Attacks on Damascus Population Described by Resident British Journalist*

Attacks on Damascus Population Described by Resident British Journalist*

A man on the ground usually knows what’s going on.  It’s the rebels who are using chemical weapons not Syrian government forces.  This is a war of outside intervention.  Parts of Damascus are shelled all the time.  The terrorists are losing on the battlefield so they’re attacking soft targets – people on the street, going to see the opera, in libraries and in hospitals.  These are the very people supported by Theresa May and Donald Trump.

We Brits are outright war criminals, as are Americans.  Russia has to do all she needs to do to keep us out of Syria.  I for one will be cheering on any American and British losses, if that’s what it’s going to take to get us out of there.  If our armed forces are so stupid as to be supporting what’s going on in Damascus, and providing military support to killers of women, children and civilians, they deserve what’s coming to them.  That’s effectively what this journalist is saying.  The words need saying more clearly than he can, him being a journalist who needs work from the media that lies every day about what’s going on.

If Trump, May and Johnson think these people are a free kill, they need showing otherwise.


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