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For Native Mothers, a Way to Give Birth That Overcomes Trauma*

For Native Mothers, a Way to Give Birth That Overcomes Trauma*

A birthing centre opening next year in New Mexico will provide a safe place for women to heal through their traditions.

Nicolle Gonzalez a Navajo midwife and mother of three is establishing a birthing centre in New Mexico – photo Sarah van Gelder


By Sarah van Gelder

Nicolle Gonzales has the stamina of a long-distance runner, which she is, and the authority that comes from guiding nervous mothers-to-be through difficult labour. Her confidence was hard-won: She is a survivor of sexual abuse who gave birth to her first child at age 20 in a noisy hospital room, crowded with relatives and attended by a doctor who wouldn’t answer her questions. She lost so much blood that she nearly lost consciousness.

“That birth was traumatic and loud,” she said.

The feeling of being out of control carried over into her early mothering.

“I just didn’t feel connected to being a mom for the first couple years.”

Today Gonzales, who is Navajo, lives with her Tewa husband and three children in the San Ildefonso Pueblo, north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the years after that difficult birth, she trained to become a midwife and developed a deeper understanding of what had happened to her.

“When I talk to non-Native health care providers, they say,

‘All my Native ladies are great. They don’t talk. They come in and do what I tell them,’” Gonzales explained.

“I want that to end,” she said.

“Our women are important. Where we birth and how we birth is important.”

She believes that a birthing centre that supports the young mothers’ practice of their traditions could help make the difference between more trauma and healing. That’s why the Changing Woman Initiative, which Gonzales founded, has worked for years to build a Native-run birthing center where women and their families will find empowerment and healing when they are most vulnerable. Gonzales and her collaborators intend to open the birthing and wellness centre in the Tewa community of Pojoaque Pueblo in the summer of 2018.

Trauma is widespread throughout the United States, where six in ten people have experienced some form of early childhood trauma, according to a report by the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention. Native American populations also live with the effects of centuries of displacement, massacres, starvation, and the forced removal of children from families. Native women are also more likely to be victims of domestic violence; they are more likely to be trafficked, and experience rape and sexual assault at more than twice the national rate.

Gonzales knows these facts all too well. But after speaking at conferences about Native American issues for years, she wants to see action.

“There is little discussion about solutions, and there is little notice given to the Native voices about our own communities,” she said.

For Gonzales, addressing these issues requires reincorporating culture, traditional belief systems, and language to bring life back to Native communities. Her birthing centre is a place where that can happen.

She imagines a welcoming place with photos of grandmothers on the wall, cedar burning, drumming, and a space for ceremonies. She envisions the family and community gathering at the center to welcome the newborn baby, who would hear the words of his or her native language before any others.

“Birth is a lot like a ceremony,” Gonzales said.

“There’s sacrifice, there’s pain, and there’s healing.”

During traditional dances, women learn how strong they can be.

“The Corn Dance is in August. You dance nonstop, without shoes, and it’s hot, and you’re exhausted,” she said.

“I tell the mothers in labour, this is like the Corn Dance. You’re tired, but you’re listening to that drum, and the baby’s gonna be here!”

Gonzales has found that pregnancy is a time when many women who are in abusive relationships, who smoke, or abuse drugs or alcohol are open to change.

 “In our Navajo culture, teaching our mind is very powerful. We talk about hozho, which is walking in beauty, or being positive, and we understand that what we say can manifest into reality,” she said.

“I had one woman who was so traumatized, she came into the office shaking,” she continued.

“There was sweat on her lip, and she was like, ‘What are you going to do to me?’”

The birthing process can trigger abuse trauma, Gonzales said, because the women feel out of control.

Giving birth on their own terms feels like a victory, Gonzales said.

“They feel in control. You see the shift through the whole pregnancy as that confidence sets in. A mother who feels her own strength and the support and love of others can in turn offer her children the love and support that will put them on a solid footing for life.


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Witnesses saw U.S. Military Killing Fleeing Child in Latest Botched Yemen Raid*

Witnesses saw U.S. Military Killing Fleeing Child in Latest Botched Yemen Raid*

Human rights group, Reprieve say the raid went wrong from the start when U.S. Navy Seals opened fire on a partially blind 70-year-old man.

