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JPMorgan Chase Fined $264mn for Bribery and Corruption in China*

JPMorgan Chase Fined $264mn for Bribery and Corruption in China*

Many of these banks are multinationals; carrying out their recklessness in the United States, and in countries where regulations are weak. Even when these banks are caught red-handed engaging in illegal activities, instead of jailing those responsible, the United States only issues a fine, leaving those responsible off the hook to do it again.

By Amando Flavio

We all know that the 2008 financial crisis was a result of the recklessness of the big banks, especially those in the United States. In Iceland, the government saw the problem and jailed the bankers — with some of the bankers still serving their jail sentences. The economy of Iceland is now thriving, and is one of the best in Europe today. But in the United States, nothing happened to the bankers. The government rather ridiculously went to the rescue of them instead.

This essentially made the banks untouchable. Many of these banks are multinationals; carrying out their recklessness in the United States, and in countries where regulations are weak. Even when these banks are caught red-handed engaging in illegal activities, instead of jailing those responsible, the United States only issues a fine, leaving those responsible off the hook to do it again.

This story is just one of many discussing such fines. One of the country’s multinational banking and financial services, JPMorgan Chase, has been fined up to $264 million for engaging in bribery and corruption in China.

According to the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), JPMorgan and its subsidiary in Hong Kong used vast foreign bribery schemes that may have spread to a number of Wall Street banks.

Iranians don’t play games when it comes to protecting their people from corrupt bankers and kleptocrats . . . capital punishment awaits such high-level swindlers


SEC investigators revealed the case centered on JPMorgan’s hiring practices in China. The bank is said to have hired the children of powerful and influential Chinese leaders to win business in the country. The quid pro quo (a favor or advantage granted in return for something) strategy adopted by the bank ensured that unqualified persons were employed at the bank. This means JPMorgan clearly violated United States law governing foreign bribery. The executives of the banks, who authorized the hiring, should have been jailed by now. But unfortunately, they are still free men and women, receiving huge salaries and throwing their weight about in public.

Investigators stated that JPMorgan hired more and more employees based on referrals from powerful Chinese leaders. Senior bankers in several instances, explicitly tied those jobs or internships to securing deals with Chinese government-run companies. To be hired, a referred candidate had to have, in the bank’s own words, a “directly attributable linkage to business opportunity,” a scheme that enabled the company to win or retain business resulting in more than $100 million in revenue for the bank or its affiliates, investigators have said.

“The common refrain that this is simply how business is done overseas is no defense. This is no longer business as usual; it is corruption,” said Robert L. Capers, the United States attorney in Brooklyn, whose office helped lead the criminal investigation into the bank.


In fact, many of these unqualified employees were transferred to work in the United States, Europe and other places in Asia. The SEC said it lowered the fine to this amount because JPMorgan cooperated extensively well with investigators.

It is unclear when the bank adopted this damning practice. But in August 2013, The New York Times reported that United States regulators are scrutinizing the hiring practice of JPMorgan in China. The Times quoted a confidential United States government document detailing how the bank was involved in hiring children of powerful Chinese officials in order for the bank to win lucrative business in the country.

When United States federal officials announced this fine against JPMorgan, the bank admitted wrongdoing, saying it stopped the scandalous hiring practice in China in 2013, just after it came under federal investigation.

“We’re pleased that our cooperation was acknowledged. The conduct was unacceptable. We stopped the hiring program in 2013 and took action against the individuals involved. We have also made improvements to our hiring procedures and reinforced the high standards of conduct expected of our people,” Brian Marchiony, a JPMorgan spokesman said in a statement.

Although the bank admitted wrongdoing, investigators failed to recommend any criminal prosecution against executives of the banks who decided to employ such a wicked strategy to win business. Even the fine, the SEC indicated, was lowered simply because the bank cooperated during investigation. Can you see the problem with the United States – why the bankers would continue to act recklessly? The rule is simply for the bankers. Just commit all the crimes, and when you are caught, you cooperate with investigators.

According to SEC officials familiar with this case against JPMorgan, it could lay the groundwork for investigators to pursue penalties against other big banks. The New York Times reports that banks, including HSBC, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank have hinted that they face investigations into their hiring practices in China, which began in 2013. The Head of Enforcement at the SEC, Andrew J. Ceresney stated “We do not expect this to be the last action resulting from that sweep.”

This current fine has topped a growing list of regulatory problems at JPMorgan. In addition to the $6 billion so-called London whale trading scandal, the bank reached a $13 billion settlement with the Justice Department over its sale of mortgage securities in the lead-up to the 2008 financial crisis.

