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Plane from Turkey Transfers Daesh terrorists from Aleppo to Yemen*

Plane from Turkey Transfers Daesh terrorists from Aleppo to Yemen*

This file photo shows a plane flying after take-off from Yemen’s Aden International Airport. (Photo by AFP)

This file photo shows a plane flying after take-off from Yemen’s Aden International Airport. (Photo by AFP)

This file photo shows a plane flying after take-off from Yemen’s Aden International Airport. (Photo by AFP)

Yemeni sources say a Turkish plane transporting scores of Daesh Takfiri terrorists has landed in the Aden International Airport in southern Yemen.

Yemen’s al-Masirah news website reported that the plane carried 150 terrorists who were evacuated from Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo after Syrian government forces fully retook control of the city.

On December 22, the Syrian army said Aleppo had completely returned to government control after the last batch of civilians and militants were evacuated.

Yemeni security sources said the terrorists landed in the airport that is under the supervision of Emirati forces, who are taking part in the Saudi military campaign against Yemen, the report added.

The Turkish plane, al-Masirah said, will take to Turkey 158 Saudi-backed mercenaries, who were injured in recent fighting with the Yemeni army and popular committees in Yemen’s province of Ta’izz. The injured are to receive treatment in Turkish hospitals.

Turkey is said to be among the main supporters of militant groups in Syria and stands accused of training and arming Takfiri elements and facilitating their passage into the country.

The Turkish government also reportedly supports the Saudi campaign against Yemen, which began in late March 2015 in a bid to restore power to Yemen’s Saudi-backed former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Riyadh’s campaign has claimed the lives of more than 11,400 people, according to figures compiled by the Yemeni non-governmental monitoring group Legal Center for Rights and Development.


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Rape, Jews, and Bollywood*

Rape, Jews, and Bollywood*

By Jonas E. Alexis, Michael Jones

Jonas E. Alexis: I was reading a number of articles the other day on the rape crisis in India and it was quite interesting to observe that no serious journalist has really gotten to the heart of the matter. “One explanation for the ongoing rape problem,” the Daily Beast said last March, “is the skewed sex ratio.”

Other ridiculous and worthless explanations have been propounded by the Guardian and other news outlets. The Washington Post and other organs of the New World Order obviously recognize that there is a problem, but they could never address its fundamental cause because they seem to perceive that providing serious answers would lead readers to disturbing conclusions.

You have done exhaustive research on the Jewish influence on Bollywood, the Indian version of Hollywood. Tell us about the rape crisis in India in minute details and describe how Bollywood itself has facilitated that perennial problem. It seems that these issues go back to Jewish revolutionaries such as Eve Ensler and Wilhelm Reich, the author of the Vagina Monologues and the Sexual Revolution, respectively.

I was surprised to learn that the Vagina Monologues has been performed even at a male prison! This is certainly an epidemic issue which needs to be discussed in a rational and historical fashion because it has moral and intellectual consequences for the entire world. Unpack this complex puzzle for us here.

Michael Jones: The answer to the rape crisis was, in short, feminism and social engineering:

“Speaking at a discussion last week about the media’s reporting on the Delhi rape, social scientist Nivedita Menon said, one of the most gratifying aspects of watching young girls and boys protest the rape was to see that the idea of feminism and equal rights had percolated through every layer of society onto the street. The slogans and placards spoke of an emancipated consciousness that was in the skin, beyond any studied political positions or self-conscious feminism.

“According to Sukalyan Roy, 27, a marketing executive in Delhi, a successful woman was someone ‘who is truly independent, who can live with her family or on her own, take her own decisions, dress as she wants, go where she wants and have as many sexual partners as she chooses.’”

The Muslims for the most part took the traditionalist position and dismissed Indian feminists for their “wishful thinking.” Feminism was an expression of the same western culture that had created the rape epidemic in the first place:

“Indian feminists, like their western counterparts, are insisting that they should be able to go out at any time of the night, wearing anything they want, and should expect not to be harassed by men. Such wishful thinking and a complete lack of appreciation for men’s nature is leading to situations like that of the woman who was brutally gang raped after going to a late night movie with a male friend who was not her husband.”

Eventually word of the rapes reached New York City, and Eve Ensler, the author of The Vagina Monologues, packed her bags and headed east.

“Author and activist Eve Ensler, who organised One Billion Rising, a global campaign to end violence against women and girls, said that the gang rape and murder was a turning point in India and around the world.

“Ensler said that she had travelled to India at the time of the rape and murder and that after having worked every day of my life for the last 15 years on sexual violence, I have never seen anything like that, where sexual violence broke through the consciousness and was on the front page, nine articles in every paper every day, in the center of every discourse, in the center of the college students’ discussions, in the center of any restaurant you went in.

“And I think what’s happened in India, India is really leading the way for the world. It’s really broken through. They are actually fast-tracking laws. They are looking at sexual education. They are looking at the bases of patriarchy and masculinity and how all that leads to [rape].”

The Vagina Monologues was a piece of Reichian agit-prop that promoted Lesbianism, masturbation and child molestation among sexually conservative populations (Ensler admitted targeting the campuses of universities with religious affiliation) in the name of curbing violence against women.

The purpose of The Vagina Monologues, especially as performed on college campuses across the United States, is to break down the natural sexual reserve and modesty of the largely female teenage performers and audience as a prelude to colonization. It was a classic instance of sexual liberation as political control.

At Catholic campuses, the point of this exercise was, in anything, clearer. As Wilhelm Reich, the father of the sexual liberation of the ‘60s made clear, the chief opponent of revolution in general and sexual revolution (a term Reich coined) in particular was the Catholic Church.

As a Communist and Freudian revolutionary in both Vienna and Berlin in the 1930s, Reich quickly learned that it was pointless to debate things like the existence of God with seminarians. Reich, however, also learned that if those same seminarians could be involved in sexual activity, the idea of God simply “evaporated” from their minds.

The point then was to break down Catholic political resistance by changing their sexual behavior, and the first step in changing their sexual behavior involved breaking their sense of modesty, which, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It is ordered to chastity to whose sensitivity it bears witness. It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity.”

The performance of The Vagina Monologues at Notre Dame, in other words, is completely consistent with the strategy of sexual revolution that has devastated both the Catholic Church and this country over the past forty years.

The recent priest sex scandals were a media-orchestrated campaign to marginalize the Church even further. (Recently, a commentator from The Weekly Standard opined on CNN that the Catholic Church had no right to comment on the impending war in Iraq because of the priest sex scandals.)

Those scandals followed on the heels of the heart of the campaign, which involved the sexualization of the culture. The sexualization of the Catholic clergy, something which I have documented in detail in Libidio Dominandi, followed naturally and, in a sense, automatically from the sexualization of the culture, especially since the clergy and institutions like the University of Notre Dame were so eager to assimilate to the newly sexualized America of the ‘60s.

The purpose of The Vagina Monologues is the desensitization of Notre Dame students, in other words, the subversion of their sense modesty as a prelude to the subversion of their morals. The Vagina Monologues is not art; it is not scholarship; it is not even discourse; it is social engineering.

Assuming that a discussion after the fact will somehow ameliorate its offensiveness is deeply delusional. It’s like saying that it’s okay to toss the psychic and moral equivalent of a hand grenade into a crowded classroom as long as there is a panel discussion afterward. Malloy himself said the play was offensive. No discussion is going to change that fact.

The Vagina Monologues is not something that students study; it is something that is done to students to produce behavioral and psychic effects. Its main purpose is to break down their modesty and change their morals. The students were being acted upon (even if by other students) in a way that was calculated to modify their behavior, not clarify their thought. If anything, the play was an attempt to short-circuit the thinking process.  It was a deliberate attempt to subvert reason by shock and arousal of passion.

The Vagina Monologues involves a violation of academic norms because it involves a violation of human norms. It is not meant to facilitate the discovery of the truth; it is a deliberate attempt to thwart that discovery by either the arousal of passion or the creation of the numbed shock which is the most logical outcome of the direct and intentional violation of human decency.

The Vagina Monologues, in other words, is not academic discourse. It is social engineering. It is the orchestration of obscenity for political purposes. As social engineering, it has more in common with the Tuskeegee syphilis experiments than the performance and/or discussion of a play by Shakespeare.

As such, it has no place in any public forum, much less at a university, much less at a Catholic university. It is deliberately obscene, which is to say in the etymological sense, something that should not take place on stage.

By allowing it to appear on stage, Notre Dame is enabling not education but rather the social engineering of its students. It is allowing outside agents to come in and deliberately offend their modesty and subvert their morals. The fact that many Gender Studies students were required to attend this performance only underscores the intrinsically coercive nature of the performance.

The 2003 version which was authorized by Eve Ensler was pretty much the same as the version I had seen at St. Mary’s a few years before. The 13 year old who got molested by a lesbian is now 16, but no note of condemnation has intruded into this pornographic paean to child molestation.

In order to make a stab at being fair to heterosexuals, Ensler has included a monologue which “was based on an interview with a woman who had a good experience with a man.” Lindsey Horvath reads the line with a straight face and seems surprised when it elicits a laugh from the crowd. The laughter over the fact that one woman “had a good experience with a man” highlights by contrast the otherwise unremittingly lesbian atmosphere of the other monologues.

Everything in the monologues is suffused with a homoerotic glow. Whatever is not intended to shock is intended to arouse. That includes the descriptions of child molestation and the brutal descriptions of rape as well.

All heterosexual sex is rape in the Monologues, but rape is portrayed in a way that lesbian sadists would find arousing as well. Since most of those attending were not lesbians, they can honestly say that they did not find these scenes arousing, but that does not change the intention behind them.

