Macron to Put France in a ‘Permanent State of Emergency’*

Macron to Put France in a ‘Permanent State of Emergency’*

France was first put into a state of emergency on November 13, 2015, after an attack in Paris killed 130 people. French activists and lawyers are warning that a new bill will make the country stay in a permanent state of emergency, effectively making all of the measures that are put in place during a state of emergency the permanent law of the land.

The bill will turn warrant-less property searches as well as house arrests into everyday life. Protest marches are to be banned, under the bill; places of worship that are suspected of sharing “extremist” views along with electronic tagging for surveillance purposes are also on the docket.

The power shift would be absolutely absurd and would effectively turn France into a pseudo-police state. Perhaps globalists are using the threat of Islam to consolidate their power through new police freedoms that limit their citizens’ powers.

The Daily Caller reports:

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to end France’s 19-month state of emergency by effectively turning it into a permanent reality.

“They tell us we’re ending the state of emergency, but they are actually making it eternal. It’s an intellectual scam,” Marie-Jane Ody, vice president of a union representing judges, told French newspaper Le Figaro in a June 8 article.

Imagine a fascist-like group rises to power. All the legal instruments would be in place to commit abuse.”


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