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Day Before the Maïdan Massacre, Ukrainian Official Revealed the Conspiracy Fact*

Day Before the Maïdan Massacre, Ukrainian Official Revealed the Conspiracy Fact*

A reader sent us this video. On the 20th November 2013, in other words, the day before the decision by the Ukrainian government not to sign an agreement of association with the European Union – a decision which served as a trigger for the events of Maïdan (Independence Square) – a Ukrainian deputy, Oleg Tsarov, speaking from the podium before the Assembly, denounced the preparation of a civil war by the United States ambassador, Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

Mr. Tsarov, who was at that time an elected representative of the regional Party, is today one of the leaders of Novorossia. He had attempted to ban organisations which were falsely non-governmental, but were in fact charged by Washington to organise regime change in his country. He currently has a price on his head, awarded by one of the governors of the new power in Kiev


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How GCHQ Monitors Germany, Israel, the EU and Africa*

How GCHQ Monitors Germany, Israel, the EU and Africa*

This article was published in 2013

By Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach and Holger Stark         

Documents from the archive of whistleblower and former NSA worker Edward Snowden show that Britain’s GCHQ signals intelligence agency has targeted European, German and Israeli politicians for surveillance.

Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham. For years, the signals intelligence agency has targeted European, German and Israeli politicians for surveillance.

The American spy stayed in northern Cornwall for three weeks. He was delighted with the picturesque setting, with its dramatic cliffs and views of the Atlantic.

In a classified report, the NSA employee also raved about the British signals intelligence agency GCHQ‘s field of antennas, located high above the Atlantic coast, about 300 kilometres (190 miles) west of London. Her Majesty’s agents have been working at the site, where 29 satellite antennas are aimed skyward, for decades. The Cornwall intelligence base, once part of the Echelon global signals intelligence network, was previously known as “Morwenstow.” Today the site is known as “GCHQ Bude.”

In addition to its geographical conditions, which are ideal for monitoring important communications satellites, Bude has another site-specific advantage: Important undersea cables land at nearby Widemouth Bay. One of the cables, called TAT-14, begins at German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom’s undersea cable terminal in the East Frisia region of northern Germany.

There were suspicions as early as this summer that the British intelligence service in Bude was eavesdropping on German targets. Now documents from the archive of US whistleblower Edward Snowden contain the first concrete evidence to support this suspicion: German telephone numbers. SPIEGEL, Britain’s Guardian and the New York Times, as part of a joint effort, were able to view and evaluate the material.

List Includes Embassies, Leaders

According to the documents, the GCHQ Bude station listed phone numbers from the German government network in Berlin in its target base as well as those of German embassies, including the one in Rwanda. That, at least, was the case in 2009, the year the document in question was created. Other documents indicate that the British, at least intermittently, kept tabs on entire country-to-country satellite communication links, like “Germany-Georgia” and “Germany-Turkey,” for example, of certain providers.

The name of the European Union’s competition commissioner and current European Commission vice president, Joaquin Almunia, also appears in lists as well as email addresses that are listed as belonging to the “Israeli prime minister” and the defence minister of that country.

The details from the British intelligence agency’s databases could have political consequences. The British will now face an uncomfortable debate over their activities, which are apparently also directed against partner countries in the EU and the political leaders of those nations. SPIEGEL already reported in September on a GCHQ attack on partly government-owned Belgian telecommunications provider Belgacom.

Possible Headache for Cameron

At a dinner during the Brussels EU summit in late October, two days after SPIEGEL’s revelation that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone had been tapped, French President François Hollande began a debate during the meal over surveillance practices in Europe and called for the establishment of a code of conduct for intelligence agencies.

British Prime Minister David Cameron remained oddly silent during the discussion, in solidarity with his American friends — but also, presumably, because the GCHQ intelligence service doesn’t behave very differently from its big brother, the National Security Agency, and because of their agency’s close cooperation with the NSA in the realm of satellite surveillance. If it is confirmed that the British targeted the phones of German government officials and EU Commissioner Almunia, Cameron will have a problem.