By Andrea Germanos

A Yemeni soldier looks at the graffiti of U.S. drone strike painted on a wall as a protest against the drone strikes, in Sanaa, Yemen, on Dec. 21, 2013. (Photo: Mohammed Mohammed/Xinhua)


The Pentagon said last week that there were “no credible indications of civilian casualties” from the latest U.S. Navy SEALs raid on a village in Yemen.

Yet new reporting by The Intercept, citing eyewitness accounts, offers more evidence to contradict the military’s claim.

Residents of the village in Mareb province said that there were in fact 10 civilians killed and wounded, including a 15-year old child who was trying to flee a barrage of firing from Apache helicopters.

His name was Abdullah Saeed Salem al Adhal.

His 22-year-old brother, Murad al Adhal, said to the news outlet that he saw “the nearby hills were filled with the American soldiers.”

“My little brother Abdullah ran for his life with the other women and children. They killed him as he was running,” said Murad, who was also shot in the leg.

Apart from countering U.S. claims about the event, journalist Iona Craig writes, the eyewitness testimony also raises serious questions about intelligence gathering methods and the ability of decision-makers to determine who is and who is not an Al Qaeda militant amidst Yemen’s multifaceted conflict where loyalties are fluid and pragmatically based.

Human rights organization Reprieve has also countered the military’s version of events and identified 70-year-old, partially blind Nasser al-Adhal as among the civilians killed in the May 23 raid. He was shot by U.S. forces as he went to greet the SEALs, believing them to be guests.

“This new flawed raid by President Trump shows the U.S. is not capable of distinguishing a terrorist from an innocent civilian,” said Kate Higham, head of the assassinations program at Reprieve, in the wake of the raid.

“President Trump must order an immediate investigation into what went wrong and halt all raids and drone strikes before more innocent Yemenis are killed,” she added.

Apart from reeling from two years of war, millions of Yemenis are facing acute hunger and a cholera outbreak. The World Health Organization said Monday that the death toll from that epidemic has claimed 471 lives.

Meanwhile, a handful of U.S. lawmakers is trying to block the sale of  $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which is leading the coalition fight in Yemen and has been accused of committing war crimes in that conflict.

And in Iraq, another front in the ever-expanding global war on terror, Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis said Sunday the U.S. military will begin to use “annihilation tactics” to defeat Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, adding to CBS‘s “Face the Nation” that “[c]ivilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation.”


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Your Body is Incapable of making Hormones without Cholesterol*

Your Body is Incapable of making Hormones without Cholesterol*

By Michael McEvoy

Each week I re-iterate the importance of cholesterol in the body, as well as site the prevalent mis-information that exists regarding cholesterol.

Not only is cholesterol not bad, it is one of the most vitally important substances inside of your body. Every cell of your body is made from it, and ALL of your steroid hormones are synthesized from cholesterol, including all of the sex and adrenal hormones!

How Are Steroidal Hormones Made?

There are basically 6 types of steroid hormones: mineralcorticoids, glucocorticoids, androgens, estrogens, progestagens and Vitamin D. The three steroidal hormones that are produced by the adrenals are:

  • Mineralcorticoids
  • Glucocorticoids
  • Androgens

It is the family of 50 powerful enzymes known as Cytochrome P450 that is responsible for converting cholesterol into the ‘master’ steroid hormone, pregnenolone. I choose to call pregnenolone a ‘master hormone’ because it is converted into numerous other vital hormones.

Without cholesterol which in synthesized in the liver, pregnenolone cannot be made. Drugs that inhibit the liver’s production of cholesterol may have a very damaging effect upon the cascade of hormones of the endocrine system.

