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More People Suffer from Cardiotoxicity and Heart Damage after Chemotherapy*

More People Suffer from Cardiotoxicity and Heart Damage after Chemotherapy*

The evidence against the use of chemotherapy continues to mount, especially if you’re diabetic. Heart damage caused by chemotherapy is worse in cancer patients with metabolic diseases, according to a study presented EuroEcho-Imaging 2016.

The overall contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults is well below 3 percent. Oncologists are now being advised that the toxic treatment has dire consequences for those with metabolic diseases such as diabetes and insulin resistance.

Heart damage is most often related to the total (cumulative) dose of chemotherapy drug given.

“We’ve always known chemotherapy is damaging to the heart but the level of damage to those with metabolic disease is extensive and the risks may outweigh the benefits,” stated oncologist Dr. Maven Rowland commenting on the study.

Cardiac damage can occur even with lower doses of drugs if the person has had previous radiation and specific types of drug therapy. “Whether it be in the E.U., U.S, Russia, Canada, India, Australia among other countries, the treatment is still not advanced enough to spare cardiac muscle cells from damage,” concluded Dr. Rowland.

“Cardiotoxicity induced by chemotherapy with anthracyclines is being increasingly reported, mainly because a smaller proportion of patients now die from cancer,” said lead author Dr Ana Catarina Gomes, a cardiologist in training at the Hospital Garcia de Orta in Almada, Portugal. “In the coming years this cardiotoxicity looks set to increase the burden of heart failure in cancer survivors.”

She continued: “The good news is that cardiotoxicity can be reversible in the early stages before overt heart failure develops. Surveillance programmes are hugely beneficial, particularly in the first year of treatment when up to 80% of the systolic dysfunction develops.”

Hospital Garcia de Orta has a surveillance programme, run by Cardiology, Oncology and Haematology, to monitor cancer patients who receive anthracycline-based chemotherapy. Clinical and echocardiographic evaluation is conducted before, during and after chemotherapy, regardless of whether or not the patient has symptoms. The aim is to detect cardiotoxicity early so that heart failure can be prevented.

In her research Dr Gomes investigates factors that could affect the likelihood of patients having heart damage after treatment with anthracyclines. The current study assessed the impact of cardiovascular risk factors and type of cancer on the development of cardiotoxicity to help identify patients at greater risk.

The study included all 83 patients in the surveillance programme, of whom 54 had breast cancer, 20 had lymphoma, and nine had gastric cancer. For each patient, data was collected on demographics, cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidaemia, smoking), previous cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular diseases, and type and cumulative dose of anthracyclines.

Echocardiographic evaluation included heart chamber dimensions, systolic and diastolic function, ejection fraction and global longitudinal strain. Measurements were performed before chemotherapy was started, during treatment, and after the end of chemotherapy.

The researchers tested the impact of each risk factor on changes in echocardiographic data from baseline to follow-up. Echocardiographic data were compared between patients with different types of cancer.

A total of 39 patients were treated with doxorubicin and 44 received epirubicin. Cumulative doses were within recommended ranges. Patients were 52 years old on average (range 39 to 65 years) and 78% were female. Some 31% had hypertension, 7% had diabetes, 16% had dyslipidaemia, and 16% were smokers.

Overall, global longitudinal strain and left ventricular ejection fraction progressively decreased and were significantly lower after chemotherapy compared to baseline. Patients with hypertension showed a trend toward greater reductions in ejection fraction. Patients with diabetes had a significantly greater decrease in global longitudinal strain during treatment, despite having baseline levels similar to non-diabetics.

Dr Gomes said: “Subclinical reduction in global longitudinal strain is an early predictor of heart failure and was particularly pronounced in patients with diabetes. It is possible that the trend for greater reduction in patients with hypertension might become statistically significant in a larger study.”


