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The Year Ends with Two Players in the US-Global Nightmare Hospitalized

 The Year Ends with Two Players in the US-Global Nightmare Hospitalized


The going saga of Hilary’s stomach-bug, now aged 65 that has rendered her unconscious during the Benghazi enquiries, has resulted in her hospitalization at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan once the doctors discovered that the outgoing Secretary of State has a blood-clot. According to deputy assistant secretary, Philippe Reines the clot stems from a concussion Clinton had a few weeks ago. It is believed, but not known that Clinton developed a blood clot in her lower limbs as a result of prolonged rest and inactivity after her recent concussion.

Meanwhile, 88 year old ex- president George H.W. Bush whose economic policies that made the rich, richer, the poor poorer, and the country broke come to a close as we enter 2013 has bronchitis. Bush is currently in intensive care at The Methodist Hospital at the Texas Medical Center in Houston on a liquid-only diet. He has been there since November. While Clinton’s stomach-bug seems to have been the result of a Chinese take-away, which is what Bush’ family provided for his Xmas meal in hospital. Extremely edited obituary’s seem to be in the writing at the moment as a tumultuous 2012 comes to a close.


Hadlock, C. Chuck, E. “George H.W. Bush in ‘guarded condition’ in intensive care, battling elevated fever, spokesman says.” usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/26/16168864-george-hw-bush-in-guarded-condition-in-intensive-care-battling-elevated-fever-spokesman-says?lite

Hillary Clinton hospitalized after doctors discover blood clot


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Rape: Challenging the Acceptable

Challenging the Acceptable

It took time to come to the surface after it was suppressed with the antics of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan which ended this year with an out of court settlement.  As sexual violence and abuse reveals a global face, still this barbaric act is treated as a crime just like any other crime both by the public and the establishment.

With some hope, the Indian public response to the brutally fatal, and barbaric gang rape that took place on a 23-year-old student’s return home from the cinema with her boyfriend this December a stronger approach:

 “We strongly condemn this misogynist violence that is truly upsetting. We are all condemning this act and we are very angry. We are all very upset about the place of women in this country.”

“Until the culprits are given the death penalty and their trials speeded up in fast track courts, this movement will not cease,” said another.

If this will make potential perpetrators think before they act maybe we stand a chance to eliminate other forms of modern day barbarism that have become perfectly acceptable!


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Boy Scout of America Encyclopaedia of Sexual Abuse 1947 -2005

Boy Scout of America Encyclopaedia of Sexual Abuse 1947 -2005

This is the picture whose childhood, and boy scout years were scarred by sexual abuse. Finally, this young man was able to experience vindication in an Oregon courtroom after a jury found the Boy Scouts of America negligent for sexual abuse by an assistant Scoutmaster in the 1980s. Doctors, priests and teachers were the perpetrators.

Exposed to the public by Los Angeles Times, evidence of thousands of files from 1985 – 1991 were published online by the news agency. Those files contained victims’ names (which should have been changed). Two thousand files had been in the possession of the Boy Scouts of America. Those files which met justice were kept for internal use by the organization, apparently to prevent abusers from rejoining!

However, many files were destroyed…

Most (3,200) files that related to the period after 1991 have not been released which is being sought in various court cases. These files are from 1947-2005.  Of the files released they include records of child molestation by Samuel Becker who was Scouts committee chairman for 4 years. Becker even served time. Scout Leader Gary L. Findlay of Illinois, was convicted of sexual abuse and expelled from the Scouts. Arthur W. Humphries, a Scout leader with 50 years of experience and Scouting awards also molested child.

A quiet resignation was one method employed leaving the victims to suffer in silence. Another method employed was to simply to cover their tracks. 80% of the cases known to the organization no official report to the police took place.

Lawsuits against the organization were filed by victims, hence why these diabolical crimes are seeing the light of day.

