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How to Break out of a Spiritual Rut by Finding your Passion*

How to Break out of a Spiritual Rut by Finding your Passion*


Have you found it yet?

The passion that gets you out of bed in the morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Have you found the sweet spot that breaks you out of any rut, and pushes you forward no matter what the difficulty or density? Passion is the root of purpose – it gives meaning and direction.


Because when you’re in your passion, you’re accessing the elixir of life itself – the mainstream of your soul. And the soul instantly connects you to the Source of all Creation – an unlimited potential that constantly fires with new potential and possibility.

The One in you is fulfilled, and simultaneously, a streaming bountiful and abundant expression flows from that. That’s why it’s essential you discover your passion…

Life in the city!Breaking out of the Box

Society is not interested in you finding your passion. Because when you’re in it, you become uncontrollable. You step out of the norm, which can no longer be conditioned into the endless carousel of cheap thrills. It wants to sell you the shadow of your passion, and make you work for it, locking you into a world of doing, and then sells the illusion of release from that through entertainment and distraction. And so the majority never find, and even give up, their passion so as to fit in this world of doing because it seems somehow easier, there’s a formula that kind of works…

“If I do this, then I’ll get a job, I’ll get paid, put a roof over my head and food on the table. If there’s a little money left over, I’ll go on holiday and have some fun” – it’s how so many people live. But it’s not really living at all.

It’s not easy to break out of this box. Not easy, but it is straightforward. You just have to find the path of your soul to do it. And the path of your soul can come from accessing your true passion in life – what truly brings you joy?

Beingness can bring people pure joy. But I’m just just talking about detaching from the doing. I’m not talking about simply dropping everything like dropping the proverbial ‘hot coals’. That too will bring a temporary relief, yes, but mostly only temporary. We still have to live in the world, and that requires that you engage in something.

If you engage in what you truly love, then I’ve discovered the Universe always comes to meet you, it always provides a ‘vehicle’ for you to express that passion. And by ‘vehicle’, I mean another situation or circumstance – the universe weaves energy and resource together around your expressed passion. You don’t have to think about money – it just starts to flow. And neither do you have to hold onto it – as you let it flow out, it flows back in. Money is merely an expression of energy that flows as creative expression flows.

What are you curious about?

So it all hinges on your passion in life. The question is, how do you find it?

I think this quote by Steven Kotler is highly intuitive…

“Passion exists at the intersection of 3 or more things you’re really curious about.”
Steven Kotler

With curiosity and interest, you’re already beginning to tap into a fundamental aspect of soul. The universe itself is curious. It’s absolutely fascinating. It’s constantly shaping new opportunity and exploration. So to find your passion, begin in those things that truly interest you and fire curiosity.

Without trying to box these things in, just give as much energy and attention to them as you can. Explore into them. Most of all, explore yourself in them.. Feel into yourself as you’re doing them. What do you notice about yourself inside?

Following the thread of curiosity and interest

Find the thread of feeling, and then ‘pull on it’, exploring deeply into it. Where does it want to take you?

In the early days of my incarnation here, meditation fired my curiosity and interest. I wanted to know and explore deeply into this experience called ‘life’. This quickly unfolded into other dimensions of experience. One day I was meditating to music, when I felt a vibration around me, which started to move and pull me. It was ever so subtle and easily dismissed or ignored. But curiosity and interest guided me to follow the feeling. Very soon I found myself dancing around the room with multi-dimensional beings. It was deeply profound. The experience itself evolved into a practice, which I now call soulmotion – it’s become a fundamental aspect of the Openhand work I now teach. It takes me to countries all over the world.

The crucial thing is, there was never any intention to develop the practice as a means to live from – to make money from. It was simply something that caught my curiosity, that I paid attention to and gave energy to – I committed to the exploration of it.

Another crucial part of it, is that I allowed the experience to evolve naturally of its own accord. I didn’t put a constraint or limitation on it… “it has to be like ‘this’ or ‘that'”. And I didn’t let self-consciousness get the better of me. Yes, stepping out of such boxes of conformity may feel a little weird in the beginning, but anyone whose every going to truly create a new experience, must be prepared to put yourself ‘out there’.

I recall years later leading a firewalk, where you burn down wood into hot coals and then walk across. It too fires curiosity, interest and passion. I remember saying to the group before first crossing, “Simply walk directly across with commitment and focus. But when you’ve done it once, let your feeling get the better of you. If you want to strip off and dance naked on the flames, then do it!” I had meant the last part metaphorically, but to my great consternation and surprise, on the second walk across, one lady did indeed strip naked and dance across. I can tell you it inspired everyone to step out of the box!

