Sweden puts Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Social Media Blacklist*

Sweden puts Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Social Media Blacklist*

The Swedish Institute, operating under the authority of the Swedish Foreign Office, has placed Israel’s MFA and the country’s Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachman on a Twitter blacklist.

(jpost) — Sweden has blocked the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachman on social media, placing the official office and the envoy on a list naming the entities blocked on Twitter by the state for disseminating hate speech online.

The full list of users who are allegedly engaged or could potentially engage in online slander was composed by the Swedish public agency The Swedish Institute, which operates under the authority of the Swedish Foreign Office.

Among the individuals on the list are parliamentarians from different parties in Sweden as well as journalists and public figures, according to Swedish online newspaper Nyheter Idag.

The Swedish Institute provided an explanation on its official website, saying that:

“Approximately 12,000 international Swedish accounts that engage in baiting, threats, hatred and incitement against immigrants, women, but also against organizations that are committed to human rights [have been blocked].”
“These accounts often have a right-wing extremist and/or a neo-Nazi tendency, and they also incite to violence,” the Swedish Institute added.

The list is being used to ban users that follow the Twitter handle @Sweden, which is owned and run by the institute.

Isaac Bachman, Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden, responded to the ban on Tuesday, and took to Twitter to express his dismay over his inclusion in the list.

“Now, that #Israel’s MFA and ambassador are blocked- #Sweden is much safer in reading Iran and others, that were not blocked,” the ambassador wrote in a jab aimed at the Swedish Institute.


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