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Wildfires Continue to Rage in Israel*

Wildfires Continue to Rage in Israel*

Several wildfires broke out in Israel on November 22, 2016, causing widespread damage and prompting emergency evacuations. The police arrested 13 people, suspected of arson, on November 25.

The wildfires were reported in the Jerusalem and Haifa districts. A massive fire broke out in the Neve Shalom municipality on November 23 and has so far scorched 580 hectares (1 433 acres). The largest wildfire in the Haifa district was reported in the Zichron Yaakov municipality. The fires are fueled by the hot and dry weather conditions and strong easterly winds.


The smoke spreading from the Israel wildfires as observed by the Sentinel-3 satellite. Image credit: Sentinel-3

The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) officials stated the forest fire risk for the affected areas is still extreme, as of November 25.

Numerous people have been injured and about 60 000 have been evacuated in the Haifa and Beit Meir while hundreds of homes suffered extensive damage in the Haifa and Jerusalem districts.

Video credit: euronews

Several wildfires broke out in Israel on November 22, 2016, causing widespread damage and prompting emergency evacuations. The police arrested 13 people, suspected of arson, on November 25.

The wildfires were reported in the Jerusalem and Haifa districts. A massive fire broke out in the Neve Shalom municipality on November 23 and has so far scorched 580 hectares (1 433 acres). The largest wildfire in the Haifa district was reported in the Zichron Yaakov municipality. The fires are fueled by the hot and dry weather conditions and strong easterly winds.

The smoke spreading from the Israel wildfires as observed by the Sentinel-3 satellite. Image credit: Sentinel-3

The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) officials stated the forest fire risk for the affected areas is still extreme, as of November 25.

Numerous people have been injured and about 60 000 have been evacuated in the Haifa and Beit Meir while hundreds of homes suffered extensive damage in the Haifa and Jerusalem districts.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the country has labeled the wildfires as an act of terrorism after 13 people have been suspected of the arson usage and arrested by the Israeli police.

Several European countries have sent emergency aid to Israel. France has offered three fire-fighting planes, and Spain has sent four of them through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy have also sent the fire-fighting aircraft.

More strong winds and dry weather conditions are expected across the country over the next two days. The current wildfires are the largest observed since 2010.


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Egypt Says No to Saudi, Drafts Generals and Pilots to Fight alongside Syrian Army against ISIS*

Egypt Says No to Saudi, Drafts Generals and Pilots to Fight alongside Syrian Army against ISIS*

F-16 Egyptian Air Force, Andravida, 7 november 2016. Photo Credit: Rob Schleiffert/ flickr

F-16 Egyptian Air Force, Andravida, 7 november 2016. Photo Credit: Rob Schleiffert/ flickr


“The small jump needed for Egyptian-Syrian relations to go back to normal” that Syrian Prime Minister Walid al-Muallem spoke of has been achieved apparently.

Mohammad Ballout, from Assafir Lebanese Daily, reported that some Egyptian military formations have recently arrived to Syria, signaling an end to the time where Egypt simply stood by, hands crossed, looking at the goings-on in Syria.

It seems that the Egyptians have sent 18 helicopter pilots to the Hamah Airbase, and it is hoped that they will see action in joint Egyptian-Syrian operations.

Four senior Egyptian military figures also joined the unit when it first came to Syria, and two Major Generals have been operating at the Armed Forces Staff Headquarters in Damascus, near the operations room. The two Major Generals have been touring the fronts since they arrived a month ago, and have been reviewing the efforts made at the fronts, most recently the Southern Front at Quneitra.

These new developments are apparently the result of intensive, unannounced, high profile security meetings that began over a year ago between Cairo and Damascus. Arab sources also expect that these developments will go beyond these symbolic operations, and will see Egyptian task forces operating on a large scale in support of the Syrian army.

Moreover, a senior Syrian security official also said that the Egyptians have promised to send forces to Syria, and have schedule post-December 23rd as the Zero-Hour, whereupon Egyptian participation in Syria will escalate. Another official also revealed that after December, a large number of Egyptian forces will also participate in the Syrian operations, and their participation will not be limited to Aerial support.

President Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi had recently revealed in an interview with Portugal’s RTP TV that Egypt will support the Syrian national army, saying that Syria has suffered from a deep crisis for 5 years now, and our position in Egypt is that we respect the will of the Syrian people, and know that reaching a political solution for the Syrian crisis is the best solution. Terrorist groups must also be seriously dealt with and de-weaponized. We also stress on the unity of Syrian soil, so that no secession would come about, and on post-war reconstruction.”

Egypt has clearly chosen to distance itself from Saudi Arabia, refusing to participate in KSA’s “Decisive Storm” aggression against Yemen, and now choosing to support the Syrian army against the Gulf Monarchy backed terrorist, which holds deep political implications.


Egypt Denies Sending Troops to Syria
Egyptian Foreign Ministry dismissed media reports that Cairo sent troops to Syria, according to official statement of ministry spokesman.

Egypt denied on Sunday having sent troops to Syria and reaffirmed its commitment to respect other nations’ sovereignty, in a statement attributed to its Foreign Ministry spokesman.

“Some Arab newspapers reported about Egyptian military presence in Syria,” the statement published on the Foreign Ministry’s Facebook page read. “Egypt is committed to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.”

The spokesman stressed there existed constitutional procedures on foreign deployment that Egypt had to follow.
“And those actions cannot be taken secretly without informing the Egyptian people about their objectives,” he added.
Egyptian military has been accused of sending troops to the aid of the embattled Syrian government. Many Arab Gulf states support opposition forces in Syria. A Russian government spokesman said earlier this month he could not confirm reports that Egyptian soldiers were present in Syria.


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Bolivia with Newfound Economic Independence Rejects Rothschild Banks*

Bolivia with Newfound Economic Independence Rejects Rothschild Banks*

By Whitney Webb

Bolivian president Evo Morales recently announced that Bolivia will no longer respond to pressure or blackmail from the U.S. government or Rothschild-controlled international banking institutions.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and U.S.-dominated World Bank have been major players in the global economic landscape ever since their creation in 1944.These international banking organizations, which are privately controlled by the notorious Rothschild banking family, first pressure nations to deregulate their financial sector, allowing private banks to loot their economies. Once the governments are forced to bail-out their deregulated financial sector, the IMF or World Bank sets up a loan package written in secret by central bankers and finance ministers that undermine their national sovereignty and force them to adopt policies of austerity that harm workers, families, and the environment.

Bolivian president Eco Morales (right)


Before Evo Morales assumed the office of president, Bolivia was suffering from the effects of IMF/World Bank-imposed austerity and privatization that exploited its people and resources. It was also South America’s poorest nation. Though the Bolivian people, through strong showings of popular resistance over a period of years, were able to stop some of the worst privatization efforts – particularly the privatization of the nation’s water supply, many of the shackles imposed by these Rothschild-controlled institutions remained. Morales, who became Bolivia’s 80th president in 2006, was the first president to come from Bolivia’s majority indigenous Aymara population and has since focused on poverty reduction and combating the influence of the United States and multinational corporations in Bolivia. Ten years later, Morales, a Democratic socialist, has managed to transform Bolivia into the fastest growing South American economy all while maintaining a balanced budget and slashing its once-crippling government debt.

Bolivia’s newfound economic independence has now empowered Morales to reject the very same institutions that once preyed upon his country. Just a few weeks ago, Morales announced that Bolivia will no longer respond to the demands or blackmail of the United States, the World Bank, or the IMF. During a visit to Tarija in Southern Bolivia, Morales said “Before, in order to obtain credit from the IMF, we were forced to give up a part of our country, but we have liberated ourselves economically and politically and we are no longer dependent on other countries or institutions.” Morales praised social movements and the people’s unity for the country’s ability to resist and reject privatization and foreign influence.

