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Why Is the State in Our Bedrooms and Living Rooms as Well as Our Bank Accounts?*

Why Is the State in Our Bedrooms and Living Rooms as Well as Our Bank Accounts?*

By Charles Hugh Smith

There’s a word to describe a state with unlimited power over the private lives, spaces, choices, behaviors, communications and accounts of its citizens: totalitarian.

A limited government is concerned with proscribing the exploitation of citizens by elites and criminals. A Totalitarian State seeks control of everything–including what goes on in the bedrooms, living rooms and minds of its citizens.

A recent conversation with my longtime friend G.F.B. clarified a key distinction between the public and private spheres.

G.F.B.’s example of the state exerting control over its citizens’ private choices and behaviours in their own homes was the Prohibition of alcohol which was the federal law of the land in the U.S. from 1920 to 1933.

Though alcohol consumption in the home was not banned outright at the federal level, the net result of banning the manufacture and distribution of alcohol was the criminalization of everyday citizens’ attempts to purchase alcohol for their home consumption.

A limited government’s purview is actions taken in public that could harm other citizens. Drunken drivers, for example, end up killing innocent citizens. Limiting the “freedom” to drive drunk is a state action that is limited to the public sphere: if a citizen chooses to get drunk in the privacy of his own home, that’s different from driving on public streets while drunk.

In the good old days of the early Republic, the government was focused on matters of sovereignty and defense, not what citizens were doing in their own homes or communicating in private letters. Enforcement of federal laws was largely limited to collecting tariffs and other revenues and adjudicating property disputes.

Central states have long had an interest in control and adjudicating property disputes.ling every aspect of their citizens’ private lives, beliefs and choices.What separated these total-control  autocracies and totalitarian states from governments “of the people, by the people, for the people” was the sacrosanct civil liberties that protected the privacy and private choices of the citizens from state control.

The unholy alliance of “progressive” do-gooders and let-me-tell-you-how-to-live religious zealots delivered Prohibition, and a host of other “we want control of your bedroom and living room” regulations. This moral superiority was of course the height of hubris and hypocrisy, as the zealots and “progressives” were just as sinful, petty and venal as any “unenlightened” non-believer.

The separation of church and state was dissolved by the moral crusades in which the “morally superior” wielded the brute power of the state to punish anyone who didn’t live according to the demands of the “morally superior.”

Look, if a private citizen wants to shoot up smack in the privacy of his own home, and perhaps end his life in an overdose, that should be his right. Who authorized the state to intercede in private choices and behaviours?

The state may limit the “freedom” to inject others with smack, or promote the injection of smack publicly, but it has no right to impose its view of “rightness” on the choices made in the bedrooms and living rooms of private citizens.

The Prohibition of drugs has been an unmitigated catastrophe for those ensnared in the War on Drugs gulag and for the nation. The state has the option of educating the citizenry about the potential dangers of drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, and limiting the sale of these drugs to minors, but its prohibitions should be limited to the public sphere.

Yesterday, I described how the state can steal money from your bank account before informing you that the state suspects you may owe taxes, but with no actual evidence to support this suspicion. First they steal your money, and the bank deducts an additional $100 for the hard work of digitally transferring your money to the state, then they notify you of their suspicions.

If this isn’t Kafkaesque, then what is?

A limited government would be required to go through public, judicial processes to gain the authority to take money from your account. But the state doesn’t need any judicial process or review; a nameless bureaucrat (and his/her computer program) simply enters your name and bank account in a “suspicious” list and the machinery of the state steals your money and then informs you after the fact of your presumed guilt.

There’s a word to describe a state with unlimited power over the private lives, spaces, choices, behaviors, communications and accounts of its citizens: totalitarian.

Smith’s Neofeudalism Principle #1: If the citizenry cannot replace a kleptocratic authoritarian government and/or limit the power of the financial Aristocracy at the ballot box, the nation is a democracy in name only.



