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Federal Government Works with Pharmaceutical Companies to Prevent Natural Cures*

Federal Government Works with Pharmaceutical Companies to Prevent Natural Cures*

By Paul Fassa

In the United States today, the federal government controls which substances can be used to treat diseases, and which ones cannot. In general, only pharmaceutical drugs which can be patented are allowed.

In many cases, either the FDA decides certain health claims about natural substances are invalid and bans it, or the DEA claims certain plants, such as cannabis, are illegal, jeopardizing both use and research.

The FDA’s best and most high paying customers are in the pharmaceutical business, which pays the FDA over $2 million per licensing fee to accept its own testing proving efficacy and safety. The FDA only reviews the pharmaceutical industry’s testing.

But several independent researchers have determined most pharmaceutical tests are at best not quite right and sometimes totally fraudulent. In other words, the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry, not its customers.

The DEA declares natural substances such as hemp plants completely illegal for any use and punishable with imprisonment while putting highly dangerous opioid painkillers in the hands of M.D.s, who write prescriptions to enrich the pharmaceutical companies.

These painkillers are mostly derived from opium. But those who use opiate based heroine can be arrested as junkies committing criminal acts using illegal drugs even if there are no victims outside their own addictions. Those who sell it are arrested for trafficking illicit drugs.

Ironically, cannabis has been proving very effective at getting people addicted to opiates or opioids “clean” with minimal withdrawal pain and suffering. Despite the move with half our states recognizing medical marijuana as valid, the DEA holds its line on declaring it a Schedule 1 “controlled substance” that has no medical merit and is dangerous and addictive.

Federal Government Attack on Homeopathy

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that homeopathic over the counter (OTC) remedy producers will be required to undergo the same trials and testing to prove efficacy as pharmaceutical companies do, albeit often fraudulently, despite homeopathy’s long history of safety and efficacy since the mid-19th century. It’s strongly suspected that the FDA is behind this. (Source)

Meanwhile, the OTC pain killer Tylenol and all other OTC remedies containing the same active ingredient, acetaminophen, have sent thousands to the E.R. with toxic livers every year. Infants suffering high fevers with adverse vaccine reactions are prescribed Tylenol and often wind up dead because their livers are blocked from removing the vaccine toxins. (Source)

This FDA approval process is very expensive and not within reach of most homeopathic producers. So it is probable that they will not be able to label their products as useful for any ailments in the future. Hopefully homeopathic practitioners will be able to continue.

The homeopaths may have to challenge the FTC and FDA the way the chiropractic field did against the AMA by filing a class action antitrust suit in 1976. It took 11 years to get the resulting favorable legal announcement in 1987. Federal Judge Getzendanner ruled the function of the AMA’s Committee on Quackery formed in 1962 was to destroy the chiropractic profession. (Source)

Factually, homeopathy was around before John D. Rockefeller established allopathic medicine (modern western medicine) to monopolize medical schools for using petrochemical based synthetic drugs as medicine.

Reportedly, the Rockefeller family used homeopathic and herbal medicines for themselves as they quashed herbal and homeopathic education almost completely out of existence by funding only allopathic medical education, allowing only their graduates to practice medicine.

Their medicines would be supplied by petroleum based synthetic pharmaceuticals made available from the Rockefeller’s financial alliance with the German based pharmaceutical giant IG Farben, now Bayer.

DEA now Considers Non-psycho Active CBD Oils Illegal

The FDA – DEA collusion allows relatively safe and medicinally effective natural remedies’ active ingredients to be exploited chemically with synthetic analogues that are patented for high profits while effectively prohibiting and banning safer and less expensive natural healing modalities.

After some states that don’t even allow medical marijuana have opened the doors for CBD (cannabidiol) use for severely epileptic children, the DEA has doubled down on CBD, declaring it illegal. CBD is a major component of the cannabis plant that contains perhaps 80 cannabinoids.

