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Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Defied by Hawaiian Officials*

Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Defied by Hawaiian Officials*

This photo taken on May 15, 2017 shows Hawaiian Attorney General Douglas speaking to reporters outside US Court of Appeals in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by AFP)

The U.S. state of Hawaii has issued an order allowing grandparents and other family members of citizens hailing from six Muslim-majority countries to travel to the United States.

The Friday court order is a renewed bid by Hawaiian officials to defy President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslims.

In January, President Trump issued a temporary ban on travel from six Muslim-majority countries which sparked protests and chaos at airports around the country and the world.

Opponents of the ban, including states and refugee advocacy groups, sued to stop it, arguing that the controversial ban discriminated against Muslims traveling from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favour of the administration.

The Court, however, limited the scope of the Muslim ban, saying it could not apply to anyone with a credible “bona fide relationship” with a U.S. person or entity.

In reaction to the ruling, the Trump administration ordered last week that spouses, parents, children, fiancés and siblings would be exempt from the ban, while grandparents and other family members would be barred.

Earlier this week, Hawaiian state officials had asked a Honolulu judge for a court order clarifying the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow grandparents into the United States. The judge, along with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled that the lower courts did not have the power to simply clarify the Supreme Court’s rulings.

However, the 9th Circuit on Friday said the courts could issue an injunction against Trump’s policy in the future, if the government misapplied the Supreme Court’s ruling to a particular person or entity harmed by the travel ban.

Hours after that ruling, Hawaiian state officials made such an injunction request in a Honolulu federal court.

Hawaii said the state itself, along with refugees resettlement agencies, were harmed by Trump’s order because they were prevented from helping refugees move there.

Demonstrators hold placards as they take part in a protest organized by Amnesty International at Grand Central Station in New York City, March 3, 2017. ( Photo by AFP)


In the court filing on Friday, Hawaii’s attorney general had asked the Honolulu judge, who concurred with state officials, to issue the order allowing grandparents and other family members of Muslims from the banned countries to travel to the United States.

Rights group Amnesty International has condemned Trump’s ban.



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Corruption Investigation in Brazil Recovers $270 Million*

Corruption Investigation in Brazil Recovers $270 Million*

Large protests to demand investigations into corruption took over the streets of Brazil last March. | Photo: Reuters


Plea deals under the country’s largest corruption investigation have allowed the Brazilian government to recover millions that were lost.

Agreements with those under investigation for corruption in Brazil led to the recovery of US$275.6 million in the last two weeks, according to the Attorney General’s office.

Plea deals in Operation Car Wash, an ongoing investigation into the largest bribery scheme in the country’s history, helped the government retrieve the large sum of money. The government is expected to retrieve more funds in coming days.

The announcement comes after the Federal Police decided to eliminate a special team dedicated to investigating the cases, which uncovered possible wrongdoings by hundreds of politicians, including President Michel Temer.

“The expressive and unprecedented amount recovered in 10 days reveals that this technique allows in record time the advance of compensation for damages caused to the public coffers,” said the Prosecutor’s office in the state of Parana, where corruption investigations are being held.

The fines have been paid by companies connected to the corruption ring, such as Odebrecht, Brazil’s largest construction company, Braskem, Odebrecht’s petrochemical subsidiary and Andrade Gutierrez, the country’s second-largest construction company.

The largest fine collected belongs to Braskem, which on Wednesday deposited about US$224.5 million. The company will need to pay approximately US$954 million throughout the next six years as part of an agreement reached with prosecutors in December.

Operation Car Wash, which began in March 2014 with investigations into alleged bribes within the Petrobras oil company, later unearthed the largest corruption case in Brazilian history.

Temer, who has repeatedly denounced the investigation, faces possible suspension and impeachment if the Lower House of Congress and the Supreme Court approve a trial based on the corruption charges presented against him. Prosecutors allege Temer arranged to eventually receive a total of US$11.49 million from the largest meatpacking company in the country, JBS.

Opposition lawmakers have criticized the government and warned that Temer and his aides could find ways to block the investigation by the Federal Police.


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WHO: Drug-Resistant: Gonorrhoea Spreading Across the World*

WHO: Drug-Resistant: Gonorrhoea Spreading Across the World*

By Daniel Newton

The World Health Organization has issued a warning about the viral spread of untreatable strains of gonorrhea following the discovery of three people with the superbug.