Consider the vitally important functions of the 6 steroidal hormones, all of which are derived from cholesterol:

  • Glucocorticoids are vitally important for the metabolism of carbohydrates. The most important glucocorticoid is cortisol, a powerful adrenal hormone that has multiple functions in the body. Cortisol is also a powerful anti-inflammatory hormone that opposes immune hyper-function.
  • Mineralcorticoide hormones such as aldosterone are hugely responsible for water/electrolyte dynamics through the control of sodium and potassium.
  • Adrogenic hormones such as DHEA and testosterone are critical for libido, as well as maintaining bone density. Studies have shown that low levels of DHEA correlate with poor bone density and osteoporosis. DHEA is also critical for memory and anti-aging,
  • Progestagens such as progesterone are vitally important for regulating women’s menstrual cycles and are the ‘gestation’ hormones.
  • Estrogens such as estradiol are critical for sexual development and have various functions for bone and brain health.
  • Vitamin D is technically a sterol, but functions as a steroidal hormone. Vitamin D is converted in the liver and has hundreds of vital immune supporting functions. Vitamin D is also critical for calcium regulation in the blood.

Cholesterol Lowering Drug Side Effects: Diminished Hormone Function

So many side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs are caused due to their inhibition of proper hormone synthesis from cholesterol. The most common side effects of statin drugs are: loss of physical strength, sexual dysfunction, memory loss, liver dysfunction, changes in mood, myopathy and several other symptoms.

By understanding the basic functions of the 6 steroid hormones I’ve discussed above, and the vitally important role that cholesterol has on the production of those hormones, can you see how and why cholesterol is so important to your body’s overall health?

‘Good’ & ‘Bad’ Cholesterol: No Such Thing

There is no such thing as good and bad cholesterol. These terms are fictitious. In fact LDL the so called ‘bad’ cholesterol and HDL the so called ‘good’ cholesterol are not even cholesterol, they are lipo-proteins, transports for cholesterol. How important is LDL, the so called ‘Bad’ Cholesterol?

Consider that your body is incapable of functioning without LDL particles. Calling LDL ‘bad’ is extremely misleading and tends to induce a sense of irrational fear. It is true that LDL particles can oxidize in the bloodstream and can irritate blood vessels. But many things oxidize in the body, including omega 3 fats, which oxidize at an incredible speed. The essential sulfur rich amino acid methionine can oxidize and cause an elevation of homocysteine, a major indicator for cardiovascular inflammation. Yet you wouldn’t stop the body from synthesizing L-methionine because of elevated homocysteine. The body needs methionine in a major way, especially for liver detoxification. The same logic should apply to LDL.

The real question should be: “what is causing LDL to oxidize?” When there is a high level of oxidation present in the body, there also tends to be free radical activity in the tissues. Consuming adequate amounts of antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E prevents oxidative free radical damage.

Consuming artificial, partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) will not only cause LDL to oxidize, so will a diet high in refined sugars, alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Elevated levels of LDL also may be caused by chemical and heavy metal toxicity, liver toxicity and stress, hypothyroidism and kidney failure. Calling LDL ‘bad’ is very misleading, especially if you are not identifying causation.

HDL the so called ‘good’ cholesterol is the lipo-protein which transports cholesterol from the bloodstream back to the liver. Low levels of HDL reflect a sedentary lifestyle. Doctors and others who push the misinformation about raising HDL as being a good thing, fail to address that HDL levels greater than 75 are actually correlative with autoimmune processes. This is a strong possibility especially if triglyceride levels are low (less than 40). Excess consumption of alcohol, drug use, hypothyroidism, and excess estrogen can also cause HDL levels to become too high.

Diet & Cholesterol

Consider that dietary sources of fat and cholesterol have little to do with your blood cholesterol levels. I have literally seen how eating a high protein, high fat, high cholesterol diet actually LOWERS blood cholesterol levels in many people. Many medical studies, including this one actually show that eating cholesterol-rich eggs have a cholesterol-reducing effect!

Depending on the biochemical individuality of each person, dietary sources of fat and cholesterol may have some to little effect on blood cholesterol levels. There are many other variables to consider as to why cholesterol levels elevate. Over consuming sugar and carbohydrates is often a reason why many people have elevated cholesterol.

Hormones & Toxicity

Other factors such as toxicity, mercury poisoning and fluoride toxicity all contribute to hormone disruption in the body. Mercury particularly can interfere with the conversion of progesterone into cortisol. When there is a cascade of hormonal imbalances, you can almost say with certainty that heavy metal toxicity is a major causative factor. And when the symphony of hormones gets augmented, there are multiple responses and reactions that can ensue. The increased production of cholesterol is one. But realize that the elevation of cholesterol is a response to underlying biochemical imbalances, not a cause of it.