At a trial in 2010, it was alleged that the organisation allowed troop leader Timur Dykes to continue working after he admitted molesting 17 boys in the early 1980s. A prominent Wisconsin pediatrician Thomas Kowalski, now 75, admitted molesting two boys while serving as a Boy Scout camp doctor in the 1980s. He voluntarily gave up his medical license after additional complaints of abuse surfaced, but is that enough? The Wisconsin’s medical examining board has launched an investigation in response.

Scouts official Eugene Grant blamed parents for letting their sons go to the man’s apartment for merit badge work and sleepovers. That is what parents get for wanting to encourage their children to be proactive with their lives instead of wasting away behind a digital gadget, games, and internet, and not becoming rounded individuals!

The Boy Scouts of America said they have improved their child protection activities since 2010, but the American faith in what was once perceived as a reputable institution has been broken!

2012 has become that the year that childhood has begun to be redeemed – something that the UN has never been able to do or seeks beyond freeing the child from parental control to become puppets of the state!


“ Thousands of Boy Scout Files, Naming Suspected Child Abusers Published” dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2253386/Thousands-Boy-Scout-files-naming-suspected-child-abusers-published-online.html

Naziri, J. Gram, N. “Boy Scout files on suspected abuse published by The Times.” http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-scouts-data-20121226,0,6477648.story

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Idle No More: New Shift to an Indigenous Reality

Idle No More: New Shift to an Indigenous Reality

By Hwaa Irfan

The Mau Mau of Kenya did not wait for the dawn of a New Age to lay claim to justice. Tortured and brutalized by the British in the 1950s, members of the Mau Mau have literally confronted Britain with its colonial past and present when lawyer Martyn Day departed from London’s High Court with hopeful news. Prior to that Britain threw a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for the acts of others, despite their continuance to this day.

London’s High Court ruled on October 5 2012 that three living, but now elderly members of the Mau Mau who were seriously tortured (one was castrated) can proceed with their claims against the British government. This means, for the first time ever, victims of British colonialism can due Britain!

“This is an historic judgment that will reverberate around the world,” Day said.

“There will undoubtedly be victims of colonial torture from Malaya to Yemen, from Cyprus to Palestine, who will be reading this judgment with great care.”

Day was welcomed by supporters waiting in expectation outside the High Court, including the 3 non-English speaking octogenarian plaintiffs, Wambugu Wa Nyingi, Jane Muthoni Mara, and Paulo Muoka Nzili who were beaten, raped, and castrated. Joy is joy amongst the indigenous who do not wait to express it! Day’s news back in Nairobi was responded by dance, and nostalgic ballads from the struggle for independence.

Britain of course launched an appeal, which was turned down on October 26.

Connections are not being made, as our colonial global elite clamp down on their citizens around the world stripping hard won rights, and drive thousands into poverty while they gamble with the billions made by the working population – the 95%!

It was in the 1940s that Kenya’s resistance movement, the Mau Mau had gained great support across the nation. Those who died must be turning over in their graves as their country under U.S imperialism take control of Somalia. Under British rule, thousands of Kenyans were driven from their fertile land, and it is Britain that led the recent global bout of and grab in Africa and elsewhere.

Under a pledge of oath, the Mau Mau swore to fight for their independence, and fed into the forests to do so.

By the mid-1950s, 150,000 Kikuyu were detained without trial, and up to 1.5 million displaced, and 30 Europeans killed along with British Kikuyu loyalists who betrayed their homeland.  The kind of treatment meted out by the British was described by one female survivor, Mara. She was 15 at the time and incarcerated at the notorious Gatithi camp. On  the second day four guards pinned her to the ground: one pushed her legs apart and kept them apart with spiked army boots, another kicked a glass bottle of hot water up her vagina.

Another survivor, Paulo Muoka Nzili was castrated with pliers used to castrate cows.

The new puppet government after independence sustained a ban on the Mau Mau and drove the survivors underground. The ban was not lifted until 2003 when most had died.

Since 2009, Katie Engelhart reports they have been trying t get their case heard!