What worries us is the fact that for these criminal activities perpetrated by the banks, no top bankers have gone to jail since the financial crisis. This has allowed the bankers to continually mislead and dupe the world. Bankers who act recklessly this way certainly deserve nothing less than prison.


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Namibian Indigenous Groups Sue Germany for Genocide*

Namibian Indigenous Groups Sue Germany for Genocide*

Representatives of the Herero and Nama peoples are suing for reparations and recognition of what many see as the 20th century’s first genocide.

On Thursday, members of the Herero and Nama peoples living in Namibia launched a class-action lawsuit against Germany in a New York court, demanding unspecified reparations for a genocide campaign by German troops after a 1904 uprising by the Indigenous nations which led to over 100, 000 deaths.

The suit alleges that the members of the two Indigenous nations have been intentionally excluded from ongoing talks between the German and Namibian governments over compensation and an official apology for the genocide, which Germany has acknowledged took place.

While in 2013 Germany agreed to pay direct reparations to thousands of victims of the Holocaust, in the current discussions with the Namibian government Germany has explicitly refused similar direct compensation to victims, saying it would instead direct aid money to the government.

“There is no assurance that any of the proposed foreign aid by Germany will actually reach or assist the minority indigenous communities that were directly harmed,” said Ken McCallion, a lawyer for the plaintiff in an email.

“There can be no negotiations or settlement about them that is made without them.”

Germany was the Colonial power in what they then called South West Africa and beginning in 1885 seized almost a quarter of all Herero and Nama lands, without any compensation, some of which continues to be farmed by descendants of German settlers.

The suit also documents how during a four-year period after their 1904 uprising against colonial rule, German authorities placed thousands of Herero and Nama peoples in concentration camps, drove thousands more into the desert to starve, ignored the systemic sexual assault of women and girls, and shipped thousands of decapitated heads to Germany for experimentation to “prove” white racial superiority in what many historians say this was the first genocide of the 20th century.

The lawsuit is being launched under the Alien Tort Statute, used in other human rights cases to assert jurisdiction over actions by foreign governments, though it is still unclear whether the courts will grant jurisdiction in this case.


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Fake News on Muslim Attack on German Church*

Fake News on Muslim Attack on German Church*

A screenshot used by Breitbart for their article of the “attack” in Dortmund. | Photo: Youtube


The “news” story portrayed a deliberate attack on a Dortmund church by a “mob” of Muslims.

Far-right white nationalist website Breitbart has been criticized by German authorities and media for falsifying a story of a new year’s eve where a church was supposedly set on fire by a group of Muslims in Dortmund.

On Jan. 3., Breitbart published a story titled “Revealed: 1,000-man mob attack police, set Germany’s oldest church alight on New Year’s Eve.”

The group reportedly chanted “Allahu Akbar” while setting the church alight, as the website cited live information from local media outlet Ruhr Nachrichten.

However, Ruhr Nachrichten then hit back at the story, saying that Breitbart’s reporting of the event has been “using our online reports for fake news, hate and propaganda.” The German outlet explained that the far-right website falsely connected a number of separate incidents to fabricate the story.

Local media reported that there were some individuals who launched fireworks in the crowd with police ordering a number to leave and took some into custody, and a small fire which lasted for 12 minutes started on the Church’s roof. Yet, there were no reports from the media or authorities which indicated that the fire was intentionally lit.

Importantly, while local media reported that there were around 1,000 people gathered in Dortmund’s Leeds Square for New Year celebrations and that there were groups of foreign people attending, it could not be seen as a “mob,” like Breitbart portrayed. It was also pointed out that the Church in questions was in fact, not the oldest in the country.

Ruhr Nachrichten’s editor Peter Bandermann said that Breitbart also sensationalized how Syrians in the crowd were using the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” explaining that “this statement is a Muslim prayer as normal as ‘Amen’ in the Church.”

Bandermann added, “The fact is: there was no sign that terrorism was being celebrated in Dortmund.”

Police told local media that overall the celebrations amounted to a quiet night and later stated in a report that the number of call-outs for New Year’s celebration had actually decreased significantly from last year.

Thousands of users read and shared the Breitbart story, before it was revealed as a falsification. “The danger is that these stories spread with incredible speed and take on lives of their own”, Eva Kühne-Hörmann, justice minister of nearby Hesse, told the Guardian.

Breitbart was known as a mouthpiece for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign for promoting racism and white nationalism. Its former director Steve Bannon is now Trump’s chief strategist.

Breitbart already runs a website from London and is rumoured to be opening up outlets in France and Germany ahead of elections later this year and to play on the increasing anti-immigration sentiment within the continent.

