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Indigenous-Led Pipeline Resistance Camps Spread Across the U.S.*

Indigenous-Led Pipeline Resistance Camps Spread Across the U.S.*

Direct opposition to fossil fuel extraction projects continues to spread throughout the USA. Resistance camps mirroring the #NoDAPL encampments opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) have sprung up to resist the Sabal Trail, Trans-Pecos, Comanche, AIM, and Pilgrim Pipelines.

Water protectors are concerned about the threats to the environment posed by the fracking process and the boring that occurs when pipelines are constructed underneath waterways.

Trans-Pecos Pipeline – Texas

Like DAPL, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline (TPPL) project in West Texas is being built by a coalition led by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). Trans-Pecos is a 148 mile, 42 inch diameter, natural gas

intrastate pipeline designed to transport 1.4 billion cubic feet per day of clean-burning natural gas as part of an agreement with Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Mexico’s federal electricity commission.


Proponents of the pipeline say that bringing Mexico natural gas will help with the air pollution in Texas as Mexico will be able to close its coal power plants. Some also hope that the natural gas pipeline will ensure that their towns will get natural gas, as they use propane for heat.

In the Environment tab on, a statement made by Energy Transfer Partners, among headers of Dark Skies and Restoration, reads that:

During the initial conception stage of the pipeline and its proposed route, we selected a route that avoided and minimized the crossing of sensitive environmental resources as our base routing guideline.  This, coupled with avoidance of residences, defines the route initially and then the entire route is field verified by civil, environmental and cultural survey studies that further identify sensitive areas for the project to avoid.

Since 2015, dozens of archaeologists, landowners, ranchers, anarchists, and other concerned citizens have organized groups like the Big Bend Conservation Alliance, which is now called Big Bend Defense Coalition, to oppose the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. Issues from this pipeline have even had conservative ranchers asking the federal government to intervene to prevent construction.


TPPL is paid for by Mexico, and Mexico decided the pipeline’s route. Energy Transfer Partners is listed as a common carrier” in Texas, so they have “a great deal of leeway to override individuals’ property rights“. This gives ETP the ability to use eminent domain and/or cheaply buy-off citizen’s land to construct the pipeline.

In direct opposition to TPPL, direct actions, prayer, and ceremonies took place in Texas in late November. Just before the new 2017 calendar year, on December 30th, Two Rivers Camp in West Texas was formed.

Water protectors from the Society of Native Nations, and the Big Bend Defense Coalition founded the Indigenous-led Two Rivers Camp, or La Junta de los Rios, in Presidio County, Texas, to prevent the completion of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. A statement released by Two Rivers Camp explain their decision to begin a direct action campaign:

The Trans Pecos Pipeline (TPPL) is owned by Kelcy Warren, billionaire and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, the same company that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. The TPPL is a fracked gas pipeline that is being built through west Texas. It will go under The Rio Grande River into Mexico where the gas will be exported to various foreign countries. One hundred and forty three (143) miles of this pipeline is considered “intra-state,” which means it requires NO environmental, archaeological, socioeconomic, safety, routing or other studies or impact assessments have to be done or taken into consideration.

The TPPL will:

1) Go through the Chihuahuan Desert, which is one of the three most biologically diverse arid regions in the world.

2) Will destroy the delicate ecology on both sides of the border.

3) Go under the Rio Grande. In the event of a leak or an explosion, the methane from the gas could infiltrate the water aquifer that sits just 50 feet below the Rio Grande.

4) IF completed, FRACKING will begin to take place and this will bring on a whole new set of water contamination issues to a water source that is already scarce to the area.

5) The pressure testing of the pipeline ALONE is also going to use millions of gallons of water.

Energy Transfer Partners (company also behind DAPL) has forcibly taken land from 34 local landowners in the name of eminent domain, a legal process that should only be used to benefit the public. NO ONE in the United States will benefit from this pipeline but Kelcy Warren and his billionaire cronies.

On January 7th, a week after the camp was founded, two water protectors were arrested for locking down to construction excavators in a direct action that stopped construction for the day. In a video from the Jan. 7th action Two Rivers Camp organizer Frankie Orona states:

People are coming in from other states, people are coming down from North Dakota, the momentum’s growing and its growing here in Texas and that’s what we need. All the fracking that’s going to be happening here that’s gonna be contaminating not just the water, the land, the air, but sacred sites and land that’s owned by people who have lived here for generations and they’re feeling like they’re getting bullied.” – Frankie Orona

Another action involving lockdowns to construction equipment occurred during Saturday, January 15th. Two people who called themselves Earth Protectors, were arrested, one of whom was charged with felony criminal mischief as well as felony interference with a state machine.

