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Is Our Earth is Electrically Connected to Our Sun?*

Is Our Earth is Electrically Connected to Our Sun?*

A new scientific paper suggests that lightning on Earth may be vastly more powerful than conventional science has ever suggested. Investigators sought to answer how much energy is in a terrestrial bolt of lightning through the study of fulgurites, which are hollow glass tubes that form when lightning strikes soil, silica, sand, or rock. To their surprise, they found that the lightning that formed some of the fulgurites had far more energy than is expected of Earthly lightning.

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Trump to Enter White House Facing Child Rape Trial*

Trump to Enter White House Facing Child Rape Trial*

By Gordon Duff

Do your own searches.  This isn’t a “Hillary scandal” or fake news.  Donald Trump has an accuser who has hired a well-known attorney.  The accusation is that Trump raped a 13 year old girl.  The case has not been thrown out of civil court but is going through hearings where Trump, we believe, is planning on paying off in order to keep a criminal case in civil court.

Since when is child rape a civil case?  This isn’t the “Bill and Hillary” rape accusations from the fake news.  This is the real deal which means “Trump is owned.”

Remember “Trump University?”  He settled that one also and those charges were criminal fraud as well, paid for in civil court.

How about the Trump foundation?  Those are criminal charges settled as well.

How about his not paying income taxes for 18 years?  The IRS charges those who file “aggressive returns” with income tax evasion and sends them to prison, all but Trump.

All these things, especially the rape charge, need to go before a jury in a criminal trial where he can present evidence, spend endless millions on lawyers and misuse the crooked criminal system in America like everyone else does.

What we do know is this, he is charged with a crime that could send him to prison for long past his “sell by date.”  Why aren’t we reading about this?

You do understand that every single one of the other accusations made constitute assault or other sex crimes.  Can non-disclosure agreements and payoffs be used to keep Trump off a sex offender registry?

If anyone else does it they are charged with obstruction and conspiracy.


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90yo Claimant to Head Romanov Family Dies in Denmark*

90yo Claimant to Head Romanov Family Dies in Denmark*

Head of the Romanov Family Association Dmitry Romanov © Dmitry Astakhov / Sputnik


Writer, historian and philanthropist Dimitri Romanov, claimant for the leadership of the Imperial House of Russia, has died at the age of 90 in Denmark after being taken urgently to the hospital last week.

“Dimitri Romanovich died at a hospital on the evening of December, 31,” the prince’s wife, Princess Theodora Alexeevna Romanov, told TASS on Sunday.

Dimitri Romanov was born on May 17, 1926, in Cap d’Antibes in France to Prince Roman Petrovich of Russia and Countess Praskovia Sheremeteva. In 1936, the family moved to Italy where he lived at the Royal Palace in Rome. In 1946 Prince Dimitri lived in Egypt for several years before moving back to Italy. Since 1960 he had lived in Denmark.

The prince was fluent in French, English, Danish, Italian and Russian.

“He inherited his love of the Russian language and culture from his parents,” his wife said, adding that in 2015 the prince visited the Crimean Peninsula – the place his relatives had to leave from and move abroad during the Russian Civil War.

“He kept as a relic a bottle with Russian soil in his home that was taken by his relatives from Crimea. He welcomed [the fact] that Crimea joined Russia,” Theodora Alexeevna said.

“The activities and thoughts of Dimitri Romanovich during the last years focused on Russia,” his wife said.

Prince Dimitri visited Russia on several occasions in the past years, including those marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. “Russian soldiers rescued Europe both in 1914 and during the latest war,” Russian media cited him as saying. “They wouldn’t have made it without Russia.”

Prince Dimitri was a co-founder and chairman of the Romanov Fund for Russia, which was created by seven Romanov princes in 1993 and focused on charitable acts in post-communist Russia.

He also acted as the chairman of the Prince Dimitri Romanov Charity Fund, which was founded in 2006.

Since 1979, Prince Dimitri was a member of the Romanov Family Association, an organization for male-line descendants of Paul I of Russia of the House of Romanov.

In 1998 the prince was present at the reinterring of the remains of Nicholas II, the last Russian Emperor, along with other members of the royal family. In 2016, the prince visited Moscow to receive the Order of Alexander Nevsky, a Russian order of merit, for spreading Russian culture abroad.



