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Major New Court Ruling Says “Even The President” Can’t Declare Torture Lawful*

Major New Court Ruling Says “Even The President” Can’t Declare Torture Lawful*


By Alex Emmons

In a robust ruling in favor of Abu Ghraib detainees, an appellate court ruled Friday that torture is such a clear violation of the law that it is “beyond the power of even the president to declare such conduct lawful.”

The ruling from a unanimous panel of judges on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstates a lawsuit against a military contractor for its role in the torture of four men at the notorious prison in Iraq.

Last June, a district court ruled that a “cloud of ambiguity” surrounds the definition of torture, and that despite anti-torture laws, the decision to torture was a “political question” that could not be judged by courts.

That ruling echoed the widely discredited legal theories of the Bush administration, which argued that the war on terror gave the president the inherent authority to indefinitely detain and torture terror suspects, and conduct mass surveillance on Americans’ international communications.

But the Fourth Circuit soundly rejected that theory, saying that the United States has clear laws against torturing detainees that apply to the executive branch.

“While executive officers can declare the military reasonableness of conduct amounting to torture, it is beyond the power of even the president to declare such conduct lawful,” wrote appellate Judge Barbara Keenan, writing for the unanimous panel.

The case in question revolves around contractors from CACI Premier Technologies who participated in the interrogations of the four men in 2004, subjecting them to extreme temperatures, electric shocks, broken bones, death threats, and sexual abuse.

The Center for Constitutional Rights originally filed suit against CACI on behalf of the detainees in 2008. The company has been seeking to dismiss the lawsuit ever since, and this is the fourth time it reached the appeals court.

The plaintiffs and advocates at the Center for Constitutional Rights celebrated the decision.

“Torture is illegal and can never be a ‘policy choice,’” said Katherine Gallagher, a senior staff attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights.

“As the court made clear, neither the military nor the president — let alone a government lawyer — has the power to declare torture legal.”

Salah Hassan, one of the plaintiffs, said in a statement:

“Today, part of justice was achieved and this is something wonderful, not only for me and the other plaintiffs, but for all the just causes in the world.”

The lawsuit will now go back to the district court for consideration of the detainees’ claims.

The CCR previously won a settlement in 2013 on behalf of 71 Ahu Ghraib detainees against L-3 Services, another military contractor at Abu Ghraib.


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“Sky Trumpets” over Palestine*

 “Sky Trumpets” over Palestine*

By Gerard Zwaan

I have a question regarding a “trumpets” phenomenon that happen in Jerusalem on 10/1/2016 the event it was filmed from two separate location! I know that Zeta explain the trumpets sound, my question have to do with the atmosphere reacting to the sound:

Why that relatively perfect circle cloud formation formed? 

What about the flow of the clouds in that circle?

What is the relation between the sounds emitted by the rock with the clouds (atmosphere) above?

We can expect more of this “rock stress-sound-cloud” phenomenon in the future? [and from another] Are the Final Trumpets Sounding as Obama Betrays Israel and Worldwide War is on the Horizon? October 8, 2016.… As war drums are pounding across the world, strange sights and sounds were caught on camera in Jerusalem? Sounds that have been noted across the globe for the past decade, often referred to as “sky trumpets,” but in this case accompanied by a stunning circle of clouds. We have to ask if these latest “sky trumpets,” with the astounding ring of clouds, is yet another sign that the trumpets of revelation are being blown to warn us of what is coming. [and from another] Sound the Trumpets !

The Celebration of the Feast of Trumpets- October 2016.… Sunday October 2nd, marks the beginning of the feast of trumpets for 2016. On this holiday of Trumpets, shofars are blown to announce the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Biblical Christians refer to it as the Feast of Trumpets. Moses declared and prophesied that it would become a “memorial of blowing of trumpets” (Lev. 23:24,25) ‘Rosh Hashanah’ means ‘head of the year’. The Feast of trumpets describe the catching away or “rapture” event where the final trumpet is blown and we fill find ourselves caught up into the clouds.


Of course this region is going to hear trumpets or other sounds seemingly from the skies as the Dead Sea cannot help but vibrate. It lies directly on the plate border, and when the African Roll crunches along, the water will vibrate. But why the circular cloud overhead? On a day when there are clear skies, this clearly indicates an updraft. When plates are on the move, they do more than tug and release the rock, creating vibrations. The electronic screech in the rocks is increased, temporarily, until released by movement of the rock, and this electronic screech can create static electricity in the atmosphere, causing air masses to move about. All religious symbolism aside, does any of this mean we are in the End Times? Yes, we are.