Secondly, allowing randy undergraduate males to have their say makes explicit what has always been just beneath the surface in any performance of The Vagina Monologues, namely the fact that the deliberate destruction of modesty is something which is going to make violence against women more likely not less likely.

Mr. Buckley playing the Vagina Avenger declared his willingness to pleasure vaginas wherever possible. Is it too far-fetched to think he or some of the people whose modesty was assaulted by his speech might insist on this at some point? Modesty is the first defense against this sort of exploitation, but modesty was deliberately violated and ridiculed by the people putting on the play.

Which brings us to the real message of the play, something which came out in the monologue “My Short Skirt,” which is about being deliberately sexually provocative and at the same time denying that fact and using it against its victims.

The Vagina Monologues is a perfect mirror of the culture of political control through sexual arousal. The fact that it was performed at Notre Dame means that Notre Dame accepts its role as an agent of the government-sponsored sexualization of American Catholics.

This goes to the heart of Theodore Hesburgh’s deal with the Rockefellers. In exchange for large amounts of money from foundations and the federal government, Hesburgh agreed to turn Notre Dame into an instrument of social engineering for America’s Catholics.

Notre Dame cannot object to a performance of The Vagina Monologues, no matter how crude and blasphemous it becomes, because they have accepted their role as the instrument which is to bring about the sexualization of America’s Catholics.

Notre Dame, in other words, is getting paid by the government to engage in the social engineering of Catholics, and since sexual liberation is the prime form of social engineering, The Vagina Monologues will continue to be performed on campus, no matter how offensive or blasphemous it becomes. To ban the play would call their allegiance to the regime into question.

By arousing the sexual passions of the male students who attend its performance, The Vagina Monologues encourages the rape and violence against women which it purports to prevent.

When I brought up the fact that the play was a deliberate assault on modesty and, therefore, something which made violence against women more likely. Mr. Romano dismissed the possibility out of hand, but the word “modesty” set off a reaction from three students on the other side of the room, who, it turns out, were secret papalist Catholics. They took the modesty ball and dribbled it up and down the court for a while, eliciting positive remarks from some of the other girls in the room but negative comments from Mr. Romano.

At one point one of the undercover Catholics urged the pro-Monologue faction to attend an upcoming lecture by Christopher West and offered to give the other students tracts by the pope on the theology of the body. “The pope is really cool,” he concluded.

The Rape Crisis in India was, in other words, a crisis that this Jewish sexual revolutionary was not going to let go to waste.

Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler

The arrival of Eve Enssler was a sign that the feminists, i.e., the Jewish ladies from New York City, were attempting to take control of the discussion. In an interview in The Forward, Ensler announced that The Vagina Monologues had been performed in “villages in India.”

Ensler was, in other words, now targeting another traditional, sexually conservative culture, promoting sexual deviance as the antidote to sexual violence. Ensler came from a long line of Jewish sexual revolutionaries, most notably Wilhelm Reich, who advocated the promotion of masturbation among women as a way of destroying the cultural hegemony of the Catholic Church over Austria during the 1920s.

When the interviewer asked Ensler if she were Jewish, she responded by saying that her Jewish identity was “a cultural thing.” Ensler then told The Forward that she:

“had a Jewish father, a Jewish family, and I had chicken liver with my aunt every Saturday. I grew up in a tradition where having ideas and contributing to the community and creating art that had an impact on the world mattered. That’s part of the Jewish tradition. The comedy that’s in me is very much part of Jewish theater history. When I look at my own heart as a social activist, there’s the spirit of Emma Goldman and Hannah Arendt and so many others.”

Roughly one week before Jyoti Singh was raped, Ensler was calling for:

“a billion women across the planet who have been raped or beaten to walk out of their houses, schools, and jobs to dance [at a designated time and place]. So far, 172 countries have signed up. So have unions, bishops and stars, and it’s growing.

“Look at our website [] to see the groups that have joined. It would be great if the Jewish community — synagogues and Jewish leaders — could get involved. A lot of churches have signed up. Many Jewish actors have signed on. But we’d like this to be a massive wave. We want everybody with us.”

As Jay Gertzman has pointed out in his book Bootleggers and Smuthounds, there has never been a time when pornography as the vehicle for cultural sexual subversion has not been associated with Jews, certainly not in America where it grew up in the shadow of Hollywood.

The crisis came in the 1920s, when the Jews who controlled Hollywood tried to sexualize American culture by smuggling nudity, ridicule of the clergy, and promotion of homosexuality into their films.

It turns out that India was no exception to this rule. On July 7, 1896, a representative of the Lumiere Brothers in Paris screened the first motion picture in India at Bombay’s Watsons Hotel less than seven months after its original screening in Paris.

Seventeen years later, at around the same time that their co-religionists were getting started in Hollywood, the Jews created Hindi cinema in India. Jewish involvement in the Hindi film industry began with Jewish actresses, who were both lighter skinned than their Hindu and Islamic counterparts and willing to break the taboo banning women from performing on screen.

Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema “reveals how these Jewish stars, working with other Jews in Bollywood, pushed the boundaries of Indian cinema to make Bollywood what it is” today.

In “The Jews Who Built Bollywood,” Zeddy Lawrence claims that the first actresses in the Hindi film industry were Jewish. They succeeded because respectable Indian women would not act on stage and because Jewish women, who often took Muslim names, were willing to “show their flesh.”

Jews predominated in other areas as well:

“It’s not just women though who have made their mark on Bollywood. On March 14, 1931 the first full-length Indian talkie, Alam Ara, opened in Bombay. Its script was written by a playwright from the Parsi Imperial Theatrical Company, called Joseph David.

“The film starred Prithviraj Kapoor, father of the late lamented king of Indian cinema Raj Kapoor. Interestingly, the actor counted a certain Jewish writer Bunny Reuben as one of his closest friends. Bunny is the Barry Norman of Bollywood, an acclaimed film journalist, who has penned the definitive biographies of both Kapoor and Mehboob Khan, one of India’s most influential directors. There were also male stars in front of the camera.

“If you check out the credits for the classic 1964 movie Haqeeqat and the 1965 film The Guide, and you’ll see that one of the leads in both flicks was an actor by the name of Levy Aaron. . . . And so to the present day. As well as Shilpa Shetty, notable personalities on the Bollywood big screen include former MTV Asia presenter and star of Bombay Dreams, Sophiya Haque. The VJ turned actress made her big screen debut seven years ago in the black comedy Snip! and describes herself as “half British-Jewish, half Bangladeshi.”

According to Ha’aretz, the Jews succeeded because they were willing to “push the boundaries of Indian cinema.” That, of course, is precisely what the Jewish filmmakers were doing in America at around the same time.

During the early 1930s in America, the Jewish penchant for moral subversion led to a battle between Catholics and Hollywood Jews over who would control the content of what America watched in its movie theatres.

After Cardinal Dougherty launched a financially crippling boycott of Warner Brothers theatres in Philadelphia and other Catholic bishops threatened to expand it into a nation-wide boycott, the Hollywood Jews capitulated and implemented the production code, which prohibited nudity, obscenity, and ridicule of religion, and would remain in force for the next 31 years.

In India the Jewish penchant for moral subversion ran into the wall of a cultural inertia that measured its existence in millennia. The result was the subversion of the subverters. Indian culture won out because of its sheer inertia in both space and time:

“This sense that every film must address the theme of what it means to be Indian or reflect Indian thinking can be traced to the beginnings of Indian cinema. The early silent films were based on well-known Hindu epic takes from the Mahabharata and the Ramayan. The first cinema audiences loved seeing familiar mythological stories involving gods combating demons brought to life on the screen.

“The new Western invention was perfectly suited to the Indian context of storytelling, which relied on oral tradition. The fact that cinema techniques, such as special effects or low angle shots could enhance the mythical was seen as a great asset in the telling of heroic tales.”

According to Torgovnik, one of the “key ingredients” of the Hindi film is “a sense that the social order and moral order will not be changed,” something that:

“is still apparent both in the way music and drama work together and in the portrayal of stock characters of Indian cinema.  The villain, for example, is still given a curling moustache and a sinister laugh, an instantly recognizable version of the stage demons associated with Ram Leda.”

The early Hindi films were so religious that they often got incorporated into local prayer services: “Early film screens from 1913 onwards took place in tents behind villages and small towns, where after prayers, devotees made their way to see Lord Ram or Lord Krishna come alive on the screen.”

Unlike America, which looked askance on government censorship, Indians, both in the colonial period and the period following independence, had no qualms about imposing strict controls on the Hindi film industry. “After the golden age of the 1950s-60s, the form of popular films started to change. By the 1970s, Hindi films began to combine all genres in a singe movie, with song and dance firmly at the heart of the narrative.”

But the censorship remained: “Bollywood films tend to be spectacular melodramas about love and romance. Kissing scenes are allowed in the movies but explicit eroticism is strictly forbidden by the country’s censorship laws.”

Government censorship buttressed Indian cultural sensibilities. Given the Jewish involvement in the Indian film industry and their penchant for pushing boundaries, it is not surprising that the Indian authorities viewed film as a threat to public morals and the social order both under English colonial rule and in the period following independence.

Mahatma Gandhi felt that films were a foreign technology that promoted vice and felt that it should be treated like other vices like “satta,” i.e., betting, gambling and horseracing. After receiving a questionnaire from the film industry in late 1927, Gandhi responded by saying that he had no views about this “sinful technology.”

“Even if I was so minded,” he continued, “I should be unfit to answer your questionnaire, as I have never been to a cinema. But even to an outsider, the evil it has done and is doing is patent.  The good, if it has done at all, remains to be proved.”

Like his father, Gandhi felt that motion pictures were an “imported vice from the West.” One of the promoters of the Hindi film industry later claimed that Gandhi’s distaste for the cinema derived from the fact that most films dealt “exclusively with sex and love themes.”