By Mike King

Romanov Family Seal


Rothschild Family Seal


1844: Benjamin Disraeli Writes of Rothschild’s Hatred for Russia

Benjamin Disraeli is a British-Jewish literary figure and aspiring politician. He will become two-time Prime Minister of Britain (1868, and again in 1874) and the dominant politician of 19th century Europe. Long before his rise to prominence, Disraeli publishes a political novel, Coningsby: The New Generation. Although fictional, Coningsby is based on contemporary British politics.

In the book, there is a character named Sidonia who represents Lionel de Rothschild (son of Nathan). Sidonia reveals to the politician Coningsby how unseen forces – the Jewish “Sidonias” foremost among them, shape Europe’s affairs and secret revolutionary movements.
Sidonia (Rothschild) reveals his dislike for the Romanov Family (Russia’s Tsars): ” there has been no friendship between the Court of  St. Petersburg (Russia) and my family.”

Disraeli, a “baptised” Jew was extremely close to the Rothschild Family


1853-1856: The Crimean War

The Crimean War is fought between the Russian Empire, and an alliance of Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Most of the conflict takes place on the Crimean Peninsula (Black Sea/Ukraine). On the surface, the war is fought for influence over territory of the Ottomans; including control of the Holy Land (Palestine).

Russian Tzar, Nicholas I, seeks to avoid war by assuring Britain that its only interest is to protect fellow Orthodox Christians under Muslim Ottoman rule. But Rothschild’s Britain is determined to fight Russia. France will join them.

The Rothschild Family finances the British-French war effort against the Tsar.

Russia loses the war and valuable Black Sea ports.


To keep the Russian Navy away from the Middle East (future home of Israel) Lionel de Rothschild financed the Crimean War against Russia.

1873: The League of the Three Emperors Blocks French and British Intrigue in Central and Eastern Europe

German Chancellor Bismarck’s brilliant move thwarts Rothschild’s ambitions.

In order to dominate the East and make inroads towards the Middle East, the mighty Three Emperors League must be broken up.


British cartoon shows an unflattering portrayal of the Three Emperors as being puppets of Chancellor Bismarck.


1877-1878: Russia and Its Balkan Allies Win a War Against the Ottoman Turkish Empire

General Skobolyov was the leader of the combined Orthodox armies on the Balkan front during the Russo-Turkish War. He liberated much of Orthodox Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria from Ottoman control.

1878: Rothschild Agent and U.K. Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, Interferes in the Congress of Berlin

At the post war peace talks in Berlin, U.K. Prime Minister Disraeli uses his influence on behalf of the defeated Turks. Disraeli also drives a wedge between Austria-Hungary and Russia by arranging for some of Russia’s newly liberated Orthodox allies to be placed under Austro-Hungarian rule. The tension which Disraeli has deliberately engineered causes the Three Emperors League to disband.

Political cartoons from that era depict Disraeli plotting at the Berlin Congress and carrying Ottoman Turkey on his back.

1881: Reds Assassinate Tsar Alexander

Rothschild’s Red terrorists finally succeed in assassinating Tsar Alexander. With his son Alexander III and grandson Nicholas watching, the Marxists hurl bombs at the Tsar’s carriage. Parts of Alexander’s legs are blown off and he bleeds to death.

Red radicals have always been controlled by the NWO bankers — think George Soros


1894: Frances Lures Russia into the Franco-Russian Alliance

Isolated from its former allies Germany and Austria-Hungary (thanks to Disraeli’s divide and conquer schemes at the Berlin Congress), Russia entangles itself in France’s web of intrigue. The Franco-Russian Alliance binds the two nations into a military bloc.

The great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy would condemn the Franco-Russian Alliance as a French trick to entangle Russia in a future war against France’s enemy (Germany). Tolstoy sarcastically described the  suddenly friendly French as “people who, without reason, suddenly professed such spontaneous and exceptional love for Russia”.

1905: Jacob Schiff Finances the Japanese Victory in The Russo-Japanese War; Teddy Roosevelt Plots against Russia

Schiff’s financing of Japan’s war with Russia will earn him a Medal from the Japanese Emperor! Schiff’s puppet-boy Teddy Roosevelt won a Nobel Peace Prize for tilting the peace terms in Japan’s favour.

During the 1700’s, the Schiff and Rothschild families shared a two-family home in Frankfurt.

