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Doctors Stunned that Testosterone Cures Cancer

Doctors Stunned that Testosterone Cures Cancer*

Doctors are stunned to report that a man with advanced prostate cancer appears to have been cured, after they “shocked” his cancerous tumor with high doses of testosterone. The outcomes seen in this study have been called “unexpected” and “exciting,” and for good reason.

Most prostate cancer therapies are actually focused on depriving tumours of testosterone, because the cancer uses the hormone as fuel; that is why the results of this study are so surprising.

Other critically ill men who took part in the same trial showcased similar and equally impressive results. Scientists remained astonished by their shrinking tumors and by the cessation of disease progression.

The majority of the 47 trial participants also exhibited falling levels of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), a blood marker used to monitor prostate cancer.

The researchers noted that one individual had his PSA levels drop down to zero after just three months of participation, and currently shows no lingering remnants of the disease. After 22 cycles of treatment, scientists say he appears to be cured.

The study’s leader, Professor Sam Denmeade, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, stated:

“Our goal is to shock the cancer cells by exposing them rapidly to very high followed by very low levels of testosterone in the blood. The results are unexpected and exciting.”

Denmeade says that they are still in the early stages of understanding how the testosterone treatment works and determining how they can incorporate such methods into the pattern of treatment typical for prostate cancer.

He says that many of the men in the study now have a stable disease that has not progressed in over 12 months.

At the trial’s onset, all of the patients had cancer that was spreading and was resistant to treatment even with two of the newest hormone therapy drugs, abiraterone and enzalutamide.

In the trial, scientists treated patients with three rounds of “bipolar androgen therapy” (BAT), which requires rotations of flooding the body with testosterone, and then depriving it of the hormone.

The “flooding phase” is what makes this treatment so very revolutionary; for the last several decades, the standard treatment for men with advanced or spreading prostate cancer has involved cutting off the testosterone supply or otherwise obstructing its effects.

Boosting the testosterone levels of a man with prostate cancer has been likened to pouring gasoline on a fire.

And yet, several laboratory tests have revealed that dosing tumors with high levels of the hormone may indeed have the ability to suppress or even kill off prostate cancer cells. High doses of testosterone were administered to the trial’s patients every 28 days.

They were also given injections to stop the testicles’ natural production of the hormone. According to Professor Denmeade, they have yet to fully ascertain how the treatment worked. It appeared to involve cell signalling and part of the process of cell division; large doses of testosterone also seemed to cause breaks in prostate cancer cell DNA.

The cancer cells stopped dividing and became “senescent.” Denmeade says that this means that they “become like old men who sit around and tell stories but don’t make much trouble.”

In the United States, it’s estimated that there are going to be over 180,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in 2016. The American Society predicts that roughly 26,000 men will die from prostate cancer over the course of this year, as well.

Current estimates suggest that one out every seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. For American men it is the second leading cause of cancer death, with only lung cancer taking more lives.


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Netanyahu Boasts of Israel’s War on Africans*

Netanyahu Boasts of Israel’s War on Africans*

By David Sheen

Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president has given closeted racists the license they have long sought to openly advocate against Muslims, refugees and people of colour.

As progressive Americans strategize on how to defend victims of bigotry, they would be wise to take stock of how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is already carrying out ethnic cleansing similar to that which Trump has promised to implement.

Two incidents bookending the year capture the zeitgeist of Israel’s war on African refugees in 2016. In January, an African refugee family, whose 1-year-old baby, Kako, had been stabbed in the head, departed Israel after the Netanyahu government refused to help them defer the child’s medical bills.

And in December, the Israeli police station responsible for south Tel Aviv honored May Golan, a leader of anti-African incitement campaigns that, for all intents and purposes, encourage attacks such as the one on baby Kako.

For the past five years, I have been compiling annual lists of the ringleaders in Israel’s war on Africans. My list for 2016 incorporates almost every branch of the Israeli state.

  1. Moshe Kaspi, university dean

In February, the dean of an Israeli university gave his students an exam that contained a question which implicitly compared African refugees to rats.

In the test authored and administered by Moshe Kaspi, a dean at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, engineering students were asked to calculate the cost of removing rodents from the Tel Aviv area, transferring them to a holding centre in the south of the country, and then shipping them to Africa, where they would be experimented on.

