Nigerian Teen Invents Fan That Lasts 19 Hours Without Electricity*

Nigerian Teen Invents Fan That Lasts 19 Hours Without Electricity*

A 13-year-old Nigerian boy has invented a battery-operated fan that can last up to 19 hours when properly charged.

Ukoma Michael’s invention, branded Blue Wind, are made from aluminium and wires and come in two varieties including round and rectangular table top fans.

The ambitious young man has also beautified his craft by packaging them in cartons ready to sale.

Ukoma says his vision is to have a company of his own that will specialise in producing fans and aircrafts.

Blue Wind is a timely invention.

Earlier this month, a Nigerian newspaper published an opinion piece, titled, ‘Will 24-hour power supply ever become a reality in Nigeria?’

In it, the writer comments: “This has resulted in the use of generators to power homes, offices and stores, which has resulted in massive noise pollution.”

Adding: “We, the Nigerian youth, have to take charge because nothing is given to us in this part of the world.”

Ukoma has done just that.


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