CIA officer – ‘we have no business being in Syria’*

CIA officer – ‘we have no business being in Syria’*

U.S. shoots down a third Iranian drone.

What is the U.S. mission in Syria?

‘Our aim is no outcome’.

The U.S. strategy is to let the Syrian war linger, let the combatants bleed to death.  That suits Israel just fine.  Israel supports the terrorists, except when they threaten Israel’s interests.  Otherwise they assist the terrorists.  So does the USA.   Two knowledgeable U.S. commentators explain the war.  From RT America.

Israel is getting more active, trying to stop Iran supplying Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The U.S. is doing Israel’s bidding.  Trump has devolved his responsibility to his generals – Mattis for the most part.  U.S. involvement can only grow.


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