1905: Rothschild’s Reds Use the Opportunity of the Russo-Japanese War to Attempt a Revolution

Rothschild’s Jewish Reds failed in 1905. But they would return again.


1907: Britain and France Lure Russia into a Honey Baited Trap – The Triple Entente

The table for the coming ‘Great War’ was further set when Britain linked up with the Franco-Russian Alliance to form ‘The Triple Entente’. Russia’s former enemies, and their Rothschild masters, sought to use Russian power to help them take out Germany. For its part, Russia saw the alliance as an opportunity to settle old scores with the Ottoman Turks; by reclaiming, for the Orthodox world, the strategic and historic port city of Constantinople.

Today known as Istanbul, Constantinople was once the centre of the Eastern Roman Empire and its Orthodox Church. Its strategic location would also have given Russia free access to the Mediterranean. This was the bait used to lure Russia into a “Holy Alliance” with the schemers of France and Britain.

1914-1917: Russia Sucked into World War I

The fuse for the pre-planned World War powder keg was lit with the assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in 1914. Serbia was blamed in the Austrian press. When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia declared was on Austria-Hungary. The other dominoes soon fell. With a few weeks, Germany, Ottoman Turkey and Austria-Hungary were at war with Russia, France and Britain.

Germany allied with Turkey. Both Germany and Russia suffered horrendous casualties. In the end, The Great War would bring down 4 Empires; Russia, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Turkey, and Germany. Rothschild agents would then assume control over all four.

1917: Rothschild’s Reds Revolt in Russia

As was the case in 1905, discontent over a lost war effort is skillfully used to instigate a “popular uprising”. The February Revolution of 1917 overthrows the Tsar and establishes a Democratic Socialist system. The Tsar is taken into custody awaiting exile. Immediately, exiled (and well funded!) Communists start pouring back into Russia from the West. In October of that same year, Kerensky is overthrown as the Reds announce a dictatorship.

Western based Jewish bankers financed Lenin and his terrorist gang.


1918: The Bolsheviks Execute the Tsar and his Entire Family

The Tsar’s “friends” in Britain and France would not grant him asylum. On the eve of July 6th, 1918, the royal Romanov Family is awakened at 2AM, told to dress, and then herded into the cellar of the house in which they are being held. Moments later, Jewish Red killers storm in and gun down the entire family, their doctor, and three servants in cold blood. Some of the Romanov daughters are stabbed and clubbed to death after initial gunfire fails to kill them.

Who gave the order to massacre the Romanovs?

1918: Ruined Russia Gets Nothing As Britain Breaks up the Ottoman Empire

Tolstoy was right! Russians died so that “allies” Britain and France could ruin Germany and also seize Palestine on behalf of the Rothschild Crime Gang.

1919: Under the Terms of Britain’s 1917 “Balfour Declaration”, European Jews Begin Immigrating to British Ruled Palestine

The plot behind the ‘Balfour Agreement’ was actually hatched in 1916. The Zionists offered to bring the USA into the war on Britain’s side. In exchange, Britain was expected to take Palestine away from Turkey and allow Jews to begin migrating there. All along, Russia was never supposed to have been allowed to claim Constantinople, or any parts of the Ottoman Empire. The Russians, and all nations, were played for fools.

The Balfour Declaration was addressed to Walter Rothschild.


Jewish immigration to Palestine started out on a small scale, and has since progressed to total domination.

1918-1922: The Russian Civil War Pits ‘Reds’ Vs ‘Whites’

After 4 years of fighting against the Reds and enduring the “Red Terror”, the enemies of the Bolshevik-Communists finally succumb. The establishment of USSR and the Communist International are proclaimed.

1918-1922: The Russian Civil War Pits ‘Reds’ Vs ‘Whites’

After 4 years of fighting against the Reds and enduring the “Red Terror”, the enemies of the Bolshevik-Communists finally succumb. The establishment of USSR and the Communist International are proclaimed.

‘Roth’ means Red

Today! Rothschild’s game against the new Russia of ‘tsar’ Vladimir Putin continues.

Chess legend Garry Kasparov is a relentless agitator against Vladimir Putin and the new Russia. Kasparov will often provoke his own arrest so that images of “repressive Russia” can be broadcast on Western TV.


Kasparov with Jacob de Rothschild.



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