Grenfell Tower Resident Praise Muslim Youth for their Bravery in Helping Survivors*

Grenfell Tower Resident Praise Muslim Youth for their Bravery in Helping Survivors*

A Grenfell Tower resident praises the bravery of Muslim youth returning from the mosque who she saw running into the fire to rescue people, adding that they were the first to warn residents and distribute water to survivors.

The fire which started last night has already killed six people.

Muslim charities, Londoners and the local mosque were very quick to respond with aid and assistance.

Charities such as the National Zakat Foundation, Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid and Suffa Global have been providing water and blankets, as well as assessing the needs on the ground.

Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre have been providing food and shelter since the early hour of this morning.

MAB Youth and Muslimaat London are collecting emergency supplies, the East London Mosque is fundraising, whilst others have been providing water, food and their homes as shelters.



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