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Protesters and Police Face-off in Paris During Post-vote Demonstration*

Protesters and Police Face-off in Paris During Post-vote Demonstration*

Police and demonstrators have clashed during a post-vote protest in Paris against President-elect Emmanuel Macron, as well as new labour reforms. Images and videos from the scene show officers beating some of the demonstrators.

He is not our president”, “Say No to the new labor reform!”, “Say No to repression”, read the banners held by demonstrators.

Representatives of trade unions, left wing groups, as well as anti-fascists and anarchists are taking part in the rally, according to French media.

“It’s not a president, it’s a CEO who was elected”, Michael Wamen from a branch of the General Confederation of Labor in Macron’s native city of Amiens told AFP.

“En Marche! is pushing towards social war” said another banner held by protesters. The En Marche! political party was created by Macron in 2016 after he stepped down as Economy Minister under Francois Hollande’s government to join the presidential race.

Activists announced before the presidential run-off that they would demonstrate regardless of who won, saying that both Macron’s and rival Marine Le Pen’s policies are anti-social.

The protest was partially organized on Facebook by the Front Social political movement.

“The next President of the Republic is already preparing his anti-social policy,” the movement wrote on its Facebook page,

 “We… tell him that we will not let him implement his policy.”

“The country is not a company,” other banners read, apparently referring to Macron’s career in finance and banking.

“I left a blank ballot,” one of the protesters told FranceInfo, saying he was against both of the candidates that made it to the second round of the elections.

Sputnik France reported that one of its journalists had been attacked by police at the protest. “We were beaten up. They [police] beat up everyone, including journalists. They took my helmet away from me and nearly damaged my phone,” the correspondent said.

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron won the presidential elections with 66.1 percent of the vote, while his rival Marine Le Pen received 33.9%, the French Interior Ministry said, citing final results.


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Israel Threatens to Legalize Apartheid, Opens Debate on Becoming Solely Jewish State*

Israel Threatens to Legalize Apartheid, Opens Debate on Becoming Solely Jewish State*

“Discrimination has received a legal stamp. The danger in this law in that it establishes two classes of citizen — Jewish and Arab,” said Ayman Odeh.


Israel has greenlighted a national debate on a controversial bill that would anchor the apartheid state’s status as solely a Jewish one, further discriminating against Arabs and setting up a further barrier to a peace process with Palestine.

Sunday saw an Israeli cabinet committee approve a revised version of a bill that was first proposed in 2011 and that declares the “State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people,” its author, Avi Dichter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party, wrote on Facebook.

The bill, however, must still go through a drafting by the Justice Ministry and pass several votes in parliament in what is expected to be a lengthy process to reach its potential approval.

The move comes as U.S. President Donald Trump is set to visit to Israel in the two weeks. Trump has vowed to rekindle the so-called peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, reiterating his position last week when he met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House, where he vowed to broker such a process without putting forward any new porposals.

While Palestinians within the borders of the Israeli state are already marginalized, this bill in particular would make Hebrew the country’s lone national language, downgrading Arabic to solely “a special status in the state” whose “speakers have the right to language-accessible state services,” The Guardian reported.

Ayman Odeh, the head of the Joint List representing Arab-Israeli parties, said the bill is a “declaration of war” on Israel’s Arab citizens.

“Discrimination has received a legal stamp. The danger in this law in that it establishes two classes of citizen – Jewish and Arab,” he said, The Guardian reported.

Palestinians are most worried that the pending legislation could diminish any hope of Palestinian refugees being able to return to the occupied territory.

While Abbas also characterized the “nation state” legislation as putting “obstacles in the way of peace,” he still supports a two-state solution, a position not supported by the majority of Palestinians.

Announcing Saturday that she will be hunger-striking in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, revolutionary icon Leila Khaled, a member of the Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, declared that the PA leadership wants “to sell us the illusion that Trump will resolve our struggle through negotiations,” and stated that the prisoners’ struggle is a clear alternative path of liberation.


