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10-Year-Old Schoolgirl Set on Fire, Thrown into Dry Well for Fighting Off Gang Rape

10-Year-Old Schoolgirl Set on Fire, Thrown into Dry Well for Fighting Off Gang Rape

In a gruesome incident, two men in the Eastern Indian district of Seraikela-Kharsawan stripped a 10-year-old schoolgirl, doused her in kerosene, set her on fire, and threw her in a dry well for resisting gang rape and trying to escape. The poor child suffered burns to 60% of her body and is battling for her life in Jamshedpur’s Tata Main Hospital.

According to The Hindustan Times, the Grade 4 student was playing outside her home in Seraikela-Kharsawan district’s Kandra village when two men tried to lure her with sweets. When she refused, they abducted her and brought her to a nearby stone-crushing unit where they stripped her and tried to rape her.

When she fought back and tried to escape, the two men caught her, poured kerosene on her, set her ablaze, threw her in an abandoned dry well in an attempt to kill her, and then swiftly fled the scene. It was only when a passerby heard her cry that she was pulled out by the villagers, and taken to a nursing home with severe burns

The Jharkhand State Police have registered attempt to rape and murder charges against two unidentified men, who are yet to be found. Although the police have reported to have recovered a Jerry can, match sticks and burned clothes belonging to the girl from the scene of the crime, they are struggling to find witnesses despite the assault being carried out early in the morning.

Sumeet Kumar, Seraikela-Kharsawan district’s sub-divisional police officer, told The Indian Express:

“The victim gave her statement to the police. We have registered a case. The girl said that she could identify the men, but did not know them by name. We have detained seven suspects. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the couple had marital discord. The woman also had two other children, who lived with the parents. But, they are missing.

“Detailed investigations are required to verify the claims. The sequence of events is yet to be established. Nobody seems to have seen the incident, even though it was daylight and the place is not secluded. The husband and wife had earlier fought violently, leading to a complaint at the police station. We are investigating.”

However, Kandra police station’s in-charge Arvind Kumar Singh said since the girl’s family moved to Kandra from West Bengal only two years ago, the police are also investigating if an acquaintance may have been involved in the brutal assault.

India, which is thought to have the largest number of sexually abused children in the world, saw a 151% rise in child rapes between 2009 (5,484) and 2014 (13,766). National Crime Record Bureau data reveals that a minor is sexually abused every 30 minutes in India.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. According to a study on child abuse by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, most children do not report the matter to anyone due to a lifetime of stigma attached with it.

Prompted by the gang-rape of two minor girls in India’s capital New Delhi in October 2015, the Madras High Court recommended castration as a punishment for those who rape children, in order to deter such sexual assaults on minors.

Justice N Kirubakaran, noting that several countries including the U.S., Poland, Russia and South Korea had introduced castration to deal with child sex offenders, suggested an order issued in connection with the case of a British national accused of sexually abusing an Indian teenage boy in 2011:

“Traditional laws are not stringent enough to yield any desired positive result. Though the suggestion of castration looks barbaric, barbaric crimes should definitely attract barbaric models of punishment and the very thought of the punishment should deter the culprit from committing the offense. This court is sure that additional punishment of castration of child rapists would fetch magical results in preventing and containing child abuses.

“When the law is ineffective and incapable of addressing the menace, this court cannot keep its hands folded and remain a silent spectator, unmoved and oblivious to the recent happenings of horrible blood-curdling gang-rapes of children in various parts of India. It would not only be injustice done to the child abuse victims, but would also amount to violation of the oath taken by this court.”


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U.S. Intensifies Operations in Syria and Iraq amidst Syrian Truce*

U.S. Intensifies Operations in Syria and Iraq amidst Syrian Truce*

By South Front

Dense artillery and rocket shelling was reported in southern Aleppo on January 9 and January 10 as government forces and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham-led coalition of militant groups were targeting each other in the area. This clearly showed that the Syrian army and its allies still need to conduct a number of offensive operations west and southwest of Aleppo in order to build a buffer zone around the city and to defend populated areas from a shelling by militant groups.

Clashes between the army and militant continued near the Salamiyah-Homs highway where Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and its allies launched an advance earlier this week. Militants have not achieved gains in the area, but their operation poses a threat to a government supply line to Aleppo. The Syrian military is deploying reinforcements.

Kurdish YPG forces, backed up by the U.S.-led coalition, have seized a high number of villages, including Jib Shaair, Saryan, Harmalah and Al-Hedy, from ISIS terrorists in the province of Raqqah. The course of the U.S.-backed advance shows that its goal is to close the ISIS-held pocket northwest of al-Raqqah prior to moving closer to ISIS defense lines around the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed capital. In turn, ISIS implements a fluid defense approach, withdrawing to prepared defense sites near al-Raqqah and tactically counter-attacking against U.S.-led forces in a number of directions.