The British lawyer who succeeded in doing so, Martyn Day had this to say:

 “You know, we [Brits] hold ourselves out as being pretty good, fair, decent, honest sorts of people,”

“We look at the Germans and the Japanese and other people who have done really terrible things. We hold ourselves out to be rather different. But actually, one recognizes through cases like this that we have sides to our character that are … not quite as bad, but pretty bad. It’s important that we understand that.”

As many around the world prepared for the dawn of a New Age – the transition from 13 to a new B’aqtun (December 21-22, 2012), many indigenous including the Mayans have been preparing to not uplift humanity, but their own communities as well and that includes rights on a more holistic basis. They are a people who have been faced with what the rest of the world has been experiencing, and has yet to experience.

‘Idle No More’ is the name of the recent round in struggle, which has been taking place in Ottawa, Canada, where the largest student march the world has ever seen took place in 2011-2012. Their mission. . .
“Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honours and fulfils Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations; live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.

December 10th was the date that indigenous people and allies stood in solidarity across Canada to assert Indigenous sovereignty and to work towards a sustainable, renewable future. The challenge is Desmarai is controlled Canada – the family that owns Power Corporation,  foreign corporations in Europe and China, the French-speaking Quebec media as well as a control over every Canadian Prime Minister since Pierre Trudeau with close ties to the Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, Spanish royalty, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. However, Idle No More, “….recognize that there may be backlash, and encourage people to stay strong and united in spirit.”

One non-native participant n 21st had this to say about the 21st:

“That was the most amazing day I have ever been a part of. We Gathered in Peace. We Gathered In Solidarity. We Stood Proud and Tall. We Spoke in Truths. December 21st 2012, to me, will always be remembered as, the Day I stood up, with all of you, in a We rally. We did this. We set the stage for the world to listen and really hear us. Pride, Peace, Solidarity, will forever be in my Heart, and Mind when I look back upon this day. We, the Grassroots, our Leadership & Non Natives shared a stage, shared our ideas.”

That day Idle No More blocked 17 highways outside of Sault Ste Marie causing disruption to those seeking to go about their affairs. In a country that has achieved its sovereignty through invasion followed by various methods of ethnic cleansing like Australia, it is not only the indigenous who are seeking their identity, but the occupying societies as well, and this is fully recognized by those claiming the right to exist. The elite not only alienated the indigenous, but they also alienated those who profited for them, and alienated the environment as well.

That day, First Nations from around the Salish Sea joined in solidarity including drumming, singing and dancing.

Please sign and share with two friends, who you know will sign and share with 2 friends:


“First Nations Idle No More Cause Road Blocks” cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/story/2012/12/28/sby-first-nations-idle-no-more-road-blockades.html

Engelhart, K. “Rule Britannia: Empire on Trial”worldpolicy.org/journal/winter2012/rule-britannia-empire-trial

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From A.N.S.W.E.R

FBI documents just obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) pursuant to the PCJF’s Freedom of Information Act demands reveal that from its inception, the FBI treated the Occupy movement as a potential criminal and terrorist threat even though the agency acknowledges in documents that organizers explicitly called for peaceful protest and did “not condone the use of violence” at occupy protests.

The PCJF has obtained heavily redacted documents showing that FBI offices and agents around the country were in high gear conducting surveillance against the movement even as early as August 2011, a month prior to the establishment of the OWS encampment in Zuccotti Park and other Occupy actions around the country.

“This production, which we believe is just the tip of the iceberg, is a window into the nationwide scope of the FBI’s surveillance, monitoring, and reporting on peaceful protestors organizing with the Occupy movement,” stated Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Executive Director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF).  “These documents show that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are treating protests against the corporate and banking structure of America as potential criminal and terrorist activity.  These documents also show these federal agencies functioning as a de facto intelligence arm of Wall Street and Corporate America.”