The notion that films were a foreign vice continued in the post-colonial period. The film industry could never shake its reputation for moral subversion. Producer G. P. Sippy complained,

“For entertaining people, you should get some reward from the government. What is a movie? It brings a smile on your face. If we make even one face smile, that’s the biggest social service which a person does; instead [the government] will say, ‘Oh you are exposing the bodies.’”

Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi’s successor, shared his skepticism about the moral value of film: “Under the Nehruvian developmentalist paradigm. . . state policies treated and taxed commercial filmmaking as something akin to a vice.” As late as 1989 the Supreme Court of India defended government censorship of films by arguing that:

“A film motivates thought and action and assures a high degree of attention and retention as compared to the printed word. The combination of act and speech, sight and sound, in semi-darkness of the theater, with elimination of distracting ideas will have a strong impact on the minds of the viewers and can affect emotions; therefore, it has as much potential for evil as it has for good and has an equal potential to instill or cultivate violent or good behavior. It cannot be equated with other modes of communication. Censorship by prior restraint is, therefore, not only desirable but necessary.”

The Indian government kept the film industry “in check” long after the Jews broke the production code in Hollywood with the release of The Pawnbroker in 1965. The belief that government censorship was “not only desirable but necessary” changed, however, when the Soviet Union, traditionally one of India’s closest allies, collapsed and the ensuing vacuum was filled with Neoliberal propaganda and IMF loans.

Subhash Ghai argued that the connection was far from fortuitous: “American films have enabled the United States to dominate the world culturally, even leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.” Hollywood was the most effective weapon in the United States’ cultural arsenal. “America became Big Brother because of the entertainment industry.  . . . I would say Michael Jackson and Robert De Niro—they broke Russia.  . .  What is the threat? Bill Clinton? No, movies.”

The global wave of “privatization” which followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 affected the Hindi film industry dramatically and marked the beginning of what we now call Bollywood. Ganti claims that all of the changes which took place in the Indian media landscape in 1992 were

“engendered by the process of economic liberalization. After the advent of satellite television in 1992, dubbed by the press and some commentators as an ‘invasion,’ the mass media became the locus of public debates, controversies, and anxiety around questions of Indian nationhood, cultural sovereignty, authenticity, tradition, and identity.”

The reverse engineering of the Hindi film industry–i.e., creating Bollywod as the Indian version of Hollywood—was a capitalist project from its inception. It was:

“enabled by the neoliberal restructuring of the Indian state and economy—intensified from 1991, after the IMF mandated structural adjustment policies—resulting in a dramatically altered media landscape, marked first by  the entry of satellite television and then by the emergence of the multiplex theater. . . . the Hindi film industry’s metamorphosis into Bollywood would not have been possible without the rise of neoliberal economic ideals in India.”

Capitalism, as we have come to expect, brought about the “creative destruction” of the moral order in both East and West. By the first decade of the 21st Century, thanks to the economic liberalizations that allowed satellite TV and the Internet, India had a tradition of “home-grown porn”:

“In India, it is legal to access pornographic material privately, but illegal to distribute or produce it. Because of this, the production of so-called ‘blue films’ – generally softcore – is not openly discussed. That has not stopped the industry, traditionally based in southern states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala where censorship is more relaxed, from being worth an estimated one billion dollars.

“It is thought that the slang ‘blue film’ originates from the use of blue sets and lighting to conceal the identities of the actors and ensure that they are safeguarded from social stigma. Indeed, public opinion about porn stars is very negative: they tend to be viewed as sex workers rather than actors, a serious slur in a culture which attaches such shame to sexuality.”

In 1992, the year that Capitalism began working its destructive magic on the Hindi film industry, transforming it into Bollywood, Bill Clinton was elected president. George H. W. Bush, Clinton’s immediate predecessor, had vigorously prosecuted obscenity, but all obscenity prosecution stopped under Janet Reno, Clinton’s attorney general.

Pro-pornography Hollywood propaganda films like Boogie Nights and The People vs. Larry Flynt brought about the failure of The Communications Decency Act to stem the spread of pornography to the new media and insured that the Internet would become a conduit for the transmission of pornographic imagery world-wide.

The arrival of satellite TV and the Internet flooded India with sexual imagery, immediately nullifying the government’s decades’-long attempt to preserve the moral order through censorship of the film industry. The arrival of the IMF after the collapse of the Soviet Union “involved . .  . negotiating a transition from an earlier era of decononialization and ‘high nationalism’ and into the newer times of globalization and finance capital.”

Following four decades of Nehruvian socialism, the Indian government liberalized the economy in 1991, relaxing restrictions and controls around various sectors of the economy. This economic liberalization was propelled by the International Monetary Fund, which had granted two loans to the Indian government.

Consequently, state-run projects and government subsidies were replaced in favor of a more Westernized, consumerist-oriented model: Import restrictions and duties were relaxed, significantly for the Indian media, rules governing foreign investment were relaxed. This economic liberalization paved the way for the establishment of a number of Indian and multinational media companies, such as MTV India and Sony Television.

These changes coincided with the spread of satellite technologies that led to the establishment of Zee TV and STAR TV (a division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation), providing Indian television audiences with a wide range of viewing choices.

By the late 1990s, the Hindi film industry was in deep financial trouble, largely because of the highly sexualized competition that satellite TV provided.  In 1996, K.D. Shorey, the General Secretary of the Film Federation of India, claimed that:

“the situation in the film industry is very alarming. While the cost of production is on the increase, the revenue at the box office is dwindling because of the rampant piracy of feature films on the cable and satellite networks.. . .  the entertainment tax which was started by the British as a war-time measure, has increased to such large proportions . . . that it is eating into revenue of films.”


The government responded to this crisis by granting the studios official recognition:

“On May 10, 1998, the former Information & Broadcasting minister, Sushma Swaraj, declared at a national conference on ‘Challenges before Indian Cinema,’ that she would shortly pass a Government Order declaring ‘industry status’ for the film industry in India.

“This was a direct response to perhaps the most intense lobbying the film industry had yet down to achieve what Hollywood, for instance, achieved in the 1930s and what Indian cinema had been denied since its inception.”

After the Hindu nationalist and pro-business Bharatiya Janata Party conferred industry status on the film industry, dramatic changes followed the government’s conversion to neoliberal economics.

The entry of the Indian corporate sector in the 21st century infused previously unheard amounts of capita into the Hindi film industry, making available consistent finance, so that the risk of a film not being completed decreased dramatically, but global capital demands standardization, which meant R-rated movies, which led to the sexualization of Indian culture, which led to rape.

The search for predictable outcomes in the financial realm led to unpredictable outcomes in the social realm. Capitalism led to sexualization, and sexualization led to violence, and although few people see the connection, virtually no one is happy with the outcome.

As in America during the 1950s when Hollywood entered a period of crisis because of competition from television, Bollywood turned to sex as the solution for its financial woes. Economic liberalization went hand in hand with the liberalization of sexual morality. The former could not succeed without the latter. Globalization in economic terms meant globalization in sexual terms as well.

Priyanka Chopra


Indian actresses like Priyanka Chopra felt pressured to “represent globalized images of a liberated female sexuality,” during the filming of Aitraaz, a psychological thriller Chopra found “challenging because I didn’t just play a bad girl, I played a sexually aggressive character.” Chopra found the role difficult because

“this character is the absolute antithesis of what I stand for. Sonia is not a character I empathize with. I will never play a sexually deprive [sic, i.e., depraved] woman again. I do not wish to be typecast as some kind of sex kitten. Right now I’m happy playing the stereotyped Hindi film heroine, because that can be equally challenging.”

After her bad experience in Aitraaz, Chopra publicly declared her determination to no longer, as she put it, “expose.” In a January 2005 interview with the Bombay times, Chopra asserted her new identity as a modest woman: “I hate the ‘sexy/seductress/sizzling’ tags I have.”

In a December 2004 Interview with Filmfare, Chopra intimated that she was being pressured into conforming to what might be called globalist sexual standards of behavior. Sonia, Chopra said referring to the sexually aggressive character she played in Attraaz, was a sexual fantasy that was alien to India, because

“women like her . . . don’t exist in India. . . .  I don’t think such things happen in our country because women are brought up on different values in our culture.”

Chopra concluded her Filmfare interview by vowing: “I will not kiss or expose from now on . . . .”

Sunny Leone


At this point it became necessary to import foreign actresses to “expose.” Sunny Leone, the American porn star, arrived in India in 2011. Leone was born Karenjit Kaur Vohra to Sikh Punjabi parents in Sarnia, Ontario on May 13, 1981. She received her stage name from Robert Guccione, founder and publisher of Penthouse, who named his creation Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003.

Leone then went on to become a porn star for Vivid Entertainment, where she earned the dubious distinction of being named one of the 12 top porn stars of 2010 by Maxim, another one-handed magazine with English roots.

One year later, Leone moved to India, where she became an instant celebrity after appearing on the Indian reality show Bigg Boss. Leone at first refused to divulge her past as a porn star, but when the truth got out, it only enhanced both her own career and, not coincidentally, the legitimacy of pornography by attaching it to the fresh, recognizably Indian face of someone who was also a “businesswoman,” at least according to Wikipedia.

Then things started to go sideways. In the aftermath of the Jyoti Singh rape, members of the Indian Artistes and Actors Forum as well as Lok Sabha, head of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s youth organization, began claiming that porn stars like Leone were responsible for the Indian rape epidemic and began demanding that she be put in jail as punishment.

On April 14, 2012 Leone announced that she had become eligible to become an Overseas Citizen of India because her parents had lived in India. She made the announcement shortly before beginning the filming of Jism 2, a soft-core porn flick with Indian themes.