An African asylum seeker walks inside the Holot detention center in southern Israel on 6 February 2016. Oren Ziv ActiveStills


While the exercise did not explicitly mention African refugees, the analogy would have been obvious to many students, since the scenario it posits closely parallels political developments in Israel. For the last three years, the Israeli government has been rounding up African refugees in the Tel Aviv area and transferring them to a detention centre in the south of the country. Following their detention, many of the refugees have been expelled to Africa, just like the rats in Kaspi’s test.

After one woman accused him of racism, Kaspi apologized for the question, claiming that he had intended “to insert an aspect of humour into the exam.”

The incident did not seem to significantly tarnish the reputation of Ben-Gurion University. A few months later, the college received a $400 million gift, the largest college endowment in Israel’s history.

  1. Israel Ziv, security consultant

Israel Ziv’s prior career as an officer in the Israeli military ended just before African refugees began arriving to the country in large numbers a decade ago. But since that time, Ziv has parlayed his army career into a successful business in the private sector with the security consulting firm Global CST.

In that capacity, Ziv has provided services to Salva Kiir Mayardit, president of South Sudan. Kiir is responsible for horrific crimes against his own citizens.

After a long career in the Israeli military, Israel Ziv now heads the security consulting firm Global CST. (Flickr)


Earlier this month, an Israel Channel 2 video report revealed that Ziv had advised Kiir in an effort to rehabilitate his international reputation. Kiir has come into disrepute for allowing his soldiers to rape women and young girls, in lieu of salary payment, and to castrate and kill young boys.

Israel is a significant supplier of weapons to South Sudan.

According to the Channel 2 report, Ziv hired Ron Prosor, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, as part of his work. One idea considered was that Kiir would make a speech at the U.N., flanked by a woman who had been raped by soldiers from South Sudan.

Is it inherently racist of Ziv to want to profit from whitewashing a criminal despot like Kiir? Or did Ziv only take advantage of a global white supremacist system where Black lives matter so little that their mass rapes and castrations can be covered up, guilt free?

Either way, Ziv’s conduct was deplorable.

  1. Eliyahu Asulin, rabbi

Hatred for African refugees extends even to their children.

In May, the spouses of foreign ambassadors serving in Israel volunteered to help clean up the outdoor play area of a Tel Aviv nursery for African children. Their aid had become necessary because Israelis had defiled the playground with dead animals, garbage and faeces.

Refugee children playing in public parks are regularly harassed. In addition to cursing the kids, their harassers make a show of distributing condoms to African refugees, apparently thinking this is a clever way of saying Africans should not bear children, as long as they live in Israel.

But while ordinary Israeli citizens are trying to shame Africans into foregoing their reproductive rights, leading religious figures have been actually harming the reproductive organs of newborn babies.

In November, it emerged that Israeli circumcisers allow trainees without the necessary experience to practice their cutting techniques on the genitals of black and brown babies.

An exposé by Israel’s new public broadcaster Kan revealed that – for an $11,000 fee – Eliyahu Asulin, a popular rabbi, would allow novices who had not completed their professionally mandated studies to perform circumcisions in his stead on infants from African and Asian families.

Unaware that an undercover journalist was filming him, Asulin urged his new “apprentice” to carry out a circumcision ritual on the son of a Filipino woman. The baby’s mother had been misled as she had only consented to a circumcision undertaken by a professional.

In the video, Asulin describes African babies as “cannon fodder.”

He says: “Even if your cut isn’t straight, they won’t say anything, because they don’t understand anything.”

After Asulin’s misconduct was publicly exposed, Israel’s chief rabbinate punished him lightly. Asulin was forbidden from training others for three years, but was still permitted to practice circumcision himself.

  1. The Petah Tikva killers

In November, 38-year-old Sudanese asylum-seeker Babikir Adham-Uvdo was beaten to death by two Israeli youths outside of the city hall in Petah Tikva, a town near Tel Aviv. Security camera footage of the incident revealed that the youths beat Adham-Uvdo for more than an hour. He was brought to hospital but never recovered, and was disconnected from life-support systems days later.

Although the killing bore similarities to other attacks on Africans, an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz stated that “people close” to a suspect in the killing believed it was not a racist incident. Relying on those sources, Haaretz suggested that Adham-Uvdo may have been killed because he “made insulting comments to girls.”

Adham-Uvdo was seen walking and then stopping in front of three 16-year-old girls. The girls shouted at him to leave, and within seconds of first encountering them, Adham-Uvdo raised his hands and walked away.