How to unleash your passion

So to find and unleash your passion, I’d suggest this simple, but highly effective approach…

  1. Begin to explore what interests you
  2. Overcome, in yourself, any conditioning or limitation that would hold you back in the exploration of this interest
  3. Let the interest continually move, shape and evolve
  4. Explore your inner feelings whilst you’re engaged in these interests
  5. Look for some sense of purpose, meaning or direction within the interests
  6. Watch for the supportive hand of the universe coming to meet you
  7. Let go of the need for your growing passion to result in some particular thing, result or outcome. Simply observe how somehow it keeps carrying you to another event, situation or circumstance – the universe is supporting you.

Break through on the out-stretched wings of the divine

One of the things in life that interests me, is what makes people truly successful? And by ‘success’, I mean in the widest possible sense of the word – I mean someone who appears to have touched the sweet-spot of life itself. They seem motivated and yet simultaneously fulfilled.

I believe these people truly found their passion and were fired by it. They didn’t rest in conformity. To some varying degree, they broke through, and unleashed their soul through it. They flew on the out-stretched wings of the divine.

That’s what inspires me about this video, which I felt to close by sharing with you. Let no one be the keeper of your dreams, let no circumstance extinguish the fire of your passion…


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How to Check if your Google Account is One of the 1 Million infected with Malware*

How to Check if your Google Account is One of the 1 Million infected with Malware*

By Avery Hartmans

Anyone running an older version of the Android operating system, be warned: Malware is infecting 13,000 Android devices every day, putting at risk the private details of more than 1 million Google accounts.

That’s according to cyber-security software company Check Point, which discovered a new piece of malware called “Gooligan” that’s infecting Android phones and stealing email addresses.

Users who download Gooligan-infected apps or click links in phishing messages are being exposed to the malware, which allows attackers to access sensitive information from Google apps like Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

Once attackers hack into the device, they’re buying apps on the Google Play store and writing reviews posing as the phone’s owner, Check Point says.

Anyone who owns a device running Android 4 and 5 — that includes Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop — is most at risk, according to Check Point, and those devices make up nearly 75% of Android users.

Check Point has made an online tool to check if your phone is infected with Gooligan. By typing your Google address into the Gooligan Checker, you can find out if you’ve been hacked.

Security issues on Android are aren’t exactly uncommon, since Android runs on third-party devices that are in charge of their own security and can be slow to update. Back in July, Check Point discovered another breach that affected 85 million Android phones. The devices were infected with malware that was generating $300,000 every month in ad revenue. And in August, hackers began using Google AdSense to target Android users and steal their banking data.

“We’ve taken many actions to protect our users and improve the security of the Android ecosystem overall,” Google’s director of Android security Adrian Ludwig wrote in a Google+ post about the attack.

“These include: revoking affected users’ Google Account tokens, providing them with clear instructions to sign back in securely, removing apps related to this issue from affected devices, deploying enduring Verify Apps improvements to protect users from these apps in the future and collaborating with ISPs to eliminate this malware altogether.”

Head over to Ludwig’s post for more on how Google is tracking malware and working to keep users’ information secure.


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Man Killed 27 People after Transplanted with the Heart of a Serial Killer*

Man Killed 27 People after Transplanted with the Heart of a Serial Killer*

A man was arrested this morning in the Georgian capital, for the murders of 27 people over the last two years.

54 year-old Michael Rodriguez is accused of killing 23 women and 4 men, slaying at least one victim per month since December 2013.

According to the police, the accused seemed to regularly feel the urge to kill and would attack anyone he saw as vulnerable to satisfy his thirst for blood.

The Atlanta police confirmed that the suspect has already confessed to at least 19 of the murders and is still being interrogated.


“He seems to have literally been addicted to killing,” said Captain Jerry Woodson.

“He says he heard voices telling him to kill people, and that they would sometimes become unbearable, until he finally killed someone. Like many serial killers, he visibly suffers from mental problems.” 

According to his ex-wife, who divorced him in February 2015, the date at which the murders began, coincides with Mr Rordiguez’s heart transplant operation. She says that his personality changed dramatically after he got his new heart, and that the operation is responsible for his actions.

“He was a peaceful and charming man before his transplant,” claims Michelle Gonzales, “but after he got his new heart, he became quick-tempered, and he seemed obsessed with weapons and hunting. He bought some guns and knives, and began killing everything from rabbits to bears. I didn’t recognize the man I had married and I decided to leave. I knew he had become more aggressive, but I never thought that he had become such a monster. This is all due to the heart they gave him, it’s evil!”