Adrenal fatigue is a very common condition that is characterized by a decline and deregulation of cortisol and DHEA levels. I have seen that people in deep stages of adrenal fatigue can have total cholesterol levels in the 300-400 range. These people also had extensive metals toxicity, liver toxicity and a cascade of other hormone imbalances. The metals toxicities should be seen as causative since heavy metals can interfere with all biological processes, especially hormones.

Improving upon adrenal function through proper nutritional intervention helps to restore the viability of the hormone pathways, and indirectly may cause cholesterol levels to lower as well. Again, elevation and lowering of cholesterol levels in the blood is a response to other biochemical factors, not a cause.

Hypothyroidism and elevated cholesterol is a common tandem. Again, when there is disruption to the hormone pathways, any number of problems can erupt in the body. Consider that hypothyroidism is just another symptom and result of the cascade of biochemical imbalances in the body.


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Former U.S. National Security Adviser Brzezinski Dies at 89*

Former U.S. National Security Adviser Brzezinski Dies at 89*

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the hawkish strategic theorist and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, has died at the age of 89.

Brzezinski’s death, at a hospital in Northern Virginia, was announced on Friday night by his daughter, Mika, on social media. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, on March 28, 1928.

“My father passed away peacefully tonight,” NBC journalist Mika Brzezinski said on Instagram.

“He was known to his friends as Zbig, to his grandchildren as Chief and to his wife as the enduring love of her life,” she wrote.

“I just knew him as the most inspiring, loving and devoted father any girl could ever have,” she added.

Brzezinski, like Henry A. Kissinger, was a foreign-born intellectual with extensive influence in global affairs, even long after they left the White House.

Former U.S. national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski (L) and Former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger are pictured at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo on December 11, 2016. (Photo by AFP)


The Polish-born academic served as a counselor to former President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968 and was Carter’s national security adviser from 1977 to 1981.

Brzezinski used to claim that he helped topple economic barriers between the Soviet Union, China and the West, and helped Carter establish ties between Egypt and Israel, which led to the Camp David accords between Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin.

Brzezinski, the author of The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, had once acknowledged that he provoked the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan so that it could get its “Vietnam”. The U.S. administration trained and sponsored fighters from Afghanistan and militants from several other countries to fight against the Soviet invasion.

‘A legacy of death and destruction’

American scholar Dennis Etler told Press TV that Brzezinski was the architect of neo-liberal imperialism who left “a legacy of death and destruction, blood and tears.”

“He was the godfather of the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Daesh. His influence can be seen behind all the tragedies in today’s headlines, from terrorist bombings, to the refugee crisis and proxy wars raging throughout North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia,” he stated.

“His passing is a time to reflect on the millions who have perished due to his policies,” said Dennis, an academic who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.

He further said that Brzezinski was “a Zionist Polish Catholic, not Jewish as some seem to assert.”

‘Beginning of the end of the Neocons’

US President Jimmy Carter shakes hands with his national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, as he presents Brzezinski with the Medal of Freedom at a White House ceremony in Washington, DC, on January 17, 1981. (AP file photo)


Rodney Martin, a former congressional staffer, argued that “Brzezinski’s death marks the beginning of the end of the Neocons.”

“He, like his fellow war criminal Henry Kissinger ushered in the Neocons’ New World Era which resulted in Neocons controlling both Democrat and Republican foreign policy and nearly 40 years of American War, war crimes and outright banditry around the globe,” he told Press TV.

His end is not sad, his life work brought sadness and despair around the globe,” he observed.


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Russia and Iran Escape the Petro-dollar*

Russia and Iran Escape the Petro-dollar*

By Tyler Durden

Iran signed an agreement with Russia under which it has broken free from the petrodollar, and will “sell”, or rather barter crude oil to Russia in exchange for products. The announcement was made by Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh, as reported by Russia’s RIA and TASS news agencies.

