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Venezuela’s Supreme Court Blocks U.S. Regime Change*

Venezuela’s Supreme Court Blocks U.S. Regime Change*

By Adam Garrie

In another blow against American attempts to rig democratic processes, the Supreme Court of Venezuela has annulled the impeachment of socialist President Nicholas Maduro. This represents a big setback for American puppet opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski, who has pushed hard to erode Bolivarism in the only OPEC member with a socialist government (honourable mention to Algeria in this respect).

In a statement reported by RT, the Supreme Court issued a further warning to Congressional trouble markers saying that such individuals must cease to:

“convene and carry out acts that alter public order, instigations against authorities and public powers, as well as other actions outside the constitutional rights and legal order”.

For years, under both the Bush and Obama administrations, the U.S. had tried to subvert the legitimacy of the late Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro. They engineered riots with help from their friends in the super-rich opposition, but all attempts failed. No colour revolution came to Caracas.

This will be a further embarrassment to an Obama administration that has quietly lost control over much of Latin America.

By contrast, Russia continues to have good relations with Venezuela. Last year Vladimir Putin became the recipient of the first Hugo Chavez peace prize.

The only recent U.S. regime change victory in Latin America was the ousting of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, but even this hasn’t taken the ‘B’ out of the BRICS.

Latin America was once the fertile CIA playground for regime change, it looks like this era has ended. Venezuela’s socialist course shall not be shaken by Washington.


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British Connection to the ‘Anti-Trump fake news’*

British Connection to the ‘Anti-Trump fake news’*

By Alexander Mercouris

Disclosure that the author of the ‘Trump Dossier’ is a former British intelligence agent comes just days after media reports circulated that it was British intelligence that first alerted U.S. intelligence in October 2015 of Russia’s supposed interference in the U.S. Presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump.

This in turn begs the question of what if any role Britain has had in the whole scandal?

Britain has been one of the leaders of the recent Western campaign against Russia.  Whilst there are powerful dissenting voices within the political establishments of the three other major E.U. states (Germany, France and Italy) against this campaign, there are essentially none in Britain.  The whole British establishment and the entirety of the British media have been united in pushing the anti-Russian narrative and have done so relentlessly.  My early initial hopes that the duo of Theresa May and Boris Johnson might effect a change of course have been dashed.

In saying this it is important to add that this relentlessly hostile attitude to Russia – which goes beyond anything I remember in the Cold War – is an elite phenomenon.  The comments on threads of articles concerning Russia in the British media show there is widespread skepticism on the subject amongst the British public, whilst the result of the Brexit referendum shows that in Britain as in the U.S. the attempt to mobilise British voters by conjuring up a Russian scarecrow was an electoral failure.

Nonetheless the extent of the British establishment’s hostility to Russia, and its delusions about the extent of Britain’s power, was shown up clearly during the two parliamentary debates during the Aleppo battle, when an unhealthily large number of British MPs pressed the British government to intervene militarily against Russia on behalf of the Jihadis in eastern Aleppo.

The public comments of British intelligence officials show that Britain’s intelligence agencies are fully part of this anti-Russian British establishment consensus.

As readers of the British media cannot fail to notice, the single thing which has alarmed the British establishment most about Donald Trump is precisely the fact that he favours detente with Russia.  In the case of the Guardian this has become personalised to the point where Trump and Putin have become practically conflated as detested enemies of the neo-liberal order.

It is not difficult to see how in this climate paranoid fears about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, and Russia’s interference in US electoral politics to engineer Donald Trump’s victory, might gain a receptive audience and take hold in Britain.

The problem is that some of this paranoia seems to have floated across the Atlantic, where it has been picked up by equally anti-Russian and paranoid people within the U.S. intelligence community and political establishment.  The tight connection between U.S. and British intelligence, which has been long know about but which was further exposed by Edward Snowden, makes this inevitable.

Not the least of Donald Trump’s priorities if he is really serious about improving relations with Russia will be to call the British and especially their intelligence services to order.


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Should a Country Like France Be Indicting African Leaders?

Should a Country Like France Be Indicting African Leaders?

