.

The solidarity activists released SOS video messages after crew members were detained by Israeli forces before they reached Israel’s unilaterally declared buffer zone – also known as the “military exclusion zone” – and transported to the shores of Gaza.

Later Wednesday, supporters released a statement calling on

“governments, public officials and people of conscience to support publicly the right of unimpeded passage for peaceful civilian navigation, and the physical integrity of the crew and participants on board, and to support full freedom of movement for all peoples, in particular the Palestinians of Gaza.”


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Monsanto “Crimes Against Humanity” Tribunal Due To Start In Hague*

Monsanto “Crimes Against Humanity” Tribunal Due To Start In Hague*

By Bernie Suarez

As many readers know, we are living in an era of blatant evil, disregard for humanity, illegal wars, manufactured terrorism, broad corruption without consequences and outright tyranny as the global network of criminals pushing for their new world order continue to do whatever it takes to reach their stated goals. In the midst of this ongoing process truth seekers find themselves (ourselves) in an intense information war against these ruling elite. This information war strikes at the very heart of what the ruling elite do. In other words, humanity is in the state that it is in because of the information war carefully plotted and waged against humanity by the ruling elite using their information war mechanisms (CIA, US military Intelligence, Special Forces, NGOs, transnational corporations, non-profit organizations, etc). These information war mechanisms and entities, however, are systematically being exposed and stripped completely of their privacy as humanity awakens to their schemes and deceptions designed to enslave, oppress and kill off a sizable segment of humanity for their financial and personal gain.

On the heels of the revelation that the Pentagon paid a U.K. PR firm to produce fake terrorism videos for the purposes of manufacturing civil unrest and conflict (like we didn’t know that already) in Iraq, it’s nice to see that more and more of the ruling elite’s plans are now being widely revealed for the world to see who the bad guys are and how they operate.

In an information war which guarantees to be a roller-coaster of emotions for truth seekers involving both moments of hopefulness and helplessness it is now revealed that the environmental terrorist organization known as Monsanto will officially be the target of what amounts to a crimes against humanity (and the planet) tribunal in Hague Netherlands officially beginning on Friday October 14, 2016.

This tribunal will consist of five international judges listening to the testimonies of thirty witnesses and experts from around the world as they tell their stories profiling the nature of Monsanto’s environmental terrorism on humanity and the planet. A website dedicated to this tribunal ( details some of the background and specifics surrounding the goals of this upcoming tribunal:

The aim of the Tribunal is to give a legal opinion on the environmental and health damage caused by the multinational Monsanto. This will add to the international debate to include the crime of Ecocide into international criminal law. It will also give people all over the world a well documented legal file to be used in lawsuits against Monsanto and similar chemical companies.

Critics of Monsanto claim that the company has been able to ignore the human and environmental damage caused by its products and pursue it devastating activities through a systematic concealment strategy through lobbying regulators and government authorities, lying, corruption, commissioning bogus scientific studies, putting pressure on independent scientists, and manipulating the press.

Our endeavor is based on the observation that only through civic action will we be able to achieve compensation for victims of the American multinational. The procedures are a veritable obstacle course for the victims. They are reluctant to invest time and money in litigation, especially since there is no reason to believe in a positive outcome. Frequently, when a company like Monsanto is the defendant, the company settles out of court, whereby circumventing the establishment of a negative legal precedent.

General purpose of the Tribunal:

To get a ruling- even symbolic – against Monsanto by a bench of real judges, after veritable proceedings in an international court, and contribute to the establishment of international mechanisms to bring justice to victims of multinationals.

Specific objectives:

–   Assess the case against Monsanto and the damages caused pursuant to international law;
–   Assess Monsanto’s actions in relation to the crime of ecocide. Citizens’ movements have made an appeal for international criminal law to recognize this as a crime;
–    Consider a possible amendment of the Rome Statute establishing the International
–     Criminal Court to include the crime of ecocide, making it possible to try natural and legal persons for this crime.

As you can see, this tribunal is only looking to set the groundwork for a system that needs to be in place for not only halting all of Monsanto’s global genocidal activities but for eventually holding the criminals that run Monsanto and the conspirators who invest in this terrorist entity accountable for their direct and indirect crimes against humanity.

Interestingly this tribunal holds Monsanto to the standards of the U.N.’s Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 which calls for things like “sustainable environment,” the right to eat healthy food, the right to the enjoyment of the highest standard of health, and even the violation of the freedom of scientific research. Above and beyond all of this, the very serious question of Monsanto’s outright war crimes against humanity will be posed.