Then the December 2012 rape of Joyti Singh and the subsequent international uproar that it caused threw a monkey wrench into Sunny’s career plans. Now Indians saw Leone as the epitome of everything that was wrong with India. If Joyti Singh became a martyr to the “culture of impunity,” Leone became its dark patron saint, and the same public that idolized her when she appeared on Bigg Boss was now saying: “She deserves to go to jail if she continues to promote pornography.”

Leone attempted to defend pornography by claiming on the Headlines Today news channel that there was no link between pornography and rape.

“Pornography is not for people who think it’s for real. It’s fantasy and it’s entertainment,” she said.

“It’s complete nonsense to blame rape on adult material out there. Education starts at home. It’s mums and dads sitting with their children and teaching them what is right and wrong.”

Needless to say, the mums and dads were not pleased to hear that they were responsible for the rape epidemic. Then, on February 3, 2013 (at 10:10 AM IST, to be precise), Leone made matters even worse by tweeting

“Rape is not a crime, it is surprise sex.”

Leone later denied ever having made the comment, but the damage was done: “Detractors [were] blam[ing] Leone, star of X-rated hits including Sunny’s Slumber Party, for bringing adult material in India to a wider audience.”

Leone was a protégé of Bob Guccione, publisher of Penthouse. The ‘70s were Penthouse’s golden years. According to Rolling Stone:

“A prime artefact of the glamorously gritty Seventies, Penthouse was the adult magazine that wormed its way into the kinkier recesses of the libidinal subconscious and, arguably, did more to liberate puritan America from its deepest sexual taboos than any magazine before or since.

“And in its moody visual style and muckraking, conspiracy-theory-heavy journalism, Penthouse also happened to be a direct reflection of its complex, unsmiling and mysterious creator. “Bob’s a little an-hedonic,” says Dick Teresi, former editor of Omni, the science magazine that Guccione published from 1978 to 1996. ‘There’s a satanic sense, a darkness — even a Sicilian darkness that reminds me of all my Sicilian relatives. A paranoia. Playboy has fun-loving girls. But with Penthouse — there’s a darkness. Well, that’s Bob.’”

In addition to radiating darkness, Guccione had links to the CIA, through the Castle Bank & Trust of Nassau, a CIA front operation used to launder drug money, which was in turn used to fund black ops throughout the world. Castle Bank & Trust was succeeded by the Nugan Hand Bank, a Cayman Islands bank that was intimately involved in the heroin trade during the 1970s.

Nugan Hand assumed its role as “the CIA’s banker” after Castle Bank & Trust of Nassau was compromised in 1973 by an IRS investigation. In 1973 agents of the Internal Revenue Service were able to photograph the Castle Bank’s customer list while a bank executive dined in a posh Key Biscayne restaurant with a woman described as an IRS “informant.”

Along with the usual suspects, like mafia figures Morris Dalitz, Morris Kleinman and Samuel Tucker, the names of two notable pornographers showed up on the list: Hugh Hefner of Playboy, and Robert Guccione of Penthouse. The CIA set up three banks to launder money.

Castle Bank of Nassau, which handled Hefner’s and Guccione’s accounts, was the first of the three. In “The People vs. Bob Guccione,” A. Nolen claims both Hefner and Guccione were CIA assets. Like the Marquis de Sade, both Hefner and Guccione were aware of “the centuries-old understanding of the political effects of pornography.”

By the 1970s, when both Penthouse and Playboy enjoyed their heyday, the CIA began to make use of pornography as one of the weapons on their arsenal of psychological warfare.

In 2002 the CIA collaborated with Israel’s Shin Beth in broadcasting pornography over Palestinian TV stations in Ramallah during one Israel’s periodic incursions into Palestinian territory.

During the run-up to the 2003 invasion, the CIA contemplated doing a pornographic featuring a double who looked like Saddam Hussein, as a way of de-legitimizing his government.

In the mid-‘50s the CIA actually produced a pornographic film to bring down President Sukharno of Indonesia. But by the 1970s, it had become clear, if for no other reason than the simple division of labour, that the production of pornography could be out-sourced to people like Guccione, whose magazines had become more popular with soldiers in Vietnam than Playboy.

Michael Jones (Ph.D. Temple University) is a former professor and is the author of numerous scholarly studies, including The Angel and the Machine: The Rational Psychology of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Monsters from the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film, Dionysos Rising: The Birth of Cultural Revolution Out of the Spirit of Music, Degenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehavior, Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control, The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing, Ballet Parking: Performing the Nutcracker as a Counter-Revolutionary Act, and most recently Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine.


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Children in Scotland Murdered in Paedophile Snuff Movies*

Children in Scotland Murdered in Paedophile Snuff Movies*

Two leading charities have claimed that children in Scotland have been filmed being murdered by paedophiles in what are known as ‘snuff movies’.

Kilmarnock-based childhood abuse charity Break the Silence and Izzy’s Promise, of Dundee, have claimed that ‘horrific things are happening’ and that they ‘can’t see it ever stopping’.

Kate Short, founder of Break the Silence, told the Scottish Sunday Express: “In the worst cases (people) have been forced to watch the making of snuff movies. It’s the extreme, barbaric type of terror that can lead to serious personal disorder.”

Ms Short said that siblings were made to have sex with each other and that animals were also involved, adding: “This is something that has been going on forever and I can’t see it ever stopping.”

Project co-ordinator for Izzy’s Promise Joseph Lumbasi added: “Eighty per cent of people who contact us are brought up right here in Scotland. Children are born that are never registered. There is pornography, sick films. Horrific things are happening and nobody is getting caught.

“We’ve dealt with people have been involved in gang rape ceremonies, animal slaughters and all sorts of things in secret places.

“People who talk to use are relating us their experiences from when they were maybe just eight, nine or 10 – kids, really.”

The Scotland on Sunday revealed today that a public inquiry into historical child abuse in Scotland was being prepared by the Scottish Government, with ministers looking at creating a high-profile investigation into allegations of abuse carried out at care homes, educational institutions, by religious orders and leading members of the Scottish establishment.

Education secretary Michael Russell is due to address Holyrood on child protection and will cover the issue of historical abuse in Scotland.

Although his statement is not thought to include an official announcement of a public inquiry, the Scotland on Sunday understands that ministers and officials are working behind the scenes to set up an inquiry in the coming months.

Police Scotland have said that it takes all allegations of abuse ‘incredibly seriously’, with a spokesman adding: “If anyone has any concerns they should contact us on 101.” Scotsman

One veteran campaigner said he had even heard of babies being born and never registered, so the innocent youngsters would not be missed when they were eventually killed by secret paedophile networks.

The existence of such terrifying ‘cults’ practising the ritual abuse of children is said to have gone unchecked in Scotland for decades, with those victims who do come forward facing skepticism and outright disbelief.

Although many of the vile incidents are said to have taken place some years ago, experts are sure that an unknown number of ritual abuse rings are still in operation today.

Last night, Police Scotland said they were taking the allegations “incredibly seriously” and would investigate any complaints made to them.

The claims are certain to put the Scottish Government under intense pressure to finally announce a public inquiry into historic child sexual abuse – with Scotland now the only part of the U.K. without such a review.

Education Secretary Michael Russell is due to make a statement to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday in response to growing calls from survivors, charities, lawyers, politicians and human rights groups.

The disturbing claims of ‘snuff films’ and widespread ritual abuse came to light during a lengthy investigation by this newspaper and were made independently of each other by two charities operating in different parts of Scotland.

Break the Silence is an award-winning charity based in Kilmarnock which has helped some 2,800 childhood abuse victims in North and East Ayrshire alone over the past decade, working with the two councils and NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

Founder Kate Short, who sits on the Holyrood committee on adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, said the level of depravity experienced by some of their clients – most of whom are now aged 30 to 55 – was “unbelievable”.

She said: “We hear of ritual abuse, it’s not common but we have had quite a lot of people that have been abused as part of a cult or a paedophile ring. In the worst cases they have been forced to watch the making of snuff movies. It’s the extreme, barbaric type of terror that can lead to serious personal disorder. Often it is siblings who are forced to have sex with one another in front of the paedophiles or on the ceremonial altar. There are animals involved, it is vile. Sadly many of these victims lack the confidence to engage the authorities because they think no-one will believe them. They are controlled by fear. The cults and rituals involve all sorts of people and many are often upstanding members of society or possibly in positions of authority or power. Their victims are so brainwashed they don’t dare to speak against them which makes it near impossible to see any prosecutions let alone convictions. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are contacted almost on a weekly basis. This is something that’s been going on forever and I can’t see it ever stopping. I don’t think the authorities that could stop it really believe the extent of it or even that it does exist.”

Ms Short said survivors often suppressed their memories of such harrowing childhood events and therefore the specific details are vague, meaning they can be written off as suffering from of ‘False Memory Syndrome’ or mental illness.

Education Secretary Michael Russell is due to make a statement to the Scottish Parliament
It’s the extreme, barbaric type of terror that can lead to serious personal disorder

Many abuse survivors also lead chaotic adult lives involving problems with drink, drugs or crime, making them even less likely to be believed.

However, the astonishing claims were supported by another reputable charity, Izzy’s Promise, based in Dundee.

Project co-ordinator Joseph Lumbasi said that while ritual abuse did occur in immigrant communities, the overwhelming majority of cases involved white Scottish perpetrators and victims.

He said: “Actually 80% of those who contact us are born and brought up right here in Scotland. We’ve dealt with people who have been involved in gang rape ceremonies, animal slaughters and all sorts of things in secret places. People who talk to us are relating us their experiences from when they were maybe just eight, nine or ten – kids really. There are stories of girls being forced to conceive and then their babies are aborted for sacrifices. Children are born that are never registered. It is not impossible, they never come up. There is pornography, sick films. Horrific things are happening and nobody is getting caught. But all these incidents are so well orchestrated it is near impossible to find anyone to corroborate with your story or to find evidence. The leaders are very clever and very powerful. The victims are moved from place to place at such rate they lose track of where they are. They may be drugged or controlled by fear. Their recollections of what has taken place, when and where are muddled. But it is happening here, in Scotland, as we speak and must be exposed.”