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Thousands of Bodies Found in Mississippi Mass Grave from Govt Run Mental Hospital*

Thousands of Bodies Found in Mississippi Mass Grave from Govt Run Mental Hospital*

Thousands of bodies have been discovered, buried under the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) campus. The bodies are a result of a decades-long program in a failed government institution to deal with people the state declared mentally unfit for society — including depression, those who read books, “laziness,” the “over study of religion,” and “political excitement” — to name a few.

As the United States was wrapping up its dark and violent history of sentencing people to jail and death for participating in witchcraft, the state found a new progressive way to deal with those who they deemed unfit for society.

Lock them in an Insane Asylum.

These asylums were places in which abuse and death were frequent. While the rich could afford to go to fancy private establishments in the 19th and early-20th centuries, the poor were herded into these asylums with horrifying conditions.

As Dr. Ellen Holtzman points out, writing for the American Psychological Association, the disparity between government-run institutions and private ones was vast.

Holtzman notes, private asylums contrasted sharply with conditions in the late 19th-century public institutions. Patients at public hospitals were usually involuntarily committed, and they typically displayed violent or suicidal behavior before their hospitalization. The public hospitals were overcrowded and dirty, with bars on the windows. The staff was poorly paid and frequently treated patients harshly.

This harsh treatment, we are now finding out, was also deadly on a massive scale.

Built in 1855, the state of Mississippi funded their first mental institution — called the Insane Asylum.

During its peak, between 1855 and 1935, the Insane Asylum housed upwards of 6,000 people. In the first two decades it was opened, more than one in five patients would die inside its stone walls.

Four years ago, when UMMC began construction on a road across the 164-acre campus, they discovered the first of the coffins. However, that was only 66 coffins. Now, after studying the area with underground radar, Ralph Didlake, who oversees UMMC’s Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, said current estimates say the number of graves could be as high as 7,000.

Karen Clark of Clinton, MS, said her great-great-great grandfather Isham Earnest was held at and died at this facility.

As the Clarion-Ledger notes, the War of 1812 veteran moved to Neshoba County in 1842, was ruled “insane” in the 1850s and is believed to have died at the asylum between 1857 and 1859.

“Hundreds, if not thousands, of descendants are here today because of Isham Earnest,” she said. “Many are teachers, nurses, educators, and ministers.”

“I thought, ‘This person could be saved if modern medicine were there,’ ” Clark stated as she became overwhelmed with emotion while going through the records of patients at the hospital.

Clark noted she has sympathy for those who died in this place “because I’ve had mental issues in the distant past,” she said. “No one took me and dumped me.”

In 1935, after burying thousands and thousands of people in their backyard, the hospital was moved to where it currently resides, the State Hospital at Whitfield.

If ever there were a reason to be sceptical of government-sponsored programs ostensibly designed to help people, this is one. Although it was started with the best intentions by mental health advocate Dorothy Dix, the government-run hospital became more of a death camp than a treatment facility.

The Insane Asylum, like many other mental facilities across the United States at the time, have dark and deadly histories, many of which have rightfully inspired horror films.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky killed so many people that estimates are anywhere from 150 a year to over 60,000.

The abuse of one such place continued into modern history and was uncovered by Geraldo Rivera. Willowbrook State School on Staten Island gained national attention after Robert Kennedy toured it in the 60’s. But Rivera’s Peabody Award-winning investigation revealed torture, patients covered in feces, sexual assault by staff and images so horrifying that Willowbrook became the inspiration for the TV series “American Horror Story Asylum.”

As the argument over state-run health care heats up, Americans will do well to remember their past. Universal healthcare sounds like a wonderful idea on the surface but when conditions become overcrowded and money stops flowing, we end up with a very real American Horror Story.


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The Usury Based System. Towards A Worldwide Financial Disaster?*

The Usury Based System. Towards A Worldwide Financial Disaster?*

By Jonas E. Alexis, Richard C. Cook

New World Order agents are in charge of all Western governments and of the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex, and they have shown themselves capable of killing anyone who gets out of line, as they did to JFK, perpetrating false flag events to stampede the populace into obedience, as they did with 9-11, or destroying whole nations as they did with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria.