By Torinmo Salau

France is a major corrupting influence in Africa

Teodorin Obiang, vice-president of Equatorial Guinea, is on trial in France for plundering the nation’s treasury to fund his aristocrat lifestyle. Obiang, who is also the son of Equatorial Guinea’s president, faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of corruption, money laundering and embezzlement. Obiang stayed away, but his lawyer requested that the trial be suspended on the grounds that his client had not been given enough time to prepare his defense in a complex case, having been summoned to trial just three weeks ago.

“We’re not talking about a moped theft charge,” said Emmanuel Marsigny, his lawyer, in Paris.

Lawyer William Bourdon, who represents Transparency International, which helped bring the case, accused the defense of trying to paralyse the judicial system through a series of “opportunistic” and “malicious” manoeuvres. Obiang’s trial came after two non-governmental organisations targeting corruption and an association of Congolese citizens living abroad launched a lawsuit in France nearly 10 years ago. The lawsuit was launched against leaders in nearly a half-dozen African countries, including the late Gabon president Omar Bongo, charging them with using state funds during or after their tenures to buy properties and luxury goods in France.

Obiang allegedly bought up to 15 cars in France for 5.7 million euros (currently $6 million) and once splashed nearly 20 million euros at an art auction. However, Swiss authorities opened a preliminary investigation last year, and the U.S. filed claims in 2011 against his U.S.-held assets worth more than $70 million, alleging they were the proceeds of corruption.

But can France hold African leaders to account, because the nation has had its own share of corruption scandals involving high-ranking public officials, the defence and public works are said to be the most affected by corruption? Transparency International concluded in its annual report for 2011 that France does not do enough to stop corruption.

 “There will be no lasting progress in the fight against corruption in France with an increase in vigilance and citizen engagement. For a start they need to stop voting for elected officials convicted of dishonest conduct,” Daniel Lebègue, president of the agency’s French section told French daily Le Figaro.

Teodorin Nguema Obiang is famous for his love of fancy cars and his playboy lifestyle.


Political corruption studies include the presidential campaign 2007 finance investigation in the value of 150,000 euros from Liliane Bettencourt to Nicolas Sarkozy.  Jacques Chirac was accused of using public funds for his election campaign in Paris in the 1990s. On 15 December 2011, Chirac was found guilty and given a suspended sentence of two years. He was convicted of diverting public funds, abuse of trust and illegal conflict of interest.

Bribery investigations from South Africa to France are ongoing, including bribery claims of Jacques Chirac, Dominique de Villepin and Jean-Marie Le Pen bribery claim from Gabon ex-president Omar Bongo. Alstom has been under investigation in France and Switzerland for allegedly making improper payments of US$200 million for contracts for Brazil’s Itá hydroelectric plant, for São Paulo’s subway expansion and for other major works in Venezuela, Singapore, and Indonesia. The Mexican government has penalised Alstom and in 2007 the European Commission’s antitrust authority fined Alstom €65 million for price fixing with competitors.

Since the disclosure of budget minister Jéröme Cahuzac and his secret hidden bank account in Switzerland, many others have been implicated. “The most common public corruption is among local and not national authorities in France. The council members and mayors are in closer proximity to local business people,” Jacques Terray, the Vice President of Transparency International in France, told The Local at the time.

But is France pursuing a neo-colonial policy in Africa?

Is it continuing Francafrique, the term coined to describe the country’s relationship with its former African colonies, in which it supported unpopular African politicians in order to advance and protect its economic interests?

After independence, France still needed Africa’s natural resources, particularly its oil – and Africa needed French investment.

This dependence allowed France to position itself as the guardian of its former colonies. In the decades following independence, France supported the lavish lifestyles of African dictators while their people endured extreme poverty. African leaders, well aware of France’s need for their countries’ resources, adopted the same manipulation tactics once used on them. So, after supporting a the Biafra war in Nigeria, overthrowing several presidents, collapsing Guinea’s economy and bribing leaders to support its interests, France started to lose the control that it once exercised in Africa.

Protests against France escalated to violence in several countries. Although France’s control over its former colonies had weakened, the colonies still needed French investors – and this reliance allows some networks to persist today.


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Obama Authorizes DHS to Overturn Election*

Obama Authorizes DHS to Overturn Election*

By Baxter Dmitry

In a last-ditch effort to declare that Trump was “elected illegally” and block him from taking office, the Obama administration has decreed that elections are now federalized for the first time in United States history.