The 16-year-old boy then attacked Adham-Uvdo from behind; another youth soon joined in, kicking Adham-Uvdo as he lay on the ground.

The video footage also shows that paramedics arrived on the scene midway through the beating. In the video, they are seen tending to Adham-Uvdo but, after a short while, leave him to fend for himself, seemingly satisfied that he no longer requires their aid. Within seconds of their departure, the two young men return and continue the beating.

Two persons have been charged in relation to the incident: one is Dennis Barshivatz, a Petah Tikva local, now aged 20; the other is a 16-year-old, whose name has not been published. An Israeli prosecutor has decided to charge the two with manslaughter, rather than murder.

Some observers noted the parallels between the deaths of Adham-Uvdo and Emmett Till. Till was an African-American teenager who was murdered in Mississippi, beaten until he was unrecognizable, ostensibly for flirting with a white woman.

Till’s killing occurred in 1955, a year after the U.S. Supreme Court declared segregated schools to be unconstitutional. Yet in Israel, segregation remains widespread.

Just three months ago, an Israeli court was told that the Petah Tikvah municipality had hindered African refugees from registering their children for pre-schools in town.

Since the killing of Adham-Uvdo, dozens of African refugees have been arrested in Petah Tikva. The local mayor, Yitzhak Braverman, has approved the arrests.

  1. Tal Schwartz, judge

Babikir Adham-Uvdo was the latest, but not the first, African refugee to be lynched in Israel. In October 2015, after a gunman shot and killed an Israeli soldier and wounded about 10 other bystanders in the central bus station complex in Bir al-Saba (Beersheba), a mob of Israelis attacked 29-year-old Eritrean refugee Haftom Zarhum.

Those who took part in the killing included Israeli soldiers, police officers and a prison warden.

Eritreans mourn in south Tel Aviv in 2015 during a memorial ceremony for Haftom Zarhum, who was shot and beaten to death at a bus station in southern Israel after he was mistaken for an assailant in an attack that left an Israeli soldier dead. – Oren Ziv ActiveStills


In June this year, an Israeli tribunal ruled that prison warden Hananiya Shabbat would not be charged for beating Zarhum with a bench.

Rather than reprimanding Shabbat, Tal Schwartz, a judge in the tribunal, complimented him. Schwartz stated that Shabbat had “acted in a way that is expected of a prison guard that which is needed to contribute to the positive image of the prison service.”

  1. Zion Amir, lawyer

Zion Amir is a lawyer who has defended the rapist and former president of Israel Moshe Katsav.

Amir has represented some of the Israelis accused of firebombing a Palestinian family in the occupied West Bank. Ali Dawabsha, an 18-month-old baby, and his parents were fatally injured in that attack.

So it should come as no surprise that Amir is also defending some of the Israelis charged with the lynching of Eritrean refugee Haftom Zarhum.

In March, Aryeh Deri, Israel’s interior minister, announced that he would appoint Amir to head the government’s advisory panel on refugees.

After Amir had been on the job for four months, Haaretz reported that not even one asylum request had been approved. In that time, more than 1,000 asylum requests were rejected.

  1. Roni Alsheikh, police chief

In the year he has occupied the post, Roni Alsheikh, head of Israel’s police, has advanced the idea that African refugees are inherently criminal, giving his officers a green light to attack them.

In August, Alsheikh made his anti-African bias explicit when he told a conference of the Israeli Bar Association:

“In all criminological studies worldwide, it has been proven that immigrants are more involved in crime than others.”

Alsheikh’s comments drew strong criticism from Israeli citizens of Ethiopian descent. “With one sentence, the police chief has summarized and confirmed all of our complaints [about police racism],” Ethiopian-Israeli activist Inbar Bugala said, according to Haaretz.

Roni Alsheikh, second from right, during a military ceremony near Tel Aviv in February 2016. – Oren Ziv ActiveStills


Israeli police seem to be especially bothered by communities of colour finding common cause in the struggle against Israeli racism.

When Haftom Zarhum was killed by a mob of Israelis in 2015, Bugala wrote on Facebook that a racist lynching had occurred.

“Black people have become terrorists – there was no mistaken identification,” she wrote.

Minutes after posting the message, the Israeli police contacted Bugala and demanded that she delete it. The post disappeared from her Facebook page, and though she re-posted it several times, it was taken down after each instance.