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‘I would Rather be in Aleppo’ than in the U.K.*

‘I would Rather be in Aleppo’ than in the U.K.*

Bombed Old City area of Aleppo, Syria

Bombed Old City area of Aleppo, Syria

A 28-year-old Syrian migrant who has been in Britain just 11 days says he is “miserable” and wants to go back to his life in his war-torn country saying it “is better than it is here.”

Abdul Kader al-Zuebi, who was once a military doctor in the Syrian army, says he fled the war in his homeland because he did not want to have to kill.

He now says he has grown frustrated with being unable to rent a home or seek work as a doctor in the U.K., complaining that officials do not know where his passport is and are refusing to let him leave.

Kader al-Zuebi has a British fiancee and three relatives living in the U.K.

The authorities have been putting him up in hostels in Dulwich and Cardiff, which he describes as “miserable.”

Speaking from outside a Home Office building, where he was supporting newly-arrived child migrants from the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp, he said: “I asked to rent a house, they refused.

“I didn’t ask for money just papers to be legal, but they didn’t.

“I am living in hostels for the last 11 days, I can’t go elsewhere. The Home Office are refusing to let me leave. They don’t know where my passport is.”

He added: “It is a big lie to be in the U.K., we think the U.K is something from the heavens.”

The former army doctor warned other migrants against attempting to travel to the UK, saying he wants to return to his besieged country.

“I would rather be in Aleppo than stay here. I want to deport myself,” he said, adding

“I would tell those arriving from Calais to go back. It is better than it is here,” according to the Express.

Kader al-Zuebi was jailed in Syria before flying to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Greece, and then Germany.

As he has a German passport, he was able to fly into the UK legally. He arrived at London’s Stansted Airport a little under two weeks ago.

His comments come as controversy surrounds a group of child refugees arriving in the UK this week.

Tory MP David Davies claimed that they “don’t look like children,” saying they should be subjected to mandatory dental checks to verify their ages.

That suggestion was rejected by the Home Office, which branded the idea as “inaccurate, inappropriate and unethical.”

At least 100 more ‘child’ migrants are expected to arrive in the U.K. by Friday.


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Israeli Oppression Stoking another Palestinian Uprising*

Israeli Oppression Stoking  another Palestinian Uprising*

By As’ad Abdul Rahman

In the absence of any coherent political measure, and as Tel Aviv continues with its draconian ways, anger and frustration among the youth will only rise

Young Palestinians — marginalized, living in despair and grappling with social problems — must have now realized, a year after their‘ habbah’ (flare-up) broke out, terrifying many of the Israelis, that the Palestinian leadership is not willing to see a new Intifada (uprising) and that the Palestinian political/military factions’ position will not go beyond a few statements here and there. It appears to me that the Palestinian youth are living a chapter in their life where the ‘habbah’ could be billed in the future as a period of “adolescent martyrdom”, according to Palestinian writer Jawad Boulus, or the “betrayed Intifada” according to Israeli writer Amira Hass.

Despite the varied types of attacks against the Israelis over the past year, it certainly looks that the ashes are still burning, which led the Israeli intelligence departments to send out warnings of a possible outbreak of violent clashes in the occupied West Bank according to military expert Amos Harel. He said such clashes might lead to an open military confrontation with Hamas in Gaza and its continuation could heighten security tensions in Israel. Israeli TV correspondent Hezi Simantov was reported as saying that Palestinian security sources had warned that the circle of operations against the Israelis might extend to include breaking into Jewish “settlements” [colonies] and creation of organized cells with two or three attackers taking part in each operation.

A year has now passed, but the Palestinian flare-up has managed to increase fear and anxiety among wide sections of Israelis and their government, as the Zionist state faces an “unknown enemy”. Israeli casualties, according to the most recent report by Israel’s Channel Ten, were 498 — including 40 dead, 458 injured, with 42 in serious condition. The Israeli economy has also sustained huge losses, apart from bearing additional security and military costs.

Reading into Israeli press and political analyses, one can fathom that there is a perceived fear of what is coming, despite the unprecedented “collective punishment” carried out against Palestinian attackers, their families and homes. Israeli writer Alex Fishman said: “We are once more reminded that the recent calm in the (West) Bank is not real and a fire is burning beneath with a young generation ready to go out for sacrifices.” Israeli journalist Nahum Barnea wrote saying “they are not doing it for the sake of Palestine, for the sake of Islam or for the sake of killing Jews. Their goal is to die and the soldiers are their tool”.