The documents do not indicate the intensity and length of any collection of targets. The German numbers are only a small part of a bundle of documents filled with international telephone numbers and corresponding annotations. The documents viewed by SPIEGEL, the Guardian and the New York Times appear to represent only a small cross-section, and they include hundreds of telephone numbers from more than 60 different country codes. The bundle of documents provides the first glimpse of the scope of Britain’s surveillance ambitions.

Satellite dishes at GCHQ’s outpost at Bude, close to where the trans-Atlantic fiber-optic cables come ashore in Cornwall. From Bude and other GCHQ sites, the agency appears to be systematically monitoring country-to-country telephone calls made through satellite connections

EU Figures, Companies Targeted

The documents also show that the surveillance net cast by GCHQ and its political overseers is remarkably comprehensive. From Bude and other GCHQ sites, the agency appears to be systematically monitoring international country-to-country telephone calls made through satellite connections, as well as email communications (known as “C2C,” or computer-to-computer). This is evidenced by, for example, long lists relating to connections between places like Belgium and various African countries.

The entry “EU COMM JOAQUIN ALMUNIA” appears in an “informal” analysis of the communication paths between Belgium and Africa prepared in January 2009. At the time, the peak of the euro crisis, Almunia was still the EU economics and finance commissioner and he already had his own entry and personal identification code in the British target database, with the codename “Broadoak.”

It’s unlikely that the surveillance interest in him — at least when it comes to industrial espionage — has diminished since then. Almunia, now the EU’s competition minister, is currently ruling on, among other issues, whether US Internet giant Google is abusing its market power, thereby harming European companies. Almunia recently imposed fines on US pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson, as well as financial companies like Citigroup and J.P. Morgan Chase.

Non-Governmental Organizations Included

The EU commissioner’s name also appears in a second document from 2008, which describes a communication path between France and Africa. According to the document, Almunia, or a number assigned to him in the British target database, called a number in Ivory Coast on Oct. 30 or 31, 2008. SPIEGEL was unable to obtain a response from Commissioner Almunia on the incident by the time it went to press.

In addition to many political and “diplomatic targets,” the lists contain African leaders, their family members, ambassadors and businesspeople. They also include representatives of international organizations, such as those of United Nations agencies like the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR). A noticeably large number of diplomatic missions to the United Nations in Geneva are also listed.

Even non-governmental organizations like Doctors of the World (Médicins du Monde) appear on the British intelligence agency lists, along with a representative of the Swiss Ideas Centre and others. Individual companies can also be found on the list, especially in the fields of telecommunications and banking. The partly government-owned French defense contractor Thales, along with Paris-based energy giant Total, is also mentioned.

When GCHQ officials were asked about the suspicion arising from the documents that their organization engages in large-scale industrial espionage, they stated that while they were unwilling to address specific details, “one of the purposes for which GCHQ may be authorized to intercept communications is where it is necessary for the purpose of safeguarding the economic well-being of the UK” or state security. “Interception under this purpose is categorically not about industrial espionage,” it stated.

The NSA also denied in a statement that it uses its “foreign intelligence capabilities to steal the trade secrets of foreign companies on behalf of — or give intelligence we collect to US companies.” In another statement, NSA officials said, “The United States collects foreign intelligence just as many other governments do.”

Either way, it appears the British have come relatively close to the goals they state elsewhere in the documents to “exploit global telecommunications” and of “mastering the Internet.” The documents that were reviewed also suggest that the satellite dragnet is likely a continuation of the legendary global Echelon surveillance network, which was the subject of an investigation by a committee of the European Parliament in 2000.