However, Bolivia has done much more under Morales’ leadership than ban international banking cartels from operating within it borders. Bolivia has kicked out numerous multi-corporations since Morales took office, including McDonalds and Coca Cola, while also refusing to cooperate with the US’ disastrous War on Drugs. It is also devotes 14% of its national budget to education, the second most of any country in South America. In contrast, only 1.7% of the national budget goes to education in the US. Morales also forced foreign oil and gas companies to pay an astounding 82% of its profits to the Bolivian government, which is used to fund a variety of popular social programs benefiting the poor. Poverty in Bolivia has dropped significantly as a result. Bolivia’s transformation under Morales proves that any nation, no matter how impoverished, can throw off the shackles imposed by international bankers and return the power to the people.


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Baton Rouge to Pay $100,000 to BLM for Use of Excessive Force During Alton Sterling Protests*

Baton Rouge to Pay $100,000 to BLM for Use of Excessive Force During Alton Sterling Protests*

By Tanasia Kenney

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson being arrested at the Baton Rouge protests – The Associated Press.


Ninety-two protesters arrested during demonstrations sparked by the police shooting death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, earlier this year are set to get a hefty payout from state and local authorities, who they accused of using excessive force and violating their civil rights, the Christian Science Monitor has reported.

The Baton Rouge Metro Council moved on Nov. 23 to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by arrested protesters and agreed to have four agencies compensate prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson and the other plaintiffs to the tune of roughly $100,000.

The city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana State Police, the District Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office will each be required to pay no more than $25,000 to the demonstrators, per the terms of the agreement. Officials said the settlement price is significantly lower than what the city would have to pay if just one of the 92 plaintiffs took them to court and won.

Parish Attorney Lea Anne Batson told The Advocate each protester will be paid about $230. The rest of the $25,000 to be paid by the city-parish will cover the activists’ bonding fees, legal fees and the cost to eliminate the arrests from their permanent records.

Plaintiffs in the class-action suit asserted that police converged on them in all-out military gear, wielded assault-style weapons and sometimes even pointed those weapons directly at peaceful protesters.

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III said he would refrain from prosecuting McKesson and others who were detained on misdemeanor counts of blocking a highway. However, protesters said they were forced to pay substantial arrest fees in order to be released.

A 12-member panel approved Tuesday’s settlement, but Metro Councilman John Delgado was one of two people who vehemently opposed it.

“To me, this encourages that type of behavior to happen in the future,” Delgado told The Advocate. “I have no interest in paying $100,000 in taxpayer dollars to people who are coming into our city to protest.”

Parish attorney Batson countered, however, saying no more than 10% of the Baton Rouge protesters were from out of town. An overwhelming majority were locals seeking justice and police accountability in the July 5 shooting that left Sterling dead, she said.

The shooting was one of many in a string of fatal encounters between unarmed Black Americans and police this year, shedding light on the growing tensions between law enforcement officers and communities of color. It’s hoped by many that the settlement of the protesters’ suit is a sign of progress in addressing concerns voiced by Black activists since the August 2014 shooting of Mike Brown by a white cop.

Despite the settlement, Baton Rouge activists are still demanding justice for Sterling, whose death at the hands of two local cops is still being investigated by the Department of Justice. Meanwhile, The Advocate reported that a Baton Rouge officer has filed a lawsuit against McKesson and Black Lives Matter, claiming he sustained injuries during the protests after Sterling’s death.


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The Concept ‘Gender Identity’ came from a Paedophile and Human Experimenter*

The Concept ‘Gender Identity’ came from a Paedophile and Human Experimenter*

genderBy Alex B. Gavin

The modern progressive will promote the idea that we have to tolerate everyone. This is increasingly harmful to people with mental illness. One group in specific, in many cases, are the transgendered. Anyone that promotes a different solution to their issues is labeled a bigot, a transphobe without listening to their arguments or objective medical information.

To understand more about the root of this problem, we should go back to the origin of the idea of gender identity.

The idea started with a sexologist in 1955 named John Money. The concept of gender identity is: what you think you are socially is more important than what you are from a standpoint which balances social and personal views. One problem that stems from this idea is the belief that there are no meaningful differences between the terms “sex” and “gender”. John Money had different ideas. He proposed that if a boy were raised as a girl they would fundamentally be female, and there are no intrinsic differences between the sexes — contrary to biology.

“Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: “XY” and “XX” are genetic markers of male and female, respectively – not genetic markers of a disorder. The norm for human design is to be conceived either male or female. Human sexuality is binary by design with the obvious purpose being the reproduction and flourishing of our species. This principle is self-evident. The exceedingly rare disorders of sex development (DSDs), including but not limited to testicular feminization and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, are all medically identifiable deviations from the sexual binary norm, and are rightly recognized as disorders of human design. Individuals with DSDs do not constitute a third sex. — The American College of Pediatricians

He could not shill his ideas to anyone until he found a boy by the name of David Reimer. Shortly after birth, Reimer had lost his genitalia following an accident during his foreskin removal surgery. He decided to swoop in and perform some “progressive” human social experimentation on this helpless child who had just been mutilated. He had Reimer’s testicles also removed, and constructed an artificial vagina for him.

David Reimer


He then had his parents raise him as a girl while giving him hormone treatments. In what was by all measures the most extreme example of evil from Money, he had the young boy and his twin brother have fake sex acts at a young in an attempt to make David to be a “bottom.” He even made them undress and do even more sex acts such as genital inspection, which he took photographs of on at least one occasion.

Money would later talk about his experiments as successful, despite the fact that David never identified as a woman and would later recall the visits with Money as traumatic.

Rates of suicide are twenty times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBTQ – affirming countries. What compassionate and reasonable person would condemn young children to this fate knowing that after puberty as many as 88% of girls and 98% of boys will eventually accept reality and achieve a state of mental and physical health?”

… the direct damage this type of human experimentation done on children is unacceptable. The danger of this lifestyle is still present in completely gender identity affirming countries like Sweden. It is a universally harmful thing for people to undergo this type of a experimentation. And completely irreversible, leaving the victims feeling helpless with no way out — except one: suicide, the final in a string choices they can’t undo. This “tolerance” of gender and LGBTQIA+ nonsense is leading to the deaths of those who could be happy, young, adult men with the right medication and treatment.

The abuse has not stopped with just what John Money and other’s have done in more recent years. A lesbian couple gave their 11-year-old son hormone blockers. The parents — the abusers — Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, Have claimed there son wanted to transition from his own initiative which is patently false. The mother decided to give him hormone blockers from a young age to delay his puberty: an irreversibly harmful process which is without a doubt child abuse.

Puberty is not a disease and puberty-blocking hormones can be dangerous. Reversible or not, puberty- blocking hormones induce a state of disease – the absence of puberty – and inhibit growth and fertility in a previously biologically healthy child. — The American College of Pediatricians

The Daily Mail wrote in their article on the topic:

The lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to have a sex change when young.

Thomas Lobel, who now calls himself Tammy, is undergoing controversial hormone blocking treatment in Berkeley, California to stop him going through puberty as a boy. Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel [the lesbian parents] warn that children with gender identity disorder forced to postpone transitioning could face a higher risk of suicide.

The mothers say that one of the first things Thomas told them when he learned sign language aged three – because of a speech impediment – was, ‘I am a girl’.

At age seven, after threatening genital mutilation on himself, psychiatrists diagnosed Thomas with gender identity disorder. By the age of eight, he began transitioning. This summer, he started taking hormone-blocking drugs, which will stop him from experiencing puberty.”

The child showed his parents the “desire” to be a girl at age three? When children are that age they barely have self awareness let alone a concept of gender. (At that age, I was telling my parents I wanted to be a pirate. My parents didn’t drive me to the doctor to get surgery to remove an eye and give me a peg leg.)


The lesbian parents and their soon-to-be saved child.

In another similar case social workers were allowing a mother to  raise her young son as a girl. She even went so far as to register him as a girl, and has been referred to as “she” since he was four. Despite all this, and alarm being raised by officials and the boy’s father, council staff failed to intervene. By the time a judge had to step in he was accusing the social workers of naivety and professional arrogance.  The boy, whose name is hidden for privacy reasons, has been removed from his mother’s care and is happily in his father’s care in Northern England.

