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Poland Getting Tough on Homeschooling*

Poland Getting Tough on Homeschooling*

Home School Legal Defense Association has stepped up its efforts to stop the Polish government from adopting regulations that would severely burden the country’s growing homeschool movement.

Mike Donnelly, HSLDA’s director of global outreach, has sent a letter to members of the Polish parliament urging them to rethink the legislation submitted by their minister of education.

Among other things, the proposed law would require parents to seek permission to homeschool from local school officials—after having their students undergo a psychological evaluation. Homeschooled students would also be tested annually using a state-approved examination.

“These requirements significantly and unreasonably burden the rights of Polish parents seeking to educate their children at home,” Donnelly wrote.

He also noted that certain international protocols to which Poland is a party acknowledge the right of parents to choose the form of education best suited to their children.

HSLDA’s efforts to block these new educational regulations support those of homeschooling activists in Poland.

Taking Away Choices

Homeschooling leader Mariusz Dzieciątko, who recently spoke with several members of the parliament, said he is especially concerned at how the regulations seem focused on narrowing the options of homeschooling families.

For example, current law permits homeschools to register with any school in Poland, which Dzieciątko said allows parents to seek out administrators who are more familiar with—and more friendly toward—home education. Changing this rule, and adding even more bureaucratic obstacles, would no doubt hamper what is now a vibrant movement of more than 6,000 families.

Donnelly urged legislators to safeguard homeschooling in their country. Though it appears that Polish families would still retain their constitutional right to homeschool, he warned that restricting this liberty would set a dangerous precedent.

“Protecting the right of home education demonstrates a strong commitment to the principles of freedom,” he wrote, “which are to be expected from democratic societies such as Poland.”

Donnelly has also called on others in the global homeschool movement to take action.

“Poland has had relatively reasonable homeschool regulations until now, but these new requirements are a step backward,” he said. “Measures like this embolden those who would unreasonably restrict home education, and should be opposed by all homeschooling families everywhere.”

Leaders from other countries have told HSLDA they are mobilizing their own homeschooling populations on behalf of their Polish friends. They will seek to encourage the Polish parliament to respect and protect the right of parents and children to take part in home education.


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School Girl Reports Being Raped by Teacher to School Cop, So He Raped Her Too*

School Girl Reports Being Raped by Teacher to School Cop, So He Raped Her Too*

When a school police officer learned that a teacher was raping a 14-year-old sophomore, he did it too, the girl says in a civil lawsuit, and now the teacher is in prison and the cop is awaiting trial.

In a federal lawsuit against the Edgewood Independent School District and Memorial High School, Jane Doe says both district employees used “hall passes” to pull her from class to sexually assault and sodomize her on school grounds.

Her chemistry teacher, Marcus Revilla, who impregnated her, pleaded guilty to sex crimes in state and federal courts, including sexual assault of a child and production of child pornography. He was sentenced to 13 years in state prison and a 17-year federal prison term.

Revilla filmed his sexual exploitation of the girl, and sexually assaulted and/or sodomized her “on at least 100 separate and distinct occasions,” according to her Dec. 5 lawsuit.

Former Edgewood ISD police Officer Manuel Hernandez is awaiting trial in Bexar County Court on charges of aggravated sexual assault.

She sued him too, and the school district’s police department.

“From August 2013 to April 2014, a majority of Revilla’s improper conduct with minor plaintiff that included sexual assault, and/or sexual abuse, and/or groping, and/or touching, and/or sodomy, and/or oral sex, and/or sexual intercourse, and/or sexual molestation, and/or pornographic photographic and/or recording of sex acts of or upon minor plaintiff occurred on or within the premises of defendant Edgewood Independent School District, and specifically on or within the premises of defendant Memorial High School,” the complaint states.

The sexual assaults were exposed when Revilla’s car was stolen, and recovered, and San Antonio police found the teen’s school ID and school-issued tablet computer, and starting investigating.

The sex scandal forced the resignations of the Edgewood ISD school board, its superintendent, and the Memorial High School principal, according to the complaint.

Jane Doe says her principal ignored a teacher’s reports of the assaults, and ignored reports from Revilla’s ex-fiancée.

Numerous teachers and administrators knew Revilla was molesting her, but failed to report it, “despite their statuses as mandatory reports of child abuse,” Doe says.

“Sexual harassment and other illegal conduct, including the sale of illicit drugs and firearms, were rampant at Memorial High School and tolerated generally by the staff,” the complaint states.