The identity of organ donor is often kept secret, but the police investigators were given access to Mr. Rodriguez’s file. They discovered that the organ donor was a convicted serial killer named Dereck Emery, who was executed by the state in 2013.

Mr. Emery was condemned to death in 2009, after being found guilty of murdering 17 women and 2 men across southern Georgia.


Mr Rodriguez’ crimes could be linked to a strange secondary effect of organ transplants, called the cell memory phenomenon. While still not considered 100% scientifically-validated, is still supported by several scientists and physicians, and many transplanted people have reported feeling such effects.

The behaviors and emotions acquired by the recipient from the original donor are due to the combinatorial memories stored in the neurons of the organ donated. Heart transplants are said to be the most susceptible to cell memory where organ transplant recipients experienced a change of behavior.

An Austrian study published in the journal of Quality of Life Research, showed that 79% of patients of heart transplants did not feel that their personality changed post-surgery, while 15% experienced a moderate change in personality, and six percent did confirm a drastic change in their personality due to their new heart.


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Sheriff’s Dept. to Impose $1K Fine for Bringing Food and Supplies to Standing Rock*

Sheriff’s Dept. to Impose $1K Fine for Bringing Food and Supplies to Standing Rock*

By Claire Bernish

In this Tuesday, photo, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier looks up from his desk in Mandan, N.D. Kirchmeier has led the police response to the Dakota Access oil pipeline protests, and shrugs off criticism that that response has been heavy-handed at times. Nov. 22, 2016 (AP Photo/James MacPherson)


In what could only be termed a potential gross violation of human rights, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department announced today it plans to block all supplies from entering Standing Rock camps — including deliveries of food.

[Rothschild’s] Reuters reports:

“Supplies, including food and building materials, will be blocked from entering the main camp following Governor Jack Dalrymple’s signing of an ‘emergency evacuation’ order on Monday, said Maxine Herr, a spokeswoman from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.”

Herr flatly stated, according to Reuters, “They have deliveries, retailers that are delivering to them – we will turn around any of those services.”

Although the governor’s order went into effect immediately, North Dakota Department of Emergency Services spokeswoman Cecily Fong noted no deliveries to the camps had yet been turned away as of Tuesday morning.

However, ‘The building materials intended for the site are a top priority because the camp is not zoned for permanent structures,’ Reuters reported she said. ‘Propane tanks also will be blocked because they have been used in attacks against law enforcement.’

The latter claim has been proven false by eyewitness video from the night of November 20-21, when law enforcement assaulted peaceful water protectors for over six hours in a non-stop barrage of rubber bullets, tear gas, impact and concussion grenades, and even weaponized water — in temperatures dropping into the low 20s Fahrenheit. Sophia Wilansky’s arm was nearly ripped from her body when an impact grenade exploded. But the sheriff denies police used any weapon that could have caused such damage, despite evidence collected from the scene and by surgeons working to repair her traumatic wound.

Shortly after issuing the notice it would block supplies, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department backed away somewhat, saying it would take a passive role to try to prevent supplies from reaching the camps, by issuing hefty $1,000 fines for vehicles attempting such deliveries — saying it had interpreted the evacuation order as a reason for a blockade.

“That is the understanding that we had initially but we had to get that clarified,” Herr told Reuters. “The governor is more interested in public safety than setting up a road block and turning people away.”

This startling announcement of any attempt at a supply blockage from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department comes during a week of shocking news for Standing Rock Sioux water protectors and their allies camped near the Missouri River to block construction of the highly contentious Dakota Access Pipeline.

An eviction notice letter sent by the Army Corps of Engineers to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier on Friday sparked furious outrage from around the world — and was met with firm resistance from both tribes.

Clarifying later no force would be used to effect this eviction, the Army Corps stated, “Those who remain will be considered unauthorized and may be subject to citation under federal, state, or local laws.”

Before the shock wore off from that letter, on Monday, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple confounded matters further with the issuance of an emergency evacuation order for the same Army Corps-managed, water protector-occupied land as a winter storm advanced on the area.

Although neither U.S. government-issued order would apply had treaties from the 1800s been honored, the attorneys scrambled to determine if the governor’s evacuation supplanted the Army Corps’ eviction — as the date for the camps to become officially illegal would be moved forward significantly from December 5. Archambault denounced Dalrymple’s order as an intimidation tactic and determined it invalid.

However, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department appears to have opportuned the current evacuation order to escalate its curtailment of the basic human rights of the thousands of water protectors estimated to now occupy camps north of the Cannonball River.

Legally and technically speaking, both orders effectively close the camps — except for Sacred Stone Camp, located south of the river — to access by both the public and emergency services.