Comanche Trail – Texas

Comanche Trail Pipeline is another Energy Transfer Partners pipeline project that, like the TPPL, originates from the “Waha Hub outside Fort Stockton, Texas in northern Pecos County”, and like the TPPL, goes to the Mexican border attaching to another pipeline with the sole purpose of bringing natural gas to Mexico. Comanche Trail is a 195 mile natural gas pipeline slated for a January 2017 completion date.

This pipeline had recently been halted by the federal government with a temporary restraining order in late 2016 due to lawsuits, border issues, and construction damages such as collapsing creeks and canals.

A couple of weeks ago, in late December, the official go-ahead to resume the project was granted, and a new round of direct opposition to, and direct actions against, the Comanche Trail Pipeline’s construction completion have begun.

In San Eli, Texas, on Wednesday, January 12th, 2017, two water protectors targeted Pumpco construction equipment, owned by ETP’s CEO Kelcy Warren, in attempts to stop work. One person locked down to the backhoe and another locked themselves underneath it.

With the newly created US-Mexico Energy Business Council (May 2016), pipeline projects such as the Trans-Pecos and the Comanche Trail will continue to grow in number, often endowed with an ability to supersede local laws and regulations.

Sabal Trail Transmission – Florida

The Sabal Trail Transmission is a three-state, $3 billion natural gas pipeline project that is due to be completed by June 2017. Partners in this joint ‘Sabal Trail’ project which starts in Alabama, goes through Georgia, and ends in Florida, are Spectra Energy Corp., with 59.5% ownership, NextEra Energy, Inc. with 33%, and Duke Energy with 7.5%.

Spectra Energy, the main owner of the Sabal Trail Pipeline, has a history of pipeline accidents, with a single pipeline (the Texas Eastern Transmission pipeline) causing over twelve million dollars in property damage in the last decade.

On Sabal Trail’s website, it’s written that the “underground pipeline will bring additional affordable, clean natural gas supplies to Florida“. Many opponents believe that it presents too many environmental risks. Some of those opponents, in late 2016, initiated the Springs not Pipelines action camp in an attempt to stop the Sabal Trial Pipeline.

In a report-back from the direct action camp, Panagioti Tsolkas states:

There is a bounty of reasons to oppose this project, from the regional threats our waterways and wild lands to the global impacts of climate change. For a few examples, the project is slated to impact 4,370 acres of forests, 1,958 wetland systems and 699 water-bodies; it will emit greenhouse gas and toxic pollutants through its compressor stations, not to mention the impacts from power plants that will burn the fuel for electricity and the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals that will process and store the fuel. Add to that the utter disregard for low-income/minority “environmental justice communities”—the Environmental Impacts Statement (EIS) acknowledged that 83.7% of the Project would cross or be within one mile of environmental justice populations, including 135 environmental justice communities. That is to say nothing of ongoing eminent domain proceedings and the potential impacts of leaks and combustion.” – Panagioti Tsolkas

Fourteen people were arrested in November for blocking equipment needed to continue construction at the site of the Santa Fe River. Resistance has continued through the winter and is growing. On January 12th, there was a die-in at the Florida State Capitol building in Tallahassee protesting the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

A January 14 press release by Stop Sabal Trail states that four camps, dubbed the “heartland camps” have now been created. A call-out for mass civil disobedience to stop the Suwannee River crossing construction took place on Saturday, January 14th, as hundreds of people marched and came together in a festive gathering in attempts to shut down the construction areas near Suwannee River.

With claims of the Sabal Trail being built through indigenous burial grounds and the continued concerns about the pipeline’s safety, this struggle will likely continue to become a focal point in the Southeast region of the United States of America.

Dakota Access Pipeline – Illinois

The historic autonomous #NoDAPL encampments continue near Cannonball, North Dakota, on 1851 treaty land, to preserve the Missouri River and prevent pipeline construction. As they move through the harsh winter conditions into mid-January of 2017, construction continues away from Lake Oahe, where the Army’s Dec. 4th denial of the Lake Oahe easement has prevented full boring under the Missouri River.