U.S. election systems will now be treated as “critical infrastructure” the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced Friday in a move some are describing as a major federal overreach and an attempt at blocking the Trump presidency by declaring the election “tainted” and “illegal.”

In a letter to the Associated Press, Johnson revealed the U.S. government can now “monitor and intervene” elections, a process previously handled on a state-by-state basis to provide checks and balances and prevent the ruling party in Washington D.C. using their power to rig elections.

Given the vital role elections play in the country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law,” Johnson stated.

The designation “allows for information to be withheld from the public when state, local and private partners meet to discuss election infrastructure security – potentially injecting secrecy into an election process that’s traditionally and expressly a transparent process,” according to AP.

We’re having trouble understanding exactly what they’re going to do, that we’re not already doing,” said Connecticut Secretary of State Denise W. Merrill, who heads the national secretaries association, told The Associated Press.

States were already doing much of this (security work) themselves using very different products.

Why would they do this with just over a week until Trump takes office? Trump will overturn it when he is inaugurated.

This is the plan:

With 13 days left of Obama’s presidency, they plan to use the new law to state that Trump was illegally elected and, while they are still in power, overturn the election. Operating outside of Congress and outside of law, they are unconstitutionally attempting to overthrow the democratic will of the people.

Unconstitutionally they plan to hold new elections – overseen by Democratic insiders like Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, and Bill Clinton.

They would be not be creating new laws like this unless they have plans. They have already tried to delegitimize Trump’s presidency by tainting him with the allegations that Russia “hacked the election.” They have already tried to have recounts. They have already tried to have electors turn against Trump. They have already tried to demonize Trump and say he’s a Russian agent. Everybody who asks difficult questions or isn’t a true blue Democrat is smeared as a Russian agent.

This was the propaganda campaign, disseminated via mainstream media, preparing the groundwork to declare the election null and void. Now comes the last roll of the dice to block Trump.

Coups and staged elections happen all over the world, all of the time. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now happening here.


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Abortions Banned in Russian City for 1 Day in memory of Biblical ‘massacre of innocents’*

Abortions Banned in Russian City for 1 Day in memory of Biblical ‘massacre of innocents’*

Abortions have been banned for one day at all public medical institutions in a central Russian city, in symbolic memory of the biblical ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ in Bethlehem by King Herod.

The step was taken at the initiative of the local diocese and regional health authorities.

“On this day all public health institutions of the Yaroslavl Region are prohibited to perform abortions; certain events have been scheduled aimed at combating the murder of babies in the womb and protecting the priceless value of motherhood,” the press service of the Archdiocese of Yaroslavl said on Wednesday.

The organizers behind the initiative have also urged private clinics to join the abortion ban.

The campaign was launched in symbolic memory of the

“Bethlehem babies murdered by King Herod, who wanted to kill the infant Jesus when he was born.”

Although there is no information about the massacre of the infants on the orders of Roman King Herod in ancient historical sources, it is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew and later Christian texts. The Bethlehem innocents are revered by Christians as saints, as they were the first to suffer for Christ.

The Yaroslavl diocese also plans to carry out a ‘Candle of Memory’ campaign both for the infants killed by Herod and those who die as a result of abortion.

According to Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Olga Golodets, for every 1.9 million newborn babies in Russia, there are 700,000 abortions.

The head of the Women for Life movement, Natalya Moskvitina, has other figures, however – she claims some 70% of pregnancies in Russia are consciously aborted.

“Seventy percent of pregnancies end in abortion. Three-quarters of marriages end in divorce during the first four years of life together. Every three seconds a baby is killed in abortion clinics,” Moskvitina said, referring to figures obtained in the fall of 2016, as cited by Interfax news agency.

According to Moskvitina, abortions are business in the first place, and those who are involved in it tell people that it is a “principle of freedom.”

“It is legalized, and every woman faces this terrible choice. No one tells her […] the norm is to fight for your child,” she said.

The Interreligious Council of Russia has expressed concern over mass abortion. Last summer, the council – consisting of leaders and representatives of Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism – pointed out in a statement that Russia has one of the highest abortion rates in the world, stating that “the number of the violently aborted lives in mothers’ womb on various estimations totals to a million or even exceeds a million.”