  1. David Amsalem, lawmaker

While some Israeli officials discriminate against all Africans in equal measure, others advocate opposing policies for Black people, depending on whether the people in question are Jews. Such is the case with David Amsalem, a rookie lawmaker from Likud, the largest party in Israel’s ruling coalition.

Amsalem labours to bring Black Jews to Israel, while working simultaneously to expel Africans who are not Jewish.

In March, when Israeli officials reversed a 2015 decision to facilitate the immigration of 9,000 Falashmura, the extended family members of Ethiopian-Israelis still living in Ethiopia, Amsalem accused the government of racism.

“They don’t want to bring Black people to the country from a troubled place,” he said.

In protest, Amsalem refused to vote in favour of government-sponsored legislation, until the Falashmura were allowed to immigrate. The government eventually allowed some Ethiopians to enter Israel. But as punishment for disobeying party discipline, Amsalem was temporarily blocked from proposing laws or speaking in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.

As chair of the Knesset’s interior and environment committee, however, Amsalem worked to make the already precarious lives of non-Jewish African refugees much more difficult. In November, Amsalem secured committee approval for an amendment to Israel’s Anti-Infiltration Law which would automatically deposit part of the wages paid to African refugee workers in a fund. The refugees would only be able to access the money taken from them when they leave Israel for good.

Refugee advocacy groups have warned Amsalem that the move would further impoverish African refugees, potentially triggering a humanitarian crisis. In a complaint, the groups wrote: “Asylum seekers are liable to find themselves on the streets, children will go hungry, women may turn to prostitution and more.”

Amsalem casually dismissed these appeals, asserting that Africans should be able to survive on their reduced salaries.

  1. Aryeh Deri, interior minister

Aryeh Deri (Sapir College/Wikimedia Commons


Ever since Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election as prime minister in 2009, the post of interior minister has been filled by a steady stream of unabashed racists.

Aryeh Deri, the current incumbent, returned to politics in 2012 after a 13-year absence, two of which were spent in prison for corruption. He has developed a reputation for defending Israel’s downtrodden.

Deri’s compassion does not extend to Africans, however. In his first year on the job as interior minister, a post he also held before his downfall, Deri has campaigned with as much enthusiasm as his predecessors to expel African refugees.

In March, Deri told the Knesset’s interior and environment committee that if Israel’s high court won’t permit him to deport African refugees against their will, he would order the construction of an additional facility to imprison them. Since 2013, Israel has held 10,000 African refugees in Holot, a desert detention center.

In April, Deri’s ministry launched an advertising campaign warning Israeli citizens not to hire non-Jewish African refugees, even though a high court ruling allows them to work in Israel.

A week later, the ministry clarified that it would not issue temporary residency visas to the teenage children of African refugees. African teens need these documents because they can be easily mistaken for adults and detained by immigration police who patrol Israel’s cities.

After a migrant rights lawyer appealed against the policy in court, Deri agreed in principle to issue visas for African teens. The lawyer who challenged the policy, Osnat Cohen-Lifshitz, has predicted that it may take a long time before Deri’s agreement is implemented.

In September, a Jerusalem tribunal ruled that fleeing forced service in the Eritrean army can be grounds for refugee status. Determined to deport all Eritreans, who constitute a majority of the African refugees in Israel, Deri protested that the tribunal’s decision would cause “endless trouble” and ordered an immediate appeal.

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister

In 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu held five separate cabinet portfolios, as well as the prime minister’s post. He used the powers at his disposal to deport thousands of African refugees. Without question, the worst of these were the powers Netanyahu continues to wield as Israel’s foreign minister.

When the first wave of refugees from war-torn Darfur started to arrive in Israel 10 years ago, the government argued that they couldn’t be trusted to live in the country because they were from Sudan, a country that does not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

This argument has never made sense, as Darfuri refugees first fled to Israel precisely because they and their families were victims of the Sudanese regime, not supporters of it.

Paradoxically, in September, it emerged that Israel’s foreign ministry has been quietly lobbying the US to forge closer ties with Sudan.

Israel reportedly favoured this move because Omar al-Bashir’s government had distanced itself from Iran.

Just two weeks after Netanyahu’s shilling for al-Bashir made news headlines, Amnesty International revealed that the Sudanese leader’s long list of war crimes now also includes the use of chemical weapons in Darfur.

