Disturbing Message to All Americans from Former Defense Minister of Canada on the NWO*

Disturbing Message to All Americans from Former Defense Minister of Canada on the NWO*

The Honorable Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of Defense has recorded this address, which gets to the heart of the truth of how power works in the world. Hellyer has been around the block, at a very hale and hearty 93 years old. Here are some choice words from this powerful announcement:

“The United States and much of the Western world is ultimately controlled by an unelected, unaccountable cabal. Its apex is the banking and financial cartel, followed by the oil cartel, the CEOs of the largest and most powerful transnational corporations, major intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and a major slice of the U.S. military.

“Their collective power and influence is incalculable and it is their plan for the U.S. and the rest of us that is so alarming. Their plan is an empire greater in size and power than any empire before it. They call this the “New World Order”, which ironically is the same name Hitler used for the smaller empire he imagined.

“One sure thing: the New World Order will end all pretense of government of “By and For the People”. It will be a dictatorship of by and for a small minority of the rich and privileged elite. Much of its power lies in the privately-owned banking system. Why monarchs and politicians allowed the private cartel to become the monopoly supplier of new money, we will never know but this power is almost absolute and can determine the fate of nations and their people.

“A system, where nearly all money is created as debt – and debt that has to be repaid with interest – but where no one creates any money, with which to pay the interest. It’s a dead end that leaves debtors with no alternative but to borrow the money to pay the interest
and go deeper and deeper into debt. It’s so wild the absurd, that a grade 10 student would only need a few minutes to recognize it as one giant Ponzi scheme!

“Banks can invest five million dollars and leverage it to create one hundred million dollars in loans that have to be repaid with interest. In effect, they skim ninety-five percent off the top of every loan that is the reason I called them the ‘Money Mafia’. Monetary is the most urgent of all essential reforms…”

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