Mr Lumbasi also said that few victims reported their claims to the police because they lived in such fear of their abusers, even many years later, and also because they were concerned at being named as accomplices.

He added: In most cases, we can’t blame the police for not taking action. If they have no actual evidence such as names, times or places to go with, what can they do?”

Many of the crimes reported to Izzy’s Promise are said to have taken place within families or religious groups, where any attempt to expose the abuse was portrayed as “disloyalty”.

Mr Lumbasi continued: “I recently spoke with a lady from near here who couldn’t stop crying. She had been through it all and said she couldn’t live with the things she’d done. She was telling about everything that had happened to her, drugs, abuse, watching others being abused, sacrifices, animal sacrifices, being raped, being forced to conceive and then abort the child for sacrifice. At one point she says she may have killed a young child because she was forced to strangle the child. She doesn’t know if it is a real memory or a planted one. That’s the sort of power the perpetrators have on their victims.”

There has never been a proven example of a snuff film – where a person is murdered on camera – being made in Britain, although there have been an isolated number of cases where perverts have been caught with such footage made abroad.

Over the years there have been a number of high profile ritual abuse cases in Scotland, including a major police investigation in Ayrshire into an alleged Satanic sex ring involving 70 adults and children.

It began after eight siblings were taken into care in 1990 with a sheriff saying there was evidence of “sinister elements of sadism, ritualism and torture”.

The youngsters were reunited with their parents five years later after the allegations were proved to be unfounded, following a pattern set by similar cases in Orkney, Cleveland and Rochdale where social workers were said to have been over-zealous.

In 2002, a young woman named Laurie Matthew wrote a book called Where Angels Fear which claimed to identify areas across Dundee, Angus and Perthshire where ritual abuse of children was said to have taken place.

Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman, Graeme Pearson MSP, who has been campaigning for the government inquiry into historic abuse, said: “Theresa May has apologised this week to survivors for resignations relating to her Public Inquiry into historical child abuse. Meanwhile the Scottish Government continues duck and weave on the issue, refusing our demands to hold a public inquiry to enable us all to know what is the situation here in Scotland, and how can we protect vulnerable young people in our care today. Survivors have bravely fought for years to be heard and Scottish Labour has supported their calls for an inquiry. The SNP declare they stand for social justice in Scotland – if so why don’t they initiate a public inquiry now into historical child abuse? The buck has been repeatedly passed in Scotland between Mr Macaskill, Mr Russell and Ms Cunningham in the Scottish government. The time for justice is now. It is time someone in government acted in this matter.”

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said they worked continuously with law enforcement, local government and children’s charities to ensure those to prey on children are targeted.

She added they also supported those who had “fallen victim to what is a despicable crime” and continued:

“The Education Secretary will update Parliament on this extensive and wide-reaching work and will also provide an update on the Scottish Government’s recent response to the InterAction process to ensure we properly acknowledge and support the survivors of historic abuse in care institutions. Of course, if anyone has any evidence of abuse, or any other criminal behaviour, they should report this to the police to make appropriate investigations.”

Last night Police Scotland said it took all allegations of abuse “incredibly seriously” and a spokesman added: “If anyone has any concerns they should contact us on 101.”

The Scotland on Sunday revealed today that a public inquiry into historical child abuse in Scotland was being prepared by the Scottish Government, with ministers looking at creating a high-profile investigation into allegations of abuse carried out at care homes, educational institutions, by religious orders and leading members of the Scottish establishment.  EXPRESS

The BBC is controlled through Royal Charter authority by the office of the Lord President of the [Privy] Council, present incumbent Nick Clegg.

Our research suggests that the BBC World Service operates a paedophile snuff-film network, presumably sanctioned by Mr. and Mrs. Clegg, where abducted children are used in rendition, waterboarding and oath-taking rituals to bind assassins to eternal vows of silence and loyalty for fear of exposure of the snuff film content.

“The British Broadcasting Company Ltd. was created by the British General Post Office (GPO) and John Reith applied for a job with the existing company and later became its General Manager. The company was wound-up and in 1927 a new non-commercial entity called the British Broadcasting Corporation established under a Royal Charter became successor in interest .. Unlike the other departments of the BBC, BBC World Service is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, more commonly known as the Foreign Office or the FCO, is the British government department responsible for promoting the interests of the United Kingdom abroad. Upon the formation of the BBC Trust, Peat was one of four Governors (including Richard Tait, Dermot Gleeson and then Chairman Michael Grade) who transitioned to the new governing body of the BBC On 1 November 2008 his term as a Trustee was extended until 31 December 2010. As National Trustee for Scotland, Peat chairs the Audience Council Scotland, an advisory body to the BBC Trust.

The Audience Council purports to represent the views of Scottish licence fee payers. In addition to his role on the BBC Trust, Peat is the Chairman of the BBC Pension Trust Board [invested in snuff film carbon offset trade].

If there is a paedophile snuff film network operated through the BBC World Service, then this Muslim woman below is the key ….

Mehmuda Mian Pritchard has a portfolio of public sector roles, including BBC trustee and non-executive director of the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Note the ISA operates with a double negative and lack of coverage in Scotland; that is one source for the paedophile snuff film network allegedly operated through the BBC’s Mehmuda Mian Pritchard.

“The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) is a non-departmental public body created by the UK Government in response to the inquiry headed by Sir Michael Bichard that was set up in the wake of the Soham Murders. The ISA is the corner-stone of the new Vetting and Barring Scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which will require all those working with vulnerable groups to undergo an enhanced vetting procedure before being allowed to commence any relevant duties. The Bichard Report was published on 22 June 2004 and made 31 recommendations, of which recommendation 19 called for a new registration scheme and stated: “New arrangements should be introduced requiring those who wish to work with children, or vulnerable adults, to be registered. This register – perhaps supported by a card or licence – would confirm that there is no known reason why an individual should not work with these client groups. The new register would be administered by a central body, which would take the decision, subject to published criteria, to approve or refuse registration on the basis of all the information made available to them by the police and other agencies. The responsibility for judging the relevance of police intelligence in deciding a person’s suitability would lie with the central body” .. Of note in this recommendation is the use of the double-negative, “no known reason why an individual should not work with these client groups”.

This to say the ISA from its inception was not designed to clear individuals as “suitable” for work with vulnerable groups but to remove those who pose a known risk.”””The BBC’s investigative report, Mark Daly, then approached us. After requesting that we deal exclusively with the BBC, he assured us, after numerous discussions and examination of documentary evidence, that two programmes had been commissioned, one to be broadcast on Scotland’s BBC TV and the other on BBC Radio Scotland, handled by his colleague, Kathy Long. With Her and Panorama’s team MacDougall, they came to interview Anne and Hollie on 4th June this year at their Shropshire home. They also informed us that their investigations had led to them to other serious cases systematic sexual abuse of minors and adults with learning difficulties in Scotland. On 10th June, Mark Daly phoned to tell us that not only had the team been prevented by a senior BBC figure from making any further investigations into paedophile rings, but also that the team would be sacked if they continued to persist. Despite all attempts, Daly and the others refused to divulge who it was who blocked them and efforts to elicit this information from the Director-General and the head of the BBC Trust have thus far failed to find a response [our guess is, it was the Muslim woman]” SOURCE


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Army Colonel Sobs in Court as he’s Sentenced to 12 years in Child Pornography Case*

Army Colonel Sobs in Court as he’s Sentenced to 12 years in Child Pornography Case*

Disgraced Army Col. Robert Rice, 59, sobbed and apologized Wednesday and was senteced to 12 years in prison for child pornography. He wore his medal-bedecked uniform throughout his trial and had tried to blame his estranged wife for his behavior


A colonel who once headed the U.S. Army’s strategic war gaming division sobbed and apologized Wednesday before being sentenced to 12 years for receipt and distribution of child pornography.

Col. Robert Rice, 59, told a federal judge in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that he was deeply ashamed and acknowledged that the victims of child pornography may never heal.

‘When this began I didn’t see the human beings,’ Rice said.

‘I came to realize that this is not a victimless crime. That each time an image is passed it renews the … emotional damage.’

He said he was ‘so sorry and ashamed for what I did to continue that cycle.’

The sentence was made concurrent with a four-year term he received in October after pleading guilty to three pornography counts during a military court-martial. Those findings and sentence are under review by an Army general.

In the federal case, Rice was convicted by a jury, and Assistant U.S. Attorney James Clancy said his actions during the investigation and trial were calculated.

‘The severity of this kind of crime cannot be overstated,’ Clancy said.

Clancy said that Rice wore his full dress uniform, bedecked in medals, every day of his trial.

Rice also blamed his wife for his own conduct, which Clancy said subjected her ‘to an extended period of humiliation.’ Clancy said they have been involved in a protracted, bitter divorce that is not final.

Rice told U.S. District Judge Christopher Conner that his own actions put his wife in an impossible position.

‘She had the moral courage to do what was right, and I did not,’ Rice said.

His wife turned him in in 2013 after she installed software on his computer before she left town.

They had been married for nearly ten years and she knew he struggled with pornography from early in their marriage.

Rice had a large number of child pornography images on his computer and had knowledge of and experience in trading it


She then discovered the child pornography.

In addition, she found a photo of him naked displaying his pierced penis on a dating website and postings looking for kinky sex from men.

More than 10,000 files of suspected child pornography were found on Rice’s laptop by authorities.