Berlin’s government quarter, as seen from the Brandenburg Gate: One of GCHQ’s lists of targets leads directly to the German capital — “49-30-180 German Government Network.” Those numbers include the country code for Germany, the area code for Berlin and the prefix for the Federal Government Information Network, to which government ministries in Berlin are connected. Any agency that would include that prefix for German government numbers must have considerable interest in political developments in Berlin.

Codename: ‘Carboy’

In their 2001 final report, the EU politicians presented a wealth of convincing evidence of industrial espionage allegedly committed through Echelon, and also made various demands on the United States, but only a few weeks later, the events of 9/11 pushed the criticism of the EU’s partner to the back burner.

A map from the wealth of classified documents obtained by Snowden on the so-called “Fornsat” activities of the technical intelligence cooperation program — informally known as the Five Eyes — shows that the system of global satellite surveillance remained in operation.

Bude is referred to by its codename “Carboy” under a heading titled “Primary Fornsat Collection Operations.” Another collection point in the alliance that also appears in the documents is the NSA’s Sugar Grove listening post in northern Virginia, codenamed “Timberline.”

It has been clear since the release of the Echelon report that intelligence services eavesdrop on international communications conducted by satellite — and Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency is no exception. What is so politically charged about the current revelations is that the names and institutions of European neighbours, including EU representatives and various UN organizations, appear to be listed in the target databases. It would be hard to consider this to be anything less than an intelligence service attack on friends. The question now is whether the names and institutions are also intelligence targets for the NSA.

Israel Spying May Cause Tensions for US

GCHQ and NSA agents work together closely at Bude, which is a jointly operated listening post. Clearly the visitor from the United States who was so enchanted by the scenic Cornwall landscape was far from an isolated case. In fact, there are NSA agents who are permanently assigned to the Cornwall facility. The Guardian reported over the summer, based on information from other documents in the Snowden archive, that the NSA even assumed redevelopment costs of more than $20 million (€14.5 million). According to a secret GCHQ document from 2010, the British were making an effort to at least satisfy the NSA’s minimum expectations, but had trouble keeping up with demand from the United States.

The close cooperation between Britain and the United States could prove highly controversial because the intelligence workers in Bude also targeted Israel. At least four Israeli targets are named in GCHQ lists, including an email address named as the “Israeli prime minister.” The paper dates from 2009, when Ehud Omert was in office. Another email address is also sensitive. For a time, minister@mod.gov.il was central to Israeli foreign and security policy. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and his then chief of staff Yoni Koren personally used the mailing list. In its reporting, SPIEGEL learned that Barak coordinated a part of Israel’s Iran policies using this account. It wasn’t a forum for top-secret operations, but it was one for many internal decision-making processes.

The prime minister and his foreign minister are the two most important men in Israel. Anyone with access to their communications could quickly gain a lot of insights about the inner workings of Israeli politics.

Suggestions Germans Were Also Targeted

The lists of full numbers, names and email addresses certainly offer the potential for fresh political tensions in other places. Just last week, German Chief Federal Prosecutor Harald Range said that from his office’s perspective, there is no evidence that the NSA or British intelligence has systematically monitored German telephone and Internet traffic. In a joint appearance before the British House of Commons in November, Britain’s three top intelligence chiefs insisted that their work primarily involved counterterrorism operations.

The material viewed does indeed contain many references to possible terror suspects, suspected cases of nuclear proliferation and individuals associated with the taking of hostages. In many instances, the code names of current operations appear next to the listed numbers, including the operations of other British agencies, such as the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) police unit. Still, this doesn’t explain the large number of so-called “hits” relating to political, diplomatic and business matters. These individuals, organizations and businesses must, therefore, have been defined as espionage targets.

A key document consisting of a long list of telephone numbers and dated Nov. 27, 2009 suggests that this also applies to German institutions and possibly German individuals. The surveillance operation recorded in the document was apparently focused on targets in crisis-ridden Congo, including members of the family of an African president, as well as senior military officials in the country, a cleric and a former vice-president. Two numbers with relevance to Germany are listed under a line that reads “list of all noted hits in priority order.”