Dakota Access Pipeline Route (in Red), up to Patoka, Illinois – pic via The Bakken Magazine

Dakota Access Pipeline Route (in Red), up to Patoka, Illinois – pic via The Bakken Magazine


Two states away, in southern Illinois, a prayer action on December 18th, in which two people were arrested, brought to light that DAPL construction has yet to be fully completed.

A press release by Illinois water protectors, states that they have observed several active DAPL construction sites across southern Illinois. They stated that after noticing ongoing construction,

Water protectors from different communities across the state of Illinois, led by Lakota activists, met for a rally in Effingham, IL and then caravanned to conduct a water ceremony at the Kaskaskia River crossing.” – Illinois water protectors

In their statement from the Dec. 18th action, they detail how they were “met with an authoritarian presence; dozens of police and private unmarked security vehicles that followed our caravan.” Both of the two arrested water protectors have since had their charges dropped.

In response to the police endeavors, Laura, from the Illinois Water Protectors spoke to Unicorn Riot about their upcoming call-in action, dated for January 18th, the day of the original court date for the two arrests in December:

We demand accountability of our government officials to do their jobs. We are telling them to stop serving the interests of filling their own campaign contribution funds. Stop forcing the police to work against the communities they are supposed to protect. Finally, show some overdue respect to the people of this land who are entitled to the freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly, as well as having clean air, water, and earth in every community, and not just some communities. We are not going to stand for politicians to sit idle or to actively assist in the mass poisoning of human beings.” – Laura Doligosa

For further context on what is propelling these water protectors’ actions in Illinois, Indigenous activist Janie Pochel told Unicorn Riot:

Construction of DAPL in Illinois is not complete, and once again we see that police continue to work on behalf of ETCO, using intimidation and repression against water protectors. We will continue to fight them. There are many ways to fight: construction is not complete, permits can still be challenged and rescinded, the divestment campaign is still mounting, and we have found that DAPL has disturbed several Indigenous burial sites along the pipeline route. We call on communities across Illinois to commit to stopping this and all other pipelines, and to upholding the sovereignty and self-determination of native peoples across Turtle Island.

No more repression against native peoples and water protectors!

I have this radical idea that all this land is Native land. We have the right to pray on our lands, and water, just like we’ve done for thousands of years, but we have no freedom to practice our right.” – Janie Pochel

Recent changes in the political scene bringing a pipeline-friendly Trump administration make it likely that things will ‘heat up’ in the continuing resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Pilgrim Pipeline / Aim Pipeline Expansion – New Jersey

Pilgrim Pipeline, in the Northeast region of the USA, is being constructed by Pilgrim Holdings, LLC. to move oil through the region. “The 178-mile parallel underground pipelines will run between supply and distribution terminals in Albany and Linden, New Jersey.

Pilgrim Pipeline route (pic via QuenchNJ article)

Pilgrim Pipeline route (pic via QuenchNJ article)


The Ramapough Lenape Nation, a tribe recognized by the states of New Jersey and New York, but not the federal government, are still trying to clean up from years of toxic contamination of its lands by a Ford plant decades ago. Now they’re dealing with the new Pilgrim Pipeline and the expansion of the AIM pipeline

Map of the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Project

Map of the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Project


In efforts to protect their land from AIM and Pilgrim, a month or two ago, the Ramapough erected teepees and tents on their land and have had prayer gatherings and ceremonies at Split Rock Sweet Water Camp.

Mahwah, New Jersey officials have attempted to challenge the tribes erecting of the teepees saying that they need zoning permits and on December 29th, the Township of Mahwah “issued a Notice and Order of Penalty and Notice of Violation and Order to Terminate to the Ramapough Tribe regarding the Split Rock Sweet Water Camp. The Town of Mahwah is ordering the Ramapough Tribe to pay a total of $2,000 per week in penalties related to Split Rock Sweet Water. Other alleged violations carry a fine of up to $1,500 and 90 days in jail.

This resistance against these pipelines has been ongoing, as The ‘Montrose 9’, arrested for blockading the Spectra’s AIM pipeline in November of 2015, were recently (Friday, January 6th) sentenced to community service after being convicted of disorderly conduct.

This new map below, by acclaimed Indigenous mapmaker Aaron Carapella, entitled “Proposed Pipelines in Tribal Homelands“, shows all of the proposed and partially built pipelines going through tribal lands in North America and Mexico.