In the past three years, Netanyahu’s government has spent $260 million to round up African refugees and bring them to desert detention centres. Israel has the gall to categorize this massive expenditure as “foreign aid.”

In late September, Netanyahu marked the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashanah with a self-congratulatory address to members of Likud, summarizing his supposed successes from the previous 12 months. Netanyahu boasted of his efforts to deport African refugees.

“Sixty thousand illegals entered,” he said.

Until today we have already removed 20,000, and we will remove another 20,000. We’ll remove all the illegal aliens because they are illegal, even the ones in southern Tel Aviv.”

Netanyahu has made similar boasts in the past. But what set 2016 apart from previous years was his new willingness to not only point out his anti-African policies to Israelis in Hebrew, but also to proudly announce them in English.

Apparently confident that his efforts would be admired abroad, Netanyahu tweeted in March:

 “A strong Israel prevents the passage of masses of refugees to Europe. The world would be different if we were not here.”

In a year-end opinion piece, the editorial board of Haaretz stated that Netanyahu “should be ashamed,” adding,

“Israel can and must accept the 40,000 Africans living here today, along with the 6,000 children who were born here.”

For the eight years that the United States was led by a president of African descent, Netanyahu felt no need to rein in Israel’s war on Africans. Now that Donald Trump, the darling of white supremacists, has been elected to the Oval Office, we can only expect Netanyahu to ramp it up into an even higher gear.


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IMF’s Christine Lagarde Free after French Court Convicts her of Losing 400mn Euros*

IMF’s Christine Lagarde Free after French Court Convicts her of Losing 400mn Euros*

By Alexander Mercouris

Anyone seeking the true cause of the disaffection of Western electorates with the Western political elite need look no further than the case of the IMF’s Director, Christine Lagarde.

Lagarde has just been convicted by a French court of negligence in a case involving the French businessman Bernard Tapie, to whom contrary to the advice of her officials she authorised a loan of 400 million euros of French taxpayers’ money whilst she was France’s Finance Minister, which has now been lost.

Notwithstanding the court’s verdict of guilty – from which there is no appeal – Lagarde is not being punished and is keeping her job as Director of the IMF.

The court had the option of fining Lagarde 15,000 euros, or sending her to prison for a year, but it chose not to do either.

The IMF’s Board, made up of the representatives of Finance Ministries from around the world but in practice heavily dominated by the Western powers, also decided to take no action against her.

The prosecutor charged with bringing the case against Lagarde, far from prosecuting her with any vigour, did all in his power to get her acquitted, actually telling the court that the evidence against her was “flimsy”, and warning the court “not to confuse law and politics”.

That would imply that the case against Lagarde was politically motivated and brought to settle political scores and was not based on actual evidence.  If so then the fact the case was brought at all together with the verdict of guilty shows how threadbare Western claims about the independence of the West’s judiciaries actually is.

Having nonetheless convicted Lagarde of negligence against the wishes of the prosecutor, the court then exposed its own weakness and its lack of faith in its own judgment by failing to impose any punishment on her.

As for the IMF, it is apparently happy to retain as its Director someone a French court has found guilty of losing 400 million euros of French taxpayers’ money.

The IMF has a notorious reputation for the harsh austerity it imposes on non-Western countries.  It is often – and in my opinion rightly – accused of taking a bad situation and making it worse.  Notorious examples are its mismanagement of Russia’s economy in the 1990s, its mishandling of the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis, and its disastrous role in the bailouts of Greece.  Tens of millions of people have suffered because of these “mistakes”.

Now the IMF’s own Director has been convicted by a court in France of a “mistake” which has led to 400 million euros of French taxpayers’ money being lost without however suffering any consequences.  Whatever way one tries to spin it, inevitably people will see it as another example of the Davos elite looking after its own whilst everyone else pays the price.

In France people have long since become accustomed to the seemingly unending corruption scandals involving the French elite.  The almost regular failure of these scandals to result in any serious reckoning for those involved has long since created a mood of cynicism within French society.

Whether the facts of Lagarde’s case will shake the French public out of this cynicism is open to doubt.  What one can however say with confidence  say is that it is cases like Lagarde’s which explain why Marine Le Pen is now a serious prospect for French President.


