Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties with Qatar for Not Wanting War with Iran*

Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties with Qatar for Not Wanting War with Iran*


That latest round of anger among Saudi Arabia and its allies over the Qatari state media has continued to grow, and over the weekend Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt all announced they are totally cutting ties with the Qatari government over the latest row.

The Saudi-dominated GCC gets furious at Qatar once in a while over their state media, which often takes positions contrary to the rest of the alliance, and the Saudis in particular. This tends historically to center on Qatar not being as hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood as the Saudi royal family and Egypt’s military junta are.

This last time also centres on the Qatari Emir being quoted in the state media as opposing military confrontation with Iran, with officials across the GCC suggesting this applies some untoward relationship with the Iranian government.

This new severing of ties is a much bigger deal that previous ones, however, with Saudi Arabia announcing that they are closing all Qatar’s border crossings, and all three nations barring air and sea travel to and from Qatar. While it probably will ultimately be resolved by closing a few media offices, the tensions are likely to linger far beyond that.


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