“The deal has been concluded. We are just waiting for the implementation from the Russian side. We have no difficulties; we signed the contract, everything is coordinated between the parties. We are waiting for Russian oil companies to send tankers,” he said, as quoted by Russian news agencies.

While sanctions against Iran have been lifted, restrictions on trade in U.S. dollars for the country’s banks remain, making it difficult to sell oil on the open market.

As reported here just over three years ago, the $20 billion agreement was initially signed in April 2014 when Iran was under Western sanctions over its nuclear program. Russian traders were to participate in the selling of Iranian oil. In exchange, Iran wanted essential goods and technology from Russia.

This is what Reuters reported in April 2014 when the deal was first announced:

Iran and Russia have made progress towards an oil-for-goods deal sources said would be worth up to $20 billion, which would enable Tehran to boost vital energy exports in defiance of Western sanctions, people familiar with the negotiations told Reuters.

In January Reuters reported Moscow and Tehran were discussing a barter deal that would see Moscow buy up to 500,000 barrels a day of Iranian oil in exchange for Russian equipment and goods.

The White House has said such a deal would raise “serious concerns” and would be inconsistent with the nuclear talks between world powers and Iran.

Little did the U.S. know back in 2014 that less than three years later, Russia would also be running the U.S., courtesy of wholesale manipulation of tens of millions of Americans, whom it hacked and convinced to vote for Trump.

Sarcasm aside, when the sanctions against Tehran were lifted in 2016, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said the deal was no longer necessary. However, Novak said in March 2017 that the plan was back on the table with Russia buying 100,000 barrels per day from Iran and selling the country $45 billion worth of goods, Russia Today reported.

Russia and Iran discussed energy, electricity, nuclear energy, gas and oil, as well as cooperation in the field of railways, industry, and agriculture.

Novak had announced in February that Russia’s state trading enterprise Promsirieimport has been authorized by the government to carry out the purchase of Iran’s oil through the oil-for-goods program under study by both countries. Meanwhile, Zanganeh had been quoted by the media as saying that Iran would be paid in cash for half of the oil that would be sold to Russia.  The due payments for the remaining half would be made in goods and services, the Iranian minister had said. 

A February report by the International Monetary Fund said that while Iran has been reconnected to SWIFT, significant challenges prevent Iranian banks fully-reconnecting to global banks still exist mostly due to remaining U.S. sanctions.

“U.S. primary sanctions apply to U.S. financial institutions and companies, including their non-U.S. branches (but not their subsidiaries). Moreover, with very limited exceptions, businesses and individuals related to the U.S. continue to be generally prohibited from dealing with Iran, including with the government,” the IMF said.

“U.S. dollar clearing restrictions have not been lifted and pose a significant challenge for non-U.S. banks who may do business with Iran, but may not be paid in U.S. dollars,” it added.

And since necessity is the mother of invention, what better way to bypass the world’s reserve currency than to go back to the way commerce was conducted before currencies were even created: through barter.


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ISIS in the Philippines, Duterte Declares Martial Law in Mindanao

ISIS in the Philippines, Duterte Declares Martial Law in Mindanao


From Alexandra Bruce


So, we’ve all heard by now that ISIS was largely funded, armed and trained by the U.S. and its
Middle Eastern allies. Now, ISIS has attacked Marawi, a city of 200,000 people in the Philippines
Island of Mindanao, where they beheaded the police chief, burned down a cathedral and kidnapped a local priest, a professor and at least three others.
In contrast to the rest of the Philippines, which is predominantly Catholic, Mindanao has a population that is roughly 30% Muslim.
President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law in Mindanao for 60 days and has reserved the right to extend it throughout the country, claiming that, “I hate to do this. I don’t want to do this.”
His detractors, however are calling him “trigger happy”. His daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, who is Mayor of Davao City, also in the Mindanao region and also experiencing unrest has declared martial law in that city, as well.

