Israel Arms Azerbaijan vassal to take on Iran*

Israel Arms Azerbaijan vassal to take on Iran*

By Ian Greenhalgh

Aliyev, who has ruled in Azerbaijan since 2003, revealed the scope of the weapons deals during the press conference. Netanyahu did not address the security cooperation between the two countries.

[Editor’s note: Last month, the Russians moved Iskander ballistic missile systems with the range to strike anywhere in Turkey or Israel into Armenia, Azerbaijan’s Caucasus neighbour.

Therefore, one has to look at the aspect of this deal that will supply missile defence systems to Azerbaijan as partly a reaction to the Russian missile deployment. Furthermore, missile defence systems placed in Azerbaijan would be ideally sited to counter Iran’s ballistic missile forces, thus creating a defacto first line of defence for Israel against Iranian missiles.

Armenia and Azerbaijan are long-standing enemies and have been engaged in a low intensity conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh for years. Armenia is very close to Russia, both socially and politically, not least because it is a Christian country, the birthplace of the Orthodox Church, which makes it of special importance to Orthodox Christian Russia. It is also in a key strategic position between Russia and Turkey.

Azerbaijan is very close to Turkey, not least because ethnically, the Azerbaijani people are Turkic; it can be argued that Azerbaijan is a vassal of Turkey, so close are they aligned politically. Azerbaijan would be a key ally to Turkey should there be a conflict between Russia and Turkey, therefore we must view the Israeli deal to supply the latest arms to Azerbaijan as Israel arming one of it’s closest allies.

Make no mistake, Israel and Turkey are very closely aligned politically and militarily, partners in the Islamic State fraud and regardless of the current Russia-Israel co-operation that ‘elected’ Donald Trump, should Russia and Turkey find themselves in conflict, Israel would back Turkey to the hilt.

Israeli drone base in Azerbaijan. The radio mast for drone control is at the top centre of the photo


Then there is the situation regarding Iran; Trump is almost certainly going to scrap the Iran nuke deal that is one of the key objectives for his regime, as set by his Israeli masters. Furthermore, Trump is likely to at least attempt to start a war with Iran, again at the behest of Netanyahu and the Zionist Likud that rules Israel. Should there be a war with Iran, Azerbaijan, which borders northern Iran, will become one of the key fronts. We have known for years that Israel has drone bases in Azerbaijan that it uses to spy on Iran, as Gordon reported over two years ago.

“Illegal Israeli drone operations over Iran are part of a regional destabilization, coordinated through Israel, Georgia and Turkey, an “Axis” that not only has put dangerous intelligence operations illegally on Iran’s northern border but is also working directly with ISIS, channeling Takfiri extremists into Syria and Iraq, providing trained advisors and delivering “platform based” intelligence as well.

The wreckage of an Israeli reconnaissance drone shot down over Iranian skies while on a mission to spy on Natanz nuclear facility in the central Iranian province of Isfahan


Therefore, this huge 5 billion dollar arms deal between Israel and Azerbaijan is clearly hugely significant and is clearly preparatory to a planned war with Iran, perhaps involving Russia too. The timing, coming just after Israel managed to get their man Trump ‘elected’ is also significant; Trump’s ‘election’ was step 1 on the road to the Zionist’s long-planned war against Iran, arming Azerbaijan is perhaps step 2; subsequent steps will see Trump scrap the U.S.-Iran nuke deal and deploy U.S. forces to the Middle East.

Now do you see why we so vehemently opposed the Trump campaign? A U.S.-Turkey-Israel war against Iran has the potential to lead directly to a far wider conflict, one that is very likely to turn into WW3 and become thermonuclear. Everything we have seen in recent months has been leading towards this long-term Zionist goal to destroy Iran, the last remaining Middle Eastern power capable of opposing their agenda to destroy the Arab nations and divide the region into Israeli, Turkish and Saudi Wahhabist spheres of influence.  Ian]


Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu paid an official visit to Azerbaijan on December 13 to advance diplomatic relations, discuss regional issues as well as diplomatic, security and economic matters.

The visit caught huge international attention as being the second in turn high level trip of Mr. Netanyahu to Azerbaijan in the capacity of Israeli prime minister. Netanyahu first visited Baku to meet with the then President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev about 20 years ago — in 1997.

During the visit, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev said Tuesday that his country has signed $5 billion worth of long-term contracts over the years to buy weapons and security equipment from Israel.

Aliyev was speaking during a state visit to Baku by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the purpose of which, in part, is to help Israel sell arms, reportedly missile-defense systems.

Netanyahu and Aliyev signed four economic cooperation agreements in the fields of agriculture, prevention of double taxation and mutual quality standards during a two-hour meeting attended by security and defense advisers from both nations. Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) also was in attendance to discuss cooperation between the two countries and sign the agreements.

“We’re very satisfied with the level of this cooperation,” Aliyev said during a joint press conference with Netanyahu following the meeting.

Azerbaijan, which has become a state-leader of the Transcaucasian region, is making great strides in its development, turning the current bilateral relations between the two countries into a two-way street.

Azerbaijan is one of the few Muslim countries, which has deep political, diplomatic and economic ties with Israel. In this context, Azerbaijan plays a special role for Israel.

During a short visit the Prime Minister met with President Ilham Aliyev. The last meeting between the two leaders was held in January 2015 on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.


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