Berlin as ‘Surveillance Target’

The words “German Emb in Rwanda” — the German Embassy in the capital Kigali — are noted next to the number “250-252575141.” Further reporting revealed that the telephone number was the main line for the German Embassy in Kigali until 2011.

Five hits farther down the list, a combination of numbers leads directly to the German capital: “49-30-180 German Government Network.” Those numbers include the country code for Germany, the area code for Berlin and the prefix for the Federal Government Information Network, to which government ministries in Berlin are connected. Any agency that would include that prefix for German government numbers must have considerable interest in political developments in Berlin.

SPIEGEL contacted several intelligence experts, who expressed the opinion that the list of German numbers under the term hits could only mean that GCHQ essentially declared these numbers to be surveillance targets.

GCHQ: Activities Are ‘Authorized’

The documents SPIEGEL was able to examine do not indicate how intensively and during which periods of time the individual targets were actually monitored. However, the example of an African politician shows that even during a surveillance test run, the British intercepted and stored his mobile phone text messages in their entirety.

In response to a detailed list of questions, GCHQ answered that it does not comment on intelligence matters. It did state, however, that its own activities are “authorized, necessary and proportionate,” and are conducted under the “rigorous oversight” of various supervisory bodies.

However, it must be assumed that the German Embassy in Rwanda and the number for the Berlin government network aren’t the only targets with relevance to Germany. Rather, they were merely the only German numbers acquired during the period and on the specific communication path in question. The fact that the British agents monitor, at least intermittently, the entire signal paths of satellite communications between Germany and other countries means it is certain that significantly more numbers with the German country code, 0049, must appear in the GCHQ databases.

Search for New Targets

Moreover, the intelligence services participating in the satellite surveillance alliance are apparently constantly searching for new eavesdropping opportunities of interest, or at least they were in the period from 2008 to 2009, when the satellite surveillance documents SPIEGEL examined were created.

Some of the longer documents and hit lists are “informal reports” addressing test runs for new, previously unmonitored communication paths intended to “highlight the possible intelligence value.” They are generally listed under “Bude Sigint Development,” which means they relate to the identification and development of new targets.

According to the documents, most of the tests were conducted over a period of a few days, during which the intercepted numbers were apparently correlated with the target databases to determine whether ongoing monitoring would be worthwhile. The hit lists filled with names and numbers are the results of these tests. Each of the documents ends with a question: “Can this carrier be tasked to the collection system?” In many cases the answer is simply “yes.” One such case is a communication path from Europe to Africa from the year 2008, in which EU Commissioner Almunia appears for the first time. In the January 2009 document in which Almunia is mentioned once again, the answer to the question at the end reads: “Not currently due to the data rate of the carriers.” It is also noted that “future (…) updates will resolve this issue.”

A Revealing Example

A report from August 2009 shows how much information the spies managed to intercept even in these test runs. It also mentions the president of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), who is referred to as “Dr. Chambers” in the material. This appears to be a reference to the Ghanaian diplomat Mohamed Ibn Chambas, who worked for ECOWAS in various capacities from 2001 to 2010. In late 2012, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appointed him as the UN’s Joint Special Representative for Darfur.

In 2009, the British apparently intercepted his text messages as part of a test run. The messages are marked in red in one of the documents, which is meant to highlight the potential value of another satellite link between Africa and Europe.

The documents include, among other things, more than a dozen of the complete texts of his messages, and reveal the whereabouts of the ECOWAS president, who was in Liberia to receive a prize for his peace efforts.

“Am in Liberia to receive a national award during their independence day celebration (sic) tomorrow,” reads one of the texts intercepted by the British. In another, Chambas recommends a book about Ghana’s colonial history. It’s “interesting and informative,” the message, which is private and mundane like most of the others, informs.

SPIEGEL was unable to obtain a statement from Chambas before this article went to print about surveillance of his text messages.