Richard C. Cook is a retired federal government analyst. In his 32-year career he worked for five civilian agencies and the Carter White House. While with NASA he documented the flaws with the space shuttle solid rocket booster and testified before the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident. Unable to return to NASA after his testimony, he spent the rest of his career with the U.S. Treasury Department.

On retirement in 2007, Cook published a book on monetary policy entitled We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform.

Jonas E. Alexis: The issue of money scandals on a massive scale is always interesting because it brings out the inexorable relationship between capitalism and usury. For example, the illustration is used that “if Judas Iscariot had invested his thirty pieces of silver at just a few percentage points compound, repayable in silver as of today, the amount of silver required would be equivalent to the weight of the Earth.” There isn’t enough gold and silver in the universe to meet that challenge. In other words, the idea behind usury is an arithmetic impossibility.

But the oligarchs always try to come up with superficial and crazy ways to bypass that mathematical impossibility. Why? Well, they always attempt to come up with sophisticated ways to cheat the oppressed, the poor, and the needy.

For example, during the Roman Empire, after the death of Augustus, the rich started employing usury to increase their wealth. In the process, they largely “controlled any financial movements in the economy.” Eventually, during the decline of the Roman Empire, “the tenant-farmers were reduced to serfdom by their creditors.”

Usury was eventually condemned by all religious institutions, including Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, because it was viewed as a practice that oppressed the poor and needy and had the potential to bring about the collapse of economic progress. In Islam, for example, trade or fee is permitted, but usury is not.

Philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca, and Plutarch also condemned usury as unnatural (contra natura) and immoral. This discussion became so important in Plato’s Law that he ultimately not only advises that “no money should be lent at interest” but that “the borrower should be under no obligation to repay either capital or interest.”

Plato says in The Republic that the oligarchs gather their wealth through usury and by ruining the life of others, namely the poor. Aristotle called usury “the most hated” form of “getting wealth.” Marcus Porcius Cato, a Roman statesman who lived between 234 and 149 B.C., indirectly equates usury with murder.

As George Santayana put it, those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it. Over the centuries, usury has destroyed economic progress. And we are just repeating history here because compound interest is taking a huge toll on almost all the strata of the U.S. economy, especially among college students and home owners.

In early 2012, student loan debt reached $1 trillion, with the average graduate owing at least $25,000. During the same season, student debt rose by 8% and college tuition skyrocketed.313 Fifty-one-year-old Doug Wallace, who graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a debt of $89,000, declared, “It’s like you’re not of much worth in society.” Courts are now finding that “debt collectors misled borrowers” with regard to student loans.

Kelsey Griffith, a student from Ohio, graduated with a debt of $120,000. Chelsea Grove, a Bowling Green State University drop-out, is now paying off a $70,000 debt, even though she has no intention of going back to school. Christina Hagan will have to pay off a $65,000 debt when she graduates from Malone University (an evangelical school).

Although she makes $60,000 a year as a state representative, “she plans to begin waiting tables in the next few weeks…to help pay down her student loans and credit cards.” Hagan has a message for the younger generation,

“I placed a priority on a Christian education and I didn’t think about the debt,” she said.

“I need my generation to understand that nothing is free.”

Capitalism makes usury not only sophistically alluring for the rich and powerful, but makes it legitimate, and for this purpose it has received widespread criticism. Capitalism is not just “wealth” or economic exchange in the free market. Soon or later usury is going to sneak in—the exclusion of ethical values in the pursuit of usurious contracts.

One anthropologist and historian who has studied this issue from the early centuries likened modern capitalism to “a structure designed to eliminate all moral imperatives but profit.” Over the centuries—most specifically during the twentieth century—Jewish intellectuals have refined usury in such a way that the masses are completely oblivious of what is actually going on. And their definition only works for the rich and powerful, not for the poor and the needy. William Deresiewicz of the New York Times, summarizing the avarice and usurious activity of the rich over the past few decades, tells us unapologetically:

“Enron, BP, Goldman, Philip Morris, G.E., Merck, etc., etc. Accounting fraud, tax evasion, toxic dumping, product safety violations, bid rigging, overbilling, perjury. The Walmart bribery scandal, the News Corp. hacking scandal—just open up the business section on an average day. Shafting your workers, hurting your customers, destroying the land. Leaving the public to pick up the tab. These aren’t anomalies; this is how the system works: you get away with what you can and try to weasel out when you get caught.”