The details emerging from studies reveal a “very serious situation” as the bug is a highly drug-resistant form of the disease (STD). Doctors now say is only a matter of time until the bug becomes completely resistant to antibiotics. “Gonorrhoea is a very smart bug,” said Teodora Wi at the U.N. health agency.


Every time you introduce a new type of antibiotic to treat it, this bug develops resistance to it.”

What’s worse is WHO estimates 78 million people a year get gonorrhea, so an antibiotic resistant form of the bug would be catastrophic.

The Guardian reports: The infection, which in many cases has no symptoms on its own, can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility, as well as increasing the risk of getting HIV.

 “These are cases that can infect others. It can be transmitted,” she told reporters.

“And these cases may just be the tip of the iceberg, since systems to diagnose and report untreatable infections are lacking in lower-income countries where gonorrhoea is actually more common.”

The WHO’s programme for monitoring trends in drug-resistant gonorrhoea found in a study that from 2009 to 2014 there was widespread resistance to the first-line medicine ciprofloxacin, increasing resistance to another antibiotic drugs called azithromycin, and the emergence of resistance to last-resort treatments known as extended-spectrum cephalosporins (ESCs). In most countries, it said, ESCs are now the only single antibiotics that remain effective for treating gonorrhoea. Yet resistance to them has already been reported in 50 countries.

Manica Balasegaram, director of the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership, said the situation was “grim” and there was a pressing need for new medicines. The pipeline, however, is very thin, with only three potential new gonorrhoea drugs in development and no guarantee any will prove effective in final-stage trials, he said.

“We urgently need to seize the opportunities we have with existing drugs and candidates in the pipeline,” he said.

“Any new treatment developed should be accessible to everyone who needs it, while ensuring it is used appropriately, so that drug resistance is slowed as much as possible.”


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Bill Gates: We Must Depopulate Africa to Save Europe*

Bill Gates: We Must Depopulate Africa to Save Europe*
You realize here, they are talking about Africa’s wealth…

By Jay Greenberg


Billionaire Bill Gates has spoken out about the immigration crisis in Europe saying that the continent will be “devastated by African refugees” unless severe and immediate action is taken.

In an interview with German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, Gates suggested that European nations must work together to reduce the population growth in Africa by committing more in overseas aid. In a total backtrack of his usual New World Order style open border policies, Gates is now suggesting that the mass influx of migrants into Europe from Africa is threatening to overwhelm countries like Germany who have welcomed globalism. Bill Gates recently caused a huge controversy in Africa when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was accused of secretly sterilizing millions of women in Africa by doctors in Kenya after abortion drugs were discovered in Tetanus vaccines. Could this have been a test for his proposed depopulation program?

In a total backtrack of his usual New World Order style open border policies, Gates is now suggesting that the mass influx of migrants into Europe from Africa is threatening to overwhelm countries like Germany who have welcomed globalism.

Bill Gates recently caused a huge controversy in Africa when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was accused of secretly sterilizing millions of women in Africa by doctors in Kenya after abortion drugs were discovered in Tetanus vaccines. Could this have been a test for his proposed depopulation program? Zero Hedge reports: According to Gates, the combination of explosive population growth in Africa combined with Europe’s notoriously generous open-border migrant welfare programs – as illustrated by the ‘German attitude to refugees’ have incentivised migrants to flood into Europe.

Comment: Not the secret war on Africa by the West

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this – which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa.”

While Germany has been one of the pioneers of the open door policy, it cannot

“take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

Thus Gates advised European nations to take action in order to make it “more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes.” –Bill Gates

How to stop them?

Gates, whose third world vaccination programs have contributed to Africa’s population explosion, suggested that heaping tons of money onto Africa while taking steps to prevent transit into Europe is the best solution. After calling Germany’s commitment to allocate 0.7% of GDP towards foreign aid “phenomenal,” Gates encouraged “other European nations to follow its example.” (Because Africa is of course known for efficiently managing billions in foreign aid without corruption to ensure that their people are taken care of. Surely Europe’s donations will create an Africa that rivals downtown Hamburg.) Italy Gates’ comments come as European leaders discuss the surge of Africans washing up on Italy’s shores every week, with Rome calling on other E.U. nations to accept more refugees.

On Sunday, Italy’s interior minister Marco Minniti begged for help – telling an E.U. summit in Tallinn “We are under enormous pressure”S “If the only ports where refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the question” –Marco Minniti Italy has taken in over 82,000 migrants in the first six months of 2017, 19% more than the same period last year. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the rescue organization SOS Mediterranee which runs an aid vessel along with Doctors Without Borders said that it would be logistically difficult to redirect migrants to other European ports. If the order came “we would have no choice, we would obey. But it would be completely impossible with more than 1,000 people on board,” Mathilde Auvillain told AFP.

