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Journalist and Filmmaker Faces 45 Years for Reporting on Dakota Access Protests*

Journalist and Filmmaker Faces 45 Years for Reporting on Dakota Access Protests*

By Nika Knight


In an ominous sign for press freedom, documentary filmmaker and journalist Deia Schlosberg was arrested and charged with felonies, carrying a whopping maximum sentence of up to 45 years in prison—simply for reporting on the ongoing Indigenous protests against fossil fuel infrastructure.

Schlosberg was arrested in Walhalla, North Dakota on Tuesday for filming activists shutting down a tar sands pipeline, part of a nationwide solidarity action organized on behalf of those battling the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    “The actions of the North Dakota Police force are not just a violation of the climate, but a violation of the constitution.” —Josh Fox, Gasland Filmmaker

The filmmaker was held without access to a lawyer for 48 hours, her colleague Josh Fox wrote in the Nation, and her footage was confiscated by the police.

Schlosberg was then charged Friday with three felonies, the Huffington Post reported:

 “conspiracy to theft of property, conspiracy to theft of services and conspiracy to tampering with or damaging a public service. Together, the charges carry 45 years in maximum prison sentences.”

“They have in my view violated the First Amendment,” Fox told the Huffington Post, referring to the state’s Pembina County Sheriff’s Department. “It’s fucking scary, it knocks the wind of your sails, it throws you for a loop. They threw the book at Deia for being a journalist.”

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden observed that Schlosberg faces more years in prison than he does for leaking secret documents about the NSA’s mass surveillance program in 2013. 

“Deia isn’t alone,” observed Fox in an op-ed in the Nation.

The arrest of journalists, filmmakers, and others witnessing and reporting on citizen protests against fossil-fuel infrastructure amid climate change is part of a worrisome and growing pattern.”

Indeed, the news of Schlosberg’s arrest followed Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman announcement earlier this week that she will return to North Dakota to combat charges she faces as a result of reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline protest last month.

“Goodman, whose camera crew filmed a private security team attacking peaceful Native American protesters with dogs and pepper spray, faces charges of criminal trespassing—which many have said amounts to an assault on press freedom,” as Common Dreams reported.

It also emerged late Saturday that a North Dakota state prosecutor has dropped the trespassing charge and is seeking instead to charge Goodman with participating in a “riot,” Democracy Now reported.

“I came back to North Dakota to fight a trespass charge. They saw that they could never make that charge stick, so now they want to charge me with rioting,” said Goodman. “I wasn’t trespassing, I wasn’t engaging in a riot, I was doing my job as a journalist by covering a violent attack on Native American protesters.”

A warrant for Goodman’s arrest was issued September 8.

Meanwhile, actor Shailene Woodley was arrested Monday while live-streaming a prayer action at a Dakota Access construction site.

She was singled out, the police told her, because she was well-known and had 40,000 people watching live on her Facebook page,” Fox wrote.

“Other filmmakers shooting protest actions along the pipeline have also been arrested.”

“Journalism is not a crime; it is a responsibility,”Fox said in a press statement about this pattern of arrests.

“The actions of the North Dakota Police force are not just a violation of the climate, but a violation of the constitution.”

Supporters have created a petition calling on the authorities in North Dakota to drop charges against Schlosberg, Goodman, and other journalists arrested for doing their work and reporting on the protests against Dakota Access.

Neil Young, Mark Ruffalo, Daryl Hannah, and other celebrities have also signed an open letter to President Barack Obama and North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple, calling on the leaders to intervene and for Schlosberg’s charges to be dropped. The charges were “unfair, unjust, and illegal,” the letter said, according to Reuters.

“This is not only about reporting on the climate-change movement,” Fox argued in the Nation.

“Journalists have also been arrested reporting on Black Lives Matter, the movement for Native rights, and many other important movements the corporate media fails to cover. The First Amendment and the Constitution are at stake in this case. If we lose it, we lose America too.”


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An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Published on Dec 2, 2012

Miko Peled is from a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family and was born in Jerusalem. Miko’s father was a famous general in the Israeli army. Miko too has served his time there. When his niece was killed in a Palestinian suicide bomb attack, his family surprisingly placed the blame squarely on the state of Israel. They believed it was the torture, violence and forced eviction from their homes that was driving Palestinians to commit suicide to fight back.

In this honest, ground breaking talk Peled reveals the truth about the terror state of Israel. His talk is based on his father’s insider knowledge on the Israeli war of terror, coupled with his own research. Many Jews and Israel supporters will be deeply shaken by this expose. Some facts from his talk are that the returning Jews are not the original expelled Jews, nor their descendants. He also reveals that until 1947 when Israel launched their illegal terrorist attacks on the people of Palestine, there was no conflict.

