Eyewitness: Foreign Terrorists from Neighbouring Countries Armed, Trained and Financed by the U.S, and Co. in Syria*

Eyewitness: Foreign Terrorists from Neighbouring countries Armed, Trained and
Financed by the U.S, and Co. in Syria*

From Alexandra Bruce


Jimmy Dore probes the complete disconnect between U.S. Government propaganda about Syria and the reality of the situation with investigative reporter, Eva Bartlett, who has been in the Middle East for years and now in Syria.

From her observations, all reports that events on Syria are anything resembling a “civil war” are false.
What she is seeing are foreign combatants from neighbouring countries being armed, trained and financed by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel to oust the duly-elected President Bashar al-Assad, who the vast majority of Syrians do not wish to see out of power.
This is a rare interview of Dore’s where he doesn’t hurl non-stop F-bombs, so for those who don’t go in for that sort of thing, worry not.

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