The CIA’s Cloddish ISIS Attack on Duterte

By F. William Engdahl

The only word I find for it is cloddish. I refer to the latest CIA-instigated attempt to initiate regime change against outspoken Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The so-called ISIS terror attack in the minerals-rich southern Philippines island of Mindanao, a predominately Muslim part of the mostly Christian nation of 100 million people, took place literally in the midst of President Duterte’s talks in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Duterte Putin talks in turn followed Duterte’s attendance in Beijing on May 15 for the first New Silk Road or Belt Road Forum. America’s colonial asset since 1898 was clearly walking away from the Washington “reservation.”

The terrorist siege in Marawi City is blatantly a desperate Washington try to topple the very popular (80% popularity in polls) Duterte, who successfully won the Presidency last June over a U.S.-backed Mar Roxas, a US-educated former Wall Street banker. Since taking office Duterte has made bold and quite courageous steps to steer the former U.S. Colony towards a Eurasian alliance with China and Russia as his major supporters. In Beijing in October last year, Duterte met China’s Xi Jinping and signed numerous trade deals with China. Critically, taking an opposite policy to his pro-U.S. predecessor Benigno Aquino III, Duterte agreed to resolve the South China Sea dispute between Philippines and China through peaceful diplomatic talks, and to as he put it, “seek a separation from the United States.”

Since then Duterte has sought closer ties with Russia as well, in a further effort to bring his nation out from under the yoke of a de facto US control. This does not sit well with the circles of the so-called Deep State in Washington –the CIA and their nefarious friends. Should the U.S. lose the Philippines, it would pose a devastating strategic geopolitical loss to the U.S. military containment strategy against China and Russia in the Pacific. Devastating.

The recent attacks and siege in Mindanao were nominally done by the terrorist Maute gang and Abu Sayyaf criminal terrorist organizations, both nominally tied to the U.S.-created ISIS fake Islamist operation, a CIA terrorist project created with Saudi money going back to the CIA’s Osama Bin Laden Al Qaeda Mujahideen Operation Cyclone during the 1980’s against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Duterte’s Eurasian Pivot

It comes as no surprise to anyone closely following the evolving dialogues between Duterte and the leaders of China and now, Russia that the CIA would try to destabilize Duterte at this critical time. They simply hide behind the black skirts of their psychopathic drug-running Maute and Abu Sayyaf, both now tied to the CIA and MOSSAD-created and Saudi-financed ISIS.

In Moscow, despite having to cut short his talks with Putin to fly back home and deal with the terrorist crisis in Mindanao, the Philippine leader and his Secretaries of Defense and Foreign Affairs managed to sign a number of critical agreements with Russia. These included 10 major agreements aimed at deepening bilateral defense, strategic and economic relations. The two countries signed an Agreement on Defense Cooperation, a legal framework for military-to-military exchanges, training, intelligence-sharing. The Philippines and Russia also signed an intelligence exchange agreement to bolster counter-terror cooperation. That does not please Washington at all.

A ‘Country Bumpkin’ Not

Western mainstream media has delighted in portraying the 71-year-old veteran politician Duterte as a crude country bumpkin, a lower-than-peasant creature who is only capable of vulgar statements, such as when shortly after his inauguration he called the U.S. Ambassador to Manila a ”gay son of a bitch“ for criticizing Duterte’s war on drug lords and dealers plaguing the country. Whether Duterte was factually correct, he clearly won sympathy of millions of his countrymen for having the courage to stand up against the American power.

After closely watching Duterte and his choice of close advisers now for almost a year, I’ve come to the conclusion a country bumpkin Duterte is definitely not. Rather, he is a shrewd political actor who is determined to bring his country out of the colonial servitude status it has held since the first Spanish colonialization in 1565.

Duterte is the first Mindanaoan to hold the Presidential office. Ethnically he is of Visayan descent. This fact is not irrelevant. The Visayans in Mindanao and other Philippine islands led a war for independence against Spanish occupation in 1896.

The United States, posing as the supporter of the Visayan-led war of independence from Spain, betrayed the trust assured the Philippines, double-crossed them and signed a Treaty with Spain, the Treaty of Paris of 1898, under which Spain ceded Cuba and The Philippines to the United States. The USA refused to recognize the independence of their erstwhile ally, the Philippines, and took the country by military force, America’s first genuine imperial grab. The nascent First Philippine Republic then formally declared war against the United States in 1899, unsuccessfully. It was put under U.S. military control. It took until 1946 before the country could be recognized as an independent sovereign state, at least in name.