A number of German companies including BMW and Deutsche Telekom have already pulled their advertising from the website.


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Immigrant Designer Goes From Homeless to Wealthy, Then Sells Everything to Help Others*

Immigrant Designer Goes From Homeless to Wealthy, Then Sells Everything to Help Others*

What happens when you really believe in God….

By Brianna Acuesta

Credit: Roberto Vascon/Facebook

It’s likely that you haven’t heard of Roberto Vascon, a Brazilian purse designer who had a tough upbringing and went from rags to riches—twice.

Vascon grew up in Raposos, a poverty-stricken small town in Brazil, where he never attended school and started working from a young age to support his family because his father was an alcoholic. When he was older, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where his situation actually worsened. Though he secured a job washing cars to survive, he said that he was starving for several months and lived on benches. 

Once he saved enough money to move to New York City, it seemed that he had finally caught a break and would be able to achieve the American dream by arriving in one of the most prosperous cities in the world. However, to Vascon’s dismay, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“In Brazil, I had to deal with the same level of poverty I dealt with in NYC – but in America, it is a lot colder and it snows so my situation got substantially worse,” says Roberto in a Portuguese interview. “I was hungry, tired, homesick, freezing, and I asked God to take me back to Brazil. I told God if he helped me to survive, I would help a lot of people.”

On the same night that he made this promise to God, he said he had a strange dream that changed his life dramatically. In the dream, thousands of birds were landing in trees and dropping purses to the ground. Though most would take this at face value and simply deem it an odd dream, Vascon took this as a sign and ran with it. With a newfound purpose, he spent the next day collecting cans, turning them in for $80, purchasing sewing supplies and leather, and making 12 purses. The purses were the same design he had seen in the dream.

By fate or coincidence, a woman approached him while he was selling the purses in Central Park. That woman ended up being Nancy H., the fashion editor from the New York Times. When Nancy heard his story, she swiftly bought all 12 purses and insisted Vascon spend more time with her so she could write a piece on him and his purses.

Vascon became a success overnight. He earned enough money to start seven stores in America and return to Brazil to buy a house for his mother. The millionaire was living well until his birthday arrived and no one called him to wish a happy birthday. This caused Vascon to question everything yet again, and he turned to God once more.

He said in prayer, “Remember that night I told you I would return everything? I guess now is the time.”

He took this endeavor to heart and wound up selling everything he owned, including his stores and business, to travel the world—128 countries, to be exact—and learn about a variety of cultures and help people. He would help in any way he could, by feeding the poor and homeless and paying for a student’s college tuition.

After he sold his last possession, he returned to the United States and found himself sleeping on benches in NYC once again. As luck would have it, a few days later another journalist approached him when she realized who he was. She wrote a piece about him and two days later he received an offer from a store wishing to partner with him. He has now rebuilt his business, still makes beautiful purses from exotic materials, and helps others anonymously as a way of giving back to the community that built him up twice.


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Former British Soldier Sentenced after Sending Bomb Threats to Mosques*

Former British Soldier Sentenced after Sending Bomb Threats to Mosques*

This Rotherham mosque was targeted

This Rotherham mosque was targeted

This Rotherham mosque was targeted

A former British soldier sent bomb threats to mosques and Muslims at their own homes, warning:

“Next time it will be a bomb, you Muslim scum.”

Jamie Bond sent letters to three mosques in Bristol, Cardiff and Rotherham and two Halifax men.

He was handed a two-year jail term suspended for two years at Plymouth Crown Court. Bond’s campaign of hatred ended when police found DNA on the letters.

The mosques targeted included the Jamia Masjid Abur Bakr in Rotherham and the Al Manar in Cardiff.

He also sent letters to Luton Police Station called for “Islam to be banned” and referring to white supremacy.

The 43 year old, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder admitted eight counts of sending a malicious communication last July and August.

Judge Paul Darlow told him:

“The messages are particularly corrosive at a time when we as a community are struggling with extremism.”


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Yoga, Race and ‘Colour Blindness’*

Yoga, Race and ‘Colour Blindness’*

By Christopher Wallis

How My ‘Color Blindness’ Altered My Spiritual Journey

As more and more people are realizing, spiritual awakening does not necessarily guarantee automatic clarity of view on one’s socio-cultural programming. Each bit of programming installed in the ‘hard drive’ of the brain must be re-examined and recalibrated, in light of the energy of awakening, in order to become fully integrated with that light. In my own case, the last several years have included a sobering process of realizing just how sensitivity to issues of racism, and other forms of systemic oppression, fit into spiritual awakening.