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Why is the Holiest Shrine in Christianity Guarded by Two Muslim Families?*

Why is the Holiest Shrine in Christianity Guarded by Two Muslim Families?*

By Wu Mingren

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is considered to be the holiest site in Christianity. According to tradition, this was the place where Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected from the dead. Whilst this sacred site is divided between several Christian denominations, the overall custodianship of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is in the hands of two Muslim families.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. (Jorge Láscar/CC BY 2.0)


The History of the Church

The original Church of the Holy Sepulchre was constructed in the 4th century AD, during the reign of the Emperor Constantine. This structure was eventually destroyed during the 11th century AD by the Fatimids, though the church was rebuilt not long after its destruction by the Byzantines. Modifications were made to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by the Crusaders after they had captured Jerusalem in 1099.

Painting by Émile Signol (1804–1892) of the capture of Jerusalem by the Crusaders on 15 July 1099 – 1. The Holy Sepulchre 2. The Dome of the Rock 3. Ramparts


From the time of the Crusades up until the 19th century, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre had three custodians – the Greek Orthodox, the Armenian Apostolic, and the Roman Catholic Churches. During the 19th century, this custodianship was extended to three more churches, namely the Coptic Orthodox, the Ethiopian Orthodox, and the Syrian Orthodox Churches. Nevertheless, these three churches have lesser responsibilities as compared to the three original custodians. Whilst these custodians generally co-exist peacefully with each other, it may be pointed out that conflicts, sometimes leading to violent confrontations, have broken out occasionally in modern times between them.

A diagram of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre showing the traditional site of Calvary and the Tomb of Jesus. (CC BY-SA 3.0)


It is perhaps not too difficult to imagine that the medieval custodians of the holiest site in Christianity would have found themselves in disagreement with each other at times, and perhaps even being involved in physical violence, as some of their modern counter-parts have had the same experience. This has been cited as the foremost reason for the overall custodianship of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre being in the hands of two Muslim families.

Tourists and pilgrims at a side entrance to the Holy Sepulchre, photo by Bonfils, 1870s.


According to one account, the Muslim custodianship of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was granted by the Caliph Omar when Jerusalem was captured by the Muslims in 637. The Nuseibehs, a family whose origins lie in the city of Medina, and claiming to have relations with the Prophet Muhammad, were chosen for this task.

Depiction of Umar’s entry into Jerusalem from a 1905 French series entitled Great Conquerors.


After several centuries of Muslim rule, Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders. In 1187, however, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Jerusalem were once more in Muslim hands, as they were captured by Saladin. The Nuseibehs were re-appointed by the Sultan to serve as the caretakers of the church. Saladin had the second front gate of the church sealed, and gave its key to this family.

The Church’s Co-Guardians

According to the Nuseibehs, it was only during the 16th century (when Jerusalem was under Ottoman rule) that the Joudeh family was appointed as the ‘co-guardians’ of the church. The Joudehs, however, claim that they had been the guardians of the church since the time of Saladin. Furthermore, the first Joudeh who was given the key to the church is said to have been a sheikh, and was not expected to do physical labour. Therefore, the Nuseibehs were appointed to unlock the gate of the church.

Today, the Joudeh family continue their job of protecting and keeping the key, whilst the Nuseibeh family is responsible for opening the gate to the church. As a matter of fact, there are actually two keys today. One of these is claimed to be 850 years old, though it is now broken, and hence no longer used. The other key, which is 500 years old, is the only functioning key, and is kept in a small office attached to the church. Since the end of the 19th century, a ceremony is held each year by the three main Christian denominations to renew their acknowledgement of the Muslim custodianship of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Adeeb Joudeh, the current custodian, with the key. (The Joudeh Family)


The custodians from each of the three main denominations are given the key for as long as they need to make a procession around the church, and then allowed to open the door after the morning liturgies, after which it is returned to the Muslim guardians. This occurs on Maundy Thursday, Orthodox Good Friday, and Holy Saturday for the Roman Catholic, the Greek Orthodox, and Armenian Apostolic Churches respectively.

Doors to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. (Nuseibeh Family)



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Israel Lobby Fails to Expel U.K.’s Veteran Politician Ken Livingstone*

Israel Lobby Fails to Expel U.K.’s Veteran Politician Ken Livingstone*

By Asa Winstanley

Ken Livingstone outside his Labour Party disciplinary hearing in London.


Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone on Tuesday had his suspension from the Labour Party extended for “bringing the party into disrepute” last year.

But Israel lobby elements within the party had pushed hard for Livingstone, long a supporter of Palestinian rights, to be expelled outright.

Livingstone vowed in a statement to fight the suspension.

“Today’s Labour Party panel extended my suspension for another year because of my political views, not because I have done anything to harm the Labour Party,” he said.

Livingstone is a left-wing veteran of Labour, and for decades led anti-racism efforts in local government in London.

The new suspension is “an attempt to protect Israel from criticism, while simultaneously weakening the position of the pro-Palestinian left in the party,” a statement by Jewish members of the Labour Party said.

“It is the verdict, not Ken Livingstone, that has brought the Labour Party into disrepute,” they asserted.

In April last year, Livingstone was asked in a BBC radio interview if a Labour lawmaker’s comments about Hitler’s actions being “legal” had been anti-Semitic.

He replied by referring to the 1933 Ha’avara agreement between the Nazi government and the Zionist Federation of Germany as Hitler “supporting Zionism” by transferring Jews to Palestine.

Moving the goalposts

After initially being suspended for “anti-Semitism,” the charges against Livingstone were changed to “bringing the party into disrepute.” Now he is accused of having “revised the history of the Holocaust.”

His suspension was the peak of a witch hunt manufactured by right-wing Labour lawmakers and their allies in the Israel lobby.

The moral panic sought to portray the party under new pro-Palestinian leader Jeremy Corbyn as a hive of anti-Semitism.

But the media obsession with the “anti-Semitism crisis” in Labour was highly exaggerated and, in some cases, outright fabricated.

Livingstone’s historically accurate comment about Zionism was met with a storm of attacks by right-wing Labour lawmakers and anti-Palestinian activists.

At the time, these forces were seeking to undermine the Labour leader in the run-up to May 2016 local elections.

The manufactured crisis led to dozens of suspensions of Labour Party activists, usually for little more than an out-of-context social media posting from years earlier.

Fighting expulsion

One veteran Labour activist in south London was suspended for 10 weeks for merely agreeing that Livingstone’s comment on the radio was “largely accurate.”

Livingstone described the three-day Labour disciplinary hearing this week as like something out of North Korea. The three-person panel of the National Constitutional Committee questioned Livingstone, as well as witnesses against him.

They insisted on keeping the hearing closed to the public, despite Livingstone’s request it be open. He had vowed to fight any expulsion in a legal action.

In an LBC London radio interview on Wednesday, Livingstone said that the only reason he had not been expelled was because the party’s lawyer must have told them they didn’t have a chance if it went to court.

Livingstone was represented in the hearing by Michael Mansfield, the high-profile human rights lawyer known for overturning miscarriages of justice.

Israel lobby fury

Labour Friends of Israel reacted with fury on Tuesday night, saying it was disgraceful that “Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party” had allowed Livingstone to remain a member and had decided his “behavior is acceptable.”

Corbyn himself reacted by criticizing Livingstone’s accurate historical comments as causing “deep offense and hurt to the Jewish community,” and saying Livingstone could face further disciplinary action.

This was not enough for Labour Friends of Israel though, which retorted on Wednesday that Corbyn’s statement had “failed to mention anti-Semitism,” and demanded he call on Labour’s ruling body to “review the inappropriate sentence delivered last night.”

Labour Friends of Israel was shown by an undercover Al Jazeera documentary in January to be working in close financial and logistical coordination with the Israeli embassy.

Its leader, Labour lawmaker Joan Ryan, was also shown fabricating an accusation of anti-Semitism against a party member who challenged her group’s policies with respect to Israeli settlements.

The Jewish Labour Movement, which was also shown in the documentary to be working closely with the Israeli embassy, has led much of the campaign to boot Livingstone out of the party.

Its chair, Jeremy Newmark, has vowed to take the matter to the party’s conference in September.

Newmark has been a leading voice calling for Livingstone to be expelled. He was one of the witnesses at the hearing against Livingstone, reportedly submitting a 170-page dossier.

