Cats on a Hot Tinned Roof in Egypt*

Cats on a Hot Tinned Roof in Egypt*

Photo shows large numbers of protesters in the Egyptian city of Port Said

Photo shows large numbers of protesters in the Egyptian city of Port Said

Large numbers of people took to the streets of Egypt on Tuesday evening to protest against the rising cost of housing in the country.

The demonstrations took place in the north-eastern city of Port Said, with reports that thousands of people took part.

The rising cost of housing prices was the main issue driving the demonstration, with protestors reportedly chanting “house us or kill us”.

There are also reports that Egyptians were calling for the removal of the mayor as well as the military more widely.

Local news sites reported a recent increase in rent prices from 7000 Egyptian Pounds ($788) to 47,000 ($5,292).

Videos have emerged on social media showing large masses of Egyptians blocking the main streets of Port Said chanting “we want our rights” and calling for Sisi’s resignation.


The protest comes amid calls for mass protests on 11 November to counter the current political system and the economic and social hardships Egyptians are facing.

Egyptian secret services have reportedly warned the Egyptian President not to take any “harsh decisions” that could further inflame the country before 11 November.

Having met with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) earlier this week, Egyptian Finance Minister Amr al-Garhy said the country would be getting an additional $6 billion in bilateral funding needed to secure a $12 billion IMF loan within a week or two. Sisi has already warned that Egyptians will face challenges – including the prospect of further price hikes and subsidy cuts – in order to secure this necessary funding for the country.

The hashtags #PortSaid and #PortSaidRises were trending in Arabic in Egypt on Tuesday night.

Many social media users referred to the protests as the beginning of another revolution for the country, which has been riven by strife since popular protests toppled longtime president Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

A lack of economic growth and price rises have been an issue at the forefront of Egyptian life in recent months – many have been expressing frustration and anger at the current government, with several videos voicing these opinions going viral in the past week.


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