In short, the oligarchs always use capitalism to suppress the poor and the needy. They always use ambiguous phrases such as “economic freedom” or “economic exchange” in order to sneak in usurious contracts into the economic equation. And if you are against “economic exchange,” they argue, then you must be a socialist or communist or something equally weird.

Those who don’t think that capitalism is a sophisticated way of cheating the masses probably don’t know what capitalism really is. That is why we are inviting Richard C. Cook to tell us a little bit about this because he spent years working in Washington.

Richard C. Cook: Since I retired in 2007, I have published several books and dozens of articles on public policy matters. My next book was on monetary policy and titled, We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform. This book consisted of a history of the U.S. monetary system and an explanation of why that system should be changed radically to avert further disasters.

In the book I predicted the financial collapse of 2008. Of course the changes I prescribed have not been made, and in the nine years since then the situation has become much worse. In fact, we likely have passed the point of no return.

Very few people understand how the Western banking system really works and how it differs from that which operates in such countries as Russia, China, and a few others, with partly controlled systems that still derive from their formerly communistic economies. Those who do understand are based in the world’s financial centres such as London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Basle, etc.

These are the owners and operators of the largest banks. Representatives of these privately-owned banks are assigned to manage national central banks, like the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, and international quasi-public institutions like the International Monetary Fund.

One of my projects at the U.S. Treasury Department was to develop and teach training courses on the history of U.S. government finance. My research showed that in American history, the type of financial system based on central banking controlled by private interests used to be known as the “Jewish system.” I did not employ this term in teaching my classes because of the sensitivities involved. But to use it would not have been “anti-Semitic” as much as a statement of historical fact.

The Western financial system based on bank-issued debt as the dominant means of introducing money into circulation was created by medieval money-changers in Europe. By the time of the Renaissance, modern banking had begun to take form. There was also the assumption that if lending were backed by gold and silver held in the vaults of banking institutions that real value could always be counted on if promissory notes were called in.

But there are deeper structural problems. The inevitable consequence of any economy based on usury, depending of course on whether interest is simple or compound and also on the prevailing rate of interest, is that the wealth of that economy will gradually pass into the hands of the financial controllers. This fact has been known and understood since the system first appeared in ancient Babylon, as documented by Dr. Michael Hudson. Dr. Hudson even cites an ancient legend that the system was invented by the Devil to enslave human beings.

A usury-based system sucks the purchasing power out of the producing economy. This places every institution and individual within that economy under pressure to constantly generate an ever-increasing level of economic activity to stave off bankruptcy, ruin, and even starvation.

Historically, the system took a major step toward chaos when banks were allowed, by law, to lend more than they had on reserve. “Fractional reserve banking” was a natural outgrowth of the practice banks were permitted to engage in under the assumption that not everyone would want to redeem their paper notes with gold and silver at the same time.

Unfortunately, the more mature an economy becomes, the more the economic growth rate slows and the greater the stress involved in the simple act of living. Many cannot keep pace as the ranks of the poor grow. The ancient Hebrews recognized the peril of the system by mandating a periodic “Jubilee” when debts were forgiven.

In today’s economy, there is never a Jubilee. So in order to pay off debt, the economy must constantly grow. In order to make it grow, everything else must be sacrificed. When human values conflict, they must be pushed aside to serve growth. Ask any politician—economic growth must be constant; non-growth is disastrous.

Further, without regulation, companies are motivated to cut costs by wanton pollution, reducing wages, and overusing public infrastructure like highways without paying their fair share of taxes.

This is where Western society has arrived today. People and firms must constantly increase the rate of economic activity just to pay their debts, leading to increased resource consumption, brutal competition among individuals and nations, price inflation, war, crime, and breakdowns in health and social order. The idol of Mammon is voracious in demanding its blood tribute.