That historical heritage of Duterte as a Visayan clearly is a living fact for Duterte. He graduated Philippines University and earned a degree in law in 1972. As a lawyer, he was prosecutor in Davao City in Mindanao and later Mayor, one of the longest-serving mayors of the Philippines with seven terms over 22 years. As Mayor, Duterte passed the city’s Women Development Code, the only such code in the country. Its aim is “to uphold the rights of women and the belief in their worth and dignity as human beings.” He pushed for the Magna Carta for Women in Davao, a comprehensive women’s human rights law that seeks to eliminate discrimination against women. As President he has made a domestic focus on poverty reduction.

There is clearly more to the man than lurid western media reports reveal. Now this very popular President is determined to make his country a sovereign nation able to choose with whom it allies and for what ends, and how its economy develops. This is why the CIA and its fake Jihadist networks are being jacked up to try to get rid of Rodrigo Duterte.

ISIS: Bloody Pawprints of CIA and MOSSAD

The networks of the U.S. Deep State, primarily the CIA have chosen their favorite cover, the otherwise laughable deception of head-choppers calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL or DAESH (CIA central casting seems to have trouble settling on a name). In reality IS, or the groups that spring up conveniently in Syria, in Iraq, in Chechnya–wherever the CIA decides it needs a terror hit squad–are trained mercenary killers, trained variously by CIA or Pentagon Special Forces; by Pakistani ISI intelligence, at least formerly, or by MOSSAD, also known as Israeli Secret intelligence Service, or by MI-6. In the Philippines, the IS alleged affiliates, especially the Maute group that has laid siege to Marawi City, are little more than a criminal band that finances itself by terror, occasional beheading to exert ransom in a protection racket, recruiting child fighters. Recently the networks of the CIA have been pouring in their foreign mercenaries from Syria, Libya and other places to beef up Maute’s gang for the attack on Duterte’s rule, portraying it as a religious-based “liberation struggle.”

ISIS came out of the CIA’s Al Qaeda franchise called Al Qaeda in Iraq. In 2010 its name was changed to ISIS. Then as Israeli journalists pointed out the embarrassing fact that the English acronym for the Hebrew spelling of Mossad was ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services abruptly they decided to call their band of mercenaries with their black flags and US M16 assault rifles, IS for Islamic State. Conveniently in Syria they control the very territory where competing Qatari and Iran gas pipelines to the Mediterranean would run. Curiously, despite the fact they are active in the Golan Heights where Israel has its eye on stealing a huge amount of newly-discovered Syrian oil, they have never attacked Israel. The one time an accidental hit on an Israeli target took place, IS apologized…Do real head-choppers ever apologize?

When the fake CIA Sarin gas attack in Ghouta in 2013 failed to get a U.N. mandate for all-out war to depose Bashar al Assad–Obama’s infamous “red line”–the NATO and NATO-linked networks created the monster they now call IS in 2014.

Today the CIA uses IS as the cover to justify keeping US forces in Iraq after the government asked them to leave; a cover to bomb Syria in order to topple Assad, something Russian presence has made embarrassingly difficult since September, 2015. And they use it to recruit thousands of young psycho recruits from over the Muslim work, train them and send them back to places like Chechnya in Russia or Xinjiang in China, or Balochistan Province in Pakistan where the Chinese have built a new deep water port at Gwadar on the Arabian Sea near Iran, the heart of its $46 billion China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a strategic part of its One Belt, One Road Eurasian infrastructure project.

Now the West’s favorite terrorist mercenaries are being told to take down Duterte in the Philippines. They probably are too late and have badly underestimated their adversaries. But then with the deterioration over recent decades in the quality of American university education, the current generation of strategists at Langley likely missed the basic course in Sun Tzu’s the Art of War, especially the part that cautions generals who wish to be victorious to “know yourself and know your enemy,” something that Duterte seems to have thought about. How the IS destabilization try in the Philippines unfolds in coming weeks may well determine a major turning point towards creation of the emerging China-Russia-centered Eurasian Century.


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