In September last year, Patriarch Kirill signed a petition calling for a ban on abortions covered by Russian medical insurance. It had been launched by the public movement For Life and was backed by over 300,000 people, including Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar, Supreme Mufti of Russia Talgat Tadjuddin, and Russian Ombudsman for Children Rights Anna Kuznetsova.

Kuznetsova, who is herself a mother of six, noted Russia already has an anti-abortion program in the form of special consultation rooms at medical centers, yet in 2015, only some 266 women consulted specialists in this program, a mere 25 percent of them deciding against having an abortion.

Although the petition only called for abortions to be excluded from the list of medical services covered by universal healthcare, Christian pro-life activists behind it said it was only the first step towards a full ban on abortion, which they will be pushing for in future.

However, a nationwide public opinion poll conducted soon after the petition was launched showed that an overwhelming majority of Russians are against the initiative. According to the results of the research conducted by state-owned VTSIOM, 72 percent of Russians are currently against a legislative ban on abortions, while 21 percent said that they would support such move. Only 4% of respondents said they considered the procedure unacceptable under any circumstances.


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Guyana Internet Users Blacklisted Over Cyber-Security Concerns*

Guyana Internet Users Blacklisted Over Cyber-Security Concerns*

591f5-aa-internet-computer-outlet-being-plugged-into-world-good-oneBy Dennis Adonis

Residents of Guyana who rely on the internet to handle online banking and online payment processing with a number of US banks and payment gateways, may soon be unable to do so after several US-based payment processors have decided to blacklist a number of internet protocol (IP) ranges that are being used by Guyanese to handle online transactions and general internet usage.

The Guyana Guardian was reliably informed that the IP blocking is occurring because several of the IP addresses that are owned by local telecommunications company GTT were discovered to be (possibly inadvertently) involved in large-scale spamming and other internet security incidents that can compromise the security of a company’s online systems.

As such, several U.S. companies including PayPal, Bank of America and Google Pay have already implemented an outright ban on several GTT-owned IP ranges, thus making it almost impossible for persons to access any online payment system that is operated by those American companies.

Several other U.S., Canadian and U.K. companies are also expected to automatically add the blacklisted Guyana IP ranges to their cyber-security watch lists.

While the banning of the Guyanese IP ranges will have a negative impact on hundreds of Guyanese households and businesses whose internet connections are tied to the blacklisted IP ranges, Michael Denny, a former cyber security expert at Microsoft, told the Guyana Guardian that the actions taken by the U.S. companies such as PayPal are generally automatic and are often reversed once certain security elements in relation to the affected IP ranges are addressed and reported.

He noted that internet users in Guyana are probably being bundled into one set of IP ranges because the internet service provider (GTT) might be experiencing a possible IP address exhaustion crisis.

This option can, however, be problematic once one computer on the shared IP address is infected by a spambot, a hacker or a virus, which can then compromise the security and safety of other computers on the network.

And though this is nothing new, he explained that it is often disadvantageous for consumers and companies who might be relying on ecommerce for their personal and corporate use, since even a single network security breach can potentially harm an entire network.

Outside of the international financial services sector, the internet search giant, Google, has also implemented an automatic spam security check whenever a search query is made during peak periods from any local computer or phone that is tied to the blacklisted IP address range.

This security feature by Google would now require Guyanese web searchers to enter a specific spam check code or go through an image select security process aimed at verifying that the search entry was not from a spambot that might be present on the same IP range.

And once the correct security response is entered, only then would Google’s systems process the search or usage request.

However, several local individuals and businesses that are familiar with virtual private network (VPN) tunneling have been retaining the technology from various U.S. service providers, so as to ensure that their online transactions are not caught up in the IP blacklisting debacle.

Efforts to solicit a comment or an explanation from Guyana’s GTT about the issue proved to be futile.

On the other hand, communications staff from PayPal told the Guyana Guardian that a public statement on such an issue is not a necessity since its online payment systems would generally blacklists and whitelists of IP ranges from various countries automatically every day.

And since the IP blacklisting scenario with Guyana is not a unique occurrence, a public statement is not a necessity.

Guyana, like practically most Caribbean countries, does not enjoy the presence of cyber security engineers, and is also suffering from a severe lack of real professional IT expertise to address issues such as IP blacklisting.


