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These Sculptures Tell the Story of the First Japanese Americans Sent to Camps*

These Sculptures Tell the Story of the First Japanese Americans Sent to Camps*

The memorial wall is 276 feet long—one foot for every Japanese person who lived on Bainbridge Island in 1942.

Credit: Paul Dunn

By Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn

Seventy-five years ago, U.S. soldiers took 227 people with Japanese ancestry from their homes on Bainbridge Island, Washington, to Seattle and put them on trains headed for concentration camps. They were the first in the nation to be rounded up after Executive Order 9066. Eventually, 120,000 people were made to live for years behind barbed wire.

In 1988 the U.S. government formally apologized, and reparations were paid. Every March 30, the community of Bainbridge gathers to heal. It built a memorial to those first victims, and it’s now a satellite of the National Parks Service Minidoka National Historic Site. It is a wall 276 feet long—one foot for every Japanese person who lived here in 1942. Along the memorial wall are six friezes by Seattle artist Steve Gardner, who believes the sculptures are particularly relevant today. Gardner remembers the Japanese community’s insistence that his works not merely tell a story:

Their hope was that it would resonate with people in a way that would make them treat others with love,” he said.


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El Salvador 1st Country to Ban Gold and Metal Mining to Protect the Environment*

El Salvador 1st Country to Ban Gold and Metal Mining to Protect the Environment*

The smallest country in Central America – El Salvador – has approved a law prohibiting all metal mining in an attempt to protect the environment and natural resources.

It is the first country in the world to do so.

The new law, supported by 70 lawmakers, bans all exploration, extraction, and processing of metals both in open pits and mines.

“It’s a historic day in El Salvador. It’s a historic day for the whole world,” Environment Minister Lina Pohl told reporters after a vote in Congress, as quoted by the Financial Times.

“This is a brave step, an extraordinary step, and an enormous step toward reversing the environmental degradation in this country,” she added.

The level of environmental pollution in El Salvador is one of the highest in the region, second only to Haiti, and the availability of drinking water is the lowest, according to U.N. data.

Mining is an industry whose primary and first victim is water. We are talking about an issue that is a life-or-death issue for the country,” said Andrés McKinley, a mining and water specialist at Central American University in San Salvador, as quoted by the New York Times.

The legislation was passed despite interest from international gold and silver mining companies.

In October, El Salvador won a lawsuit at the World Bank’s International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) against the Australian-Canadian miner OceanaGold Corp.

The company demanded $250 million compensation after El Salvador retracted an extraction permit in 2009. OceanaGold was instead obliged to pay the country $8 million in legal costs.

El Salvador has the population of about six million people and has a $25.9 billion gross domestic product.


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Modern Science Confirms Ancient Knowledge*

Modern Science Confirms Ancient Knowledge*

By Jason Martell

Recent advances in DNA research have established that there was an Eve who lived about 250 to 270 thousand years ago, a first mother from who all modern humans stem, no matter what their racial heritage.

[In 1987, scientists from the Universities of California and Michigan announced that all human beings descended from a single mitochondrial Eve: who lived in Africa.]

Then came news a few years later that there also was an actual Adam. Finally, genetic advances made test-tube babies possible by mixing the male sperm with the female egg and re-implanting it.

The knowledge that we have acquired corroborates what the Sumerians knew six thousand years ago. You wonder how is it possible, how could they know?

How, as another example, could their symbol of the entwined serpents, that we still use today to denote medicine and healing and biology, be 6,000 years ago, the symbol of Enki, who engaged in genetic engineering to bring about the Adam?

That was a symbol of the DNA, the double helix of DNA.

Notice in the image, the two entwined snakes and the ladder like ribbons between the serpents bodies…..does it remind you of anything?

What does the emblem of entwined serpents, the symbol for medicine and healing to this very day, represent?

The discovery by modern science of the double helix structure of DNA offers the answer: The entwined Serpents emulated the structure of the genetic code, the secret knowledge of which enabled the creation of the Adam.

The first man the Anunnaki created called the “Adam”.