So there you have it

After years of liberal open-border policies predictably resulted in a flood of North African (economic) migrants into Europe, the E.U. is panicking. And the solution to preventing millions of migrants from upgrading their lifestyle by picking up sticks and moving is to throw more money at Africa… However, as SHTFplan’s Mac Slavo asks, does this represent a major shift in the way globalists view immigration? And if so, why would this shift occur? If I were to guess, it has nothing to do with the fact that mass migration is ruining Europe and Western civilization. The globalists have always advocated for the disintegration of Western values and borders. It has to do with the indirect results of mass immigration. The refugee crisis is what has spurred the most resistance to globalism in recent years. It has ignited countless nationalistic political parties in Europe. It has contributed to Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the slow motion fracturing of the E.U. What Bill Gates is saying, is a sign that the globalist may have realized that they’ve made a fatal mistake. By promoting open borders, they’ve sown the seeds for their own destruction. Their decision to allow millions of refugees into Europe has solidified populist conservative movements across the West that threatens to dethrone them. Now they’re trying to close this can of worms. Unfortunately for them and us, it may be too late.


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Electricity Shortages in Gaza Lead to Beach Pollution Just Over the Border in Israel*

Electricity Shortages in Gaza Lead to Beach Pollution Just Over the Border in Israel*

Palestinians enjoy their time at the beach of the Mediterranean sea on the coast of Gaza City, during an electricity crisis that has shut down the territory’s sewage treatment plant, on June 30, 2017. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images)


By Almog Ben Zikri

The Israeli Health Ministry believes that the shutdown of a Gaza sewage plant due to power shortages led to pollution at Zikim beach and Ashkelon National Park, which have been closed to swimmers

Beaches in southern Israel were closed to swimmers on Wednesday due to pollution, after power shortages in nearby Gaza led a sewage treatment plant there to shut down.

The electricity shortages in the Gaza Strip appear to have caused untreated sewage to flow just over the border into Israel’s Mediterranean waters. The Health Ministry banned swimming on the beaches at Zikim and Ashkelon National Park after sewage was detected in the water.

Officials suspect that the pollution is sewage that was left untreated after the plant was shuttered due to severe electricity shortages in Gaza, and that it drifted north onto Israeli beaches.

There is no forecast as to when the beaches will reopen.

Gaza’s sewage treatment plant has not been in operation for some time due to the electricity crisis in the Hamas-ruled enclave, which was exacerbated further last month when the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority cut its payments for electricity supplied to the Strip by Israel.

The PA asked Israel to reduce its power to the enclave as part of a years-long effort by the PA, led by the rival Fatah party, to force Hamas into relinquishing political power in Gaza and joining a unified government.

Fatah was ousted from power in Gaza by Hamas in 2007.

Since the sewage plant halted its operations, an estimated 110,000 cubic meters a day of sewage have been flowing into the Mediterranean off the Gaza coast. On Wednesday, the Israeli Health Ministry detected excessive bacterial and fecal levels just to the north of Gaza.

EcoPeace Middle East, an organization that brings together Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian ecologists, reported that sewage levels have increased by a third since the reduction in power to the Gaza Strip.

After the Health Ministry’s swimming ban was announced, Ashkelon Mayor Tomer Glam wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to find an immediate solution to the electricity crisis in Gaza, or at least to find a solution to the problem of untreated sewage.

In a public statement, the mayor noted that this is the height of the swimming season, and “the last thing we want to happen is to close beaches.”


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All-girl Robotics Team from Afghanistan Banned from Entering U.S, But Their Robot Will Enter*

All-girl Robotics Team from Afghanistan Banned from Entering U.S, But Their Robot Will Enter*

By Amando Flavio

Six teenage girls from Afghanistan have been left disappointed after the U.S. embassy denied them visas to travel to the first-ever international robotics competition for high school students from across the world, known as the First Global Challenge, due to be held in Washington, D.C. this month.

Although the girls were denied visas, their robot would be allowed to be sent to compete in the event. Graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, helped the students to program their robot.