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Jeremy Corbyn Accused of Being Russian “Collaborator” for Questioning NATO Troop Build-Up on Border*

Jeremy Corbyn Accused of Being Russian “Collaborator” for Questioning NATO Troop Build-Up on Border*

By Glenn Grenwald

The leader of the U.K.’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, called for a “de-escalation” of tensions between NATO and Russia, adding in a BBC interview on Thursday:

“I want to see a de-militarisation of the border between them.”

Along with the U.S., the UK has been rapidly building up its military presence in the Baltic region, including states which border Russia, and is now about to send another 800 troops to Estonia, 500 of which will be permanently based.

In response, Russia has moved its own troops within its country near those borders, causing serious military tensions to rise among multiple nuclear-armed powers. Throughout 2016, the Russian and U.S. militaries have engaged in increasingly provocative and aggressive maneuvers against one another. This week, the U.S. began deploying 4,000 troops to Poland, “the biggest deployment of U.S. troops in Europe since the end of the cold war.”

It was in this context that Corbyn said it is

“unfortunate that troops have gone up to the border on both sides,” adding that

“he wanted to see better relations between Russia, NATO and the E.U.” The Labour leader explained that while Russia has engaged in serious human rights abuses both domestically and in Syria, there must be a “better relationships between both sides . . .  there cannot be a return to a Cold War mentality.”

The response to Corbyn’s call for better relations and de-escalation of tensions with Moscow was swift and predictable. The armed forces minister for Britain’s right-wing government, Mike Penning, accused Corbyn of being a collaborator with the Kremlin:

“These comments suggest that the Labour leader would rather collaborate with Russian aggression than mutually support Britain’s Nato allies. As with Trident, everything Labour says and does shows that they cannot be trusted with Britain’s national security.”

This is the same propagandistic formulation that has been used for decades in the west to equate opposition to militarism with some form of disloyalty or treason: if you oppose military confrontation with a foreign adversary or advocate better relations with it, then you are accused of harboring secret sympathy and even support for those foreign leaders, and are often suspected of being an active “collaborator” with (or “stooge” for) them.

This lowly smear tactic was, of course, deployed over and over during the Cold War with regard to those who argued for improved relations or a reduction of conflict with Moscow, but it has been repeatedly used since then as well every time it comes time to confront a new Foreign Villain (those opposed to the invasion of Iraq were pro-Saddam, those who opposed intervention in Libya were Gaddafi apologists, those who objected to War on Terror programs are terrorist-sympathizers, etc. etc.).

But this template has recently become super-charged, more widely invoked than ever, as a result of the starring role Russia now plays in U.S. domestic politics, where many Democrats blame them for Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Putin now occupies the role of Prime Villain in western discourse, and this Cold War rhetorical template – anyone opposing confrontation is a Kremlin operative or stooge – has thus been resurrected with extraordinary speed and ease.

The compelling justifications for Corbyn’s concerns about NATO/Russia tensions are self-evident. The U.S. and Russia have massive arsenals of nuclear weapons. As Lawrence Krauss detailed in the New Yorker in October, the two countries have come horrendously close to full-on, earth-destroying nuclear war on several occasions in the past, and the systems they still maintain are conducive to apocalyptic error through miscommunication, misperception and error, let alone direct military confrontation. As Krauss noted:

“In general, during the Obama Presidency, we have only deepened our dangerous embrace of nuclear weapons. At the moment, around a thousand nuclear weapons are still on a hair-trigger alert; as they were during the Cold War, they are ready to be launched in minutes in response to a warning of imminent attack.”

It is not hyperbole to say that perhaps nothing is more reckless, more dangerous, than ratcheting up tensions between these two countries. That’s what makes it so repellent and toxic to demonize those such as Corbyn as “collaborators” or traitors merely because they oppose this escalation and belligerence. But this is the script that – once again – is quickly becoming mainstream orthodoxy in both Washington and London.

Let us, for a moment, imagine if this framework were applied consistently rather than manipulatively. Democrats have been alarmed – rightfully so – by the preliminary belligerence of Trump and his top aides toward nuclear-armed China: accepting a call from Taiwan’s president, openly questioning the decades-old “One China” policy, suggesting the U.S. would militarily intervene to prevent Chinese control over nearby uninhabited islands (the latter was also suggested by the current head of the U.S. Pacific fleet).

