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Media Fell for Nazi-Manufactured ‘White Genocide’ Scandal*

Media Fell for Nazi-Manufactured ‘White Genocide’ Scandal*

By Adam Johnson

A “Twitter controversy” broke out on Christmas Day after leftist Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted out, “All I Want for Christmas Is White Genocide” to his 11,000 followers. The tweet–since deleted–was a play on the white supremacist myth of a “White Genocide,” a canard that whites are under threat from interracial dating and diversity.

Online Nazis (sometimes euphemistically referred to by their preferred marketing descriptor, the “alt-right”) quickly pounced. The faux Twitter outrage was further stoked by the far-right online tabloid Breitbart (12/25/16), which ran the story without any of the essential context (though it took the opportunity to denounce Venezuela’s “communist government,” for some reason). Before one could catch up to the substance of the “controversy,” it was asserted to be a controversy as such.

Much like George Hamilton is famous for being famous, “Twitter backlash” stories are often controversial for being controversial. So long as enough people are tweeting outrage—regardless of their motive or Nazi status—the story becomes one through sheer assertion. Someone is “under fire,” “provoking outrage,” causing “backlash”—no matter if this fire or outrage or backlash is merited, or sincere. What matters is there’s controversy, and this must be breathlessly covered.

In an effort to “both sides” the issue, corporate media indulged racist concern trolling over what, as anyone familiar with the term knows, is a white supremacist panic. Those stoking the outrage, namely Breitbart and hordes of online Nazis, know that the term means interracial relationships and diversity programs, not an actual genocide. Rather than investigate the outrage, its motives and its proper context, most media outlets—and, initially, Ciccariello-Maher’s employer Drexel University themselves—reflexively framed the issue as a leftist professor literally calling for genocide, without noting the cynical origins of the controversy.

As FAIR has noted several times before, headlines matter as much if not more than article text. 60 percent of Americans don’t read past the headline, and the same percentage share articles on social media without actually clicking on them. People’s impressions are formed by how issues are framed—how they are initially presented—and from scanning these headlines one is given the impression Ciccariello-Maher is a pro-genocide zealot:

  • “What Is White Genocide? Race War Debated After Drexler Professor Tweets, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is White Genocide’” (IBT, 12/26/16)
  • “Pennsylvania Professor Under Fire for ‘White Genocide’ Tweet” (Reuters, 12/26/16)
  • “Pennsylvania Prof Under Fire for ‘White Genocide’ Tweet” (ABC/AP, 12/26/16)
  • “Professor Under Fire for Tweet That Appeared to Support ‘White Genocide’” (LA Times/AP, 2/26/16)
  • “Drexel Professor Slammed for ‘White Genocide’ Christmas Wish” (Fox News, 12/26/16)
  • “Drexel University Professor Under Fire for ‘White Genocide’ Tweet” (New York Daily News, 12/26/16)
  • “Uproar After Pennsylvania Professor Calls for ‘White Genocide’ in a Christmas Wish Tweet” (Daily Mail, 12/26/16)

It isn’t until three or four paragraphs down in most of these articles that they explain what “white genocide” actually means and the satirical nature of the tweet is dissected.

But the dubious attempt at balance didn’t stop with the headlines; the articles themselves were sometimes embarrassingly tone deaf. International Business Times (12/26/16) put on its Serious Journalism face to write this line:

It’s unclear if he was calling for the mass killing of whites.

Except it wasn’t unclear. Anyone who can take four seconds to google what “white genocide” means knows Ciccariello-Maher was not calling for the killing of one billion people. Common sense and the most basic due diligence are thrown out of the window in the interests of false balance.

The AP stoically reported:

“A Drexel University professor has been summoned to a meeting with school officials after he tweeted a Christmas Eve message that appeared to support “white genocide.”

Appeared to whom? Most of the Nazi trolls know what the term meant, and thus understood the irony of it. Breitbart is in the outrage exploitation business, and likely didn’t actually think he was calling for gassing whitey. So to whom did this “appear”? Probably not the AP reporters, who went on to explain its satirical purpose. A meta-outrage sets in: AP’s journalists are not misinformed about what the tweet meant, nor can they identify a specific party who is legitimately confused, so they simply assert that it may, perhaps, “appear” to support killing millions of people.