Because of the large number, only 120 images were subjected to detailed analysis and forensically identified as being child pornography

He was arrested in 2013 on 130 counts.

Rice, who has spent 37 years in the military, was most recently assigned to the U.S. Army War College’s Center for Strategic Leadership in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

He said he took ‘full responsibility’ and had brought discredit upon the Army. He apologized to the Army, his family members, his friends and investigators.

Conner said Rice’s criminal activity became known because of software that had been installed on one of his computers.

He said Rice had a large number of images and displayed knowledge of and experience in trading child pornography, actions that occurred over an extended period of time.

Rice’s lawyer argued that Rice’s age puts him at a low risk of re-offending and that he has benefited from counseling.

He was fined $5,100 and will have to spend 10 years under supervision upon release.


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13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins his Case in Vaccine Court*

13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins his Case in Vaccine Court*

A young man was recently awarded compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims Vaccine Court, for injuries he sustained after being administered the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations in 2009.  After five long years of litigation, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Respondent in all vaccine injury cases, conceded that the varicella vaccination did in fact cause RD’s vaccine injury, transverse myelitis, which has left him a tetraplegic.

In November 2014, HHS conceded that the vaccination caused RD’s injuries.  Even with this concession, his case continued for another year in the damages phase, during which time the parties continued to negotiate the amount of damages that RD would receive for his injuries.  Although he was compensated for his suffering and injuries, the monetary award will never compensate for the lifelong effects this young man is suffering from his vaccine injury.

Five Long Years

RD was only 13 when his life changed forever.  At a routine well-child visit in 2009, the doctor informed RD’s parents that he was due to receive the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations.  His parents complied with the doctor’s order and RD received the vaccinations.

RD’s mother explained that, at that time in RD’s state, only one dose of varicella vaccine was required and RD had already received one dose of that vaccine.  This second dose that was administered to RD at this well visit was determined to be the cause of RD’s horrific injuries, and it was not even required for him, which his family didn’t realize until it was too late.

About 14 days later, RD began to experience excruciating pain shooting through his body along with tingling, numbness and paralysis of his limbs. After extensive testing and many invasive procedures, RD was diagnosed with transverse myelitis.

RD’s parents filed a case in Vaccine Court, which took over five years to settle. RD and his family faced arduous heartbreak along the way. In the ruling, a representative from the United States Department of Justice agreed that “a preponderance of the evidence establishes that petitioner’s transverse myelitis was caused-in-fact by the administration of his August 12, 2009 varicella vaccine.”

RD’s lawyer, Patricia Finn, stated that:

“The injuries that RD suffered from this vaccine are severe and lifelong.  Even though he has received a significant award as far as the awards in the Vaccine Court go, no amount of money will ever compensate him for what he has lost.

But RD is an amazing young man who has not let this injury stop him in any way.  He has graduated high school with his class, attends a Tier 1 college, and has great aspirations that I know he will achieve despite the challenges he faces because of his injuries.”

RD’s Immune System Attacked his Spine

Transverse myelitis is a rare, immune-mediated syndrome in which the spinal cord becomes inflamed. At the onset of transverse myelitis, immune cells mistakenly invade the body, specifically attacking the spinal cord, often damaging the protective myelin coating.

The syndrome was extremely rare until the 1920s, when hundreds of cases were diagnosed following administration of rabies and smallpox vaccines. Later research revealed that transverse myelitis is a post-infectious disorder.

According to Mayo Clinic, vaccines are a primary cause of transverse myelitis, and doctors are trained to ask patients who are seeking treatment if they have recently been vaccinated. Hepatitis B vaccines, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccines, and diphtheria-tetanus (Tdap) vaccines have been implicated in causing cases of transverse myelitis.

The onset of symptoms is commonly sudden and severe. Many people who develop transverse myelitis initially notice frightening symptoms, including pain, often in their neck or back, which is what happened to RD.

They may also experience shooting sensations radiating through their arms, legs, and abdomen; abnormal sensations, including numbness, burning, coldness, tingling, tightness of the skin, and over sensitivity to touch and temperature; weakness in arms and legs; stumbling; paralysis; bladder and bowel problems, including incontinence and constipation.

RD experienced many of these symptoms as his immune system attacked his own body.

RD Remembers the Day His Life Changed Forever

With striking confidence and a notable tinge of sadness in his voice, RD gave us his recollection of the last days of his normal life:

The doctor just said that we needed the chicken pox and the hepatitis A vaccine and we just assumed the doctor knew what he was talking about.  My sister received the same vaccines and, thank God, she’s fine.

I got the vaccine on August 12, 2009, and then I was fine for the next two weeks. I complained of a little bit of back pain towards August 29, but we thought it was just muscle soreness from riding my bike.

Then, on August 29, I woke up and I was in excruciating neck pain. I went to go take a shower and I thought I was going to pass out in the shower; how much my neck hurt. 

I went in the kitchen and told my mom and dad that I was in excruciating neck pain. My mom rubbed my neck. I ate a little breakfast and then I threw up and I felt better after that.

After that, about five minutes later, I tried to lift my arm and I felt the electricity in my arm leave and I couldn’t move it up. I instantly had a feeling of terror and it is still the most horrifying feeling I know.

I kept telling myself that maybe it fell asleep and that it was going to wake up. As the day went on, it didn’t. I began to feel more numbness and tingling. I started to fall off the sofa and my dad had to carry me to my room. My parents then rushed me to the hospital.

At the hospital they intubated me. They weren’t sure what I had so they sent me to the local regional hospital. I was transferred to a local trauma unit because they didn’t know what was wrong with me.

I wasn’t aware of this because I was intubated and knocked out, but they gave me an MRI and a spinal tap. The next day, on August 30, I was diagnosed with acute transverse myelitis. I was completely paralyzed from the neck down.

It hit my brain a little bit. It hit the vertebrae C1, C2, C3, C4 and a little bit of C5.”

The Long Journey Begins

RD shared the details of the first traumatic weeks when he learned to live with a devastating vaccine injury.

“So, I don’t remember any of this, but this was told to me by my parents and my family. During the next week, they got in touch with Johns Hopkins Medical Center where there was a specialist. Myelitis is like an autoimmune disorder. My immune system thought my nerves were bad, so it attacked them.

They gave me one treatment called IVIG that confused my immune system and it stopped attacking my spine. They also gave me a chemotherapy treatment.

They also gave me seven treatments called plasmapheresis. Basically, I had a tube in my upper right thigh that was attached to a machine. Every few days, it pulled the old plasma out of my blood and put new plasma in to me. Antibodies are in the plasma, so this was done to remove the antibodies that were attacking my spine.

Since I was numb, I couldn’t feel this; however, I do recall that, for some reason, as I had more treatments whenever the machine was on, I felt a pain where the tubes were.

When they do spinal taps, they also pull out spinal fluid. They had that fluid, so once I was stabilized, the doctors used that to determine what caused the myelitis.

The doctors asked what vaccines I had. The doctor of Columbia Medical Center in New York City found the varicella virus in my spinal fluid.

The first day I got sick, they also did another test, NMO, neuromyelitis optica, to see if my body could produce the antibody naturally that could cause myelitis. The first test came back negative, that my body was not able to produce the antibody.

Over the course of two years, I had two more of those tests, to produce medically sound results. Those tests all came back negative.”

So, then what happened, on September 25, about a month later, I was then transferred to rehabilitation in New York City. I spent six months there in inpatient rehabilitation.”

Contemplating how his life changed so suddenly, unexpectedly, and tragically, RD said:

“It was really terrible. I was lucky and I feel I’m regaining something, but it is a horrible experience to go from a normal life to not being able to use your limbs anymore.

I lost my independence.”

The Debilitating Effects of Transverse Myelitis

Sadly, RD will suffer symptoms of his vaccine injury for the rest of his life. Transverse myelitis is a disease with lifelong effects which can include pain; stiffness; painful muscle spasms; partial or total paralysis of arms, legs, or both; sexual dysfunction; and very commonly, depression and anxiety, due to the stress of living with chronic pain.

According to the Transverse Myelitis Association, a non-profit foundation offering support to individuals with rare, immune-neurological disorders,

“there are very few clinical centers with physicians who specialize in transverse myelitis.”

RD and his family travel four hours twice a year to receive treatment at a facility that specializes in this condition.

A Mother’s Heartbreak

You can imagine the agony any parent would feel as they helplessly watch their healthy, able-bodied child become paralyzed and endure many painful medical procedures. On that fateful day, the lives of RD’s family members changed forever, too.

RD’s mother shared:

“He was a very independent young man, little boy, and teenager, very responsible, and then he had to become dependent on every little thing in his life, totally dependent on his mother and father and his sister for everything.

You make the most of it but it does take everything out of you in life. Even though you move on it’s always lingering in my mind.

It’s very hard to watch because he doesn’t know what he is missing. He hasn’t experienced what normal teenagers do. I know what he is missing, but he doesn’t.

It’s very hard for a parent to watch their child not experience normal things that teenagers experience. We have sheltered his life a lot because he doesn’t experience independence. He doesn’t really enjoy going out with normal people because he can’t just go to the bathroom by himself and he can’t just go to a food establishment and order food.

His summer consists of catching up on therapy. We do take him to the spinal centre for about four hours of therapy a day. Now that he is older, most children are going on to internships and moving on with life, and he is going to catch up on therapy. It’s just a reminder.

I do speak to a lot of the parents whose children have myelitis, many of which are caused by vaccines.

My husband takes vacation time because the spinal centre is four hours from our house. It’s just what you do on your ‘free’ vacation time. We know things could be worse but it’s still hard to watch what we have to watch because you don’t want to see your child suffer.

It does affect the siblings. My daughter has been affected by this. She does want to become a physical therapist. She’s been at the rehabilitation centre for the past seven years when we go.

