By Rasha


That overwhelming feeling of separateness and loneliness is born out of a separation from our own consciousness, leaving behind who we really are for the type we have evolved in order to fit into the materialistic world. When we allow this to happen to ourselves either intentionally or unintentionally, we separate ourselves from the sea of life.

We distance ourselves in the belief we are protecting ourselves from hurt and pain, and in return we become hardened and self interested. In this way we find it very difficult to connect with our loved ones not understanding that all the time we are pushing them away.

When we feel connected to ourselves we are connected to not only those we love, but those who we do not even know, because the sea of life is One in Tawhid!

Like Paulo Coehlo’s “Alef” everything comes from the Source, and just as scientists how even a vacuum emits light, out of the void, all life comes from that Source!

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