Comments by Israel’s Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, hinted that Israeli measures were ineffective, saying that cameras were installed, intelligence collected, laws against stone-throwers tightened, security cordons imposed on villages and neighborhoods, homes demolished, preventive arrests conducted and even Palestinian security departments were enlisted to provide help. The world’s best spy devices, he said, were not capable of detecting what goes on inside the heart of a young boy who decides on his own to go out on a kill or run-over attack. He makes his decision, he added, a short time before he heads out on the road, drawing his weapon from his mother’s kitchen.

It is clear that the Israeli position is becoming more extreme. Uzi Dayan, former army deputy chief-of-staff says “terrorists” should be killed, and the judicial verdict should only be a death sentence. In an incident where an Israeli soldier shot and killed young Palestinian Abdul Fattah Al Sharif (a resident of Hebron, the most active city in the Palestinian ‘habbah’) as he lay wounded on the ground, posing no threat to anyone, an Israeli opinion poll showed in August that 65 per cent of Israelis supported the killing. Moreover, a report by the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees and Ex-detainees’ Affairs indicated that Israeli occupation authorities have arrested around 1,000 Palestinian children so far this year, aged between 11 and 18 years — an 80 per cent increase over last year. These children are suffering in difficult conditions in prisons.

There is no doubt that Israel is stoking the fire of the ‘habbah’, by escalating punitive measures, drawing from a premise that blood breeds blood, while insisting on a security solution. This is a notion also supported by Israeli political analyst Eitan Haber who conceded that since former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon and Rafael Eitan, a former Israeli general, came out with a military solution, Israel has fought big and small wars that have left thousands dead and wounded, Palestinians arrested, hundreds of homes demolished, a blockade and isolation imposed, and yet no military solution was found. He said there were periods of lull that lasted years, but the volcano would again erupt.

All that has happened, Amos Gilboa writes, is because there is no political process with the Palestinian leadership and no hope for the Palestinian youth who are desperate. It is well-known in the Israeli army, he continues, that in the absence of political steps, there would be no hope to stop the violence. In fact, this habbah will continue as long as the occupation insists on using excessive power, resorting to immediate executions and maintaining an illegal blockade of occupied Palestinian lands, while closing their eyes to crimes committed by the Jewish colonists who are encroaching upon Palestinian land and property.


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Four Year Old Russian Girl Speaks 7 Languages, including Chinese and Arabic*

Four Year Old Russian Girl Speaks 7 Languages, including Chinese and Arabic*


Four-year-old Bella Devyatkina rose to fame after her appearance on a Russian TV talent show, where she spoke seven different languages without a prominent accent. RT invited Bella to its Moscow studios and spoke to the child prodigy.

Bella speaks her native Russian and also French, Arabic, German, English, Spanish and Chinese.

RT Espanol met the budding linguist, together with journalists from the channel’s other departments, and sat down for a chat.

Bella was a little shy from all the attention, but she melted the RT crew’s hearts when she performed a little dance at the end.

The wunderkid had previously appeared on the Russian talent show ‘Amazing people’, shocking the judges. One of them, Evgeny, said:

“When I saw what I’ve just seen, I understood how stupid I am.”

Bella speaks languages belonging to three different groups: Indo-European (Russian, French, English, Spanish, German), Semitic (Arabic) and Sino-Tibetan (Chinese) – which in short means that they are very, very different to each other and lack structural similarities.

That doesn’t stop Bella from thinking clearly in each language, however, and she correctly answered age-appropriate questions on the show, as well as some material from the school curriculum. School starts for Russian kids at the age of seven, which for Bella is still three years away.

Bella’s mother, Yulia, said that they started teaching her Russian and English when she was only two and noticed her interest in linguistics.

Gradually they started adding more languages to her schedule, and she now studies with native speakers.

Some internet users have accused Bella’s mother of stripping the girl of her childhood, but neuropsychologist Anna Semenovich told KP Daily there was nothing to worry about.

“If the girl is learning languages through curiosity, if her parents managed to build a schedule that works as a game – it will only benefit her. She’s not studying, she’s playing!” Semenovich said.

The specialist added that it’s too early to tell whether Bella is truly a polyglot or not, because it’s natural for children to pick languages up – it’s how they evolve with age that matters.

“In pre-revolutionary Russia, if a child from a noble family couldn’t speak three-four languages by the age of five or six, it was a shame to take him out. Then in school Latin and ancient Greek were added to those. So five-six languages were a standard package for an educated youth back in 19th-century Russia,” Semenovich said.


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E.U. Military Union Is Budgetary Union*

E.U. Military Union Is Budgetary Union*

By David Ellis


Not an “E.U. Army” but E.U. military union: The E.U. is desperately requiring control of its member states’ militaries and budgets. Nobody in Parliament is bothering to mention this.