But when contacted by reporters, Leigh Daynes, the UK executive director of Doctors of the World, said he was

“… shocked and surprised by these appalling allegations of secret surveillance on our humanitarian operations.” He said his relief organization, like others, operates impartially and independently. “There is absolutely no reason for our operations to be secretly monitored,” he said.


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The Sun’s Polar Shift has Begun

The Sun’s Polar Shift has Begun

By Hwaa Irfan

There have been three polar shifts since 1976, and this will be the third. The Sun’s poles are reversing with north becoming south and south becoming north of its Solar Cycle 24, according to the US military NASA, a 22 year long process.

Solar physicist Todd Hoeksema, the director of Stanford University’s Wilcox Solar Observatory said

 “This change will have ripple effects throughout the Solar System.”

Solar physicist Todd Hoeksema, director of Stanford’s Wilcox Solar Observatory, one of the few observatories in the world that monitor the sun’s polar magnetic fields believe the poles are a herald of change. Just as Earth scientists watch our planet’s polar regions for signs of climate change, solar physicists do the same thing for the sun.

It is believed that the dramatic outburst of electromagnetic energy from our Sun will trigger our Earth Polar Shift as astronomers know that the particles of a solar storm can compress the earth’s magnetic field and temporarily speed up the power of the earth’s field. This electromagnetic energy moves in a spiral along our Eart’s magnetic lines from magnetic North to magnetic South towards the equator where a strong current forms. This strong current moves opposite to our Earth’s magnetic field. Astronomer Paul La Violette believes that this will cause our Earth’s Polar Shift pushing our Earth’s inner core to move in the opposite direction.

Will we notice the change?


Theories point to a cataclysmic  change, but the Magnetic North  and magnetic South has already been shifting. Note the increased reports in landslides, earthquakes and volcanic activity. Further continental drift has been taking place in the Americas, along Africa’s Rift Valley and around the Mediterranean Sea for example. Our Earth has been moving approximately as much as 40km annually northward each day after only proceeding at 10km annually in the last century. Weather systems affect changes in blood pressure and blood composition.

Human behavior is also affected, which depending on how much we are aligned positively with the Divine Matrix can be negative or positive. The most famous research was been done by professor A.L. Tchijevsky, a Russian scientist who found that there is:

1) provoking influence of leaders upon masses
2) the “exciting” effect of emphasized ideas upon the masses
3) the velocity of incitability due to the presence of a single psychic center
4) the extensive areas covered by mass movements
5) Integration and individualization of the masses

These findings were based on hisIndex of Mass Human Excitability” covering each year from 500 B.C. to 1922 A.D. He investigated the histories of 72 countries in that period, noting signs of human unrest such as wars, revolutions, riots, expeditions and migrations, plus the number of humans involved. Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant events occurred during the years of maximum sunspot activity. He maintained that the “exciting” period may be explained by an acute change in the nervous and psychic character of humanity, which takes place at sunspot maxima.

This might explain a lot of what is going on at the moment, a moment of transition that might seem too long, too intolerable, and with no light, but it only goes to show that those at the top of the pyramid of global governance with all their occultist practices that life is stranger than their Orwellian world.


Jivanda, T Sun has Flipped Upside Down as New Magnetic Cycle Begins .independent.co.uk/news/science/video-sun-has-flipped-upside-down-as-new-magnetic-cycle-begins-9029378.html

Phillips, T “The Sun’s magnetic field is about to flip” phys.org/news/2013-08-sun-magnetic-field-flip.html

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South Korea Protests against Election Fraud*

South Korea Protests against Election Fraud*

2007, hurling feces, the man was a member of a group of South Korean cattle farmers, who were enraged that Lotte supermarkets had decided to sell U.S. beef.



As the Thai government gets some hints from Egypt’s military commanders El-Sisi, sending snipers to shoot at protesters from roof tops, South Koreas 50 million people are used to protesting under difficult circumstances as they participate in a general strike against government election-rigging, and union-busting.

HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans Several ten thousands have gathered at Seoul Plaza (as of 3 pm) to protest against the South Korean government’s election manipulation scandal and the latest clampdowns on labor groups. The numbers are rapidly growing and the protest will continue throughout the day. Aiming 1 million Koreans to participate in ‘the December 28th General Strike’, a detailed schedule of a series of protests held by different groups in major cities across the country has been widely shared in South Korean online venues in last few days.

The December 28 General Strike (and protest) against the fraudulent election is being held at the City Hall Plaza, now as of 3:22 pm.

Flash mobs of citizens singing the revolutionary anthem “Do you hear the people sing?” from the musical “Les Misérables” were held in Seoul, Pusan, Gwangju, Daejeon and Daegu. Here is a video of a flash mob which took place near the Yonsei University in Seoul:


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DHS Insider’s Final Warning to U.S Citizens*

DHS Insider’s Final Warning to U.S Citizens*

By Douglas J.  Hagmann

apocalypse-statue-of-liberty27 December 2013: Under the cover and amid the distraction of the Christmas bustle, I had my last “official” contact with a source inside the Department of Homeland Security known as “Rosebud” in my writings. My source is leaving his position, retiring along with numerous others choosing to leave this bureaucratic monstrosity. For this contact, my source took unprecedented measures to be certain that our contact was far off the radar of prying government eyes and ears. I was stunned at the lengths he employed, and even found myself somewhat annoyed by the inconvenience that his cloak-and-dagger approach caused. It was necessary, according to my source, because all department heads under FEMA and DHS are under orders to identify anyone disclosing any information for termination and potential criminal prosecution.

“DHS is like a prison environment, complete with prison snitches,” he said, referring to the search for leaks and leakers. And the warden is obsessed. Ask anyone in DHS. No one trusts anyone else and whatever sources might be left are shutting up. The threats that have been made far exceed anything I’ve ever seen. Good people are afraid for their lives and the lives of their families. We’ve all been threatened. They see the writing on the wall and are leaving. It’s not a joke and not hype.”

The following is a narrative from my source, prefaced with the instructions to “take it or leave it,” and “disregard it at your own peril.” He added that it’s now up to each American to act on the information themselves or suffer the consequences.

“I’ve resigned myself to the fact that most [Americans] will never be convinced of the reality that is taking place right in front of them.”

The plan explained

“According to every internal document I’ve seen and read, and from the few people I’ve spoken with who understand what’s going on, preparations have been finalized to respond to a crisis of unprecedented magnitude within the United States. The response will include the use of lethal force against U.S. citizens under the instructions of Barack Obama.”  But why?

“‘It’s the economy, stupid,’” he began, paraphrasing a campaign slogan coined by James Carville for Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign.  ”Just as I disclosed in our first meeting, the crisis will be rooted in an economic collapse. I told you last year, at a time when gold and silver were setting record highs, one specific indicator that time is very short. It is the final ‘smack down’ of the metals, gold and silver, that will presage the orchestrated economic collapse that is being planned by the bankers of Wall Street. Everybody needs to understand that this is a deliberate collapse of the U.S. economy with the oversight of the White House and the full knowledge of the Justice Department.  Everyone seems to be waiting for some big, history making event that will signal the start of the collapse. The fact is that the collapse has already started. It’s incremental, like a snowball rolling down a hill. It gets bigger and rolls faster. Well, this snowball is well on its way down the hill.”

“I don’t mean to sound repetitive, by I can’t stress this enough. Contrary to what you hear, we’re already in an economic collapse, except that most people haven’t a clue. The ‘big bang’ comes at the end, when people they wake up one morning and can’t log in to their bank accounts, can’t use their ATM cards, and find out that their private pension funds and other assets have been confiscated,” he stated.