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A Bleak Future for British Youth*

A Bleak Future for British Youth*

Photo: Andrew Baggott/ Flickr

Photo: Andrew Baggott/ Flickr


By Kennedy Walker

Recently it was reported that three students at Bristol University have all died within weeks of starting term. Relatives of two of the students have indicated that they killed themselves.

This heart-breaking story sparked a public discussion around young people’s mental health and it’s clear that this is not a moment too soon. A recent Guardian study revealed that the number of students seeking counselling at university has gone up by 50% in the last five years.

These stats are shocking. So why am I not surprised by these findings?

Having just finished university I can attest to the mental strain students face. And I’m sure many others can relate. Students on three year undergraduate courses can easily find themselves in £53,000 worth of debt plus interest after graduating. And this isn’t even taking into account the cost of living and rent.

Add to this, the dire prospect for the future young people face. In 2015, research found that the U.K. proportionally has more graduates than any other rich country apart from Iceland. But it also showed that an increasing number of graduates in the U.K. find themselves working in low-paid jobs they are overqualified for – jobs that would in previous generations have been filled by non-graduates.

With soaring rent prices and living costs, enormous debts and a bleak future, it is clear to me that the reason why more and more students are experiencing mental health issues is related to how our economy is run.

Another recent study by the mental health charity Mind found that 43,000 students at the Russell Group institutions accessed counselling services in the 2014-15 academic year, compared to 34,000 three years earlier. This 28% jump shows a clear correlation between the trebling of tuition fees and students need for accessible mental health services.

This trend is serious and deserves a serious response and robust analysis. Although universities have to ensure they respond to this increase we can’t afford to focus on a symptom that has a much broader causation; students being forgotten about, not supported and actively left behind by this governments policies. With tuition fees on the up and the cost of living and housing on the same trend we need to start questioning how safe the future of our society is.


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U.S. Moves to Arm Terrorists in Syria with Anti-Aircraft Weapons*

U.S. Moves to Arm Terrorists in Syria with Anti-Aircraft Weapons*

File photo shows weapons seized by Syrian security in Homs, Syria

File photo shows weapons seized by Syrian security in Homs, Syria

Russia says that the new bill could see weapons fall into the hands of its enemies.

Russia has said that a U.S. decision to lift restrictions on supplying Syrian rebels with weapons Tuesday, would be a threat to Russian troops operating in Syria and amounts to “a hostile act.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswomen, Maria Zakharova, said in a statement that the move by Barack Obama’s administration to ease restrictions on arms deliveries, through the defence policy bill passed last week, would threaten the Russian air-force, military personnel and the Russian embassy in Syria.

“Washington has placed its bets on supplying military aid to anti-government forces who don’t differ than much blood-thirsty head choppers. Now, the possibility of supplying them with weapons, including mobile anti-aircraft complexes, has been written into this new bill,” said Zakharova.

“We, therefore, view the step as a hostile act,” Zakharova continued.

Zakharova argued that Obama’s outgoing administration was trying to get Donald Trump’s incoming administration to continue an “anti-Russian line” and is attempting to complicate the already difficult situation for when Trump takes office on Jan. 20.

The statement made reference to U.S. accusations that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential elections, arguing it was an attempt at “increasing the degree of Russophobia.”

The signing of the bill is to purportedly help arm Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, a group made up of mainly Kurds fighting against the Islamic State Group. However, previous shipments of U.S. arms have landed in the hands of extremist organizations in Syria, including the al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra front.

Turkey sees the majority Kurdish force as a terrorist organization and Turkey has been aiding the Free Syrian army, FSA, as part of Operation Euphrates in Northern Syria.

Despite Trump inflaming tensions with Russia, by renewing calls for an arms race, the statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated President Vladamir Putin’s hope for ease tensions between the two states.


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Couple Forced to Destroy 40yo Pond on their Own Property because Govt Owns the Rainwater*

Couple Forced to Destroy 40yo Pond on their Own Property because Govt Owns the Rainwater*

By Claire Bernish

An Oregon couple has been told they must destroy a 2-acre pond on their land — the property’s most attractive feature — because the government said so.

