German domination of Europe: Marine Le Pen Savages Merkel, to Her Face in E.U. Parliament

German domination of Europe: Marine Le Pen Savages Merkel, to Her Face in E.U. Parliament

From Alexandra Bruce

I don’t agree with the entirety of Marine Le Pen’s party platform, but I really do get a kick out of her oratorial bombast and watching her kick Angela Merkel’s butt – and those of the unelected E.U. technocrats who are on the U.S. State Department’s “unofficial

Here, she blasts how the E.U. maintains itself “With blackmail, threats and intimidation…Your model is to become a servant of the USA, austerity, disloyal competition, mass spying on citizens, ‘social dumping’, migratory submersion.

“I represent another model that unites Europe’s people. One of independence, of a Europe of nations in a multipolar world, of intelligent protectionism, of individual liberties… some will call me the ‘Anti-Merkel’. I accept that label with honour. I don’t acknowledge you, Madam Merkel!

“The ‘right of self-determination’, is a ridiculous attempt at the German domination of Europe. The defense of German interests does not justify the vassalization of the other peoples of Europe. I am the voice of sovereign Europeans. They thirst for the  freedom of their nations. I represent the French people, who have turned their backs on you, Mr. Hollande, the same way they turned their backs on Sarkozy because they thirst for a France that’s free!”

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