He now sees himself as male and plays with male gender toys; Power Rangers. The judge, Justice Hayden, said:

“This is not a case about gender dysphoria, rather it is about a mother who has developed a belief structure which she has imposed upon her child.

“I am bound to say that had the concerns [of school staff] been given the weight that they plainly should have, it is difficult to resist the conclusion the boy could have been spared a great deal of emotional harm.”

He added: “Transgender equality has received a great deal of attention in recent times. I believe that in this case the profile and sensitivity of the matters raised by the mother blinded a number of professionals from applying their training, skill, and, it has to be said, common sense.”

Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse. Endorsing gender discordance as normal via public education and legal policies will confuse children and parents, leading more children to present to “gender clinics” where they will be given puberty-blocking drugs. This, in turn, virtually ensures that they will “choose” a lifetime of carcinogenic and otherwise toxic cross-sex hormones, and likely consider unnecessary surgical mutilation of their healthy body parts as young adults.”

By listening to John Money, a paedophile and human experimenter, on his views of “gender identity”, we are humoring and coddling what amounts to mass delusion. Why is the public at large doing this to the mentally ill? It’s not kind to them. True progress in the medical field concerning gender dysphoria is being overlooked in the name of progress and tolerance.

And who is responsible for propagating the “gender identity” myth? John Money.

John Money, whose story ended by having David’s older brother Brian Reimer kill himself via an overdose of antidepressants. David suffered a much more brutal fate: he shot himself in the head with a sawed-off shot gun. This is the originator of “gender identity”. It was started by a paedophile who experimented on two ill-fated brothers, ultimately leading to their demise.


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‘Google is Doing Things the CIA Cannot*

‘Google is Doing Things the CIA Cannot*

By Claire Bernish

Julian Assange cautioned all of us a while back, in the vein of revelations similar to those provided by Edward Snowden, that Google — the insidious search engine with a reputation for powering humanity’s research — plays the dark hand role in furthering U.S. imperialism and foreign policy agendas.

Now, as the Wikileaks founder faces days of questioning by a Swedish special prosecutor over rape allegations inside his Ecuadorian Embassy haven in London today — and particularly in wake of the presidential election — Assange’s warning Google “is not what it seems” must be revisited.

Under intense scrutiny by the U.S. State Department for several controversial Wikileaks’ publications of leaked documents in 2011, Assange first met Google Executive Chairman, then-CEO, Eric Schmidt, who approached the political refugee under the premise of a new book. Schmidt, whose worth Forbes estimates exceeds $11 billion, partnered with Council on Foreign Relations and State Department veteran, Jared Cohen, for the work, tentatively titled The Empire of the Mind — and asked Assange for an interview.

Later acknowledging naïvte in agreeing to meet the pair of tech heavyweights, Assange found afterward how enmeshed in and integral to U.S. global agendas Schmidt and Cohen had become.

In fact, both have exhibited quite the fascination with technology’s role in burgeoning revolutions — including, but not-at-all limited to, the Arab Spring. Schmidt created a position for  Cohen in 2009, originally called Google Ideas, now Google Jigsaw, and the two began weaving the company’s importance to the United States into narratives in articles, political donations, and through Cohen’s former roles at the State Department.

That same year, Schmidt and Cohen co-authored an article for the CFR journal Foreign Affairs, which, seven years hence, appears a rather prescient discussion of Google’s self-importance in governmental affairs. Under the subheading “COALITIONS OF THE CONNECTED,” they wrote [all emphasis added]:

“In an era when the power of the individual and the group grows daily, those governments that ride the technological wave will clearly be best positioned to assert their influence and bring others into their orbits. And those that do not will find themselves at odds with their citizens.

“Democratic states that have built coalitions of their militaries have the capacity to do the same with their connection technologies. […] they offer a new way to exercise the duty to protect citizens around the world who are abused by their governments or barred from voicing their opinions.”

Perhaps appearing laudable on its surface — at least to some degree — as Assange pointed out, there is a self-mischaracterization by the American and other Western governments and inaccurately-monikered ‘non-governmental organizations’ that their interests in other nations’ affairs are innately good.