But applying the prevailing Russia logic to these concerns, should one not accuse these Democrats objecting to confrontation with China of being “collaborators” with and apologists for the dictatorial regime in Beijing, which imprisons dissidents and tortures ethnic and religious minorities? Should we publicly ponder whether the liberal writers demanding that Trump cease his aggressive posture are being clandestinely paid by the Chinese Politburo or merely acting as “useful idiots” for it? Should those objecting to Trump’s belligerent policies be accused of siding with a dictatorial regime over their own President and country?

Of course none of those things should happen, because it is not only rational but morally compulsory to be deeply wary of those who seek to escalate tensions between countries with large nuclear arsenals. At the very least, one should be free to debate these policies without being smeared as a traitor. That applies to China, and it applies to Russia. And those who voice such concerns should not, as Corbyn just was, have their loyalties and integrity be impugned by our new Cold Warriors.

* * * * *

For the crucial context on NATO/Russia tension that is very rarely heard in the western press, I highly recommend these two items:

(1) This Foreign Affairs article by University of Chicago political scientist John J. Mearsheimer on the west’s relentless, aggressive march eastward up to Russian borders and its consequences;

(2) The passage of this interview with Noam Chomsky by German journalist Tilo Jung – beginning at 40:30 – that explains the crucial historical context of NATO’s march eastward toward Russia, how that is perceived in Moscow, and, most important of all, why the dangers this behavior creates are incomparable:


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Harriet Tubman Home Becomes National Historical Park*

Harriet Tubman Home Becomes National Historical Park*


Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn, New York will be preserved for visitors to learn about her life after the Civil War.

Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn, New York will be preserved for visitors to learn about her life after the Civil War.

Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn, New York will be preserved for visitors to learn about her life after the Civil War.

The Auburn, New York home of Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman has formally been established as the 414th unit of the National Park System. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell was joined by U.S. Senators Charles Schumer, Kristen Gillibrand, U.S. Congressman John Kato, as well as community and park partners at a signing ceremony on January 10.

7ab12-harriet-tubman-quote-on-slaveryThis latest addition to the park system commemorates the work of the fearless Underground Railroad conductor during her later years in life, when she was an active proponent of women’s suffrage, among other causes. The park is in Auburn, New York, where Harriet Tubman lived, worshipped, and cared for family members and other formerly enslaved people who sought a safe haven in the North.

“It is our great privilege to share in the stewardship of two national historical parks devoted to commemorating the life and work of Harriet Tubman,” said Secretary Jewell.

“These two parks preserve and showcase a more complete history of one of America’s pivotal humanitarians who, at great personal risk, did so much to secure the freedom of hundreds of formerly enslaved people. Her selfless commitment to a more perfect union is testament that one determined person—no matter her station in life or the odds against her—can make a tremendous difference.”



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One Man Helped to Rescue 6,000 Sex Trafficking Victims*

One Man Helped to Rescue 6,000 Sex Trafficking Victims*

Christopher Ashton Kutcher is a well-known figure in the American entertainment industry. Apart from acting, Kutcher is also an investor.

A venture capitalist, Kutcher has successfully invested in several high technology startups with some of his investments including Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb, Path and

But despite being a businessman and a public figure, societal problems are dear to his heart.

In 2008, Kutcher and his ex-wife, Demi Moore decided to tackle one of the more serious crimes facing our modern world – human/sex trafficking.

By basic definition, human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation. The trade is a modern form of slavery. It involves controlling a person through force, fraud, or coercion to exploit the victim.

Over the years, the United Nations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, human rights activists, and individuals have all stepped up efforts in order to end the trade. However, due to the high rate of unemployment and rising poverty levels in some nations, the trade is still secretly thriving. Also, with the rise of the Internet and technology, it is becoming increasingly easy for traffickers to lure people, especially young girls, into the dirty business.

Mostly, traffickers will hide on the deep web, using sophisticated gadgets to carry out their trade. Kutcher and Moore decided to concentrate their efforts on the Internet, to thwart the trade of the traffickers. They set up an organization called Thorn. Thorn’s mission is very simple: to eliminate sex-trafficking and child exploitation over the Internet. With the help of around 20 technology companies, they set up the Thorn Task Technical Force. Technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, Snapchat and Imgur are all part of this task force. They dedicate their time and resources to searching the darker corners of the Internet, hunting out traffickers who have been involving in trafficking innocent people.