A veteran Israel lobby activist, Newmark has a history of lying, with a tribunal judge in 2013 calling his evidence in a failed case about supposed “institutional anti-Semitism” in the University and College Union “untrue” and “preposterous.”

Newmark’s campaign against unions that dare express solidarity with Palestine continued. He told an Israeli newspaper in 2012 that he was “liaising closely with the government of Israel” in a similar lawsuit against public sector union Unison.

Newmark’s close connection to the Israeli embassy begs the question of whether they are working together on the campaign to oust Livingstone from Labour.


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Pentagon Trained Al Qaeda in Syria to Use Chemical Weapons*

Pentagon Trained Al Qaeda in Syria to Use Chemical Weapons*

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

The Western media refutes their own lies.

Not only do they confirm that the Pentagon has been training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons, they also acknowledge the existence of a not so secret “U.S.-backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime” 

London’s Daily Mail in a 2013 article confirmed the existence of an Anglo-American project endorsed by the White House (with the assistance of Qatar) to wage a chemical weapons attack on Syria and place the blame of Bashar Al Assad.

The following Mail Online article was published and subsequently removed. Note the contradictory discourse: “Obama issued warning to Syrian president Bashar al Assad”, “White House gave green light to chemical weapons attack”.

This Mail Online report published in January 2013 was subsequently removed from Mail Online. For further details click here

The Pentagon’s Training of “Rebels” (aka Al Qaeda Terrorists) in the Use of Chemical Weapons

CNN accuses Bashar Al Assad of killing his own people while also acknowledging that the “rebels” are not only in possession of chemical weapons, but that these “moderate terrorists” affiliated with Al Nusra are trained in the use of chemical weapons by specialists on contract to the Pentagon.

In a twisted logic, the Pentagon’s mandate was to ensure that the rebels aligned with Al Qaeda would not acquire or use WMD, by actually training them in the use of chemical weapons (sounds contradictory):

“The training [in chemical weapons], which is taking place in Jordan and Turkey, involves how to monitor and secure stockpiles and handle weapons sites and materials, according to the sources. Some of the contractors are on the ground in Syria working with the rebels to monitor some of the sites, according to one of the officials.

The nationality of the trainers was not disclosed, though the officials cautioned against assuming all are American. (CNN, December 09, 2012, emphasis added)

screenshot of the CNN article, the original link has been redirected to CNN blogs,

The above report by CNN’s award winning journalist Elise Labott (relegated to the status a CNN blog), refutes CNN’s numerous accusations directed against Bashar Al Assad.

Who is doing the training of terrorists in the use of chemical weapons?  From the horse’s mouth: CNN

Sources: U.S. helping underwrite Syrian rebel training on securing chemical weapons

And these are the same terrorists (trained by the Pentagon) who are the alleged target of Washington’s counterterrorism bombing campaign initiated by Obama in August 2014:

“The Pentagon scheme established in 2012 consisted in equipping and training Al Qaeda rebels in the use of chemical weapons, with the support of military contractors hired by the Pentagon, and then holding the Syrian government responsible for using the WMD against the Syrian people.

What is unfolding is a diabolical scenario –which is an integral part of military planning– namely a situation where opposition terrorists advised by Western defense contractors are actually in possession of chemical weapons.

This is not a rebel training exercise in non-proliferation. While president Obama states that “you will be held accountable” if “you” (meaning the Syrian government) use chemical weapons, what is contemplated as part of this covert operation is the possession of chemical weapons by the U.S.-NATO sponsored terrorists, namely “by our” Al Qaeda affiliated operatives, including the Al Nusra Front which constitutes the most effective Western financed and trained fighting group, largely integrated by foreign mercenaries. In a bitter twist, Jabhat al-Nusra, a U.S. sponsored “intelligence asset”, was recently put on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations.

The West claims that it is coming to the rescue of the Syrian people, whose lives are allegedly threatened by Bashar Al Assad. The truth of the matter is that the Western military alliance is not only supporting the terrorists, including the Al Nusra Front, it is also making chemical weapons available to its proxy “opposition” rebel forces.

