Officials Investigate Election Fraud after New Recount in Michigan*

Officials Investigate Election Fraud after New Recount in Michigan*


New records show Detroit poll books went missing for days and were delivered unsealed, leaving them vulnerable to tampering.

Officials in Michigan are now reporting the discovery of more voting irregularities in the Michigan recount efforts revealing that 95 poll books were missing for days and 5 more were simply never.

Records from the Board of Elections also show 101 of the poll books were delivered without a seal on them and an additional 17 poll books were missing seal numbers from the ballot boxes.

The missing seals are violations of state election laws and raise the possibility that the poll books may have been tampered with before being delivered.

During the recount machine counts were compared to poll book counts to verify the two counts were the same which led to the discovery of precincts across the state which were originally certified by officials even though they knew that machine counts didn’t match the number of voters logged in the poll books.

Last week Detroit officials were forced to disqualify over half of the votes in Detroit from being recounted because machine counts from scanners did not match the number of actual ballots or the number of voters logged in poll books as having voted.

In two-thirds of the disqualified precincts voting machines counted more votes than people that actually voted which led to officials launching an audit to determine if the miscounts were due to fraud.

In Wisconsin, election observers are reporting similar problems with machine counts not matching votes in the toll book and votes being misread by scanning machines but officials there chose to sweep the problems under the rug.


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