Petition to Stop Tory-DUP ‘coalition of chaos’ Reaches 540k Signatures in 24hrs*

Petition to Stop Tory-DUP ‘coalition of chaos’ Reaches 540k Signatures in 24hrs*

A petition launched Friday urging British Prime Minister Theresa May not to form a ‘coalition of chaos’ with the Democratic Unionist Party has already gained over half a million signatures and counting.

The author of the ‘Stop the DUP & TORIES forming a Minority Government!’ petition, writing under the pen name Winston Churchill, called the proposed alliance “a disgusting, desperate attempt to stay in power.”

Unlike previous online petitions filed through the UK government website, this petition is non-binding and will not trigger an official response from the government nor has the potential to force debate in the House of Commons.

The official petitions website is currently down until a new Petitions Committee is set up by the House of Commons.

The petition criticizes several highly contentious stances held by various members of the DUP at one point including belief in creationism, anti-abortion and anti-gay rights advocacy.

In London, hundreds gathered at Parliament Square Saturday to protest the Tory-DUP alliance, with many calling for May’s resignation.

Protesters highlighted the DUP’s “anti-choice, anti-gay” views and chanted “Corbyn in,” “Tories out.”

One protester said May had to “face the truth” as “she did not win.”



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