The next phase of this diabolical scenario is that the chemical weapons in the hands of Al Qaeda operatives will be used against civilians, which could potentially lead an entire nation into a humanitarian disaster.

The broader issue is: who is a threat to the Syrian people? The Syrian government of Bashar al Assad or the U.S.-NATO-Israel military alliance which is recruiting “opposition” terrorist forces, which are now being trained in the use of chemical weapons.” (Michel Chossudovsky, May 8, 2013, minor edit)


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World War 3: Trump Begins Paying His Penance to Rothschilds*

World War 3: Trump Begins Paying His Penance to Rothschilds*

By Baxter Dmitry

The Rothschilds bought out Donald Trump decades ago, and now the President is repaying the globalists by doing the New World Order’s bidding.

As soon as Trump pulled the trigger on Thursday, liberal guests on MSNBC and CNN were gushing praise and John McCain and Hillary Clinton were slapping him on the back.

Let that sink in.

Make no mistake, the U.S. presidential election was rigged even before the first ballot was cast. The Rothschilds were up to their old tricks – funding both sides of the war in order to fuel chaos, derive maximum profit, and ensure they retain ultimate influence when the new order emerges.

Guest after guest is gushing. From MSNBC to CNN, Trump is receiving his best night of press so far. And all he had to do was start a war.

— Sam Sacks (@SamSacks) April 7, 2017

Everybody knows Hillary Clinton was the establishment’s candidate of choice, backed by the Rothschilds and the New World Order. But what is less well known is that Donald Trump is also a Rothschild creation and actor, playing a part in the great sham that is the New World Order’s fake politics, designed to keep control of the people in this supposedly “democratic” society.

Missiles flying. Rubio’s happy. McCain ecstatic. Hillary’s on board. A complete policy change in 48 hrs.

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) April 7, 2017

During the election political analysts said that Trump’s tilt for the presidency has been “thirty years in the making.” This made even more sense than those establishment shills at the Washington Post realized. Thirty years ago members of the Rothschild family saved Trump from bankruptcy and took him under their wing. They recognised his potential as a “man of use” and “colourful front man” for a secretive organisation that prefers to keep itself in the shadows.

Consider how Trump built his wealth – and who supported him during his booms and busts.

“In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and MOSSAD front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities. On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.”

In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.”

“Trump soon became a household name, with his colourful personality and his insistence upon naming a variety of luxury hotels, apartment houses and other commercial ventures after himself. But while the name “Trump” appeared in the headlines, the names of the real movers behind Resorts International – Rockefeller and Rothschild – remained hidden from public view.”

After quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City in the final years of the 1980s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York tanked. The three casinos in Atlantic City, like other Trump assets, were under threat from lenders. It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.”

This was detailed in a Bloomberg article from March 22, 1992.

The same Wilbur L. Ross, still Jacob Rothschild’s right hand man, came out in support of Trump’s nomination in March 2016, also reported by Bloomberg – and is currently Donald Trump’s Secretary of Commerce.

In another move to fill out his economic team, Trump nominated Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury Secretary. That’s the same Steven Mnuchin who spent 17 years working at Goldman Sachs, an investment firm that has produced multiple secretaries of the Treasury, before taking the helm of Trump’s fundraising operation this year.

Mnuchin also worked with the man who broke the Bank of England. Billionaire globalist George Soros hired him in 2003 to start a new business, Dune Capital, focused on buying risky debt.

If the links aren’t obvious enough, consider the fact that Jacob Rothschild’s son, Nat Rothschild, even dated Ivanka Trump.

  1. Both candidates in the election were controlled by the globalist powers that be. You had Hillary Clinton sacrificing chickens and begging in emails to pay her penance to the Rothschilds. Meanwhile, Trump appears to have been bought long ago. He was made by the Rothschilds. He is paying his penance by appointing senior Rothschild men to key posts in his administration and is now playing the globalist game.

Either way, American citizens didn’t have a choice in this election. The New World Order have been working behind the scenes for decades creating the actors that played the roles.