I am not interested in a transcendentalist style of awakening, that simply leaves behind the painful social issues of the day or the fractured character of our nation (whether the U.S. or U.K. or India, the same applies). Only an awakening that embraces the totality of reality appeals to me. It accesses and draws strength from the transcendent, to be sure, but does so in order to more fully embrace the imminent. The unique power that derives from the very core of our being is what allows us to show up for, and empathize with, the immense suffering of humanity, without being crushed by it. (It also allows us to feel the immense joy of humanity, but that’s not what this particular post is about.)

Tantra and ‘Colour Blindness’

Some years ago, I had a painful conversation with a friend, a person of color, in which I described myself as ‘color blind’ in the sense that when meeting someone, I saw a unique human being, a unique pattern of energy, not a ‘black person’ or ‘white person’ or ‘Asian person’. I further declared that colour blindness was an integral piece of yoga philosophy since it teaches that each of us is the one divine Consciousness, simply playing different roles, and that none of us are really ‘black’ or ‘white’ or anything in between. She was upset, angry, and hurt by these statements. Back then, I didn’t really understand why. Now I do. Tears spring to my eyes at my inability to fully empathize with her at the time. This post is both a reparation to her, and others like her, and an explanation of what many white American yogis still don’t understand about race and ‘colour blindness’.

The answer was right there, the whole time, in the Tantric philosophy I love so much. I just hadn’t seen it yet. You see, the tradition teaches that for any aspect of manifest reality to become experientially integrated with the divine Consciousness, which is its true source and ground, it must be seen with the light of loving awareness. In other words, it must be seen with a nonjudgmental willingness to be intimate with what is separate from one’s stories about it. There are two relevant implications of this: first of all, though the reasons we might give for systemic racism are, of course, mental constructs that we can argue about, the pain suffered by people of color in connection with systemic racism is real, not a story, and it needs to be compassionately witnessed before it can be transcended.

Secondly, the yogic process of becoming free from identification with the impermanent elements of our embodiment is contingent on self-acceptance. Any attempt at dis-identifying with the body, mind, etc, without first attaining self-acceptance, is actually spiritual bypassing; a kind of escapism. Therefore, before I try to give anyone a teaching about their innermost Spirit — that essence within them which is unborn and undying — I had better be ready to see and accept and love the pain of their embodiment. I now realize that to say to a person of colour “I don’t see your race” is like saying “I’m too scared to empathize with the pain of the institutionalized oppression that you suffer”. For a white person to say “I’m colourblind” is to say “I’d rather just overlook all the pain of your community up to the present day. Do I really have to engage with that to be friends with you?” Yes. Yes, you do. In the same way that you wouldn’t be able to befriend an Iraqi or Palestinian without empathizing with their pain.

To dissolve societal separation, we need to accept them wholly by acknowledging their pain

So you see, since healthy dis-identification with the body etc. depends on a degree of self-acceptance, it’s much, much easier for privileged folk — like white middle and upper-class Americans — to get on board with yoga philosophy’s statements “I am not my body; I am not my past; I am not what others think of me”. Still not easy, because people of any class or ethnicity can be burdened by self-hatred, but easier. And if you don’t think so, you don’t know what it’s like to be a person of colour in America (or the U.K., or anywhere else with institutionalized white privilege).

The Privileges of Being White

Why don’t people of colour say “I’m color blind”? Because to be white in America is to be the unmarked race. The default ethnicity. We already are colourless. We already are what this society declares – in a thousand subtle nonverbal ways — is the best thing you can be. Can you imagine the pervasive pain of being a second or third-class citizen all your life? No, you can’t, if you’re white. This is what white people don’t get without training. Your privilege is invisible to you and painfully visible to people of colour. Whether you bother to reflect on it or not, they see what you don’t; they see how the system (especially in educational, legal, and political spheres) systematically privileges the dominant race/ethnicity over and against everyone else. How it systematically enforces inequality, without needing to encode it in law.

It’s easier for me to become free of identification with a body that my culture privileges more than any other, that of a white male. Before a person of colour (or anyone, for that matter) can healthily dis-identify with their body and their story (should they wish to, and of course it would be oppressive to say they ought to), they must heal some of the pain of having that body, otherwise such dis-identification is denial and disassociation. It’s a little-understood but crucial yogic principle (in the Tantric tradition, anyway) that one must first develop a healthy ego before dissolving the ego into pure Spirit. (Where ‘healthy ego’ mainly connotes self-acceptance and psychic wholeness.) And our society still systematically undermines the development of healthy egos in persons of colour.