The Turkish Armed Forces and pro-Turkish militant groups are flanking the ISIS-held town of al-Bab from the eastern direction. Turkish forces have seized the village of Zammar and engaged ISIS units in Bzaah and Suflania. If Turkish forces success, Qabasin, a key ISIS defense site east of al-Bab, will become their next target. The Turkish Army and pro-Turkish militants are seeking to encircle al-Bab in order to set a foothold for a successful operation to retake this town from ISIS. All previous attempts to enter and seize al-Bab from only one direction – the western – have failed, inflicting notable casualties to pro-Turkish militants and the Turkish Army.

Members of the U.S. Special Forces have carried out a ground operation in the province of Deir Ezzor aimed at capturing leaders of the ISIS terrorist group, according to media reports and comments by U.S.-led coalition officials. The operation allegedly took place near some town north of the Deir ez-Zor provincial capital on Sunday.

According to media reports, the troops, who landed on four helicopters, spent about 90 minutes in the area, then left carrying ISIS captives and bodies. US forces allegedly intercepted a vehicle thought to be carrying senior ISIS members. [According to an anonymous source of The Washington Post] The raid resulted in killing of some 25 ISIS members and capturing of some 2 persons. The Pentagon’s unwillingness to provide a detailed comment about the operation shows that no really important member of the terrorist group was killed or captured by the U.S. Special Forces.

Washington increases its military activity against ISIS at the Syria-Iraq battleground as Damascus, Ankara, Moscow and Tehran are preparing for the so-called “Astana talks” that should propel a way to a political solution of the Syrian crisis.


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Child Genius Reveals Secret Geometric Pattern Hidden In the 4 Times Table*

Child Genius Reveals Secret Geometric Pattern Hidden In the 4 Times Table*

By Luke Miller

Seven year old math genius Amir shows us what happens to the 4 times table when you apply a Vedic mathematical principle called sutra digit sums. This is when you take the digits from a given sum and add them together- so in the example of 3×4=12 you would add the 1 and 2 which would give you 3. If you are given a number which is equal to double digits you add the double digit number you are left with after the initial sum until left with a 1 digit number. In the example of 12×4=48 you would add 4 and 8, giving you 12, then you would add the 1 and 2, giving you 3.

When you apply this formula to the 4 times table we are left with a beautiful geometric pattern which has significant symbolic meaning.

The 9 pointed star mentioned in the video is called the Enneagram- taken from Symbol Dictionary

An enneagram is a nine pointed star composed of three overlapping triangles.


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Israel Infiltrates U.K. Student Movement*

Israel Infiltrates U.K. Student Movement*

NUS Vice-President Richard Brooks was exposed plotting against President Malia Bouattia in secret footage

NUS Vice-President Richard Brooks was exposed plotting against President Malia Bouattia in secret footage


Israel is influencing student groups in the U.K., offering financial and strategic assistance to shape British politics, Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit has revealed.

An investigation by the Qatari broadcaster discovered that the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) received money from the Israeli embassy and attempted to influence the National Union of Students presidency election, and even oust its first Muslim president, Malia Bouattia, following her victory.

Michael Rubin, a parliamentary officer and pro-Israel activist who claimed to work “with the ambassador and embassy quite a lot,” told an undercover reporter that Bouattia was “really bad” and “awful.”

“We were campaigning for the person running against her because we didn’t want her to win,” said Rubin, who was at the time of the election chairman of the Labour Students group.

Malia Bouattia

Malia Bouattia


During the election campaign, Richard Brooks, NUS vice president, held “secret” meetings with Russell Langer, UJS campaign director, and Rubin.

“We’d have our secret little purpose meeting where we’d plan how to get moderate people with good politics and any number of things elected to certain places,” he said, adding that the group worked “quite closely together.”

The NUS represents more than four million students and last year  elected its first black, Muslim, female president, Malia Bouattia, a pro-Palestinian human rights supporter.

The anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement enjoys wide support at British universities and in June 2015 the NUS voted for a boycott. Unlike the NUS, the UJS, comprising 64 Jewish societies at British universities, strongly opposes the BDS movement.

Elsewhere, Adam Schapira, who ran an unsuccessful bid for the UJS presidency, told the undercover reporter:

“The Israeli embassy in the U.K. gives money to UJS.”

Schapira earlier worked with the Pinsker Centre, a campus-based think-tank which aims to “intelligently educate about Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Schapira confirmed to the reporter that the powerful American pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, is channelling money to British campuses through the Pinsker Centre.

“Groups like AIPAC gave some money,” he said.

You can watch the Al Jazeera investigation series here.


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