Memorial High School, in northwest San Antonio, is one of two high schools in Edgewood ISD. The Texas Education Agency rated it as “Met Standard” in 2015, according to publicly available information.

The school district did not reply to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Jane Doe seeks punitive damages for civil rights violations, Title IX discrimination, emotional distress and counseling. She said the assaults have caused her to suffer from nightmares, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

She is represented by Luis Roberto Vera of San Antonio.


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In Aleppo 4 Al-Qaeda Chiefs arrested; 1,000 Terrorists Surrender, and 50,000 Civilians Freed*

In Aleppo 4 Al-Qaeda Chiefs arrested; 1,000 Terrorists Surrender, and 50,000 Civilians Freed*

By Alexander Mercouris

Russian Defence Ministry confirms surrender of over 1,200 Jihadi fighters on Saturday morning; Fars reports 4 Al-Qaeda commanders arrested as they try to flee. Russian military also confirms 50,000 civilians leave formerly Jihadi controlled eastern districts of Aleppo by arrangement with Russian military.

The refugee flood from eastern Aleppo is swelling, with the Russian military reporting that 50,000 people fled eastern Aleppo by arrangement with the Russian military over the course of the last 2 days, with 20,000 leaving this Saturday morning.

In addition it seems that more than 1,000 Jihadis gave up and surrendered to the Syrian military this morning.

Here is what the Russian Defence Ministry has said

“Only in the first half of the day, from eastern districts have escaped more than 20 thousand civilians, and 1,217 militants have laid arms.”

The Russian Defence Ministry has also issued a pointed warning to the Jihadis who have still not surrendered and to their foreign backers.  This includes a stern rebuke of the way Western governments have sought to exploit the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo for propaganda purposes

“We warn terrorists and militants from the so-called moderate opposition, and also address their supervisors. Do not try undertaking whatever provocations or even firing on civilians using the humanitarian corridors for the escape.

We address those, who for the recent several months announced readiness to send over to Aleppo their humanitarian assistance: to representatives of the U.S., Great Britain, France, Canada, the European Union and international organisations. It is time to verify your intentions.

For the time of the humanitarian escape, the Syrian forces have stopped the attack. As the people flee the eastern districts, the Syrian forces will continue the combat operation to push out or kill the militants.”

The latter paragraph refutes theories that the partial reduction in the fighting in eastern Aleppo is connected to diplomatic moves underway this weekend between the U.S. and Russia.

Whilst it is true that Lavrov and Kerry are once more in contact with each other, and whilst it is also true that in what looks like a desperate attempt to gain time Kerry has once again promised to withdraw the Jihadis from Aleppo, my opinion is that Lavrov and the Russians are simply going through the motions of engaging with Kerry, and these diplomatic contacts are now all but irrelevant.

The Russians and the Syrians are not waiting for Kerry.  They are waiting for the civilians to leave before they round up whatever Jihadis are left.

Kerry and the U.S. had a chance as recently as a week ago to save the Jihadis in Aleppo by agreeing terms to pull them out.  They failed to do so because of divisions within the Obama administration and because of opposition from hardline elements within the Jihadis’ ranks.  It is now too late.  Kerry, the U.S., Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda’s regional backers have collectively missed the bus.

The fact that 1,217 Jihadis surrendered this morning moreover confirms that a mass surrender is indeed underway.

Meanwhile Fars reports that the Syrian military arrested four Al-Qaeda commanders this morning who were trying to escape from eastern Aleppo by hiding amongst the escaping civilians.  The fact that Al-Qaeda commanders are resorting to these desperate ploys provides final and conclusive confirmation that the collapse of the Al-Qaeda pocket in eastern Aleppo is underway.

I will now offer my own opinion that the Jihadi pocket will be totally gone by early next week and may not survive the weekend.


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Pipeline Shut Down In North Dakota after Leaking into Little Mississippi River*

Pipeline Shut Down In North Dakota after Leaking into Little Mississippi River*

By Amanda Froelich
This is why water protectors continue to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, despite freezing temperatures and winter storms.

In case you missed it, “water protectors” have been camped out near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, since April in protest of the four-state Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). The pipeline threatens to uproot burial ground, as well as contaminate the Missouri river. It’s because of this that activists have put their lives on the line.

In recent months, protestors of the DAPL have been maced, tased, shot with rubber bullets, beaten with batons, and even hosed down in freezing temperatures with water cannons. Now, even when it’s below 0 degrees F and snowstorms threaten to take lives, protestors – along with thousands of veterans – remain on the plains to prevent Energy Transfer Partners from continuing the pipeline’s construction.