According to local media reports, the six girls twice trekked around 500 miles from Herat, a western city in Afghanistan, to the American embassy in Kabul to apply for the one-week travel visas. But after a series of interviews, their applications were rejected by U.S. officials. The aspiring inventors reportedly wept when they heard they couldn’t escort their machine to Washington.

Roya Mahboob, Afghanistan’s first female technology boss, confirmed that the girls have been crying all day since their applications were rejected. She said the decision to deny the girls entry into the U.S. for the competition has demoralized the spirit of the teenagers. The girls are now left with no choice than to appear at the event via video link from Herat, she added.

One of the disappointed girls, Fatemah, told Forbes:

“We want to show the world we can do it, we just need a chance.”

When news broke concerning the plight of the girls, some observers in the U.S. took to Twitter to register their displeasure.

I feel safer now that we’ve denied a once in a lifetime opportunity to a group of girls whose country we’ve been bombing since their birth.

— Jonathan Blanks (@BlanksSlate) June 30, 2017

Also, former vice president of communications for Verizon, Anthony Citrano called the decision “infuriating”. Most of these concerns were triggered due to the fact that the Afghanistan team was all-girl. Observers believe their presence at the competition would have encouraged more Afghanistan girls to venture into science, mathematics, engineering and technology related courses.

Apart from the girls from Afghanistan, other students from Gambia, a small nation in West Africa were also denied visas for the event. However, students from Iran, Iraq, and Sudan were granted visas. These three countries are among the Muslim-majority countries Donald Trump imposed travel ban on.


Afghan girls allowed to fly to U.S. for robotics competition after Trump intervention

Six Afghan girls have received U.S. visas and are set to fly to Washington after President Donald Trump intervened to allow them into the United States for an international robotics competition.

The all-girl team picked up their visas at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul on July 13. The team was set to board a plane at Kabul International Airport within hours.

“We are so happy since we have been informed that we were accepted,” 16-year-old team member Lida Azizi said. “From the students to the teachers, we are all so very happy.”…

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G20 Leaders Forced to Stay Indoors by Protests*

G20 Leaders Forced to Stay Indoors by Protests*

By David Gilbert

As Angela Merkel welcomed the leaders of the most powerful countries on the planet to Hamburg on Friday, security services in Germany’s second-largest city are on high alert after violent clashes with anti-capitalist protesters Thursday night left over 100 police officers injured. Up to 100,000 protesters are expected to arrive at the site of the G-20 summit over the next couple of days.

German Chancellor Merkel and world leaders including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron, and Theresa May seek to tackle topics like free trade, terrorism, climate change and migration, but protesters have planned huge marches through the streets to voice their opposition to the G-20, which they say has failed to solve the biggest issues facing the planet.

Because of the protests, first lady Melania Trump was unable to attend a meeting of leaders’ spouses Friday. “We have no security clearance from the police to leave the guest house,” a spokeswoman told German news agency DPA.

Many leaders have been holed up in their hotel rooms, unable to get to meetings because of action on the streets.

On Friday morning, activists resumed their actions across the city, and while the summit began without incident, police are already calling for major reinforcements from other parts of the city. The Hamburg police reported that a signal flare was fired at one of their helicopters this morning and only narrowly missed.

“Welcome to Hell” marches on G20 leaders in Hamberg, Germany

Protestors are also burning cars and setting off smoke bombs around the city as fears grow that the violence seen Thursday night will escalate.

Protesters organized the “Welcome to Hell” march on the eve of the two-day summit, with an estimated crowd of 12,000 people gathering by the historic harbour area – the start of a route that was to take them toward the venue where the G-20 summit will be held.

However, within 300 meters, the protest was halted by armed police cars blocking the route. During an hourlong standoff, protesters chanted and waved banners. When police asked one group of activists — known as the “black bloc” — to remove their masks, they were reportedly attacked with bottles and stones.

The police responded with water cannons and pepper spray in a bid to separate the group of masked protesters from the rest of the crowd, which was largely peaceful. After the protest was broken up, German media said, skirmishes broke out at different points in the city, with reports of cars being damaged, stores vandalized, and barricades erected from fences and bins.

Police are also investigating if a fire overnight at a luxury Porsche car dealership in the north of the city, which damaged eight vehicles, was linked to the protests — in what could be a worrying foretaste of what’s to come. Police said they were “horrified by the violence.”

The German police said at least 111 officers were injured in the attack, though most received only minor injuries. Three policemen had to receive treatment in hospital, including a helicopter pilot who was injured when laser pointers were directed at him.