The issue of the European Union desperately requiring control of the military and budgets of E.U. member states is moving very fast now. UK Column News and Strategic Defence Initiatives U.K. have covered this issue repeatedly and in depth in recent months and weeks. We feel strongly that it is not being voiced with the correct level of importance as the U.K. (apparently) prepares for Brexit.

There will be no Brexit unless Britain extricates itself as a matter of urgency from the amalgamation of E.U. militaries, which will inevitably prompt an E.U. Treasury taking over from the member states’ budgets.

In Parliament, no party is even mentioning E.U. military union, popularly but inaccurately referred to as “an E.U. Army”. (The inaccuracy is that the military union now rapidly being rolled out involves all the armed forces of the member states, not just the armies, and that it does not replace but rather subsumes the nation states’ militaries and military budgets. In other words, the nominal armies, navies and air forces of the EU member states — including post-Brexit Britain — will remain in place, but sapped of their ability to operate or purchase independently of E.U. command.)

It now appears likely that the situation in Syria will precipitate some sort of catalytic events to bring about E.U. military union in concert with Washington. Strategic Defence Initiatives U.K.’s opinion is that a continuation or escalation of disruption in Syria will result in a E.U. military union being formed, using “the need to stand up to Russian actions” as the propaganda leverage.

The EU is blasting ahead in its efforts to achieve military union. Its position gains in strength as we in Britain delay addressing the fundamentals and hesitate to restate our own cardinal values for our own defence. As senior officers have admitted and recent press articles have correctly observed, we are now too weak to defend the Channel!

Yet the key point about E.U.military union can easily be missed. It is more than merely an end in itself. It is a means for the E.U. to add to its acquis communautaire (the once-achieved, never-given-up powers acquired by Brussels from the member states) the crucial state-building element of an E.U. Treasury: something which member states’ national governments have baulked at for decades, understanding as they do that if the E.U. gains control of the money flows to the defence industry, national sovereignty, national self-determination and the power of self-defence will be history.

It was in fact the British government itself which is substantially responsible for the position of military union which the E.U. is now rapidly approaching. 59 years ago, a newly-appointed Minister of Defence, Duncan Sandys, made clear in a White Paper that Her Majesty’s Government, as the paying customer for defence equipment, expected and demanded integration of British and ultimately of European defence manufacturers into a monopolistic market of major (international) players. And 35 years ago, a more recent Secretary of State for Defence, John Nott, disastrously scaled down defence policy in another White Paper (the ‘Nott review’), which arguably triggered the Argentine launch of the Falklands invasion.

The British government’s Strategic Defence Reviews and Strategic Defence and Security Reviews (SDSRs) of recent years have in fact been EU strategic defence reviews serving E.U. , not British, aims. This shows no signs of abating with the supposed path towards Brexit now. Many senior military officers have said over the years that these cuts were a mistake and that the notion of Britain still retaining a high “buy-in rate” through its nuclear capacity was wrong-headed, but to no avail, because the prime perspective of HM Treasury, in turn serving the world’s master banks, always trumps all policy considerations.

Nor is this all. Ultimately, the point of military union through federalised defence spending is the goal of single-point budget control. Without that centralised office apportioning E.U. taxes to defence contractors, bypassing the national governments, the euro currency cannot continue to be propped up.

There is currently already a high level of intertwining, input and planning between the EU and Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. It should be much more widely known than it currently is that the EU already has four command-and-control (C3) structures in place, one of which is actually in North London at Northwood, in a suite of rooms directly opposite the Royal Navy’s Commander Operations (COMOPS) across the corridor. Also in the same building complex is Her Majesty’s Armed Forces’ Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ).

As recently mentioned on UK Column News, these E.U. C3 centres could now be up and running within a matter of hours of an order from Brussels to fire up the computers and bring in the staff. It is fantasy to imagine that the presence of these aggressively readied structures is not affecting the operational status, capability, morale and mission of the British military command structures.

What potential changes will the E.U. s rash creation of military command centres cause for NATO and Her Majesty’s Armed Forces? In order to think through these implications, it is crucial to realise that military union has its origin in central banking policy, governed from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland; the “central bankers’ central bank”.

Central banking policymakers well know that it is as financial policy points that drafts originate which become military policy, which leads to industrial union, federalised EU procurement procedures, consolidated money flows across Europe, and inevitable risks impacting on the member states’ own capital budgets and operating budgets. Inevitably, the money direction and inner workings of defence spending are now being pointed from HM Government to the E.U. .