The other major component is THC. CBD products with under 0.3 percent THC has been considered legal, until now. It’s important to realize that CBD has been highly successful treating children with severe chronic life threatening seizures. That’s why even states prohibiting THC cannabis for any reason have allowed it.

Now the DEA has placed a ruling in the Federal Registrar, stating, “… an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis … will continue to be treated as Schedule I controlled substances.”

When questioned about whether this included CBD with no trace of THC, DEA‘s Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenburg responded, “…if it were possible to produce from the cannabis plant an extract that contained only CBD and no other cannabinoids, such an extract would fall within the new drug code.” (Source)

In other words, pure CBD is now technically illegal, potentially depriving many children relief from serious chronic epilepsy. (Source)

But not to fear, the FDA has accepted plans from Britain based GW Pharmaceuticals for testing its versions of CBD. GW is getting close to final approval from the FDA, which can then collect its $2 million plus marketing license from GW Pharmaceuticals. (Source)

Upon final approval, this pharmaceutical synthetic version of CBD will not be a DEA Schedule 1 illegal drug because it’s not from the plant. The plant is illegal. Concocted laboratory versions are sanctioned as medicine. (Source)

These two federal agencies, DEA and FDA, do work well together against the public’s health interests while protecting Big Pharma, don’t they?

Real Cannabis vs. Synthetic Versions

An excellent example of how synthetic cannabis products are hazardous is with the product called Spice or K2 or Kush. Chemists had devised ways to create these synthetic THC items by creating molecular structures that wouldn’t be identified as marijuana.

The cannabis plant’s biochemistry is more complex and delicately balanced than synthetic versions with at least 80 different cannabinoids and various other “entourage” plant compounds that determine healthful outcomes in different ways. Isolating only active ingredients bolstered synthetically doesn’t work as well and is potentially more harmful.

But synthetic marijuana was a boon for college and NFL football players or anyone who gets drug tested. Hockey players loved it because it made them more aggressive and impervious to pain. Recreationally, athletes could “get high” and relieve pain without getting nabbed for drug violations. But the results of getting high with synthetic pot were unpredictable and mixed.

The K2 users’ behavior was rash, wild, and erratic, based on hallucinations and delusions. Folks getting high on real weed usually don’t act that way. Now the NFL has clamped down on synthetic marijuana products. College athletes have undergone disciplinary actions more for their insane behavior while under the influence of Spice or K2 than merely its use.

And there were unpredictable unhealthy physiological events such as tachycardia, agitation and irritability, drowsiness, hypertension, nausea, confusion, dizziness, vertigo and chest pain as well as potentially acute kidney injury.

An interesting study covered by Sayer Ji of involved researching vehicular moving violations by young people, with one group under the influence of real weed and the other under the influence of synthetic THC.

The study concluded: “Drivers under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids were more frequently impaired with confusion, disorientation, and incoherent, slurred speech than drivers under the influence of marijuana in this population evaluated by DREs [drug recognition experts].” (Source)

Sayer Ji explains:

“In the study, motor vehicle crashes occurred in 31% (5/16) of the cases involving synthetic cannabis users and in only 4% (1/25) of the cases involving marijuana users. (…) This is also reflected in the fact that disorientation and confusion occurred, respectively, in 31% and 44% of drivers under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids, but did not occur in any of the drivers under the influence of marijuana. (Source)

Conclusion: Pharmaceutical Profits Trump Patient Rights

Attempts to simulate natural healing compounds synthetically by pharmaceutical companies create huge profits without healing and with adverse health effects, some serious. Depriving children in need of CBD while installing a pharmaceutical version is criminal. The pharmaceutical replacements will add more expense to families with children who suffer seizures with the potential for adverse side effects that are not experienced with real CBD extracted from the cannabis plants.


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Brazil’s Coup Government Moves to Scrap Environmental Regulations*

Brazil’s Coup Government Moves to Scrap Environmental Regulations*

Yanomami Indians in an illegal gold mine in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Roraima state, Brazil | Photo: Reuters


If approved, the changes are expected to have devastating consequences for Brazil’s Indigenous people and efforts to mitigate climate change.

