Huseyni Makami Taksim

Huseyni Makami Taksim

Makam means “location/rank” and is a melodic set of notes with traditions and rules that define the tonal relationship between each note, the habitual patterns/phrases, and their melodic development- a technique that is peculiar to Arabic classical music, but is preceded by the Persian dastagh – a classical Iranian musician will spend years mastering the dastagh after which he excels in his own improvisation having learnt the art in his totality.

Muslim scientists and scholars Ar-Razi (854 – 932), El Farabi (870 – 950), and Ibn Sina (980 – 1037) laid the foundation for the principles of music as therapy. However, it was El Farabi who detailed the use of the Turkish makam and its uses in mental health and well-being.

Huseyni Makam makes one feel  serene, at ease.

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