Ella’s Song

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Public Confidence in British Banks Drops Drastically*

moneyblackholePublic Confidence in British Banks Drops Drastically*

Hundreds of thousands of customers have moved their current accounts out of the big 5 banks in 2012 as public confidence in the British banks sector collapsed in the wake of a string of scandals.

These figures come following a report from the Banking Commission whose investigations ‘…revealed a culture of culpable greed, far removed from the interests of bank customers, corroding trust in the entire financial sector.’

According to evidence received by Move Your Money, building societies, credit unions and co-operatives have all reported a sharp rise in new business over the past 12 months. 500,000 people moved in the first half of this year.  In the last quarter Building societies report a 78,000 increase in savings accounts. The Cooperative Bank has seen a jump of 43% in new accounts in the last year and Credit Unions have seen 20,000 new members.

Whilst a recent YouGov poll shows that as many as 14 million people could switch accounts in 2013 as new regulation and comes in which makes switching accounts easier.  Almost one in three of UK high street bank customers said that they would be very or fairly likely to switch providers if the process of moving their primary current account was made easier.

“Public trust in the big banks has collapsed.  The reputation of one of our leading industry’s is in tatters.  Ultimately customers are on the front line of the battle to save British Banking, by moving their money to banks which are fair and transparent they are forcing banks to think twice about the way they behave.  Cultural change doesn’t come from Whitehall or the boardroom, it comes from people realising the power of what’s in their pockets. ” said Laura Willoughby MBE, Chief Executive of Move your Money.


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Heavenly Signs: 2012 Galactic Conjunction

Heavenly Signs: 2012 Galactic Conjunction

This is the International Space Stations view of the long awaited Galactic Conjunction – Pole Shift – the Shift of the Ages – the Age of Aquarius, referred to by ‘scientists’ as pseudo-science.  The last two years have been riddled with celestial phenomena, discoveries, and anomalies that have not fit into any preconceived scientific theories. It didn’t stop our betters from looking out for it though while still refuting it and the Creator’s Hand in it all!

A case of seeing is believing or believing is seeing!?

The Galactic Conjunction is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.
This Galactic Conjunction occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar.

The Galactic equator: The precise mid-line running down the Milky Way. Analogous to the earth’s equator, it divides the galaxy into two hemispheres, or lobes

The Milky Way: The bright band of star that our solar system belongs to. It encircles the earth and is wider in the region of Sagittarius, where our Sun was positioned on 21-12-2012 because that is where the ‘nuclear bulge” of the Milky Way’s centre is located (our Milky Way is saucer shaped). Mercury has also been positioned in Sagittarius, and will remain so until 31st. Venus was also in Sagittarius from 15th and will remain so until August 2013.

The daily rotation of our Earth moves around its axis which is opposite to the precessional rotation.  When the polar axis precesses from one direction to another, then our Earth’s equators moves with the celestial/galactic equator.

As the earth’s magnetic field weakened significantly over the past two years, a Photon Belt around our galaxy was discovered by NASA in 2010 which added to their doomsday hype which they now disclaim. However that Photon Belt has only helped to facilitate the process.

This alignment is extra-special because not only does it mark a time of transition into another new age of the Zodiac, but this event also marks the transition back to the original starting point – THE DARK RIFT spotted by NASA, the first time in almost 26,000 years that theSun will appear to connect with part of the Dark Rift hence the warnings of dark says to follow.

On December 21st, the unusual happened, Venus, then Mercury rose before the rising of our Sun’s winter solstice followed by Mars and Pluto with the Sun at midpoint between Mars and Venus – what a challenge we have on our hands asking us to face our dualistic self and world perceptions offering us a chance to transcend to a inner and outer unity – then our Sun a few hours later at the Galactic centre! The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Pluto are virtually on a horizontal plane representing the ‘mythical’ Sacred Tree of Life meaning we have got some real internal work to do giving breath to our souls, saying bye-bye our unsustainable illusions so that light can enter our darkness!

For Beginners…

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UFO’s: Pure PSYOPS, for Real or Both!

UFO’s Pure PSYOPS , for Real or Both!