Because machines are increasingly better able to produce goods and services than people, technological unemployment is soaring even as human beings lose the income needed to purchase what must be produced. Vast numbers are increasingly left out of the economy, leading to human exploitation that in some parts of the world even includes a resurgence of human slavery.

Thus an economy that is incredibly productive on the one hand creates increasing misery on the other. Such an economy is unsustainable. The fault lies chiefly with the usury-based financial system. It is not that alternatives are not available. Different methods have been used at various times in history to introduce money into circulation apart from debt-based private banking.

The “Reagan Revolution” Killed the Economy

When I worked at the Carter White House in 1980, I convened a small group of experts to study alternative financial systems. In November 1980, however, President Jimmy Carter was voted out of office, and the “Reagan Revolution” began. This was actually a right-wing coup aided by the Federal Reserve’s crashing of the U.S. economy through radically increasing interest rates and the manipulation by Reagan’s supporters of the Iranian hostage crisis.

The “Reagan Revolution” consisted chiefly of completing the long-planned turnover of the U.S. producing economy to the banks and Wall Street, with factory jobs being outsourced to third-world countries. Privatization of public enterprises such as municipal water systems accelerated.

The changes were planned by academics from Harvard, the University of Chicago, and other elite universities. Attempts were made to apply the same logic around the world, including Russia during the 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This trend in Russia has since been modified or even reversed.

But within the U.S., the process was completed under President Bill Clinton with NAFTA and the repeal of Glass-Steagall, a law that had prevented the merger of investment and commercial banking. Hence the rise to power of predatory firms like Goldman Sachs and the Carlyle Group.

These firms specialize in methods based on usury that are used to buy up whole companies, fire the employees, sell the domestic assets, and ship the remaining jobs overseas. It was all done by design under presidents who were mouthpieces for behind-the-scenes power.

Without sufficient domestic jobs combined with production that no one can afford to buy the bankers have kept the system afloat through bubbles and government bailouts. There was the bubble, the housing bubble, and, under President Obama, the Treasury bond bubble, along with what became known in Federal Reserve jargon as “Quantitative Easing” (QE); i.e., a stab at a zero-interest rate economy.

Today there is scarcely a single major figure in public life, including the so-called “progressives” and reformers, who is actively promoting the use of other methods besides usury for money-creation. An exception is Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who was maneuvered out of his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives by gerrymandering. Kucinich promoted a plan developed by the American Monetary Institute of creating money by federal spending for infrastructure.

It is amazing how locked-in people are to their habitual ways of thinking about life’s problems and how fearful they are of “thinking outside the box.” People love their chains because they are used to them. They kiss the whip that scourges them. Through the “Stockholm Syndrome” they suck up to their captors to curry favor.

So it is with trying to help people see how simple it would be in concept to get rid of the debt-based financial system. But they can’t. They won’t.

Meanwhile bank CEOs become multimillionaires by dealing in hollow currency. They could just as easily be put on trial for counterfeiting and fraud.

People would rather destroy the planet and themselves through support of endless wars based on “regime change”, gobbling up other nations, man-made climate change, chemical pollution, alcohol and drug addiction, criminalization of government and law enforcement, resource depletion, etc., than confront the controllers of the financial system who rule society and say, “Enough is enough.”

These controllers are in charge of all Western governments and of the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex, and they have shown themselves capable of killing anyone who gets out of line, as they did to JFK, perpetrating false flag events to stampede the populace into obedience, as they did with 9-11, or destroying whole nations as they did with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria.

They can take away your job, spy on your computer, audit your taxes, throw you in prison, murder you, or send you off to fight their wars. All to keep a corrupt system in place.

When I worked at the U.S. Treasury Department, as part of post-9/11 security, they designated the entire U.S. financial system as “critical infrastructure.” No one questioned what the implications were. What it meant in practice was that the police power and military might of the nation were committed to defending what ethically is indefensible.