So, you say, “Ok. There were Anunnaki.” Now, who were the Anunnaki and where were they from? The Sumerians say, “They came here from Nibiru.”

And you say, “What is Nibiru?” So they say, “It is one more planet in our solar system.”

Now, if you say,

“I’m really impressed by the Sumerian knowledge, and, maybe they knew what they were talking about regarding the Anunnaki.

But I don’t think there is another planet with these advanced beings on it near Earth.”

However, this is not science fiction.

“There is a tablet in the British Museum, its catalogue number is such and such; it was discovered in this and this place; the text was first published by this and this scholar, here is what it says.”

All the information, all the sources that I am giving, are academically, scientifically, scholarly known and accepted sources. At no time do I invent my own source.

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U.S. Cries ‘Power Grab’ Following Venezuela Supreme Court Ruling*

U.S. Cries ‘Power Grab’ Following Venezuela Supreme Court Ruling*

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro speaks with first lady Cilia Flores as they arrive to the Supreme Court, before delivering his state of the union address, in Caracas, Venezuela. (AP/Ariana Cubillos)


The U.S. government claimed Thursday that Venezuela’s top court had ‘usurped’  power from the country’ national assembly, after the Supreme Court made a statement about its responsibility to ensure the rule of law in a ruling on a constitutional interpretation on joint public-private ventures.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said,

“The United States condemns the Venezuelan Supreme Court’s March 29 decision to usurp the power of the democratically-elected National Assembly,” according to NBC News.

“We call for the government of Venezuela to permit the democratically-elected National Assembly to perform its constitutional functions, hold elections as soon as possible and to release all political prisoners.”

In a ruling on an appeal filed by the Venezuelan Corporation of Petroleum to Article 33 of the Organic Law of Hydrocarbons, the court stated that the National Assembly had authority to approve such ventures. The court ruled that since the National Assembly continues to be in contempt of the constitution, the top court will “ensure the rule of law” and will exercise parliamentary powers where necessary in the ruling issued today on the joint venture.

“As long as the disrespect and invalidity of the proceedings of the National Assembly persists, this Constitutional Chamber will ensure that the parliamentary powers are exercised directly by this Chamber or by the body it has in place to ensure the rule of law,” said the ruling.

Senators Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Bob Menendez, D-N.J., also released a joint statement on Thursday, saying the decision was “an attack on what remained of democratic institutions in Venezuela.”

Toner, Rubio and Menendez — echoing corporate mainstream media — have painted the Supreme Court’s decision as a “power grab” for “dictator” President Nicolas Maduro.

Since January 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that the National Assembly was in contempt of the constitution by the Supreme Court over fraud charges involving opposition deputies from the state of Amazonas. The officials were caught in a recording illegally offering sums of taxpayer money to citizens, encouraging them to vote for opposition candidates.

When the Supreme Court ordered the National Assembly to hold elections to replace the corrupt leaders, the legislative body refused.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said in a statement earlier in the day,

“We denounce attempts by the regional right to attack the Venezuelan democratic system, which is popularly supported and based on Bolivarian ideas.”

“Venezuela categorically rejects intervention by the Government of Peru on Venezuelan internal jurisdiction matters,” Rodriguez added, commenting on Peru’s decision to remove their Venezuelan ambassador over the Supreme Court decision.

According to constitutional experts, the country’s legislature could reinstitute its status by removing the authorized legislators from the positions they were illegally sworn into.

Government officials have accused the opposition of attempting to provoke an institutional impasse in order to justify an external intervention.


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20-months old Dies in Hospital, as NHS Forced to Repeatedly Delay his Operation*

20-months old Dies in Hospital, as NHS Forced to Repeatedly Delay his Operation*

By Jessica Gay

There is no denying that the NHS is under pressure. Who can forget the red alert meltdown in January? Almost half of NHS trusts across England declared major hospital alerts in one week. But it appears things have been going awry for a long time. As the NHS is forced to keep cancelling non-emergency operations to try and recover control, vulnerable people are being ignored and neglected. Only now are we understanding the full effects of all of this.