Miko Peled is one of many modern day Jews who are standing up to the Zionist state of Israel. This talk is a must watch for everybody, to clear their minds of the lies spread and supported by the Zionist owned mainstream media.

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Dubai’s Emir Flies over £250,000 of Aid to Haiti in his Private Jet*

Dubai’s Emir Flies over £250,000 of Aid to Haiti in his Private Jet*



Sheikh Mohammed donated 90 tonnes of emergency supplies in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Sheikh Mohammed donated 90 tonnes of emergency supplies in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

The Emir of Dubai has flown £300,000 of emergency supplies to Haiti on his private jet.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum sent 90 tonnes of emergency supplies in his Boeing 747 to the Caribbean island in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Around 300,000 Haitians have been forced by the tropical storm to live in temporary shelters after an estimated 1,000 people were killed when it struck the poor country.

Haiti is still reeling from the effects of the 2010 earthquake and an ongoing cholera outbreak which has killed around 10,000 people so far.

According to the Dubai government, the Sheikh’s wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, personally oversaw the relief mission which included tents, mosquito nets, medical supplies and water purification units.

The United Nations has stated 1.4 million people in Haiti require urgent assistance appealing for $120 million (£98 million) in funds to help the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Princess Haya wrote in an Instagram post:

“One image will forever be in mind, when I think of Haiti. I have seen in 2010, the devastation caused, and it was only because I was on an IHC envoy.

“The same cargo plane I came in today. Again today lives have been erased.

“It is all about what the country needs, but to a certain extent, it is also about what is given.”

She praised the humanitarian actions of her husband the emir and the United Allied Emirates despite the wars and fighting currently besieging the Middle East.

The daughter of King Hussein of Jordan, Princess Haya added:

“We, as Arabs, should be bankrupt. We fight on every front, and we have our own to feed and shelter.

“But please, if I can just tell you the sense of humility I knew because my country the UAE had given and my people the Jordanians are there fighting.”


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Terrorists Surrender in Damascus Countryside*

Terrorists  Surrender in Damascus Countryside*

endless-staircase by Peter BrookerRussian and Syrian military scheduled a humanitarian pause in Aleppo city. The pause will take place on Thursday and will be aimed to allow passage to civilians and the withdrawal of militants. Two corridors –will be created for the withdrawal of the militants and six more humanitarian corridors will be opened for the evacuation of civilians. Nonetheless, there are doubts that the humanitarian attempt will result in any success because al-Nusra Front oppositioneers just execute civilians willing to leave the city.

Russia’s envoy to the U.N. said that Al-Nusra Front militants must take a chance to leave the city voluntarily or they will be annihilated. According to the U.K.’s Foreign Office,  from 10,000 to 12,000 of the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ remain in Aleppo.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army and Hezbollah seized about 90% of the 1070 Apartment Project and the whole area of Inzarat. Clashes are ongoing in Hanano, Bastan-Basha, Sheikh-Said, Al-Ameria and Salah-ad-Din.

On October 17, the Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF) repelled a major attack by the joint terrorist forces on the strategic town of Ma’ardas in northern Hama. Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and its allies lost about 40 militants and 3 vehicles in the clashes there. It’s also known that at least 2 battle tanks, belonging to the army, were destroyed. Early on October 18, the Tiger Forces and the NDF launched a fresh attempt to re-take from terrorists the strategic city of Souran. Now, clashes are ongoing inside the city.

In Eastern Ghouta, the army, the NDF and the Palestine Liberation Army attacked Jaish Al-Islam militants in Al-Reyhan and entered its western areas. The government forces are also advancing on Tal Kurdi.

Separately, reports have appeared that militant groups are readying to make a deal with the government and withdraw from the Mo’adhimiyah Al-Sham suburb of Damascus. In turn, the militants will be transported to the province of Idlib. The deal will be reportedly implemented on Wednesday.

Recent advances in western and eastern Ghouta and a series of peace deals in other areas near Damascus have delivered a devastating blow to the U.S.-backed militants’ fighting spirit.


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Rigging the Election – Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Rigging the Election – Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

From Alexandra Bruce

This explosive short film from Project Veritas Action is Part 1 of an undercover investigation into the dark background dealings of the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, the culmination of a year-long investigation infiltrating the machine from the bottom all the way to the White House.
The film follows a Democratic dirty tricks operative, who unwittingly reveals a dark money trail to the the Clinton campaign. The film also documents incidents of violence at Trump rallies that were incited by the Clinton campaign through a process called “bird-dogging.”
There are concerns this election will be rigged. What you’re about to see will make you uncomfortableand angry.
Warning: it’s graphic, uncensored and contains lots of Democratic Strategist cussing.
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