Thus the U.S. military, acting as global enforcer, has forces stationed in a majority of nations and on all the seven seas to ensure that money keeps flowing in to feed the debt monster. If any other nation wishes to even think about challenging this hegemony, that nation and its leaders are castigated and demonized and threatened with nuclear annihilation. The senior civilian and military leadership are adept at assuring such “adversaries” that “no options are off the table” in order to protect the blessings of “freedom” and “democracy” for one and all.

But I do know that every human being on earth is being profoundly challenged by world conditions and their extreme potential for chaos. On an individual level, even if we can’t escape the common human fate, we can certainly pray for insight into something more benign right now for our neighbor and ourselves. We are not alone in the universe, and we can seek the inner help we need to resist the temptations to respond negatively. Then we can commit ourselves to making whatever improvements we are able.


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3-Billion-Year-Old ‘Lost Continent’ Lurking Under African Island*

3-Billion-Year-Old ‘Lost Continent’ Lurking Under African Island*

It’s official: A 3-billion-year-old “lost continent” lurks beneath the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, new research confirms.

A fleck of iridescent zircon that is embedded in a piece of trachyte. The zircon is up to 3 billion years old, while the trachyte is about 6 million years old. The traces of zircon reveal that a lost continent is lurking beneath Mauritius. Credit: Wits University


By Tia Ghose

It’s official: A 3-billion-year-old “lost continent” lurks beneath the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, new research confirms.

Sparkly, iridescent flecks of rocks known as zircons from Mauritius date back billions of years, to one of the earliest periods in Earth’s history, the researchers found. Other rocks on the island, by contrast, are no more than 9 million years old.

“The fact that we have found zircons of this age proves that there are much older crustal materials under Mauritius that could only have originated from a continent,” Lewis Ashwal, lead author of the new study and a geologist at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg in South Africa, said in a statement.

Earth’s crust is made up of two parts: the planet’s continents, which rise high above the oceans because they are composed of lighter rocks such as granite; and the ocean basins, which sink lower because they are made up of denser rocks such as basalt, according to a video about the new study.

Whereas the continental crust may be 4 billion years old, oceanic crust is much younger, and is continually being formed as molten rock spews through fissures in the ocean floor, called midocean ridges. [See Photos of the World’s Weirdest Geologic Formations]

The traditional thinking is that the island of Mauritius was formed by volcanic activity stemming from one of these midocean ridges, meaning older crust shouldn’t be there.

But the new study suggests that a tiny sliver of a primeval continent might have been left behind when the supercontinent Gondwana split up into Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica more than 200 million years ago. Then, the fiery birth of the island blanketed the primeval rock in layer after layer of cooling lava, building up the bulk of the island that is visible today, the researchers said.

“According to the new results, this breakup did not involve a simple splitting of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, but rather a complex splintering took place, with fragments of continental crust of variable sizes left adrift within the evolving Indian Ocean basin,” Ashwal said.

The new findings buttress results from a 2013 study that also found traces of ancient zircons in beach sand on the relatively young island. However, critics contended that this zircon could have traveled there in trade winds or been carried along on someone’s shoes. In the new study, however, the zircons were found embedded in 6-million-year-old rock known as trachyte, ruling out the notion of wind-blown transfer, Ashwal said.

The findings were published Tuesday Jan. 31 in the journal Nature Communications.


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Global Plant Growth Surging Alongside Carbon Dioxide*

Global Plant Growth Surging Alongside Carbon Dioxide*

A trace gas present in the atmosphere in miniscule amounts is helping scientists answer one of the biggest questions out there: Has plant growth increased alongside rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

It turns out the answer is Yes – in a big way.  A new study published in the April 6 edition of the journal Nature concludes that as emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels have increased since the start of the 20th century, plants around the world are utilizing 30% more carbon dioxide (CO2), spurring plant growth.

In 2007, NOAA scientist Stephen Montzka wrote a pivotal paper that identified the trace gas, carbonyl sulfide, as a key to estimating how much CO2  plants are taking in as they grow.

Recently, Montzka was part of a team of scientists led by Elliot Campbell of University of California Merced that reviewed the 54,000-year record for atmospheric carbonyl sulfide from measurements of air trapped in the snowpack at the South Pole.