Kayden Bancroft

Kayden Bancroft was 20 months old when he died at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) in April 2016. He’d been waiting three days for life-saving surgery. After falling and hurting his mouth, Bancroft was taken to Stepping Hill Hospital where it was discovered he had a hole in his diaphragm, and part of his bowel had burst through the hole. Staff asked for him to be transferred to RMCH, but were denied as there was no intensive care bed available.

He was then transferred the following day to an ordinary ward and his surgery was repeatedly delayed. He then suffered a cardiac arrest, with nurses struggling for 30 minutes to resuscitate him.

Speaking of the trauma, Bancroft’s grandmother Julie Rowlands said:

His care was appalling. He was basically put in a room, and left. And all we got, nearly every day, was, ‘He’s not having the operation today, he’s not having the operation today.’ They were coming up with excuses, ‘There’s no bed, or a car crash victim’s come in.’ That’s all we got, all the time we were there, was excuses.

Speaking of the hospital’s failure, she added:

After his cardiac arrest the doctors tried to bring him round, but he was without oxygen for almost half an hour. They took him to theatre, but I knew it was too late. It was four-and-a-half hours before they brought him back and they apologised there and then and said as a hospital they had failed him.

A preventable death

As the family’s lawyer Stephen Clarkson highlighted after the inquest into the hospital’s failure: “The real tragedy here is that Kayden’s death was entirely preventable”. During the incident it was revealed senior surgeons repeatedly tried to warn trust management about the shortage of emergency operating theatres. Hospital consultant Mr. Khalil also told the BBC:

 “On Thursday [two days after being admitted to RMCH], one of the surgeons had offered to cancel one of his elective lists, so that he could do Kayden as an emergency, but did not receive the support that he needed. That should not have happened.”

The trust told the BBC that it had no record of this request. It said:

We believe that there are sufficient theatres in our children’s hospital to cope with the demand for emergency cases; however, on occasions some children do have to wait for urgent surgery while emergency surgery takes place.

The trust added:

The trust would like to make it clear that at no time has it directed clinical staff to prioritise elective over non-elective care. As is the case at most similar hospitals, elective cases are regularly cancelled to accommodate emergency patients.

Continued cancellations

The consequences of cancelling operations and appointments are blatantly clear. But, thanks to government underfunding, the NHS has been left without any other options. In 2016, 20,000 eye appointments were cancelled at Shropshire’s hospitals alone. Chief Executive of the NHS  Simon Stevens has also revealed this is only likely to continue as patients must wait longer for non-urgent operations as a ‘trade off’ for improvements in other areas.

It’s only so long before an urgent case like Bancroft gets overlooked in the chaos.


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‘Wish you well against Jewish invaders’: Himmler’s Letter to Palestinian Arab Leader Discovered*

‘Wish you well against Jewish invaders’: Himmler’s Letter to Palestinian Arab Leader Discovered*

German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammad Amin Al-Husseini meet in Berlin, 30 November 1941.


An old telegram uncovered by the National Library of Israel shows a letter from Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler to Palestinian Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini, voicing his support for “freedom-seeking Arabs” against “world Jewry.”

The telegram, dating back to autumn 1943, appears to show how in their hatred for Jews, Nazis in Europe have been seeking to support Palestinians against the “Jewish invaders.”

“To Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini,” the letter read.

“From the outset, the National Socialist [Nazi] movement of Greater Germany has been a standard-bearer in the battle against world Jewry. For this reason, it is closely following the battle of freedom-seeking Arabs, particularly in Palestine, against the Jewish invaders.

The shared recognition of the enemy and the joint fight against it are creating the strong base [uniting] Germany and freedom-seeking Arabs around the world. In this spirit, I am pleased to wish you, on the anniversary of the wretched Balfour Declaration, warm wishes on your continued fight until the great victory.”

The telegram was sent on 2 November 1943, marking the 26th anniversary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration by the British government, which then controlled the Palestinian territories and expressed support for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

The document was first confiscated by U.S. Army in Germany, before falling into the hands of a member of the Jewish Haganah paramilitary group (which later went on to form the core of the IDF), who then donated it to the National Library. It was rediscovered after library staff was asked to look for materials about the 1917 declaration.