Although Jon and Sabrina Carey purchased the 10-acre property near Butte Falls two and a half years ago, the pond has been in place for 40 years — but that fact doesn’t matter to the Jackson County Watermaster’s Office.

“I basically bought a lemon,” said Jon, who became teary-eyed at the edge of the partially ice-covered body of water being targeted by government, in an interview with the Mail Tribune. “That’s how they explained it to me.”

But the couple desperately wants to keep the stunning longstanding feature intact, so, as the Mail Tribune reports, the Careys have

“pleaded with the Medford Water Commission to adopt the pond and treat it as a municipal water source, something Jackson County Watermaster Larry Menteer has opposed because of the precedent it would set.

“The Water Commission has rights to the watershed around the Careys’ property, where dozens, if not hundreds, of ponds are located, as well as Medford’s primary source of water, Big Butte Springs.”

And the Careys aren’t the only people in the watershed who’ve had difficulties with, well, ‘the government’s’ water.

Eagle Point resident Gary Harrington spent 90 days in jail for illegally harboring some 13 million gallons of illicit rainwater — that’s enough rain to fill around 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Harrington masterfully crafted several ponds on his property — even building docks for one, and stocking it with largemouth bass — but his insistence the water would assist in fire control and prevention didn’t satisfy the government, since a “1925 state law dictates that the water belongs to the Medford Water Commission.”

As Mother Nature Network’s Matt Hickman reported in 2012,

“The bigger story here is that rainwater collection is indeed kosher in Oregon, provided that you’re capturing it from an artificial, impervious surface such as a rooftop with the assistance of rainwater barrels. But an extensive reservoir set-up complete with 10- and 20-foot-tall dams is verboten without the proper, state-issued water-right permits — after all, Oregon law dictates that water is a publicly owned resource — and Harrington did not possess said permits.”

Harrington and the Oregon Water Resources Department waged an extended battle over the ponds, and at one point, it was ruled he would be allowed to keep everything in place — but that decision was backtracked in less than one year.

Ultimately, “Rain Man,” as he came to be called, found himself charged with nine misdemeanors, spent three months behind bars, and had to shell out $1,500 in fines — and was ordered to destroy the dams and drain all the ponds.

Harrington’s case might have been infinitely more complex than the Careys’ — considering the large volume of water and infrastructure he’d put in place — but they share the same theme of overbearing government and arguably wholly unnecessary law versus the right of people to do as they please with their property.

“When you’re honest, they take everything away from you,” said Sabrina Carey, who inspected country records — which plainly showed the pond — before they purchased the property.

Going by the book might have been the ‘fatal’ error for the couple, however, since the county didn’t take issue with the pond until Jon sought to grow legal medical cannabis on the land and had to prove there was a viable source of water for the grow operation.

According to the Watermaster’s Office, the previous owners had not received a permit for the pond, so the Careys were now in violation of Oregon regulations — and they would have to shoulder the cost of draining the water.

In an effort to prove the pond is legitimate and persuade county government to allow it to remain on the property, the couple stopped using it — even though the well on their land had run dry — and began shipping in the water for daily living and gardening from nearly Butte Falls.

They’ve also had no choice but to hire attorney Sarah Liljefelt, who filed a request with Jackson County to provide a permit for them to store water, stating, “The reservoir on Ms. Carey’s property, though small, is one of the largest in the area.”

As the Mail Tribune notes,

“Liljefelt said the pond is an important source of water for beavers, otters, elk, deer, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, bald eagle osprey, great blue heron, snowy egret, Canada geese and the western pond turtle.”

By all appearances, the large pool of water does more good for the environment than if it weren’t there at all — during their fight with the State, the Careys even suggested it be used for fire control and prevention, like Harrington did, as the pond is easily accessible by fire crews.

But the county has displayed only nonsensical obstinance on the issue.