The fate of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces as an independent national defence is inextricably bound up with the fate of prime U.K. defence industry: BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Babcock International, et al. If independent British defence spending is made an irrelevance by encroaching EU military union and its federalised spending, the remaining British defence contractors will fold or be subject to an asset-stripping hostile takeover by foreign defence firms.

Military union is the E.U. ‘s ultimate objective and this relates to military union being the second key component requisite to making the E.U. a state. An Action This Day mentality is now required to unravel the U.K.’s military and defence industry from the E.U. If Brexit is to be a reality, then what must happen — and happen fast — is reactivation of direct money flows to U.K. defence and defence industry, in conjunction with a conscious policy of extricating the British military from E.U. structures.

This brings us to the question of how things have reached such a pitch. The main reason why mainstream parties will not talk about any of the above is due to their complicity, and their awareness that any revelations would result in a severe political backlash from the British public as they realised that their own MPs had already sold us out by their deeds and inactions. The silence on this matter is also an effect of general and military ineptitude on the part of our MPs.

Another, even more sinister, turn must also be mentioned in conclusion. UK Column has reported (41:23), as have others, on how a questionable outfit named Red Snapper has been paid handsomely to pursue ex-servicemen for having done their job in the Iraq war. The rationale behind this “Historic Allegations” persecution, which even Tony Blair has now claimed to detest as a “witch hunt“, has little to do with “human rights” dogma; it is simply the cold and calculating rationale of brand destruction of the British military.

Red Snapper, which has been funded by the Ministry of Defence to pursue these Iraq cases, is the same husband-and-wife company that came out of nowhere which also has a privatised probation services arm that works for councils (25:43). Once one realises that the purpose of Red Snapper’s probation arm has been to act as the bad-faith agency to get child abuse whistleblowers such as Melanie Shaw locked up indefinitely, it is quite obvious what Red Snapper is doing to the military: the same reputation assassination for the same paymasters.

We are witnessing, and our MPs are being silent about, a destruction of the British military by pincer movement. Our independent defence is caught between the moral impact upon the best of our blood on the one hand (as exemplified by Red Snapper’s MoD-licenced retrospective investigations to intimidate and dissuade current and future recruits) and, on the other hand, the selling short — way short — of major military assets such as the Harrier, HMS Illustrious and the Nimrod. We are scrapping our own guns at one end and locking up our own men at the other. What is the purpose of this brand destruction? To make way for the new brand: the EU military.

What a far cry from the formula of the 1889 Naval Defence Act, the “two-power standard” according to which Britain knew that she did not need the biggest armed forces in the world, but she did know that she needed enough defence power that no-one, including an alliance of major powers, would dare attack her.


Michael Fallon Confirms E.U. Military Integration

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U.S. Coalition Killed Civilians near Kirkuk*

U.S. Coalition Killed Civilians near Kirkuk*

A member of the Kurdish security forces stands guard near an oil field attacked by the Islamic State earlier in the year

The Russian Ministry of Defense on Saturday said that its reconnaissance aircraft detected two U.S.-led coalition fighter jets carrying out an air raid on the city of Daquq, just south of Kirkuk and Mosul.

The Ministry of Defense says that according to its intelligence sources there are no Islamic State fighters in that area.

Ministry spokesperson General Igor Konashenkov said that the fighter jets struck a funeral procession which included women and children.

“Judging by the eyewitness accounts, the mourning procession was mistaken for terrorists by the coalition aviation. Dozens of Iraqi civilians died, including women and children,” Konashenkov said in statements picked up by local Russian media.

Iran’s Press TV said that at least 15 women were among those killed

Konashenkov went on to say that such attacks by U.S.-led coalition fighter jets happened far too often and constituted war crimes.

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the Russian and Syrian air forces must answer for attacks on hospitals in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo; these attacks, he said, amounted to war crimes.

In July, human rights activists in the Syrian city of Manbij, northeast of Aleppo and close to the Turkish border, said that U.S.-led coalition aerial bombing killed 117 people, 73 of whom were civilians, mostly women and children. The remaining dead were charred beyond recognition and could not be identified.

There has been no comment yet from the U.S. Department of Defense.

During its daily report on Operation Inherent Resolve – the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamic State – it did not mention any sorties over Daquq.

However, it reported an attack on an Islamic State convoy in Huwaijah, 40 kilometres west of Daquq.

The attacks near Kirkuk come after about 40 Islamic State fighters – some of whom were sleeper cells – attacked police and security buildings in Kirkuk.

Some 80 people died and another 117 were wounded in clashes with security forces who managed to kill all attackers.


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