The Brazilian government is attempting to scrap two important environmental regulations which environmental and Indigenous activists say will have a disastrous effect on efforts to fight climate change and put Indigenous communities in danger.

The first proposal, backed by a number of figures in Michel Temer’s coup-imposed government, sees that environmental licenses on Indigenous reserves that are now issued by the federal government will be handed over to states and even private companies.

Heavy polluting industries such as farming and forestry would then be exempt from current licensing laws. States would be authorized to choose the terms of the licensing agreements for companies operating under their jurisdiction.

More than 250 representatives including NGOs and individuals signed an open letter opposing the change, arguing that there has been a lack of consultation and the proposal would only increase environmental destruction.

Mauricio Guetta, a lawyer for Socio-Environmental Institute, told The Guardian that the changes are “the most worrying regressions of our recent history,” and would make it near impossible for Brazil to make its climate change target from Paris COP21, which includes ending illegal deforestation by 2030 and significantly cutting greenhouse emissions.

The proposal, which has already been stalled for years has been causing political division. Mauro Pereira, a congressman from Temer’s party pushing for the change, says that the laws need to be overhauled to promote business.

Others from the government environmental bodies have warned that the change would create an “environmental civil war” as states would compete against one another to offer the weakest restrictions. Opposition politicians say that Temer’s government is bowing to the interests of the “Ruralistas,” a block of pro-agribusiness who advocate the change.

The second planned change includes a draft of a government decree that would affect Indigenous reserves within Brazil. Under PEC 215, new reserves would only be permitted if Indigenous groups had occupied the areas in 1988 when the country’s constitution was signed.

Indigenous people who had previously been expelled from areas would not be eligible and activists say it would open up these lands to corporate exploitation, and threaten the very survival of Indigenous groups as well as squandering any chance for traditional owners to have their land returned.

“This is a clear violation of Brazilian and international law, which could result in the destruction of whole peoples,” said Indigenous activist group Survival International.

The proposal comes on the back of data that shows that 2016 has devastated the Amazon rainforest, where deforestation increased by 29% from 2015 levels.


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Aleppo Citizens Celebrate Liberation of City*

Aleppo Citizens Celebrate Liberation of City*

Residents of Aleppo have celebrated the liberation of the city from militants and the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

In the evening on December 20, the Syrian city of Aleppo remained in an atmosphere of celebration of the victory over Islamists. Thousands of people gathered on the streets of the city and at the university in order to mark the liberation and the beginning of the Christmas holidays. Christians and Muslims, gathered together, turned on lights on a Christmas tree, a brass band played, people chanted slogans, sang and danced.

Meanwhile, the situation in the areas, which until recently were under the control of Islamists, remains ambiguous. The most part of media reported about evacuation of the last group of militants from Aleppo on December 19, but the declared number of evacuated people shows that militants still can be in the city. There is a bit amount of them, but they can be there.

Information about this almost does not get in media. However, on December 20, the Syrian SANA state news agency reported, citing some own sources, that the evacuation of the last group of terrorists and their families is delayed due to disagreements between militant groups. The fact that on December 20, several shots were fired on al-Kallyasa district, located in the heart of Aleppo, is another indirect confirmation of the presence of Islamists somewhere in al-Ansari Mashhad district.



In any case, radical Islamists certainly remain in Aleppo. During the start of the celebration, a bomb exploded nearby. There was nobody next to the scene of the explosion, so nobody was hurt. But the fact of the explosion shows that terrorists will continue to try to destabilize the situation in the city again. Syrian police and intelligence services still will have a lot of work here.

Militants in the south-western outskirts of Aleppo also do not ‘sit quietly’. In the morning and afternoon on December 20, Islamists from the vicinity of Al-Rashidin district several times opened fire on positions of the government forces, stationed in the area of the 1070 Apartment Project, the Al-Hikma School, and even Al-Sukkari district, recaptured just the day before.