Thousands of veterans have been planning to arrive at the camps on December 4 to defend water protectors from brutal police tactics employed by the multi-state coalition of police led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department — and they haven’t yet changed those plans.

According to an update from Reuters, Governor Dalrymple’s spokesman Jeff Zent said,

“There is not going to be any blockade of supplies.”

While so much about these breaking developments remains unclear thanks to a lack of information from authorities and officials, one thing is certain. Blocking food and supplies, by any means, from reaching water protectors who have vowed to stay through the winter is not only a violation of human rights and basic decency — if effective, it has the potential to be an horrific tragedy in the making.

UPDATE: In a recent post to social media, the American Civil Liberties Union urged anyone who have been pulled over while delivering supplies to Standing Rock to contact them for an ongoing investigation into the constitutionality of the governor’s mandatory evacuation order:


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Official Recount Petition Filed in Nevada*

Official Recount Petition Filed in Nevada*

By Tyler Durden

Just when you thought the post-election recount circus couldn’t get any more ridiculous, it has.

Per NBC, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, an independent 2016 U.S. presidential candidate, has officially filed a recount petition with the Secretary of State of Nevada requesting recounts in 93 precincts.  Rocky won 2,552 votes in the state of Nevada or roughly 0.23% of the total.

Under Nevada law, officials are only required to recount the votes of the petitioner and the winner of the election.  Then, only if a discrepancy of 1% or more is found in vote totals does a full statewide recount occur.

“…My only interest is to create a nationwide awareness of the vulnerability of our election system and to do everything possible to assure that your vote counts for the candidate for whom it is cast,” he said.

Under Nevada law, any candidate can request a recount of the votes, but officials would only determine the number of votes received for the requesting candidate and the person who won the election. The requester would also have to cover the estimated cost of a recount in advance.

In De La Fuente’s petition to the secretary of state’s office, obtained by reporter Jon Ralston, he asks for recounts in 93 precincts, or about 5% of the statewide precincts. All but eight are in Clark County.

The recount would have to find a discrepancy of at least 1% for either Clinton or De La Fuente from the votes tallied in the original canvass to move forward. The secretary of state would then determine if a full statewide recount should be ordered, according to state law.

A recount is required to begin five days after a request is made, and it must be finished five days after it begins.

As a reminder, Hillary was the projected winner in Nevada by about 26,000 votes or 2.4%.

Rocky has also vowed to launch a recount in Florida.

But unlike Jill Stein who launched a massive fundraising scam to fund her recount efforts, Rocky has asked Nevada to just throw the charges on his “AMEX.”

Here is the full Nevada petition as filed by Rocky:

Rocky 2016 5440 Morehouse Dr San Diego CA 91260  Nevada Secretary of State Honorable Barbara K. Cegavaske  November 28, 2016 Katie Siemon-Martin Dear Ms. Siemon-Martin I am hereby requesting a Recount of the General Election 2016 Official Canvass regarding the Presidential/Vice Presidential Office. Under Nevada Revised Statutes, I have standing for the request. Please Charge my credit card for the required services (deposit)


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India has Built the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant*

India has Built the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant*

Following eight months of construction, India has finished building its new solar power farm in Kamuthi which will replace California’s Topaz Farm as the world’s biggest solar plant.

The massive facility packs 648 megawatts, which should suffice to power over 150,000 homes, and consists of 2.5 million solar modules, 576 inverters, 154 transformers as well as 6,000 kilometers of cables.

The solar plant spreads over 2,500 acres (or 10 square kilometers) of land and costed a total of $679 million to build. By comparison, Topaz Farm, which can generate up to 550 megawatts of power, took almost two years and over 2.5 billion in funds to build.

Adani Group sponsored and oversaw the project.

“Before us, the largest solar power plant at a single location was in California in the U.S. That was 550 MW and was completed in around three years. We wanted to set up a solar plant of 648 MW in a single location in less than a year,” said Adani CEO Vneet Jaain.

With the introduction of this solar farm, India is expected to become the world’s third-biggest solar market from next year, trailing behind only China and the US.

Still, the country has a long way to go before reaching its goals to generate solar energy for 60 million homes by 2022, with plans to produce 40% of its power needs from non-fossil fuels by 2030.

In case you want to catch a glimpse of the colossal plant, National Geographic has previously made a documentary about Adani’s ambitious undertaking.


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‘Pay As You Go’ Gold Launched by Britain’s Royal Mint*

‘Pay As You Go’ Gold Launched by Britain’s Royal Mint*


Britain’s Royal Mint is joining the world of crypto-currency as it prepares to offer ‘digitalized gold’ in 2017 turning its on-site bullion vault into a virtual market-place

Britain’s Royal Mint is joining the world of crypto-currency as it prepares to offer ‘digitalized gold’ in 2017, turning its on-site bullion vault online. Royal Mint Gold (RMG) and derivatives marketplace, CME Group are collaborating on a “digitalized gold offering” that will be able to be traded on what’s called a block-chain, a database that will see liquid gold become virtual.