The company might claim that the pipeline is the safest yet, but there is no 100% guarantee it will not burst. This especially rings true now that another pipeline recently leaked just 200 miles west of the DAPL’s build site.

KTVQ News reports that on Thursday, a six-inch line operated by Belle Fourche Pipeline leaked into the river northwest of Belfield in Billings County. By the time it was shut down, oil had traveled about 2.5 miles down the river, according to Spill Investigation Program Manager Bill Suess.

The leak began on a ranch and traveled into U.S. Forest Service Land. Reportedly, “no wildlife has been impacted,” but environmental advocates insist otherwise. Additionally, Seuss told the press that drinking water was not polluted from the spill.

Said Seuss:

“Any time a spill enters waters of the state, we view it as a significant spill and we take it very seriously. Although we don’t believe there were any impacts to the Little Missouri, we still take it very seriously because that is a scenic river.”

As soon as authorities were informed of the accident, cleanup efforts began on Thursday. The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division, as well as the health department, are in charge of clean up.

This news especially hits home for those who have been protesting the development of the DAPL. In 2015, Bridger and Butte pipelines – which is owned by the same company that owns Belle Fourche Pipeline – spilled as much as 50,000 gallons of crude oil into the Yellowstone River near Glendive. Because oil spills adversely affect the environmental, people have been protesting America’s dependence on fossil fuels for years. Only recently, due to the attention gathered for the DAPL, have so more jumped on the bandwagon. Other countries are investing in renewable technologies, activists claim, so when will the U.S. follow suit? Considering President-elect Donald Trump believe climate change is a “hoax” invented by the Chinese, investments in sustainable, green energy won’t likely occur anytime soon.


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Israelis Trafficking in Syrian Children’s Body Organs*

Israelis Trafficking in Syrian Children’s Body Organs*

Supporting Israel’s illegal organ transplant/tourism industry: Syrian children abducted from Idlib trafficked south to that “special state”

By Ian Greenhalgh

The Arabic-language Al-Hadath news website quoted the sources as saying that some specific groups that have trained medics have kidnapped the children, mutilated their body organs and then left their corpses in remote areas or buried them.

According to them, an Israeli officer in Turkey is waiting for the children’s organs to be transferred to the black market for transplantation.

The sources said that the medical teams of these groups have anesthesiologists, surgeons and a number of armed forces who abduct children and transfer them to safe areas for surgery in brand-new and fully equipped ambulances.

Earlier reports, in November, also said that the children who have been rescued from the camps of Abdullah Muhammad al-Muhaysini, a senior al Qaeda-linked cleric and the religious leader of Jeish al-Fatah terrorist group, are now threatened with the danger of trafficking their body organs by the terrorists.

Local sources in Idlib province told al-Akhbar newspaper that during the past two weeks, 15 people have been kidnapped from different districts, most of them children.

Also, social media activists have released tens of messages and warned the Idlib residents of the possibility of abduction of their children and trafficking of their body organs by the terrorist groups, saying that most of the kidnapped children have been transferred to Turkey.

Local sources in several districts of Idlib have reported that over 10 children have been abducted in different parts of the province, including Kafarouma, Jidar Bekalfoun, Atma, Jisr al-Shaqour and al-Fayqa by the militants.

Also, a local source in Sarmada town North of Idlib said that “a number of militants driving a white van abducted a 10-year-old child but they faced the residents’ resistance and were arrested but sources said that they were freed from Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra) prison the same day”.

According to reports, the exacerbation of security situation in Idlib has forced the residents to flee to Hama province in fear of their children’s lives.

According to the report, the ISIL terrorists set up a medical team in Mosul headed by a German physician which exports the body organs to Syria and the Iraqi Kurdistan region for transplantation to its members or selling.

Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations Mohamed Alhakim had made the same revelations last year, saying that the ISIL terrorists are trafficking human organs and executed a dozen doctors for failing to go along with the program.

Alhakim based his claim on the discovery of dozens of bodies left in shallow mass graves near the city of Mosul, currently an ISIL terrorists stronghold. Surgical incisions, along with missing kidneys and other body parts lead to an inescapable conclusion.

“We have bodies. Come and examine them. It is clear they are missing certain parts,” Alhakim revealed. He further described the carnage:

“When we discover mass graves, we look at the bodies. Some of those bodies are killed by bullets, some of them by knives. But when you find pieces of the back is missing and the kidneys is missing, you will wonder what it is.”


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