Since establishing Thorn in 2008, the organization has so far, identified and rescued over 6,000 trafficking victims and captured over 2,000 traffickers – many of which are now in the process of facing criminal charges.

Chairman of the Thorn Technical Task Force, Jim Pitkow said as the world is improving with technology, so too will unscrupulous people improve on their advantage to carry out these activities, which impact negatively on our society.

“New innovations will always be adopted for both good and evil purposes. At Thorn, we tip the scales in favour of good by stopping exploitation and protecting our children,” Pitkow said.

Children are particularly vulnerable to this modern-day slavery. Children who are unfortunate enough to have a difficult background, such as parental neglect, family poverty or broken homes are lured into exploitation by the unscrupulous criminals.

According to activists, children of all races are lured into prostitution through trafficking, with the average age of these children being as low as 13.

In the United States, for example, every year, it is said that approximately 100,000 children become victims of trafficking.

This tells us the seriousness of the problem. If this number can be recorded, even in the United States, which is considered a developed country, what will it be for the poorer countries? Kutcher deserves our support.


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Minimal Aid from the U.N. for Aleppo Civilians*

Minimal Aid from the U.N. for Aleppo Civilians*

By R. Milhem/Ghossoun

Russian Defense Ministry said that the international humanitarian organizations did not provide any real assistance to Aleppo residents though the city has been liberated from terrorism and terrorists for a month already.

Spokesman of the Defense Ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov said Saturday in a statement “Surprisingly, after the period of super-close attention to Aleppo from international organizations, involved in humanitarian demining, a month later there are no initiatives to offer assistance to the people in that city.”

“Is the U.N. authority on demining and the Geneva international centre for humanitarian demining aware of the fact working in Aleppo since mid-December does not risk lives, and all roads to the city are absolutely free and safe? They do know, for sure,” Konashenkov added.

“This is also well known to UNISEF representatives and to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which are the U.N. key bodies for assistance to children and adults, who suffer from military actions”, he said.

Konashenkov pointed out that the Russian Coordination Centre, International Committee of the Red Cross and Syrian Arab Red Crescent provide the basic needs including medicines, food, potable water and clothes to Aleppo residents regularly.

Engineering units of the Syrian Army worked in cooperation with the Russian experts on combing the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city in preparation for the return of residents to their houses after the city was liberated from terrorists on 22nd December of the past year.


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U.N. Vaccine Program has Deliberately Killed Syrian Kids*

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One Way for U.S. to Keep More than an Eye on Guyana’s Oil*

One Way for U.S. to Keep More than an Eye on Guyana’s Oil*

At least fifty Guyanese are expected to benefit from a series of oil and gas related courses that will be offered by the University of Texas – Petroleum Extension, in association with the Caribbean Learning Portal, and

The first course which is part of a total of four short courses will begin on the 13 February 2017 and will conclude on the 10 March, 2017.

The initial course will provide an insight into the foundation aspects of oil and gas exploration, and is intended to be part of a series of courses that will equip participants with some working knowledge of petroleum exploration.

A certificate from the University of Texas – Petroleum Extension, will be issued to all participants upon successful completion of each course.

While major job opportunities are widely expected to become available in the local oil and gas sector when commercial export begins, Guyana does not have a qualified workforce in oil and gas to deal with such an impending demand.
This is largely due to the fact that the sector is relatively new, compounded by the fact that Guyana do not have an internationally recognize training school that is catered for the oil and gas sector.

And while several efforts are being made by local stakeholders to develop an oil and gas training program, Guyanese have been somewhat reluctant to endorse this move citing issues with international recognition.

But with the University of Texas being a leading international trainer in the field of oil and gas, the training and certification that is being offered to Guyanese by that institution would certainly address such concerns.

All of the courses will be conducted via distant learning, while local registration and facility support will be provided by (A subsidiary of Caribbean Learning Portal).

According to the program’s local representative, Ms. Malika Callender, registration for the first batch of oil and gas trainees will commence on Wednesday 18 January, 2017.

She advised that interested registrants can make further inquiries by contacting her during office hours at telephone number: 226-4738, WhatsApp: +592-610-2273 or email:

The initial registration fee is pegged at: US$25, while each of the four certificate courses starts from around $180 and upwards.

However, five scholarships are available for qualifying students who may not be in a position to subscribe to the required course fees.

With each course averaging at about four to five weeks in duration, and being done mostly online, she suggested that all four of the oil and gas programs can be completed within 3 to 4 months.


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