As a child, you could sweep it under the carpet. She has times when she cries about it. All of her friends’ siblings are doing things, driving or going away to college, and it’s a different lifestyle than for her brother. She tries to not let it consume her but it hurts her.

I wish I could go back and change everything.”

RD’s Life Today

RD reflected on the last seven years of living with a vaccine injury:

“All of the tragedy that initially happened, over all these years, I try to focus on the good things. I like to talk about the positive things. I don’t make it sound as negative as it actually was. I try to live positively now.”

It’s difficult to have a social life outside of school. Right now I commute to college. I don’t live there. I have a lot of friends at school but I don’t do anything outside of class. Now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized what I missed out on.

At night, I have to wear Night Rangers and a hand brace to stretch my legs and my hand. My dad has to come in every night and help me untangle my sheets. The braces get caught in the sheets. I never sleep through the night. I have to inconvenience my dad to help me. He has to get up at six in the morning and he gets home at twelve at night because he has to work overtime.

Whenever we have to leave the house, it has to be planned because we have the wheelchair. Life can’t be spontaneous.”

RD’s Vaccine Court Battle

In the United States, the government has created an under-utilized database, known as the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), to keep track of reactions to vaccinations.

Due to rising litigation against vaccine manufacturers in the 1970s and 1980s, and the large awards the vaccine manufacturers were having to pay to those who were injured by vaccines, many vaccine manufacturers began to leave the vaccine market.  In response to this situation, in 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) was passed.  This legislation shielded the vaccine manufacturers from liability that resulted from administration of a vaccination. One of the intents of this program was to compensate victims of vaccine injury fairly, quickly and efficiently.

This program has awarded approximately $3.4 billion to individuals and families who have suffered vaccine injury and death. These awards are funded by taxes on vaccines.

It should be noted that, after the Vaccine Act was passed in 1986, shielding the vaccine manufacturers from liability, the CDC modified the childhood immunization schedule, greatly increasing the number of vaccines American children receive. In 1983, the CDC recommended 11 doses of 4 vaccines by the time a child was 16.  Today the CDC recommends that a child receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of six. [6, 7]

RD explained his experience with the process of requesting compensation through vaccine court:

“I find that a lot of people don’t know that the government has a program to compensate people with vaccine injuries. Not many people know that and they are shocked and surprised when they find out.

I think that getting more information out about vaccine court is important. The fund is actually funded by taxpayers; $.75 of each vaccine goes into the fund.

Quite honestly, too, the vaccine court is all set up and they really need to do a much better job of properly compensating and treating the people who go through the vaccine compensation process. If they mandate the vaccine, they should really do a better job of treating people fairly. The maximum amount a family is entitled to for pain and suffering is $250,000.

There are many things that are just very backwards, that just don’t make sense, that you can’t believe are actually the law. You can’t fight anything and there is no jury because it is all laid out by a law.”

RD’s experience in vaccine court can only be described as a tragedy.  RD was a teenager going through this process as a Petitioner, hoping for an award that would enable him to have a walker, therapy appointments, and some compensation for the lost wages and pain he would face for the rest of his life. He watched helplessly as his requests were met with constant opposition from the lawyer who was representing HHS.

RD shared:

“The whole process was twisted; at first, the things the opposing lawyer and her team would do were screwed up, but not too bad. For example, there was one thing in the life care plan, that every five years, I would get two new walkers so I could keep one in the house and one in the car. They fought against it the whole way, until we backed down.

She said, ‘If I gave you two walkers, then I would have to give everyone two walkers.’ I didn’t realize having two walkers, that would have been $75 extra every five years, was a luxury.

This instance was head-scratching, but then things got worse, much worse. 

They said in the life care plan that I didn’t need a physical therapist. They said I could use an exercise DVD.

That was just insulting. It was insulting not only to me and my family, but to all physical therapists. There is no shape, way, or form that an exercise DVD will ever be able to replicate the trained eye of a licensed PT. The opposing lawyer later apologized and said no insult was ever intended. 

Toward the end of the case, we began mediation. Before the first meeting, we met with the mediator. We were told by the mediator to take emotion out of the case because they weren’t going to have it in the case. They really don’t care.”

A member of RD’s legal team commented, “In getting his award, the law firm, RD, and his family fought tooth and nail for things that he needs for his medical care.”

RD continued:

“There was one point in the case that the opposing lawyer cried and told me she wished she could give me the moon. She claimed she would give more money for home modifications if we had someone come for a home visit, to evaluate modifications we could make to our home environment.

Once she got the results, she strung us along for four more months and then she disregarded his advice and refused to give more money. It was very upsetting that she wasted our time like this.

But this kept happening. Things like this happened too much. It was very strange.

Toward the end of the case, right after the home mods incident, we had a final mediation. At the mediation, there was a letter that had to deal with lost wages. We discovered that she had been cherry picking numbers from the letter, to support what she believed my lost wages should be.

By using the proper numbers, not the ones she cherry-picked, I was entitled to much more money, but she refused to give me the full amount. She basically took away money for no apparent reason. If we questioned it, she would get angry and even threatened to drag the case along for many more years. 

Maybe the reason she treated me like this was because, at that point, I was nineteen, so maybe she didn’t care. Or maybe she didn’t like that I was intelligent and saw what she was doing to us. It was just unbelievable that she would push so hard against me.

To do this to a young man and his family who have gone through so much struggle and heartache, I believe you truly have to be a very special kind of person. And I’ll leave it at that.”

What RD and his Family Have Learned About Vaccines

RD’s mom gave thought to words she would share with families who are making decisions about whether or not to vaccinate their children:

“There’s a whole population of people who are affected by vaccines. If anybody really wants to know, they should go to a spinal cord injury centre and they would probably be able to find a multitude of people who have been affected by vaccines.

Most of the people, the physical therapists, are wearing masks because the flu vaccine is mandatory and they don’t want to get the flu vaccine. They work with people who are there with injuries because of vaccines.

The doctors, for some reason, if they don’t get the vaccines, they will be discredited.  They know what happens with the vaccines and they don’t want to put their body through that.

It’s a very controversial situation, the vaccines, too. A few years ago they had the measles outbreak. When they show somebody whose child was not vaccinated, they always show some crazy-looking person. 

I was very in tune and agitated with how they represented the people who don’t get vaccines. Patricia Finn was on CNN and she represented herself very well; 99% of the people they show in the news who don’t get vaccinated don’t look credible. They look like they wouldn’t be judged as someone who is making a conscious decision about their child.

I have to stay away when someone is putting something on social media about vaccines. It’s very agitating how people are representing vaccines.”

RD shared his own thoughts about vaccine injuries:

“People fail to realize there is a percentage of people who are suffering from vaccine injuries. Either they don’t believe you can get a vaccine injury, or someone who gets a vaccine injury, and they don’t realize you can actually get vaccine injuries.

I feel that if you present that [the results of three separate, conclusive medical tests] to any fair minded person, they should be able to put two and two together and know that the vaccines caused the myelitis.

I will never get another vaccine and my sister won’t. It’s very scary that they are trying to mandate things, forcing people to take medication or inject things into their bodies.”

RD’s mom stated, with frustration evident in her voice:

“It’s poison. They are telling people what they have to do. It’s like playing Russian roulette. They don’t care.”

RD added, speaking about the benefit of acquiring natural immunity, rather than the temporary ‘protection’ of vaccination, “If you get chicken pox naturally, your body will recognize it for the rest of its life.

He stated:

“People believe that it’s this thing that should never be questioned. It’s very amazing that the opposition to it is just stifled so much. People are called lunatics if they actually question and bring forward the truth.”

RD, speaking with wisdom gained through painful experience, advised parent and teens:

“Never just believe the doctor. Always find out what the side effects are. See if you should be tested if you even need the vaccine. I would say no, but if you are being forced or mandated, see if you can get tested first for antibodies, or don’t get the vaccine at all.”

RD’s mother shared her own advice for families who are deciding whether or not to vaccinate:

“I would definitely want to be tested first for antibodies. I feel that, according to our case, the pain and the injury outweigh [the benefits of] the vaccine.”

RD concluded:

It wasn’t worth the years of suffering and continued suffering is not worth [missing] three days of being itchy with the chicken pox.”

What to Do If Your Child is Vaccine-Injured

Even though health care providers are required by law to report vaccine injuries, it is estimated that only 1-10% of adverse reactions to vaccines are actually reported.

Parents may not know that common reactions to vaccines, including fevers, long bouts of crying, or rashes following vaccination should be reported to their child’s doctor. When a more serious adverse event occurs, parents may be too overwhelmed to make sure a report is filed.

If your child is injured after a vaccine, inform your child’s healthcare provider immediately. If your child’s doctor will not file a report, you can file a claim yourself.  However, it is recommended to retain an attorney who is familiar with this process and the requirements of the program.  The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program pays for legal fees and reasonable costs in pursuit of a vaccine injury claim.

If you would like to learn more about this government program, you may wish to read The Scary Facts Most Parents Don’t Know About Vaccine Injury Compensation.

RD’s attorney, Patricia Finn, known as “the good health lawyer,” is a vaccine injury and exemption attorney based in New York who has represented thousands of families with exemption matters and has been representing vaccine injury victims in Vaccine Court for more than ten years.  She advises individuals and parents,

“If you believe you have been injured by a vaccine, seek medical treatment and call our office to see if you are eligible to file a claim for vaccine injury in the Vaccine Court.”


Doctors often assure parents that vaccines are safe, using phrases like “one in a million” and “rare” to describe adverse reactions. Yet, with sad stories like RD’s, thousands of adverse events reported to VAERS, and the creation of a special court for vaccine injuries, informed parents know those vaccine safety claims are simply not true.