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The Real Cause of the 2016 Mumps Outbreak*

The Real Cause of the 2016 Mumps Outbreak*

Surprise! It wasn’t unvaccinated kids. Action Alert!

A recent article in Scientific American upends the conventional wisdom about what caused the recent spike in mumps in the US. In 2016 there were about 4,000 cases across the U.S.; in 2010, there were about 2,000.

If you followed the mainstream press and a number of opportunistic politicians, the answer was clear: unvaccinated kids were the cause. Parents who didn’t vaccinate their kids according to the government’s schedule were vilified and derided in the opinion columns of newspapers and magazines, and state politicians like Sen. Richard Pan of California used the hysteria to enact legislation (SB 277) that eliminated parents’ right to decide whether and how to vaccinate their children.

The idea that unvaccinated kids was the cause of the uptick in mumps cases doesn’t hold up. According even to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a staunch supporter of the government vaccination schedule, most mumps patients said they had received both shots of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. The states with the most cases of mumps had vaccination rates of 90% or higher—a threshold where herd immunity should exist if it is ever going to exist. (The herd immunity hypothesis states that a very high percentage of a community must be vaccinated in order to protect everyone (the herd) from a disease. This is supposed to work because there are not enough vulnerable individuals to allow the disease to spread. The hypothesis does not hold up.

Mumps has occurred in schools that have a 98% vaccination rate. It is also spreading among vaccinated kids on college campuses. At the University of Missouri, there were 193 reported cases of mumps, and all patients treated by the university had received two MMR shots.

If it wasn’t unvaccinated kids spreading mumps, then what caused the outbreak?

Some scientists—including Dr. Paul Offit, who wants to expand the government schedule of vaccines even more and who has a notorious conflict of interest—are suggesting that the reason for the increase in mumps cases is due to the waning effectiveness of the vaccine. Some think that the vaccine may not fit the current strain of mumps. Of course, those who think, like Offit, that kids could get 10,000 vaccines at once and be perfectly fine will see this evidence and suggest that kids should get an additional MMR shot! Note that the MMR has been considered perhaps the second riskiest shot. Note also that the mumps vaccine might be safer if it weren’t combined with the others, but no one in the medical establishment wants to acknowledge that point.

Without the false herd immunity argument, the case for forcing all kids to get vaccinated collapses. If the underlying assumption is false, then there’s no rationale for removing non-medical exemptions to vaccination—unless the true goal is not to increase public safety, but to guarantee profits for the vaccine industry!

Action Alert! Write to your state legislators and ask them to protect important vaccine exemptions. Please send your message immediately.


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Rebirth of Britain’s Modern Day Spying Operations*

Rebirth of Britain’s Modern Day Spying Operations*

Prior to Edward Snowden’s disclosures of numerous global surveillance programmes run by the NSA and Britain’s GCHQ along with the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments, we would never have known what our government were up to when it comes to spying and mass surveillance. It’s one thing to spy on other countries considered adversaries, it’s another to find out you personally are the target of surveillance, which is now the case.

For many who have kept up with the surveillance story, it is common knowledge that Britain and its American counterparts have been universally breaking the law by the very nature of its covert activities. After all, why do you need to comply with the law if no-one knows what you’re doing! The fact that leaks by whistleblowers have made us aware of these activities is the only reason why lawmakers have been scrambling to create laws to fit the crime in the first place.

What many people may not know is how all this surveillance started and how it escalated. Government spying is nothing new, what is new is the increasingly more powerful software and hardware in IT and expansion of satellite and communication systems.

Whilst not the first of its type, the ECHELON program was originally created in the 1960s to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies throughout the Cold War by Britain and America.

By the late 90’s, ECHELON had expanded to become the first real global system for the interception of private and commercial communications. Officially, this spying system was not only kept secret but was thoroughly denied even when the European Parliament got good evidence of its existence, which was developed in Sunnyvale, California and Menwith Hill in England.

Far from just spying on other countries for national security reasons, ECHELON was being used to gather Europe’s sensitive industrial secrets and pass them to British or American rivals. A year-long investigation by the European Parliament concluded with a report that genuinely shocked many MEP’s and ended with Britain being singled out as a thoroughly ‘untrustworthy‘ member the EU for being the western outpost of the American spy network located in the heart of Europe.