“This pond seems to be doing way more public good than not being here. Why, now, is it so important to be removed?” Jon lamented.

Indeed, the 40-year-old man doesn’t even profit from the medical cannabis grown on the land he and his wife own, as he literally gives the crop — free of charge — to friends.

“I don’t make anything out of this,” he said.

Members of the Water Commission disagree on whether this is an issue worth fighting over at all, but as the Mail Tribune reports,

“Water Commission staff found several problems with the Careys’ request, including setting a precedent that could prompt similar requests and weaken state statutes while not meeting the definition of ‘municipal water source.’ The staff found it would be very difficult to access the water stored in the pond for municipal reasons, and further monitoring and following up on compliance issues would be difficult and costly for the commission.”

However, the commission also failed to state why this should be a matter for the government in the first place — why punitive bureaucracy needs to meddle with a pond on private property, serving as a valuable ecosystem, that poses no threat to anyone or anything, and isn’t even an eyesore, must be destroyed.

Besides a trailer home and dilapidated house, the pond is the only thing of value on their acreage, and, obviously, as Sabrina said, “We didn’t buy it for the double-wide.”

She told the Mail Tribune the pond should have been registered with the Oregon Water Resources Department nine years ago, but the owners at that time did not reside on the property and didn’t do so.

They have even offered to reduce the pond’s size, allow officials to inspect it when necessary, and have provided a draft easement to the commission in hopes of allowing the prized water feature to remain intact — thus far to no avail.

“We’re just trying to do it by the rules,” Sabrina explained.

“I’m trying to cooperate.”

In 2012, Gary Harrington had already been through years of conflict with government officials over illicit water — and provided CNSNews with stronger sentiment on the topic:

“When something is wrong, you just, as an American citizen, you have to put your foot down and say, ‘This is wrong; you just can’t take away anymore of my rights and from here on in, I’m going to fight it.”

That government feels entitled to not only something located on private property, but that people should not be allowed to collect rain, is everything wrong with excessive government — and the over-regulation of daily life.


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Putin on the Declining Values of the West and Rising Practice of Satanism

Putin on the Declining Values of the West and Rising Practice of Satanism

“The moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativised (in the West)”

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Police Call for Criminal Probe into Netanyahu*

Police Call for Criminal Probe into Netanyahu*

Police have called for a full-blown criminal investigation into a corruption case involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to a report aired by Israel’s Channel 2 on Monday, police have recently gained access to a new document in a secret case which was opened some nine months ago.

After receiving the documentation of receiving bribes and engaging in aggravated fraud, police called on Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to permit the operating of a full criminal probe into Netanyahu’s affairs.

The investigation was initially started in June after Police Chief Roni Alsheich green-lighted it on the condition of full secrecy and a block out on media coverage.

One of the Israeli premier’s spokespersons has dismissed all the allegations as “nonsense.”

“Since Netanyahu’s victory in the last elections and even before, hostile elements have used heroic efforts to attempt to bring about [Netanyahu’s] downfall, with false accusations against him and his family. This [latest attempt] is absolutely false. There was nothing and there will be nothing,” added the spokesperson.

In June, Israel’s attorney general ordered a criminal investigation into possibly non-reported millions in funds transferred by French fraudster Arnaud Mimran to Netanyahu during the 2009 elections.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) is sitting next to Arnaud Mimran on a beach in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, August 2003


Earlier in May, an Israeli watchdog cited a “fear of criminality” over a case involving the prime minister and his family when he was the finance minister over a decade ago.

The report by the Israeli comptroller said Netanyahu received funding from private organizations and donors for family travels between 2003 and 2005.

The payments were made by “foreign entities,” mainly U.S.-based broker-dealer Israel Bonds that underwrites Israeli debt securities.

The Netanyahu family has long faced scrutiny over accusations that their lifestyles are out of touch with regular Israelis. Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, has also come under fire for her lavish tastes and abusive behaviour toward staff members.


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