If you have not already done so, please consider the overall safety of vaccinations. A federal program has awarded billions of dollars, through an arduous, emotionally painful process, to people whose family members have suffered injury or death at the legally protected hands of pharmaceutical companies.

If vaccines are so safe, why do we need federal programs to compensate victims, meanwhile protecting the vaccine makers?


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Obama Seizes Area near Bundy Ranch in Massive Last Minute Land Grab*

Obama Seizes Area near Bundy Ranch in Massive Last Minute Land Grab*

By Alex Thomas

With a stroke of the pen President Obama has unilaterally declared vast swaths of land in Utah and Nevada as two new national monuments, thus putting them under control of the federal government.

Startlingly, the area in Nevada includes the site of the infamous Bundy Ranch standoff as well as land very close to the Bundy Ranch itself. With this move Obama has possibly triggered another armed standoff while also heading off any moves set to be made by incoming president Donald Trump.

A “fact sheet” put out by the White House reads:

Today, President Obama will designate two new national monuments, protecting sacred sites, spectacular scenery, and important natural and cultural resources in the desert landscapes of southeastern Utah and southern Nevada. The creation of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah and the Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada follow years of robust public input from tribes, local elected officials, and diverse stakeholders, and draws from legislation introduced in Congress.

In addition to protecting more land and water than any Administration in history, President Obama has taken unprecedented steps to elevate the voices of Native peoples in the management of our natural resources.  Today’s actions build on this important work, and further demonstrate the President’s commitment to protecting sacred sites and our land, water and wildlife for future generations.


Gold Butte petroglyph


Gold Butte National Monument

Located in Clark County, Nevada just northeast of the outskirts of Las Vegas, the Gold Butte National Monument spans nearly 300,000 acres and will protect significant cultural resources, important geological formations, and vital plant and wildlife habitat. The monument will provide critical protections for important Native American historical sites, as well as areas that are currently used for traditional purposes by tribes. Notably, the area includes abundant rock art, archeological artifacts, and rare fossils, including recently discovered dinosaur tracks dating back hundreds of millions of years. In recent years these resources have faced increasing damage from threats such as deliberate destruction and vandalism, and today’s designation will help ensure that these cultural and archaeological treasures are better protected.

The monument will serve as an important connection between already protected lands, including Lake Mead Recreation Area and the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument across the Arizona border, protecting key wildlife corridors for large mammals such as desert bighorn sheep and mountain lions, and vital habitat for the threatened Mojave desert tortoise. Additionally, the monument will protect important historic resources. Structures that detail western ranching heritage can still be found in the Gold Butte area, as well as an early twentieth-century abandoned mining town and sites associated with Spanish explorers from the late eighteenth century.

Today’s action follows decades of local support from tribes, local stakeholders and conservationists, and draws from legislation that was first introduced in 2008.

Right now it is extremely difficult to confirm exactly how much of the land in and around the Bundy Ranch is now a national monument but a map put out by the Las Vegas Review seems to line up directly with the Bundy grazing allotment.

Vocativ is reporting that multiple individuals involved with the original Bundy standoff have already made it clear that they plan to stand up to this latest federal tyranny.

“Members of the self-styled militias that swarmed to the aid of Cliven Bundy outside of Las Vegas in 2014 — and who later joined the rancher’s sons to seize a federal wildlife refuge in rural Oregon — said they were readying for another showdown. Obama’s move on Wednesday to protect 300,000 acres of federal land around Gold Butte, close to the Bundy ranch, comes as two dozen people await trials for their roles in the Nevada and Oregon standoffs, which emboldened right-wing militants across America and became a powerful symbol of anti-government sentiment,” read the report.

“Get your gear ready,” wrote Jon Ritzheimer, one of the men who used handguns and assault rifles to hole up in Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for 41 days last year.

“Obama just designated the Bundy Ranch a national monument.”

Bears Ears, the twin buttes that are the centerpiece of a region that’s sacred to several tribes and is now a national monument. – Courtesy of Tim Peterson


“Others with ties to patriot groups and militia movements online responded with a bit more force. “Locked and loaded ready to go,” wrote Chris Border, a member of the Cliven Bundy’s Army! Facebook group, which boasts more than 2,000 members.

“Tired of this crap and time to do something.”

One has to wonder what exactly are the reasons for this new land grab by President Obama in the last days of his presidency. It’s extremely hard to imagine that it is not at least partially connected to the Bundy’s and the standoffs in both Nevada and Oregon.

More importantly, this area may actually include land that has documented precious metals throughout it as detailed in the video report below.


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Arrests and Protests Continue over DAPL*

Arrests and Protests Continue over DAPL*

The Dakota Access Pipeline may be on hold, but the battles over it are far from over. Diehard protesters continue to clash with local police while an out-of-state city shows its solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux’s opposition to the pipeline.

Following months of protests and fights to prevent construction of the Dakotas Access Pipeline (DAPL) on sacred Native American land and through Lake Oahe, the primary source of drinking water for the Standing Rock Sioux nation in North Dakota, a tenuous peace had been reached between law enforcement and protesters. It did not last long, however, as on Tuesday, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department arrested five protesters for criminal trespass.

In a statement from the department, officers on the scene claim that protesters violated an agreement made between tribal leaders and law enforcement over where protesters were allowed. Per the terms of the agreement, protesters were to stay to the south side of the Cannonball River.

Despite numerous orders by law enforcement to stay on the south side or be arrested, seven protestors crossed the Cannonball River,” the statement from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said.

They claim that protesters walked about 100 yards north after crossing the river, leading to five being arrested for trespassing and other outstanding warrants.

The sheriff’s department also complained of protesters attempting to meddle with barricades set up by law enforcement, including gatherings of protesters who allegedly discussed bringing rifles. The sheriff’s department used the rifle rumors as cause to bring out a Bearcat and SWAT Team when a group of 100 protesters gathered and “tampered with the barricade wire, pulling on it with ropes and attempting to cut it.

While the fight in North Dakota continues, other cities are considering alternative measures to keep the DAPL out of their communities. City leaders in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, put the issue to a vote where they determined that they would officially oppose the pipeline.

While Stevens Point does not have any direct involvement in DAPL or its construction, the city voted on officially opposing the pipeline as a show of solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux. The issue first came to the Stevens Point City Council after Mayor Mike Wiza was approached by a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Brewster Johnson, the student, attended protests at Standing Rock where he “saw some really messed up human rights violence,” he told the Stevens Point City Times.

The symbolic issue was put up to a vote at City Council, but not every member was excited to vote on the matter.

I’m not in favour of doing anything with this; I think it belongs out there in North Dakota and not here,” Council President Mike Phillips told the City Times.

This is the wrong venue to do something like this, even though everyone’s getting a warm, fuzzy feeling that they did something good.

What will be our next resolution be, voting against ISIS?” he added.

Other council members were interested in opposing the pipeline. Councilwoman Mary McComb claimed the vote “so perfectly matches the culture of Stevens Point.” Council member Mary Kneebone echoed the sentiment, telling the Stevens Point Journal:

As a community … with a lot of environmental awareness, with our College of Natural Resources, this is the least we can do.


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Netanyahu Now under two Criminal Investigations*

Netanyahu Now under two Criminal Investigations*

As we reported last night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been close to coming under criminal investigation from police in two different cases. As expected, moments ago the Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit accepted the police’s request to investigate Netanyahu in two different criminal cases

The Times of Israel reports that Netanyahu will be called in for questioning by the police in the coming days.

On Monday, December 26th, Israeli police announced that they had received new and important documents related to a secret inquiry of the Prime Minister’s activities that began over 9 months ago. With the new documents in possession, the police said they were “absolutely convinced” that a criminal investigation would be opened. And as they said, that time has now come.

Benjamin Netanyahu is allegedly facing criminal charges of bribery and aggravated-fraud, according to the police report.

The two cases will be related to allegations that Netanyahu accepted 1 million euros from accused French conman Arnaud Mimran in 2009 and in Netanyahu’s role in a Defense Ministry deal to purchase submarines from a German company that is partly owned by the Iranian government.

A spokesman for Netanyahu defended the Prime Minister and completely dismissing the findings by telling The Times of Israel, “This is absolutely false. There was nothing and there will be nothing.”

The criminal investigation of the Prime Minister comes at a very interesting time. John Kerry today just made his speech, outlining Washington’s support for a two-state solution that brings peace to both Israelis and Palestinians. The United States shocked the world last week when they abstained from vetoing the United Nations resolution that seeks to stop Israeli construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Perhaps the U.S. knew that these criminal investigations of Netanyahu were drawing near and are seeking to distance themselves from the controversial Israeli Prime Minister. Or perhaps the Obama administration is looking to salvage any and everything they can around the issue of peace in the Middle East. Certainly, after the embarrassing defeat in Aleppo, Syria, the current administration has every motivation to end on a positive note before Trump comes into office in late January.

Additionally, Benjamin Netanyahu just told New Zealand’s Foreign Minister that New Zealand’s opposition vote to Israel’s stance is “a declaration of war.”

However, what is most interesting about this latest development is what Trump and Netanyahu’s relationship, as well as the U.S. and Israeli relationship will transform into. Trump and Netanyahu have made it clear that they are friends and support each other’s objectives. If “Bibi” is found guilty of these two crimes then, will Trump continue to support Netanyahu? Will he continue to support Israel? Will Trump be forced to abandon his friendship because of outside pressure from the public that would inevitably arise if Netanyahu is criminally charged?

It will be interesting to see how both Trump and Netanyahu respond to the two new criminal investigations. Will Trump also follow suit in distancing himself from “Bibi” or will he continue to support the Prime Minister, regardless? Times are quickly changing. At minimum, U.S. and Israeli relations are sure to continue to go under massive transformation in the weeks ahead.


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