While some outlets eventually caught up to the scam (USA Today, Slate, Jezebel and, ultimately, IBT), by that point the damage was done: A college professor’s SEO legacy as an advocate of genocide was permanently imprinted on the internet. The knee-jerk, reflexive desire to “cover the controversy” rather than critically investigate it is precisely the radical centrism the Nazi trolls and their right-wing media allies were exploiting. Fake outrage long enough and it becomes real outrage, as corporate media get played by white supremacists on the altar of objectivity.


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Is U.S. Deep State in Deep Trouble?*

Is U.S. Deep State in Deep Trouble?*

By Finian Cunningham

U.S. ruling power is in deep trouble because there are growing signs that the mass of citizens are no longer beholden to the supposed authority residing in Washington. Once the legitimacy of would-be authorities begins to collapse in the eyes of the people, then profound political change is in the offing, as history shows us through countless empires that came and went – often ignominiously. The so-called American Deep State comprising the military-intelligence apparatus and its operatives in the political and media establishment has put its credibility on the line over allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. elections. Those allegations are threadbare, indeed baseless, despite concerted, overweening attempts by the Deep State to conjure up something of substance.

The latest high-level intelligence report from the CIA, NSA, FBI and other U.S. spy agencies on alleged Russian cyber hacking may have “wowed” President Barack Obama, various members of Congress and the corporate-controlled news media. Not so for ordinary Americans. Among rank-and-file citizens the reaction has been underwhelming to say the least. And that should be a matter of anxiety for the ruling establishment. If the people can no longer be commanded, then the whole foundation for power begins to erode like a sandcastle. As a New York Times report put it:

“What’s the big deal asks Trump’s supporters on Russian hacking report”.

Among ordinary voters far removed from the Washington Beltway Bubble the consensus is one of derision towards the once-revered U.S. intelligence community. “Sore losers”, “sour grapes”, “crybabies” and “absurd” were just some of the disbelieving responses from ordinary folks about claims that Russian agents directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin had tipped the U.S. November election in favour of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t believe the [U.S.] intel report,” said one man in Louisiana.

“Why is everybody so afraid of Russia? I’m not against Putin.”

Another man, a retired U.S. air force officer, added:

“From the parts of the [U.S. intel] report I’ve seen it seems silly.”

President-elect Trump, once again, seems more in tune with the real, pressing concerns of common citizens. He emerged from his so-called “briefing” by U.S. intelligence chiefs last Friday and pointedly refused to join the Washington blowhards accusing Russia of “an act of war”. Trump in fact followed up with a comment that it was only a “stupid” person would not want to have good relations with Russia. This was not the response that the spooks wanted from Trump. The CIA and their surrogates in the Obama administration, Congress and the media were building up the U.S. intel report like a witch-hunt against anyone who dares to dissent from the allegations of Russian cyber interference. Unlike warmongering Congress members such as John McCain and Lyndsey Graham, Trump has not jumped on the bandwagon to demonize Russia. And the thing is that people beyond the thrall of the Deep State centered in Washington appear to agree with Trump. At a time of immense social challenges from poverty, unemployment, financial indebtedness, deteriorating infrastructure and public services, and so on, a US policy of hostility towards Russia seems like an alien distraction. A contemptible waste of priority and resources, not to say a reckless drumbeat to war between nuclear powers.

The U.S. intelligence agencies, aided by the Obama White House and mainstream media, tried to muster gravitas to play its “Russian card” against Trump. But Trump and the popular sentiment out there are not responding in the deferential manner expected by the spooks. In fact, despite sensationalist headlines in the mainstream media about “Putin ordering an influence campaign to help Trump win the election”, the U.S. intelligence agencies are now in real danger of being exposed as ridiculous liars.