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NY Cop-Turned Coke Dealer with 4 Bodies Buried in his Yard*

NY Cop-Turned Coke Dealer with 4 Bodies Buried in his Yard*

By Matt Agorist

In a case that sounds like the makings of a Hollywood film, a retired crooked cop has been arrested after authorities discovered the bodies of four missing men on buried on his property.

Nick Tartaglione, of Otisville, recently retired from the Briarcliff Manor police department and now stands accused of murdering four men at a bar in Chester, New York, called the Likquid Lounge, according to court documents.

Nicholas Tartaglione

Tartaglione was arrested Monday on murder charges and for his role in a massive cocaine trade, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara said in a press release.

“While all murders tear at the fabric of our communities, when the alleged perpetrator of a gangland-style, quadruple homicide is a former police officer, that strikes at the heart of civilized society,” Bharara said in a statement.

“As alleged, Nicholas Tartaglione, a former Briarcliff Manor police officer, participated in the senseless murder of four people in a bar in Chester, New York.

“These four men had not been seen or heard from since the day of their alleged murder. We hope that today’s arrest brings some measure of comfort to the victims’ families and loved ones,” Bharara said.

According to authorities, two of the murdered men were involved in the cocaine deal that went south while the other two men happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Martin Luna, Urbano Santiago, Miguel Luna and Hector Gutierrez, who were last seen in Chester, New York, were reported missing in April. Their whereabouts have now been sadly confirmed.

Tartaglione’s history as a cop is less than stellar as he’s been fired, sued, accused of beating journalists, and was an obvious candidate for suspected steroid use.

In 1999, Tartaglione was arrested on perjury charges after being accused lying about a drunk driving arrest he made. However, because of his blue privilege status, in 2003, he was given his job back, plus back pay.

Tartaglione was also involved in the harassment and assault of a local cable TV host, Clay Tiffany. According to court documents, Tiffany was paid $1 million from Briarcliff Manor to settle his lawsuit for being beaten by Tartaglione.

In spite of his horrendous record as a cop, Tartaglione was allowed to retire amid controversy and is receiving a tax-free $64,000 annual pension for the rest of his life.


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MOSSAD Chief Joins Trump Transition Team*

MOSSAD Chief Joins Trump Transition Team*

First time a foreign spy (hostile to the U.S.?) has been welcomed into presidential inner circle

MOSSAD chief Yossi Cohen


The director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, has secretly met with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, according to reports.

The meeting took place during Cohen’s clandestine visit to the U.S., where he was accompanied by a delegation of the Tel Aviv regime’s security officials, Israeli media reported Sunday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly put together the delegation, which was headed by Yaakov Nagel, head of the Israeli National Security Council.

Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., was also present at the meetings, where the two sides discussed a range of issues including the Iran nuclear deal, the ongoing conflict in Syria, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Trump’s team was also briefed by the Israeli side on an upcoming regional conference in Egypt as well as a U.N. initiative put forth by Palestine and New Zealand.

Officials from the Israeli regime have also asked the Republican president-elect to oppose a Palestinian initiative submitted to the U.N. Security Council, which would be critical of Israel’s illegal settlement activity.

Trump has already spoken in favour of the Israeli settlements since his election on November 8. It was revealed on Sunday that he has even donated $10,000 to one of the illegal projects in 2003.

The administration of outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama has indicated that Washington would not veto a resolution in this regard under certain conditions.

The proposal is expected to be introduced at the UNSC before Trump’s inauguration on January 20. Pro-Israeli politicians inside the U.S. have advised Obama against taking any last-minute actions to undermine Israel.

The news of the high-profile meeting surfaced days after Trump nominated David Friedman, a hardline Zionist, as U.S. ambassador to Israel.

The strategic choice would likely pave the way toward a controversial decision to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s top aide, has emphasized that the move is a high priority objective of the New York businessman’s administration.

The Trump administration is expected to be profoundly negative for Palestinian aspirations while buoying Israel’s confidence.


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