About 20,000 police officers were due on duty to watch over the main demonstration, but that number is likely to rise in the coming days, with two major marches planned for Saturday expected to draw crowds of up to 100,000 people. Protesters from across Europe are flocking to Hamburg to highlight inequality and economic greed.

The protesters have a variety of issues they want addressed by the world’s leaders, including calls for better environmental protection, denunciations of ethnic nationalism, and opposition to free trade — ironically, a viewpoint they share with Trump.

One German protester said he hoped the demonstrations would bring about more economic equality.

“I’m not anti-government, but something has to change so human beings get to enjoy a little bit of the wealth,” Sebastian Keller, who grew up in east Germany and was 8 years old when the country was reunified, told the Washington Post.

Thursday’s violent clashes will not be the images Merkel wants Germans to focus on this week, as she seeks to use the summit as an opportunity to demonstrate her ability on the world stage, ahead of her re-election bid in September.


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Good Kids and Bad Police in New Jersey*

Good Kids and Bad Police in New Jersey*

By Esteban Guevara

Last month the New Jersey Assembly passed bill A1114 76 to 0. This legislation, which was proposed by Democratic New Jersey Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, makes it mandatory for public schools to teach children in their social studies classes, from kindergarten through grade 12, “how to interact with law enforcement officers.”

This bill will have detrimental effects on our communities which are already under siege by the police and are confronting poverty and gentrification. The bill scapegoats children and youth for deeply-seeded systemic issues. All progressive people should reject bill A1114 and continue to fight against it alongside the communities who the police harass, humiliate and murder on a daily basis across the country.

The police murder people

Let’s cut to the chase. Wanton police terror is a reality in poor urban communities of colour. Recently, we have seen too many cases where the police have shot and killed unarmed Black and Brown people.

The proposers of this legislature claims that this bill will improve community and police interaction. However, since the shooting and death of Michael Brown, 14 teenagers have been killed by the police. Invoking the names of Tamir Rice 12, Cameron Tillman 12, Vonderrit Myers Jr. 18, Laquan McDonald 17, Carey Smith-Viramontes 18 , Jeffrey Holden 18, Qusean Whitten 18, Miguel Benton 19, Dillon McGee 18, Levi Weaver 18, Karen Cifuentes 19, Sergio Ramos 18, Roshad McIntosh 19 and Diana Showman 19 is heartbreaking. Their murders unequivocally prove that our children are not the ones who should be taught how to interact with the “authorities;” the police are the ones who should be taught how to peacefully interact with us.

The police as an institution cannot be reformed. Racism and corruption permeate all levels of the U.S.’s largest gang.

In spite of all this, the Democratic controlled New Jersey Assembly sponsored this legislation that will only shift onus on how the police interact with our communities from the police department onto our children.

Bill A1114 will bolster victim-blaming which is already utilized by the media when they report cases of civilians dying at the hand of the police. This bill can be implemented as soon as 2018 if it passes the state Senate.

We need to fight for laws that protect and empower vulnerable communities. The Amistad bill— which requires New Jersey schools to incorporate African-American history into their social studies curriculum—would be one important step forward.


The people are standing up to Bill A1114. A campaign called Good Kids, Bad Cities initiated by community organizers and the National Independent Black Parent Association has created a petition against the bill which will be presented to the New Jersey Assembly.

On Friday June 30th, a large group of community members and activists from Black Lives Matter NJ, Students of Color NJ, Anakbayan NJ, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation gathered against the racist bill in Trenton and marched from the train station to the New Jersey State House.

At the State House, we held a rally where the community announced six demands that need to be addressed immediately. Throughout the protest, the police sought to intimidate and threaten organizers. They did not allow us to enter the State House even though it is a public building. There was media coverage as the crowd swelled and many community members and bystanders joined the call for action proving that there’s power in unity.

The Democrats: not our friends

Bill A1114 demonstrates that it does not matter if it’s on the federal, state, or local level, the Democratic Party and its representatives do not represent workers. They only seek policies and laws that maintain the status quo, benefit the most powerful and protect repressive state institutions. The true resistance remains in grassroots organizations that fight fearlessly and remain independent of the Democratic Party.

In memory of the youth and all the victims slain by the police, we vow to stand strong against Bil A1114 and every measure that harms our people. We remain in solidarity with all the families mourning their fallen children. To paraphrase Caribbean revolutionary Maurice Bishop: “The greatest way to honor our fallen warriors is by picking up the weapons they left behind.”


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