The Guardian newspaper in Britain summarised the capabilities of the Echelon system in 2001 but at the time, clearly did not understand the sheers scale of the programme:

“A global network of electronic spy stations that can eavesdrop on telephones, faxes and computers. It can even track bank accounts. This information is stored in Echelon computers, which can keep millions of records on individuals. America flatly denies that it exists, while the U.K. government’s responses to questions about the system are evasive.”

Although hard to prove by its covert nature, it was alleged sometime in 2000, that the U.S. used ECHELON to beat the European consortium Airbus on a huge aircraft deal with Saudi Arabia. In this case, to confuse matters, the British were surprised to find that the Blueprints in question had been stolen by German spies and handed to the Americans.

In the meantime, the loyalty of Britain to the U.S. was seriously put into question by the E.U. when it was confirmed that Menwith Hill in Yorkshire was used to spy on European targets including business leaders, politicians, diplomats and for the purposes of industrial espionage.

At the time, the U.K. government refused to confirm the findings in the Euro report, which was a huge diplomatic embarrassment, confirming

“Only threats to the supply of energy, commodities and raw materials or attempts to manipulate or undermine financial markets would justify interception.”

The British government deliberately lied to its E.U. partners – again.

Back then, the additional worry of MEP’s was that ECHELON could evolve into something like a ‘cyber secret police’ that would eventually erode individuals right to privacy. How right they were, as this is exactly what we have today in Britain (READ: British Gov’t Spying On You – Dog Fouling, Sun-Bed Use, Toy Sales, Theatre Tickets, Feeding Pigeons).

By 2015, The Intercept published as part of the Snowden revelations, newsletters that finally confirmed the existence of the ECHELON spying programme, designed by the NSA in 1966 and used, in part, by Britain to spy on its European partners.


“Despite sporadic continuing press reports, people who complained about the program — which, automatically searched text-based communications using a dictionary of keywords to flag suspicious content — were routinely dismissed as conspiracy theorists.”


The result of all this spying and espionage is that the biggest rift between British and its European spy counterparts that some would have classed as ‘partners’ has now emerged. IntelNews reported just three weeks ago that “the Germans accuse Britain of working with the United States to spy on Berlin, while the British government says German intelligence agencies cannot be trusted to safeguard classified information” and that the lack of cooperation “has now reached the point where there is virtual radio silence” between German and Anglo-American intelligence agencies.”

Examples of industrial espionage included the gear-less wind turbine technology designed by the German firm Enercon and the speech technology developed by the Belgian firm Lernout & Hauspie. The American defence contractor Raytheon won a US$1.3 billion contract with the Government of Brazil after it reported (spy evidence from the NSA via ECHELON) French competitor Thomson-Alcatel had been paying bribes to get the contract to monitor the Amazon rainforest. Clearly, this incident was merely scratching the surface of commercial theft by Britain and America.

Political and commercial spying was no barrier in the end as Britain and America were even spying on the Royal family.

“ECHELON was confirmed to be the source of a spying operation that included Princess Diana (right up to the night of the fatal car-crash) with 1056 documents being classified as ‘TOP SECRET” – “because their disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security” These documents have never been released.”

It was also confirmed that ECHELON was used by Margaret Thatcher to spy on British cabinet ministers, members of the United Nations, the conversations of the 7th and 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-Moon and many others. It was also leaked by whistleblower Margaret Newsham, a computer programmer heavily involved in ECHELON that the system was also being used to spy on U.S. political figures and that it was indeed designed to do so in the first place.

Britain’s exit from the E.U. is placing even more strain on relations amongst the spying fraternity in the 28 nation bloc with information flows already being held back and Germany threatening to sue for access to British spy files, while France reels from recent information that the USA, Germany and Britain collaborated to spy on them and other E.U. members.

Airbus have now confirmed they are to sue the NSA for the huge loss of business (at the time worth $4billion) and confirmed

The spying scandal shows that the intelligence agencies have a life of their own and are uncontrollable,” said the senior Left Party representative Martina Renner.

“There have to be personnel consequences and public prosecutors must investigate.”


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Judge Orders DOJ to Release Files on Secret Spying Program ‘Project Hemisphere’*

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