Some of you reading this are probably already angry at me. “You’re a Sanskrit scholar, a philosophy teacher. What business do you have commenting on racial and political issues?” I believe that no one who values equality — the intrinsically equal dignity and worth of all human beings without exception — can afford to not speak up about this. As Krishna teaches in the Gītā, to choose inaction is itself an action; an action with consequences. No one can exempt himself. No one can choose not to be involved, because to choose that is to actively reinforce the status quo. On this issue, everyone casts a vote. Will you do so consciously or unconsciously?

Not My Fault, But Still My Responsibility

Some white people say, as I used to say, “It’s not my fault I was born white. I’m not responsible for what my ancestors did. And anyway, I don’t ‘feel’ white because I identify more with ______.” (Fill in the blank: Native American culture, Indian culture, Daoism, or whatever). Look, I get you. I don’t like referring to myself as ‘white’ because I don’t identify with the cultural paradigm determined, and perpetuated by, the white majority, and because I know that my awareness is not defined, or limited, by this vessel. But it would be ignorant and foolish of me to not acknowledge that others see me as white, and therefore I have a responsibility. I am white in the sense that the body my awareness sees through is of European descent, and the direct ancestors of this body have systematically oppressed, marginalized, and even massacred people of color worldwide, all the way up to the present day. And they did this simply because they could and there was an economic advantage in doing so. That needs to be acknowledged and grieved until there is healing, however long that healing takes.

People’s pain needs to be acknowledged for it to heal.

I’m not ashamed of the ethnicity and gender of my body and, like any awake person, I know that ethnicity and gender are cultural constructs, not objective facts. But I am ashamed, or rather embarrassed, that the only American spiritual teachers I see saying “You’re not your body, you’re not your emotions, you’re not your story and your suffering is only mind-created” are white, and nearly all of them male.

The Importance of Healing

Though yoga philosophy says that samskāras — the impressions of unresolved, or undigested, past experiences that reside in the psyche and the body — cannot prevent one from awakening to one’s undamaged and undamageable divine essence, it is also the case that a critical mass of samskāras can make it very difficult indeed to abide in that essence. This is because there is still so much in the body-mind that demands attention; that calls for loving awareness, for understanding, for healing. And that goes for an individual’s body and the body of a community alike. One of the original sources of Tantric Yoga, a 1300-year-old Sanskrit scripture, says something absolutely astonishing for its time:

There is only one ‘caste’, that of human beings. No caste was ordained for them [from on high], nor colour such as white. All arise from the union of a linga and a yoni, and thus all souls are one and the same. One who has the eye of wisdom sees God in all of them. ~ Pauṣkara-pārameśvara

I believe and feel this teaching with all my heart, and I also believe that seeing God in others must include honouring (and/or grieving) the specific conditions of their embodiment; not overlooking those conditions. Because in the Tantric view, unlike some other Indian philosophies, diversity is real, not an illusion. Therefore to see God in everyone is not to overlook difference, but to celebrate it.

So How Can We Help?

People who are hurt need healing first of all. People whose story has been discounted need to be heard first of all. If any white person (person perceived as white) or any privileged person wants to counteract the debilitating effect of the system that they unwittingly participate in and support, this is how:

Educate yourself
This is a brilliant metaphor that will stay with you; here is the most thorough explanation and proof of this issue available; and here is the proven Harvard test for subconscious racism or ‘implicit bias’ – know thyself!

  1. Listen.
    Give people of colour a voice… Show up with willingness to hear others’ pain, without discounting it or declaiming responsibility, or making it about you, in any way.
  2. Ask “how can I help? how can I support you? how can I make a difference?”
    And listen with an open heart to what you hear, even if it’s expressed in language that is not free of anger and frustration. Learn to listen with what the truly awakened being Marshall Rosenberg called ‘giraffe ears’ (because giraffes have the biggest hearts of any land animal). Listening with ‘Giraffe ears’ means that even if that anger seems to target you, you don’t take it personally, and you keep empathizing, with a willingness to feel that person’s pain, and grieve with them. You can’t fake that, and it’s harmful to do so, and that’s why step one is to educate yourself.

In Tantric Yoga, there is a key purpose of the practice other than awakening to your essence-nature, and that is to strengthen your energy-body, or your mental-emotional body, until it is strong enough to embrace the whole of reality, including the pain of humanity. My living teachers taught me that the idea of Tantrik Yoga is to birth an energy-body strong enough to be of service; to show up fully, to witness deep pain and not lose heart, not lose the capacity for joy, and not generate mental constructs about the ‘darkness’ in the world (or other reductive and disempowering generalizations).

May we all birth a strong energy-body! May we become free of self-referencing and able to show up for what is, for the benefit of all beings.


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