The collapse of the U.S. establishment has been underway for some time, but lately the momentum has quickened with the election of Trump and the mainstream media’s penchant for “fake narratives”. Last week the Washington disgraced itself by running a story about Russia hacking into the U.S. electric, a story which was quickly exposed as “fake news”. On the latest U.S. intel report, as well as Trump and ordinary Americans, many observers from around the world were taken aback by the amateurish dearth of evidence and generally low quality of analysis. Independent cyber security experts, including U.S.-based ones, poured scorn on the claims against Russia.

The U.S. spy agencies claim that they have “supporting evidence” that Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails, but they say, unconvincingly, that they can’t disclose the information in order to protect “sensitive sources and methods”. Such a conjuring trick just makes the U.S. spooks and the subservient news media look even more ridiculous. A major giveaway was the disproportionately huge focus that the U.S. intelligence report devoted to trying to discredit Russian news media outlets, RT and Sputnik. The report claims that the news services are part of the Kremlin’s “influence campaign” and then cites its own ropey rationale as “evidence” that Russia hacked the US election. If that’s the best that America’s “national security guardians” can come up with then we can be sure their case against Russia is null and void. There was a time in the American past when shadowy, unelected elites could control society through monopolistic, servile media and servile politicians kowtowing to their supposed authority.

There was also a naive belief among people that the secret services were defending the nation’s best interests. Not any more alas. People have got wise to the massive manipulation and criminality of such shadowy powers who orchestrate wars and regime changes all around the world for the narrow benefit of elite corporate power. Ordinary Americans pay with their lives and livelihoods for the machinations of the ruling cabal. The Deep State intel chiefs may have been fawned over by Obama, Congress and the media in their outlandish claims of Russian subversion. But growing numbers of ordinary people in the U.S. and around the world can see through the lies and blatant agenda of hostility towards Russia – an insane hostility that only serves the elite interests of the Deep State. The once feared, and revered, U.S. Deep State is now facing a deep dilemma and maybe even an existential crisis. For it knows deep down that its erstwhile credibility and authority are shot to pieces.

Down through history, the American rulers got away with their charade of inciting wars and conflicts through false flags and contrived catastrophes: the not-so-secret Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident that escalated the U.S, genocidal war on Vietnam, the dubious 9/11 terror attacks and Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction, to mention just a few. This same warmongering American ruling class want another arms race, Pentagon-pumping Cold War with Russia. But this time they have played a card that is all too evidently blank. The U.S. spooks and their elitist establishment know that Trump, the American people, Russia and the rest of world all know that they have nothing to offer. No credibility, no morals and no authority, the U.S. Deep State is in deep trouble.


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New French Law Turns All Citizens into Automatic Organ Donors*

New French Law Turns All Citizens into Automatic Organ Donors*

By Brianna Acuesta

Effective as of January 1 2017, all French citizens are now automatically organ donors even if their family doesn’t approve of the donation. Before the law went into effect, the law required people who wanted to be donors to opt into a program where they were registered. If they were not registered, the family members would make the decision, in which nearly one-third of cases resulted in a refusal to donate.

Now the law works in the opposite way, as all citizens are not automatically considered donors unless they go out of their way to register in the National Rejection Register. This signifies that the citizen, once dead, refuses to donate any of their organs or, if they wish, a specific organ.

France’s biomedicine agency called the change necessary and said,

 “In the name of national solidarity, the principle of presumed consent was chosen. The law says that we are all donors of organs and tissues, unless we have expressed our refusal.”

A donor can also leave a signed form with a family member that states that they are opposed to donating their organs, which the family member can present at the time of death. Since these forms can be forged, it leaves some question of whether families that are vehemently against organ donation will falsely sign the document. Aside from the legal repercussions of this move, moral consequences should be considered as well. With 19,000 people currently on the organ transplant list, not agreeing to donate a person’s organs postmortem could mean death for one or more citizens waiting for a miracle.

If all else fails, France could consider better educating the public on the benefits of organ donation and addressing the reasons people give for refusing to donate. A better educated public could mean a world of difference for patients waiting for an organ and decrease the number of people that register on the refusal list.


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