This cult of government and non-government insiders have a firm belief their goals should be the unassailable, unquestionable motivator for American imperialism — whatever the U.S. thinks best as a “benevolent superpower,” so should the rest of the ‘non-evil’ world.

“They will tell you that open-mindedness is a virtue, but all perspectives that challenge the exceptionalist drive at the heart of American foreign policy will remain invisible to them,” Assange wrote in When Google Met Wikileaks. “This is the impenetrable banality of ‘don’t be evil.’ They believe that they are doing good. And that is a problem.”

Cohen, an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the notorious Council on Foreign Relations, lists his expertise in “terrorism; radicalization; impact of connection technologies on 21st century statecraft; Iran,” and has worked for both Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton at the Department of State. Fortune, calling Cohen a “fascinating fellow,” noted that, in his book Children of Jihad, the young diplomat and technology enthusiast “advocates for the use of technology for social upheaval in the Middle East and elsewhere.”

Under the auspices of discussing technological aspects at Wikileaks’ disposal for the upcoming book, Schmidt; Cohen; Lisa Shields, a CFR vice president at the time; and Scott Malcomson — who would shortly afterward be appointed Rice’s lead speech advisor for her role as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations — descended on Assange’s safe haven in Norfolk, outside London.

It wasn’t until weeks and months after this gathering Assange fully realized how closely Google operates in tandem with the government of the United States — and how perilous the innocent mask of its public intentions truly is in light of such cooperation.

Ironically enough, in Wikileaks’ publishing three years later of the Global Intelligence Files — internal emails from private security firm, Stratfor — Cohen’s and Google’s true depth of influence became strikingly apparent. Assange wrote:

“Cohen’s directorate appeared to cross over from public relations and ‘corporate responsibility’ work into active corporate intervention in foreign affairs at a level that is normally reserved for states. Jared Cohen could be wryly named Google’s ‘director of regime change.’ According to the emails, he was trying to plant his fingerprints on some of the major historical events in the contemporary Middle East. He could be placed in Egypt during the revolution, meeting with Wael Ghonim, the Google employee whose arrest and imprisonment hours later would make him a PR-friendly symbol of the uprising in the Western press. Meetings had been planned in Palestine and Turkey, both of which—claimed Stratfor emails—were killed by the senior Google leadership as too risky. Only a few months before he met with me, Cohen was planning a trip to the edge of Iran in Azerbaijan to ‘engage the Iranian communities closer to the border,’ as part of Google Ideas’ project on repressive societies.”

However, most significantly, Stratfor vice president for intelligence Fred Burton, also a former official with the State Department, wrote in one of those emails:

Google is getting WH [White House] and State Dept support and air cover. In reality they are doing things the CIA cannot do . . . [Cohen] is going to get himself kidnapped or killed. Might be the best thing to happen to expose Google’s covert role in foaming up-risings, to be blunt. The US Gov’t can then disavow knowledge and Google is left holding the shit-bag.”

Of course, the massive company — its various facets now under the umbrella of Alphabet, Inc. — has never been fully absent government involvement. Research for what would become ultimately become Google had been undertaken by company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in cooperation with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) — the strictly secretive technological testing and planning arm for the Department of Defense.

Indeed Google’s continued coziness with the diplomacy, military, and intelligence wings of the United States government should not be, though perpetually are, ignored.

Political establishment bulldogs on both sides of the aisle and their cheerleader corporate media presstitutes will continue for months or years to debate the failed presidential bid of Hillary Clinton and the apparently-shocking rise and election of Donald Trump, but technology played a starring role in those events. Several reports last year cautioned Google’s algorithms could swing the election — and not only the American election, but national elections around the globe.

“We estimate, based on win margins in national elections around the world,” said Robert Epstein, a psychologist with the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and author of one of the studies, “that Google could determine the outcome of upwards of 25 percent of all national elections.”

Considering lines between the tech giant and the government have essentially been abandoned, this revelation puts power and influence into acute, if not terrifying, perspective.