This was the New World Order’s plan all along. To have both candidates operating under their interests whilst systematically pitting the entire nation against each other, creating the chaos they need to push their New World Order agenda closer to completion.


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Attorney Suing Elite Paedophile Ring Shot Dead*

Attorney Suing Elite Paedophile Ring Shot Dead*

By Baxter Dmitry

An attorney who was working on multiple legal cases against members of the elite paedophile ring was shot dead in Atlanta on Monday.

Trinh Huynh, 40, was working pro bono with abuse victims on several legal cases involving high-profile elite paedophiles outside of her regular work at a law firm, and was said to have a “take no prisoners” attitude towards paedophiles, regardless of their status in society.

The brave attorney was executed in the street by multiple gunshots at 7:40am in midtown Atlanta on Monday in what police have described as a “targeted killing“.

The killer was captured on CCTV released by police and can be seen “acting calm” before identifying and approaching Huynh, shooting her in cold blood, and then casually jogging away after the killing.

Police have now arrested the alleged assassin, 39-year-old Raylon Browning, over the shooting, but admit they have yet to connect the dots between him and his victim.

Officers arrested him in nearby Cobb County after he was pulled over for running a red light by traffic police. A police spokesman said Browning was “unfazed” by the allegations.

Those who knew Huynh said she was an amazing woman with a kind heart who “always had a smile on face” despite the harrowing nature of her job.

But according to police, the brave attorney, fighting the elite paedophile ring, may have made herself a target.

We definitely believe that she was a target,” Lt. Ricardo Vazquez said.

Why she was a target, we do not know that yet.”

Trinh Huynh, left, with CCTV images of her assassin, right


Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson said the 39-year-old alleged killer was also wanted on assault charges stemming from a separate incident on Sunday, where he allegedly stabbed two people.

The officers did not know Browning was a suspect in Huynh’s murder when they arrested him, the Journal-Constitution reports. Police later found what is believed to be the murder weapon in his car.

The arrest comes after CCTV footage showing the man – believed to be Browning – in the moments directly before and after the shooting on Huynh.

The man was spotted walking down Peachtree Place to the junction of Peachtree Road, where he shot Huynh in the back before fleeing the way he came.

I look up and see the woman, she just drops in the crosswalk bleeding,” witness Toney Booker told Fox 5 Atlanta.

She’s clutching her wound trying to keep pressure, and then she went unresponsive, So civilians run out to her and give her chest compression’s to bring her back, while they’re applying pressure.

She was pronounced dead later, at Grady Memorial Hospital.

The killer didn’t talk to Huynh before he killed her – suggesting that the killing was “targeted” – police said, earlier this week.

We see him following her in another piece of video,” Vazquez said.

There was another person in that intersection and it appears that he specifically targeted her.”

He added that the killer was unusually calm throughout. A connection between the shooter and Huynh hasn’t yet been established, Vazquez said.

Huynh was as an in-house lawyer at UPS who had previously worked at law firms Powell Goldstein and Alston and Bird, reported.

Outside of work, she traveled extensively and was active in both pro bono legal work and volunteering.

Huynh was a member of the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network, which provides free legal services to immigrant victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes.

The 40-year-old was born in Saigon, Vietnam, but came to America as a child immigrant. She graduated Princeton University in 1998 and Emory University School of Law in 2004.


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Germany Bans Alternative Media for Good*

Germany Bans Alternative Media for Good*

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Germany has approved a new bill giving them the power to erase alternative media websites from the internet by forcing social media sites to ban them.

Germany’s Cabinet approved a bill on Wednesday that will see social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter face fines of up to $53 million dollars if they fail to remove content deemed “unacceptable” by Angela Merkel’s team.

German Justice Minister Heiko Mass says the harsh new laws are part of an effort by the German government to tackle “fake news” and “hate speech” online.

Yahoo News reports:

Germany poses a particular problem for U.S.-owned social networking sites accustomed to American standards of free speech. Due to its Nazi past, Germany bans public Holocaust denial and any overt promotion of racism.

The issue has come to the fore amid the recent influx of migrants to Germany, which has sparked a backlash among some Germans including a rise in online vitriol.