Amin al-Husseini was considered to be one of the ringleaders of the Jerusalem riots in the 1920’s, which followed tensions between Arab and Jewish communities, and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment by the British. Despite later being granted a pardon, al-Husseini continued with his hardline rhetoric, stopped co-operating with British authorities and took an uncompromising position against the Jews, objecting to any notion of Jewish statehood.

In November 1941, the Grand Mufti visited Nazi Germany where he told Hitler that Arabs and Germans were natural friends as they had common enemies in the Jews and the British. Al-Husseini wanted Hitler’s backing for an Arab revolt against French and British rule in the Middle East but did not get it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed in 2015 that Hitler didn’t initially want to exterminate the Jews until he was talked into it by al-Husseini.

“Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said to him: ‘If you expel them [the Jews], they will all come here [to Palestine],'” Netanyahu said in a speech before the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem.

In Netanyahu’s version of events, Hitler then asked, “So what am I supposed to do with them?” and the mufti allegedly replied: “Burn them.”

The statements caused a wave of criticism from Palestinians, German politicians, opposition leaders and Holocaust experts, who accused Netanyahu of twisting historical facts.


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Indigenous and Environmental Groups Sue Trump over Keystone XL*

Indigenous and Environmental Groups Sue Trump over Keystone XL*

“This movement has already defeated the Keystone XL pipeline, and we will again,” said Brune.

On Thursday morning multiple Indigenous and environmental organizations launched two simultaneous lawsuits over U.S. President Donald Trump’s approval of the massive Keystone XL oil pipeline project.

The Indigenous Environmental Network and the North Coast Rivers Alliance joined forces in one suit, while the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth launch another, both in federal court in Montana.

Both lawsuits argue that Trump’s executive order approving the 1,200-mile pipeline project — which aims to bring toxic tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska — violates environmental laws because it is based on an outdated and biased environmental impact study.

“President Trump is breaking established environmental laws and treaties in his efforts to force through the Keystone XL Pipeline, that would bring carbon-intensive, toxic, and corrosive crude oil from the Canadian tar sands, but we are filing suit to fight back,” said Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Goldtooth and the IEN were key organizers of the historic Standing Rock water protection action which has galvanized the Indigenous sovereignty and climate justice movements over the past year.

“For too long, the U.S. Government has pushed around Indigenous peoples and undervalued our inherent rights, sovereignty, culture, and our responsibilities as guardians of Mother Earth and all life while fueling catastrophic extreme weather and climate change with an addiction to fossil fuels,” Goldtooth added.

“The time has come to keep fossil fuels in the ground and shut down risky extreme energy projects like the tar sands that are poisoning our families, wildlife, water sources and destroying our climate.”

In 2015 then President Barack Obama declined to approve the pipeline, despite its passing of an environmental assessment, after years of massive organized resistance to the project.

Both lawsuits argue that the original 2014 environmental assessment was biased, in that it was completed by a company with a conflict of interest, and is long out of date given new evidence of the multiple risks posed by the project.

The IEN also claims that the pipeline would violate the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

“The Keystone XL pipeline is nothing more than a dirty and dangerous proposal that’s time has passed,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club.

“It was rightfully rejected by the court of public opinion and President Obama, and now it will be rejected in the court system. It has never been a question of whether a pipeline will spill, but rather a question of when, and Keystone XL is no different.”

Brune expressed confidence that the lawsuit, along with a powerful mass mobilization, can defeat Trump’s agenda.

“We continue to meet Trump in the streets, and we look forward to meeting him in the courts to stop his reckless agenda that threatens our clean air and water and the climate. He was defeated – twice – when he tried implementing a Muslim ban; he was defeated when he tried to take health care away from 24 million Americans, and he will be defeated once again as he tries to force this pipeline on the people who have already seen its rejection. This movement has already defeated the Keystone XL pipeline, and we will do so once again.”


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