The future of gold trading is a whole lot easier, more cost effective and secure with Royal Mint Gold! More: #RMG

— The Royal Mint (@RoyalMintUK) November 29, 2016

“A good way to look at this project is very similar to pay-as-you-go products in mobile telephony. So in other words, unless you physically buy or sell the product itself, there is no charge or ongoing charge for holding it,” Win Wijeratne, CFO of the Royal Mint said.

The digital gold platform will operate for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“The Royal Mint will place large gold bars into its secure vaults. We will then create the equivalent amount of RMG digitally and the signed ownership of these on the block-chain. Once this is done, holders of RMG will be able to trade them peer-to-peer using a new platform that has been created and will be run by CMS group,” Win Wijeratne explains.

At over 1,000 years old, the Royal Mint is the only institution licensed to issue coins in the UK, but clearly not too old to change its gold spots.


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Russian-backed Syrian Operation Saves 80,000+ Civilians*

Russian-backed Syrian Operation Saves 80,000+ Civilians*

This week has brought a breakthrough for the Russian-backed Syrian operation to retake eastern Aleppo, allowing humanitarian relief to be brought to tens of thousands of civilians living in the captured districts, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Over the past few days, well-planned and careful action by the Syrian troops resulted in a radical breakthrough. Half of the territory previously held by the militants in eastern Aleppo has been de facto liberated,” Gen. Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the defense ministry, said.

“The most important thing is that over 80,000 Syrians, including tens of thousands of children, have been freed. Many of them at long last were able to get water, food, medical assistance at humanitarian centers deployed by Russia. Those Syrians served as human shields in Aleppo for terrorists of all flavors,” the general stressed.

He added that calls by some Western officials to subject Russia to further sanctions over the operation in Mosul indicated that those countries did not want civilians in Aleppo freed.

Earlier, head of the German Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Norbert Röttgen, along with other MPs, called on Berlin to impose more sanctions against Russia over the offensive in Aleppo, and open an airlift to the militant-held areas similar to the historic Berlin airlift in the late 1940s. They cited damage allegedly caused to the city by Russian airstrikes. The strikes, according to the Russian military, were paused in mid-October and did not resume.

The German Foreign Ministry said Damascus and “its supporters, above all Russia and Iran, bear the biggest responsibility” for civilian suffering in Aleppo.

The Russian criticism comes as the Russian-run Syria Reconciliation Centre reported that over 500 fighters in Aleppo chose to surrender to the advancing Syrian Army.

“Over the past 24 hours, 507 fighters chose to leave the city districts that remain under terrorist control to the safe areas and surrender their weapons. In accordance with the Syrian president’s offer, 484 militants, who are local residents, have been immediately pardoned,” the report said.

This week, Damascus intensified its siege of eastern Aleppo, a city that for years was split between government troops and militant forces. The Syrian Army has captured the north-eastern part of the city.

The operation also put a strain on the ability of armed groups to prevent civilians from fleeing areas under their control. Previously, some of the groups controlling eastern Aleppo, like the Al-Qaeda off-shoot Al-Nusra Front, used deadly force to stop civilians trying to escape.

The military success of Damascus in Aleppo come as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is engaged in a last-ditch effort to convince Russia to stop the operation, according to a Washington Post column. The diplomat reportedly wants to keep rebels in control of part of the city before President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January and withdraws Washington support from the militants.


West threatens Russia with sanctions for liberating Aleppo residents

© Valery Sharifulin/TASS


Western countries are urging to impose sanctions against Russia after 80,000 civilians were liberated in Syria’s Aleppo, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said on Tuesday.

He recalled that, over the past 24 hours, the Syrian army had been able to liberate from militants almost half of eastern Aleppo where 80,000 civilians reside.

“Now it turned out that the release of over 80,000 Aleppo residents held hostage by gunmen was not part of the plans of the U.K. and French Foreign Ministries, the U.S. Department of State and the German Bundestag. They even urged to impose new sanctions for that,” the spokesman said.

According to Konashenkov, there are tens of thousands of children in the liberated areas.

“Many of them were provided, for the first time in a long while, with food, drinking water and medical assistance in the humanitarian centers deployed by Russia. Over the past few years, these Syrians have been used as human shield by terrorists of every stripe and color in Aleppo. It was they who were allegedly protected by all Western politicians,” he said.


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