By Hwaa Irfan

Having never seen one, at least knowingly, one could say that one is in no position to comment… but the question persists, how does one tell the difference between undeclared technology 40 years ahead of what the U.S. and Russian military have in possession, and the coming to life of 40 years of UFO films!

One observes the most experimented on society, the American, increasingly report sighting UFO’s, and has spread beyond their shores. The most recent (as far as one knows) reports are on flying triangles, a recurrent vision one used to have, but how many of those incidents are to do with a grand PSYOP plans linking into the Doomsday hype, to instill fear amongst the people and have them fall helplessly into the hands of the only ‘tangible’ reality we have all been entrained to since WWII, i.e. global governance. This would make a perfect Big Lie, and would cut the growing manifestations of resistance against the populous, and as such speed up control of peoples under the long term agenda of the global One Government operation. Remember, the bigger the lie, the more people seem to believe it!

Triangular shaped UFO have been reported in the U.S. of course, but they have also been reported in places like:

  • Rendlesham Forest from military personnel
  • Hudson Valley, Canada
  • Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales

With an upshot of reports in the U.K. along with strange sounds from the sky, the earth, and close encounters with earth from asteroids. Not wanting to make fun of those who are serious about what they observed, really, how can one tell?

In this late 1990s interview, Bill Cooper describes a dramatic experience he had while in the Navy, where he and several shipmates observed a UFO shoot out of the ocean and take off into the sky.

He said that the question of whether UFOs are real had been resolved for him but the question of who was driving them remained in question.

“A lot of times, my message is misconstrued as being ‘not spiritual’ or being ‘overly negative.’ I think they miss a lot of what I say. Because my point is that to be a spiritual person; to be a person who really matters, to really keep your power – which is your spirituality – and not become a slave, you have to know what the problems are. You have to identify them. You have to be mature enough and responsible enough to look them in the face and say, ‘I’ve got to do something about this.’

“And unfortunately, a lot of things that I talk about, if we don’t do something about it, it’s not going to amount to a pile of beans whether you’re ‘spiritual’ or not – you’ll be somebody’s slave in the future New World Order…Bill Cooper, U.S Navy

Recent reportage is remiss of Bill Cooper’s explanation.

Malcom Hathorne refutes such notions as conveyed to him by somebody ‘in the know’, host of the American Coast to Coast AM, George Noory’s conviction that these ‘UFOs’ are government projects.

Referring to the silent activities of triangular-boomerang shaped crafts Hathorne refers to a sighting in Rendlesham Forest reported by Sergeant Jim Penniston where the craft was able to maneuver through trees at a very low altitude. Hathorne’s argument is that Penniston have 45 minutes unaccounted for, i.e. lapse in time. And the Hudson Valley incident observed by staff in the 1980s, all of whom had time unaccounted for after observing the craft hover over the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant for maybe 15 minutes.

In Wales, Britain Jon Kelly reports on the sightings of the Davis family in Breacon Beacons, home and training ground of the British Army’s Infantry Battle School, 160th (Wales) Brigade and the kukri-bearing Gurkha Company (Mandalay). Apparently a hotspot for sightings, one wonders how much one should believe Tavistock Clinic-trained educational psychologist, Dr. Simon Griffey proclaimed sighting in 2008, now research director for the Doctorate in Educational Psychology program at Cardiff University. Apparently his unnamed son photographed the lights when the crew of a South Wales police helicopter was unsuccessful in capturing an image. Psychology was a part of the eugenics program of the infamous Tavistock clinic, a psychological warfare research center, i.e. PSYOPS.

Then there is Dr. Lynn Kittei, author of “The Phoenix Lights,” who apparently photographed and video-taped the object(s), would like to see those photographs, and even then would we know what we were looking at!

Reports in the U.S. dropped to one in December 2012, from 86 the previous month according to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. A November account is given as follows:

5:30 p.m., Katy, Waller County, TX, Case 43835.

