Venezuela Oil Union Workers Back Maduro’s Constituent Assembly*

Venezuela Oil Union Workers Back Maduro’s Constituent Assembly*

Venezuelan workers protest in solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution. | Photo: VTV


Wills Rangel, president of the Unitary Federation of Oil, Gas, and their similar entities and derivatives says the Constituent will “guarantee peace.”

Wills Rangel, president of Venezuela’s Unitary Federation of Petroleum Workers, FUTPV, affirmed that oil workers support President Nicolas Maduro’s call for a National Constituent Assembly in the name of peace and democracy.

Accompanied by workers from Venezuela’s state-owned oil and natural gas company, Petroleos de Venezuela, PDVSA, Rangel declared,

“We support the Constituent. The workers are present and we’re going to give our best effort for peace and victory.”

Rangel emphasized that some 14 million Venezuelan workers are willing to march in the streets hand-in-hand with the Bolivarian Revolution to assure stability in Venezuela.

“The Constituent is what will guarantee peace,” Rangel added.

Maduro’s Constituent Assembly invokes article 347 of the Bolivarian Constitution, which allows for the convening of a national constituent assembly with the purpose of “transforming the state.” The process is intended to facilitate a dialogue with the opposition and broad sectors of society with the goal of easing the ongoing political tensions.

While seventeen Venezuelan opposition parties have met with the government to discuss the national constituent assembly invoked by Maduro last week, right-wing parties aligned with the Democratic Unity Roundable coalition have refused to negotiate with the government.



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