“When we did, we discovered a massive, changing signal from the biosphere,” Montzka says.

Why carbonyl sulfide?

Plants take up CO2 when they photosynthesize, but they release it when they respire, decay or are burned. That means that the removal rate of CO2 by plants can’t be directly estimated on global scales from measurements of CO2 alone.

But plants need other nutrients, including sulfur – and once they grab it, they don’t give it back. Carbonyl sulfide – or COS, a molecule comprised of a carbon atom, a sulfur atom and an oxygen atom – is found in tiny amounts  (parts per trillion) in the atmosphere. Ongoing NOAA sampling and analysis of air trapped in Antarctic ice cores has enabled scientists to estimate changes in plant consumption of carbonyl sulfide during the past 100 years and then calculate how much CO2 plants are absorbing.

The study provides the first truly global estimate of the amount of CO2 that plants “fix” into their tissues like leaves in response to increasing concentrations of the gas over the past century.  Montzka says that tracking COS will help scientists monitor how much carbon land plants are removing from the atmosphere as CO2 levels increase.

“These results will help us better predict the biosphere’s response to continued fossil fuel emissions — and ultimately improve our predictions of climate change.”

Read more about this study in the journal Nature.


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Water Purifier Displaces Bottle Water Industry’s Dominance*

By Sayer Ji

Huge companies like Pepsi, Nestlé, and Coca-Cola sell billions of units of Reverse Osmosis purified tap water each year, the inevitable consequence of which is the littering of our planet with plastic that will pollute the environment for hundreds of years. What if you could eliminate the “middle men,” thousands of dollars in costs, and tons of plastic in the process?

If you have followed our work at you know that water quality concerns figure top on our list, especially considering how toxic the environment and municipal tap water have become, as well as the fact that 99% of water molecules by number in your body are water. Clearly, people are waking up to the vital importance of consuming clean water, but a common question emerges: what water should I drink?

I, personally, drink Mountain Valley water out of glass whenever possible. But when it comes to cooking, or making hot beverages like tea and coffee, its simply not economical to use Mountain Valley. So what’s the solution?

I have the great pleasure of introducing our followers to my friend Peter Spiegel’s groundbreaking solution: the AquaTru™ water purification system. He has managed to make available, for the first time, the same 4-stage Reverse Osmosis technology used by the world’s largest beverage corporations to produce bottled water, but has miniaturized it to fit your countertop with no installation or plumbing required. He also is contracting directly with the membrane manufacturer, eliminating thousands of dollars of “middle man” costs. This system also provides a cost effective alternative to extremely bulky and costly under-the-sink RO systems. Not only will you save a ton of money on pure water you will also save the environment from millions of pounds of plastic. For instance, the Pacific Institute estimated that the U.S. consumer, in 2006 alone, bought 31.2 billion liters of water sold in plastic containers weighing a total of 1,800,000,000 pounds!

AquaTru™ is the first and only counter top water purifier that makes bottled-water-quality water right from your tap without any plumbing or installation. AquaTru’s exclusive, patent pending TruPure™ technology miniaturizes the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and puts it into a compact countertop water purifier for the first time. AquaTru™ removes or substantially reduces virtually all the toxic chemicals in your tap water [more details provided below].

What’s wrong with Tap Water?

The EPA has not set a new drinking water standard since 2001.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates about 100 contaminants in our tap water, but a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found over 300 harmful contaminants in tap water serving over 53.6 million Americans.

Harmful contaminants in our unregulated drinking water include:

– Disinfection byproducts (over 600 have been identified!)

– Perchlorate (rocket fuel – read the exposure on “Perchlorate Gate“)

– MTBE (gasoline additive)

– Prescription drug residue like anti-depressants & hormones from birth control.

Disinfection byproducts are carcinogens which are produced when drinking water-disinfectants like chlorine and chloramine react with naturally-occurring or decaying matter in the water to form byproducts that pose serious health risks.

Nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural runoff contaminate our groundwater supply posing health risks.