Google’s ties with the Pentagon and intelligence communities never ceased. Revealed by a Freedom of Information Act request cited by Assange, Google founder Brin, together with Schmidt, corresponded casually by email with National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander in 2012, discussing a program called the “Enduring Society Framework.” Alexander wrote to Brin:

“Your insights as a key member of the Defense Industrial Base are valuable to ensure ESF’s efforts have measurable impact.”

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Industrial Base is “the worldwide industrial complex that enables research and development, as well as design, production, delivery, and maintenance of military weapons systems, subsystems, and components or parts, to meet U.S. military requirements .”

It also provides “products and services that are essential to mobilize, deploy, and sustain military operations.”

Although Schmidt and Cohen ultimately watered down their book title The Empire of the Mind into the more palatable and less blatantly imperialistic, The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Business, its message amounted to self-congratulatory justification for broader foreign policy goals. Nefarious warmonger Henry Kissinger, for one, praised the work, which included telling lines by the Google execs, such as:

“What Lockheed Martin was to the twentieth century, technology and cyber-security companies will be to the twenty-first.”

So ubiquitous has Google become, its presence — like similarly U.S. government-connected Facebook — is nearly indispensable in the daily lives of hundreds of millions worldwide.

However well-known is the government intelligence framework in such platforms, it would be ill-advised to ignore the far darker Machiavellian aspects of private corporate technology’s intersection with global political agendas — and the force that coalition wields around the planet.

Whether or not the American establishment’s empire suffered a blow in the election of Donald Trump will be a debatable point for some time, but it’s a veritable guarantee its cogs — seeing themselves as the planet’s saviors — have planned in advance for just such an occasion.

“If the future of the internet is to be Google,” Assange noted, “that should be of serious concern to people all over the world—in Latin America, East and Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, the former Soviet Union, and even in Europe—for whom the internet embodies the promise of an alternative to U.S. cultural, economic, and strategic hegemony.”

Empire will remain empire until its dying breath — particularly if it functions under the obstinate belief it, alone, can save the world. Julian Assange should be praised for the transparency and insight he and Wikileaks have readily given the world, instead of excoriated and blamed for faults which lie in the establishment framework — it is this political, intelligence, and military web deserving of a pointed finger.


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Everyone Who Can Now See Your Entire Internet History, Including the Taxman…*

Everyone Who Can Now See Your Entire Internet History, Including the Taxman…*

As the Investigatory Powers Bill passes into law, internet providers will be required to keep a full record of every site that each of its customers have visited

Big Brother by MeluzzoBy Andrew Griffin

Organisations including the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions will be able to see U.K. citizens’ entire internet browsing history within weeks.

The Investigatory Powers Bill, which was all but passed into law this week, forces internet providers to keep a full list of internet connection records (ICRs) for a year and to make them available to the Government if asked. Those ICRs in effect serve as a full list of every website that people have visited, rather than collecting which specific pages are visited or what’s done on them.

ICRs will be made available to a wide range of government bodies. Those include expected law enforcement organisations such as the police, the military and the secret service, but also includes bodies such as the Food Standards Agency, the Gambling Commission, councils and the Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust.

The full list of agencies that can now ask for U.K. citizen’s browsing history, which is laid out in Schedule 4 of the Bill and was collected by Chris Yiu, is below:

  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • City of London Police
  • Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996
  • Police Service of Scotland
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • British Transport Police
  • Ministry of Defence Police
  • Royal Navy Police
  • Royal Military Police
  • Royal Air Force Police
  • Security Service
  • Secret Intelligence Service
  • GCHQ
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Department of Health
  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Crime Agency
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • Department for Transport
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services
  • Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service
  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
  • Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland
  • Department of Justice in Northern Ireland
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Gambling Commission
  • Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Independent Police Complaints Commissioner
  • Information Commissioner
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
  • Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board
  • Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Regional Business Services Organisation
  • Office of Communications
  • Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
  • Police Investigations and Review Commissioner
  • Scottish Ambulance Service Board
  • Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust

The same part of the Bill also stipulates the lowest-ranking office within those organisations that can access the records – for example, inspector, superintendent within the police.


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