 “We noticed the green sphere-like object in the sky and both observed that it was moving back and forth and up and down,” the witness stated. “We both knew this was not a plane. There also was another, smaller object. The pictures were taken between two and four seconds apart, so it was moving at a great speed. There is a small airport nearby, and we are very familiar with the landing and flight patterns, also colors of airplanes. There is a green outline in the clouds, and it looks like a green beam going downward. The object changed shape or possible turned over, and went to the south where it seemed to join with a cloaked, large object, which can be seen in the last photos. It looks like a cloud, but there is a clear outline of a huge disk, and cloud/vapor trail coming from the south/southwest.”

In all reported cases, the craft was described as silent with the ability accelerate at amazing speed, and ‘respond to the thoughts of witnesses’.  Various coloured lights have been reported, with green lights increasingly common. The single triangle report for December occurred in Hobart, Indiana, on December 2, 2012, where the object was described as “sleek and a dark metal color with no windows, no landing gears” in Case 44284.

Shifts in Frequency and Reality

As we go through a universal alignment of planets and constellations – the Shift of the Ages, crises at all levels have been put into motion since 2008, known as the Leveling i.e. to return to Source and the natural Laws that we have fallen foul of I our heavy descent from humanity. With that Leveling, many have been forced on many levels to face drastic changes in their lives the most fundamental of which is our distorted perception of the reality that created socio-economically – the false basis on which we have based our lives. For some this leveling has been met in a state of shock, denial, and belligerence on the part of the elite all over the world – those who have exploited manipulated the general populous to their long term benefit. For the ordinary person, many still cling onto that reality even as the ground shifts under their feet.

Fed on a diet of U.S. apocalyptic and horror-psycho films over decades, it is no wonder one can witness a legalized sex industry, serial murderers, paedophilia, and mind control programs at all levels of American society. Add to that cocktail a huge but justifiable dose of insecurity, we have paranoia on our hands. This is aided and abetted by such reputable organizations as NASA, which refutes the existence of UFOs as they plan to go on a mission to identify time portals yet, some NASA locations are ongoing experimental centers for the MKULTRA program!

However, amidst the above we have quite sane people, and people who have risen above the matrix or are passing through the man-made matrix, which is not only a shift in reality, but also as bioelectro-magnetic beings, a shift to a higher frequency accessing a more wholesome reality.

Sometimes to understand a religious-spiritual precept one not only has to experience it, but also have other pieces of the puzzle called ‘Truth’. A part of that ‘Truth’ in yoga psychology known as the Yantra, is based on visual vibratory signatures. Those signatures manifest in acoustic waveforms that relate to our organ of photosynthesis, the pineal gland. It is the pineal gland that is being made dysfunctional by the fluoridated water we drink, the processed foods, the lack of activity out in the open, and interferences from microwave instruments like the cell-phone/mobile and RFID’s etc.

In Yantra, the pineal gland is also our connection to objective reality, the Divinity or cosmic consciousness which is symbolically represented by the inverted winged pyramid.

It pertains to:

  • The colour indigo
  • The union of the pineal and pituitary gland
  • Perception
  • Light
  • Intuition
  • The ability to spends one life in the service of others

The two wings/petals symbolizes the end to dualism, the left and right brain working in unison, and the meeting of the two nadis, ida and pingala. One’s emotional intelligence is enhanced as well as the ability to recognize Truth, to learn from experiences, and to self evaluate. One becomes more creative, and able to face the challenges presented.

Could PSYOPS be exploiting this, as the One Government agenda exploits all knowledge from different religious and spiritual traditions to direct our obedience under their governance? And/or is what an increasing number of people experiencing being misunderstood and a product of the vibrationary shift in the planet, thus all life forms including us!

 “Self-knowledge is the real knowledge – all other knowledge is a mere shadow of knowledge and will not lead to the realization of the truth.”


Hathorne, M. “The Reality of Triangular UFOs.” http://rense.com/general51/TRI.HTM

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