A study by the EWG found that over 43 million Americans in 42 states drink water that is polluted with chromium, much of it likely being in the carcinogenic form of Chromium-6.

What’s wrong with typical fridge & pitcher filters?

They are filters, not purifiers. Most pitcher and refrigerator filters are only designed to make your water taste better, but not necessarily safer, which is of primary importance. Filters remove simple chemicals like chlorine, but may leave behind a toxic chemical concoction for you to drink.

What’s wrong with bottled water?

According to the Pacific Institute, it takes over 17 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic required for bottled waters consumed by Americans in a year, which is enough oil to fuel more than 1 million cars for an entire year.

The Pacific Institute estimates that it takes 3 litres of water to create 1 litre of bottled water.

Over 73 billion half-litre bottles of water are consumed in the U.S. per year. Only 29% are recycled, meaning 50 billion bottles end up in landfills or polluting our waterways.

The recommended eight glasses of water a day (1460 pints). At $.25 a pint (if you buy at Costco) that will cost you $365 a year. At a $1.00 a bottle at a convenience store that’s $1460.

What’s right about AquaTru™?

With AquaTru™, your water isn’t just filtered….it’s purified. Affordable and easy to maintain. No installation is necessary. It utilizes patent-pending TruPure™ reverse osmosis technology for nearly 4X the efficiency of regular RO systems. The 4-step reverse osmosis filtration process includes:

  1. Mechanical Pre-Filter: Removes sediments and cloudiness (turbidity) from water
  2. Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filter: Removes more than 99% of chlorine and chloramine which can damage the RO filter
  3. High Efficiency U.S.-Made Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Takes out metallic ions, salts, viruses, pollutants, drugs, etc.

The Japanese RO membrane manufacturer’s data shows it removes the following contaminants:

  • Arsenic = 95.00%
  • Asbestos = 95.00%
  • Barium = 99.90%
  • Chlorine = 99.90%
  • Chloramine = 99.00%
  • Cadmium = 99.00%
  • Copper = 99.00%
  • Chromium (hexavalent) = 99.00%
  • Cysts (cryptosporidium & giardia) = 99.99%
  • Fluoride = 90.00%
  • Lead = 99.00%
  • Mercury = 99.00%
  • MTBE = 90.00%
  • Nitrates = 90.00%
  • Perchlorate = 90.00%

Mike Adams of NaturalNews used ICP-MS instrumentation to assess the unit’s ability to remove heavy metals and radionuclides and found it removed the following:

  • Aluminum reduction = 92.99%
  • Copper reduction = 99.79%
  • Arsenic reduction = 99.90%
  • Strontium reduction = 98.80%
  • Cadmium reduction = 100.00%
  • Cesium reduction = 100.00%
  • Mercury reduction = 100.00%
  • Lead reduction = 99.90%
  • Uranium reduction = 100.00%
  1. Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Filter: “Polishes” the water and removes any remaining volatile organic compounds (toxic gases)
  2. Bisphenol Free, Non-Estrogenic Material Used (Tritan™): AquaTru™ uses Tritan™ copolyester material, which is the same material used by the Vitamix and Nutribullet and which was evaluated by 3rd-party research to be free of estrogenic and androgenic activity in 2012 (email us for the research document: Also, Tritan™ copolyester material is free of not only bisphenol A, but all bisphenols, e.g. bisphenols S, F, M, etc.

The filter features a compact footprint; sits easily on your counter or under any standard kitchen cabinet. Its easy-to-use dispensing button makes filling up your glass or water bottle fast and convenient. The removable dispensing tank can be stored in the fridge for cold drinking water. The digital display tells you when it’s time to change filters. The filters last two years or more. The unit is completely portable, so you can take it with you if you move.

Why AquaTru™?

We all need to drink water – a lot of it. What are you doing to make sure it’s safe, pure and healthy? Make sure you get the full story before choosing what goes into your body, what comes out of your pocketbook and what’s best for the world around you!

Ready to order your AquaTru™ water purifier?

Peter is making available the AquaTru™ available at special price. Check out the offer here.


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