Ironically these questions will ultimately be posed to the U.N., the same system that labels the natural and necessary nutrient known as CO2 a “pollutant,” so it will be interesting to say the least to see what if anything comes of this on the part of the United Nations.

That the UN labels CO2, arguably the most necessary compound in the planet (O2 notwithstanding) as a “pollutant” but needs to be prodded and pushed to recognize Monsanto’s obvious callous crimes against humanity and nature is alarming in and of itself. While CO2 is the source of all plant life on Earth and thus central to life as we know it, Monsanto has poisoned the planet with their GMO seeds and glyphosate-laced Roundup (admitted to be toxic by the CDC) which has caused irreversible damage to the planet and humanity. The spectrum of genetic and biochemical damage caused by Monsanto’s poisons range from the unnecessary murder of tiny insects needed for the ecologic balance of nature to the destruction and killing of plants around the world, to the poisoning of animals and humans as rates of birth defects, cancer, endocrine disruption and much more have all risen, many which have been associated with Monsanto-like poisons.

You may be wondering, how did we get here?

As the tribunal summary indicates, by greed and corruption. Monsanto has employed the same model as the vaccine industry; make profits, pay hush money to those that are injured or killed by your product, and wage an information war of propaganda against your enemies even as the scientific community admits there is no proof that GMOs are safe and scientific evidence proves that GMOs are directly associated with the development of tumors in rats (Seralini study) when given for a duration of time comparable to the lifespan of that creature (unlike the Monsanto’s deceptive “6 month” studies with rats).

In the worst-case scenario I believe this will at least serve as a formal record for the future of humanity to see the criminal actions of Monsanto, and hopefully it will be a stepping stone toward justice and accountability even if it borrows the new world order’s language of “sustainability” and “prosperity.” If Monsanto is not held criminally responsible for their crimes against humanity this will also tell you all you need to know about the true nature of the pseudo “global authority” known as the United Nations, which to this day has no credibility when it comes to true justice and human rights worldwide. Failure to take decisive action against Monsanto’s atrocities against humanity and the planet will offer an opportunity to once again prove the fraudulent front that the U.N. represents in the first place. Let’s not forget the U.N. is also the useless “official” government body of the new world order conveniently created by the ruling elite themselves after World War 2. Thus getting one’s hopes up too high about this upcoming tribunal without acknowledging the true nature and commitment of the U.N. is naive.


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New U.N. Secretary-General, Portugal’s Guterres*

New U.N. Secretary-General, Portugal’s Guterres*

New U.N. Secretary-General, Portugal’s Guterres*

By Georgi Gotev

The U.N. Security Council elected former Portuguese PM António Guterres as U.N. Secretary-General today (5 October). According to leaked information from the secret vote, he received 13 votes in favour from the 15 members of the Council, and two “without opinion”.

The decision came as a big surprise, because although Guterres ranked first in all five straw polls held so far, it was assumed that a woman from Eastern Europe would be elected. This is why Commission Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva joined the race, pushed forward by the EPP, and personally supported by Angela Merkel.

Georgieva’s results were appallingly disappointing. She ranked 7th, obtaining 5 votes in favour, eight votes against, including two from permanent members of the Security Council (P5), and two “without opinion”.

Undoubtedly, this will be a disappointment for Georgieva, and a humiliation for the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who withdrew the candidacy of Irina Bokova, the UNESCO Director General.

New UN Secretary-General, Portugal’s Guterres

New UN Secretary-General, Portugal’s Guterres

Bokova was the woman candidate with the best score, and 4th overall, with 7 votes in support, 6 against, including 2 from the P5, and 1 “without opinion”. Slovakia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miroslav Lajčák, came second, with 6 votes in favour, 6 against, of which 2 vetoes came from the P5, and two “without opinion”. Coming in third was Serbia’s Vuk Jeremić, who obtained 7 votes against, of which 3 vetos came from the P5, and 2 “without opinion”.
New Zealand’s Helen Clarke ranked fifth, followed by Argentina’s Susana Malcorra, Georgieva, Slovenia’s Danilo Turk, Macedonia’s Srgjan Kerim, and Moldova’s Natalia Gherman.



In December 1996 the fifteenth congress was held, this time in Porto, with more than 1,600 delegates participating. The congress criticized the right-wing policies of the Socialist government of António Guterres and also debated the future of the Party following the debacle of the Socialist Bloc. During the first government of Guterres, the first referendum to the abortion law was held in Portugal. Despite a massive campaign from the Party and the remaining leftwing forces, the liberalization of abortion was rejected by the voters

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