Social networks need to ensure that obviously criminal content — as defined by German law — will be deleted within 24 hours and other illegal content after seven days.

“Just like on the streets, there is also no room for criminal incitement on social networks,” Maas said.

“The internet affects the culture of debate and the atmosphere in our society. Verbal radicalization is often a preliminary stage to physical violence,” he added.

The minister pointed out that social networks don’t delete enough punishable content, citing research that he said showed Twitter deletes just 1% of illegal content flagged by users, while Facebook deletes 39%.

Maas also said that measures to combat hate speech and so-called fake news will ultimately have to be taken at the European level to be effective.

The bill still needs parliamentary approval.


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U.S. Missile Strike Killed People Fighting Terrorists*

Syrian army airbase that was hit by a U.S. strike near the city of Homs, Syria. © Mikhail Voskresensky

The US attack on Syria’s airbase is meant to “bolster terrorist morale” after the significant setbacks the jihadists have suffered at the hands of the Syrian army over past few weeks, President Assad’s political and media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban said. The U.S. attack on Syria’s airbase is meant to “bolster terrorist morale” after the significant setbacks the jihadists have suffered at the hands of the Syrian army over past few weeks, President Assad’s political and media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban said.

“The United States felt that they have to save the terrorists and lift their morale. And the proof for that is that Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the ones who supported this attack, and they are the very countries who had been facilitating the coming of terrorists and arming them against the Syrian people and against our country,” Shaaban said.

The attack on the airbase is a “violation of international law and it is a violation of our sovereignty,” Shaaban told RT, saying she believes that it will ultimately backfire, as it exposes the relationship between the West and terrorism.

“It will only make us and our allies more determined to defeat terrorism. And it also speaks volumes about the stance of the West towards terrorism. If they are truly, in their coalition, against terrorism they should help the party who are fighting terrorism, who are the Syrian Arab Army, and Russia, and Iran,” Shaaban said.

“If they are fighting terrorism why don’t they respond to President Putin’s suggestion to make a coalition, an international coalition against terrorism?.. They killed hundreds of our soldiers in Deir-Ez-Zor and they it took weeks to acknowledge that they were killed through their airstrike. There are so many contradictions in Western discourse towards Syria. … The reality in Syria is absolutely different from what American, French and British government try to portray to Western audiences.”

Only terrorists benefited from the U.S. missile attack, as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) jihadists took advantage of it to launch an offensive after weeks of steady SAA advances, which makes the missile strike look like a desperate attempt to actually help terrorists, Shaaban said.

“For the last few weeks, we’ve been fighting terrorists both in the suburbs of Damascus and near Damascus and particularly in Hama and Homs where the American attack took place,” she told RT.

“And we achieved great achievements against ISIS and Al-Nusra and therefore the attack of the Americans on our airbase only played in hands of terrorists and lifted their morale and in fact came to support them.”

Killing soldiers and officers who are at the forefront of fighting IS and other terrorists actually puts people in Western countries in danger, Shaaban noted, saying, in her opinion, this marks the U.S. strike as a “double crime against humanity.”

The missile strike on the airfield is a desperate attempt by the United States to change the balance of power in favor of terrorists, Shaaban believes.

“They have been trying for the last seven years, secretly or publicly, to help terrorists and they will not be able to achieve that, because this land is ours and we will defend this land to the last drop of our blood,” Shaaban said.

The Syrian government cannot be held accountable for the Idlib incident, which was used as a pretext for the U.S. cruise missile strike, Shaaban stated, since the Syrian government did not control the area of Khan Sheikhoun where the alleged chemical attack took place.

Syria has previously surrendered its chemical weapons stockpile, and international organizations confirmed that the Syrian military did not possess any weaponized poisonous substances.

Terrorist-held areas, however, are off limits not only to the Syrian government, but also to international organizations. Only Turkey can access these areas in Idlib and therefore should be questioned, “along with Jabhat al-Nusra [Al-Nusra Front] and ISIS [Islamic State/IS] about the presence of any chemicals in the area,” Shaaban told RT.


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