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U.K. Muslim Organisations that get Prevent Funding*

U.K. Muslim Organisations that get Prevent Funding*

Imam Asim Hafiz

Imam Asim Hafiz

A leaked government document has named “vetted” organisations in receipt of £1.2 million in Prevent counter-extremism funding.

According to the advocacy organisation CAGE, a Home Office document titled “Local Delivery Best Practice Catalogue” leaked by Public Interest Investigations names organisations and projects vetted and funded by the government to deliver the controversial Prevent strategy nationally.

Prevent is widely considered to be a monitoring and spying exercise which targets the Muslim community.

Produced by the OSCT (Office for Security and Counter Terrorism), the document reveals four projects, part of the so called “national counter narrative,” which appear to acknowledge that each was part of a British government covert propaganda strategy.

Each of the projects claim to be independent “grassroots” campaigns tackling extremism, however, the leaked document appears to show that each is a “RICU product,” in a reference to the Home Office strategic communications agency the Research Information and Communication Unit.

The four projects are Faith on the Frontline, Families Against Stress and Trauma, MakingAStand (a campaign launched by an organisation called Inspire) and A Tale of Two Cities. Each of these projects involved covert direction and funding from RICU and its communications agency Breakthrough Media Limited.

Prevent-funded organisations

Other organisations and individuals mentioned in the document include:

  • Upstanding Neighbourhoods (Birmingham) including training input from third parties (e.g. Salaam Institute and Radical Thinking CIC)
  • British or Muslim: Providing Positive Messages (London Tri-borough) – Third party provider London Tigers

Sara Khan of the so-called counter extremism organisation Inspire


  • Reach (Blackburn with Darwen)
  • FIDA Management: Capacity & Resilience (Waltham Forest) – Third party provider FIDA Management
  • Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (London Tri-borough)
  • Supporting Families (Blackburn with Darwen)
  • Raising Voices – Third party provider STR!VE (Leicester)
  • Tackling Extremism through Women & Families (Derby)
  • Young Leaders (Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Crawley) Third party provider currently Active Change Foundation
  • Community Outreach & Engagement – Active Change Foundation (Waltham Forest)
  • Building Community Resilience – Third party provider London Tigers (Tower Hamlets, Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham)
  • Powers of Persuasion – third party provider Second Wave (Lewisham)
  • Challenging Extremist Narratives in Schools (High Wycombe) – Third party provider EqualiTeach
  • Respect for One Another (Leicester) – contact Will Baldet
  • Choices: Alternatives to Extremism (Bradford)
  • Choices: Mainstreaming Prevent Education (Bradford)
  • Walk on By (Newham) – contact Ghaffar Hussain
  • GAME ON (Stoke-on-Trent) – Third party provider Reveal Theatre
  • One Extreme to the Other – GW Theatre (Blackburn, Liverpool, Leeds & Luton)

Saleha Jaffer, founder of Families Against Stress and Trauma

  • Tapestry (Birmingham) – Third party provider The Play House Theatre Company
  • Supporting Schools ( Blackburn)
  • Identity, belonging, extremism – FIDA Management (Waltham Forest)
  • Digital Resilience (Waltham Forest)
  • Internet Safety (Blackburn with Darwen)
  • Web Guardians (Haringey, Luton,and Crawley) – Third party provider JAN Trust
  • Mosque resilience and capacity building (Ealing) – Third party provider Faith Associates
  • Supporting Madrassahs (Brent) – HA9 Consultancy Limited
  • Pathwayz (Birmingham) – Third party provider KIKIT Pathways to Recovery
  • Muslimah Matters (Ealing) – Third party provider not listed.

Government’s “deceptive strategy”

Despite being dated March 2015, the document highlights that the projects will be used to produce a best practice catalogue once the evaluation period is completed in March 2016.

Asim Qureshi, CAGE Research Director, said:

“These revelations call for a serious dialogue within the Muslim community on the legitimacy of government-sanctioned activism. It also highlights the government’s deceptive approach in engaging with Muslim communities and again calls into question the failing Prevent policy and its shadow, the global CVE campaign.

“This document also conclusively demonstrates the relationship and oversight the Home Office has over ostensibly community-led projects. CAGE’s earlier report ‘We are completely independent’ and the Guardian revelations, have previously highlighted these points and demonstrated how RICU was in effect directing and attempting to manufacture consent for Prevent amongst Muslim communities.”


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Greece Bans Cash*

Greece Bans Cash*

Greece is banning the use of cash the soft way. As of 1.1. 2017, taxpayers will be granted tax-allowance and tax deduction only when they have made payments via credit or debit cards. The new guidelines refer to employees, pensioners, farmers but also unemployed.

Accepted expenditure will be:

  • Purchases for food and supermarket products, electronic and electric devices, household equipment, footwear, clothing, fuel, furniture, cigarettes*, drinks
  • Restaurants, cafeterias, bars and hotels
  • Services like by hairdressers and beauty parlours, gyms and dance schools, car repair, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, lawyers and accountants.

For doctors and pharmacy the same practice will be valid as in last year. The tax office will accept the expenditure only if payments are made per credit card or bank transfer.

Expenditure for utility bills, landlines and mobile phones, heating, rent, loan repayments that in fact swallow the largest amount of monthly expenditure for private households will not be accepted. Also not accepted is expenditure for toll and transport tickets.
In its “wisdom” the Greek Finance Ministry has determined the amount the taxpayers will have to pay per e-money in order to be able to get the tax allowance:

  • 10% for annual income up to €10,000
    15% for annual income €10,001-€30,000
    20% for annual income over €30,001

The famous Greek wisdom in times of austerity, bailout agreements and economic crisis remains the same also in 2017 and as neoliberal as possible since 2010: crack the low and medium incomes, let the rich fly free

Find the Surrealism

  • income €7,000: expenditure per plastic money must be €700
  • income €10,000: expenditure per plastic money must be €1,000
  • income €30,000: expenditure per plastic money must be €4,500
  • income  €60,000 expenditure per plastic money must be €12,000

Should a taxpayer will not be able to spend the necessary percentage of the annual income according to the guidelines, the punishment will be a penalty of 22% imposed on the missing difference.

I heard on television that couples will have to spend separately – but better check with your accountant. The average taxpayer in Greece needs an accountant anyway, someone who will follow the revenue-expedience balance month by month for the sake of the tax office.

In the bizarre Greek world we live in, households will be obliged to spend money even if they do not want to. As the large part of monthly need coverage (utilities etc) is not accepted by the tax office, households who do not manage to reach the necessary percentage through supermarket percentages will have to go and spend like crazy in retail, dance schools and gyms and other goods and service providers.

Exempted from the compulsory usage of credit/debit cards are seniors over 70 years old, residents of remote areas and people with disability over 80%. I suppose they will have to continue the collection of paper receipts.

KTG understands that with these new system, taxpayers will not need to collect the stupid receipts from cash register, where the amount had faded away when they were supposed to be brought to the tax office in a huge plastic bag.

The cap for cash transactions falls from 1,500 until 31.12.2016 down to 500 euro. In simple words: any purchase of good and service over 500 euro will need to be done via plastic money.

*I am not sure about cigarettes expenditure as kiosks do not have POS machines.

PS I don’t know what will happen if the tax office finds out that the taxpayer spent more money than determined in the guidelines. My fantasy is galloping with lots of crazy scenarios…


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Sharp Increase in British Jews Applying for Portuguese Citizenship after Brexit*

Sharp Increase in British Jews Applying for Portuguese Citizenship after Brexit*

By Nathan Glover

The governments of Spain and Portugal both announced they would be making changes in their legislations to make it easier for Jews to obtain citizenship. This announcement comes after both countries made a public apology to the Jewish community for the persecution they were subjected to in the 15th century, when Jews were told to either convert to Catholicism or leave the country.

Thousands left the nations, while others who could not leave outwardly converted to Catholicism, but practiced Judaism in secret. The Brexit created a huge wave of uncertainty among the British, including the Sephardic Jews who made Britain their home. An uncertain future at home, and the prospects of good treatment in a foreign land is what sparked so many Jews to seek citizenship in Portugal. Although Spain too has welcomed Jews back to their ancestral homeland, the tough language tests and other requirements Spain has may have made Portugal appear to be the better choice. Portuguese language requirements are much more relaxed. The decision to go for a Portuguese citizenship has several practical reasons. For one, the applicants will once again become European citizens. Another major benefit is that European citizens can freely move about anywhere in Europe.

Growing anti-Semitism in Britain is another factor sparking the rise of Jewish migration from the U.K. Similarly, Jews in Turkey are trying to leave the country after a series of targeted violence. The Sephardic Jews in Turkey had settled there after the then Sultan had welcomed the persecuted community into his kingdom.


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