“I’ve seen documentation of multiple scenarios created outside of DHS. Different plans and back-up plans. Also, please understand that I deliberately used the word ‘created,’ as this is a completely manufactured event.  In the end it won’t be presented that way, which is extremely important for everyone to understand. What is coming will be blamed on some unforeseen event out of everyone’s control, that few saw coming or thought would actually happen. Then, another event will take place concurrent with this event, or immediately after it, to confuse and compound an already explosive situation.” I asked for specifics.

“As I said, there are several scenarios and I don’t know them all. I know one calls for a cyber-attack by an external threat, which will then be compounded by something far removed from everyone’s own radar. But it’s all a ruse, or a pretext. The threat is from within,” he stated. “Before people can regain their footing, a second event will be triggered.” Again, I asked for specifics.

“I’ve seen one operational plan that refers to the federal government’s response to a significant terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Information at these levels is compartmentalized. I don’t have specifics, just plans for the response. The response will be controls and restrictions on travel, business, and every aspect of our lives, especially gun ownership and speech that incites people against the government. I guess some people would call it Martial Law, and they would not be incorrect. But understand that this will be a process deployed in stages. How quickly of a process remains to be seen.”

The mechanics explained

As I said, people continue to look for something big to happen first, followed by a militaristic response by the federal government against U.S. citizens. Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t believe it will happen this way, although there is one unthinkable exception. That exception would involve a ‘decapitation’ of our leadership, but I’ve seen nothing even remotely suggestive of that. But I’ve heard and even read articles where that is mentioned. Frankly, though, that’s always been a threat. I suppose that if the leadership is deemed useless, or becomes a liability to the larger agenda in some manner,  it could happen. The precedent exists. Let’s pray that it’s not the case now.”

“I don’t think anyone except the initiated few know the precise series of events or the exact timing, just a general overview and an equally general time period. I think we’re in that period now, as DHS has their planned responses finalized. Also, the metals are important because it’s real money, not Ponzi fiat currency. The U.S. has no inventory of gold, so the prices are manipulated down to cause a sell-off of the physical assets. China is on a buying spree of gold, and other countries want their inventory back. The very people causing the prices to drop are the ones who are also buying the metals at fire sale prices. They will emerge extremely wealthy when the prices rise after the U.S. currency becomes wallpaper. A little research will identify who these people and organizations are.”

“I’d like to add a bit of perspective that might help explain the events as I described. Do you remember former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announcing that the Pentagon was unable to account for $2.3 trillion in the defense budget? That was on September 10, 2001, the day before the attacks of 9/11. Some suggest that 9/11 was  orchestrated, in part to cover up the missing money, which is ludicrous. The result, however, was that suddenly the accounting issue took a back seat because of the attacks. The result will be the same. That’s a perfect example of the mechanics of what we are about to experience. It’s going to take years to sort out, and when it’s finally sorted out, the damage will have long been done.”

“Please note a few final things. The relationship that exists between DHS today and the executive branch is well beyond alarming. DHS and other organizations have become the private army of the Oval Office. The NSA, and I’ve got contacts there, is taking orders from the Oval Office. The IRS is under the virtual control of the Oval Office in a manner that would make Nixon cower. Even though all roads appear to lead to the Oval Office, they lead through the Oval Office. It’s not just Obama, but the men behind him, the people who put him there. The people who put him there are the ones who created him.” I asked who created him.

“First, ask yourself why there was such an all out effort to marginalize anyone talking about Obama’s eligibility in 2008. Even so-called conservatives pundits fell for the lie that such questions were nothing more than a diversion. They were following a specific drumbeat. That should tell every rational adult that he is a creation of the globalists who have no allegiance to any political party. He is the product of decades of planning, made for this very time in our history. He was selected to oversee the events I just disclosed. Who has that ability? He’s a product of our own intelligence agencies working with the globalists. He should be exhibit ‘A’ to illustrate the need to enforce the Logan Act. Need I say more?”

As often said by another of my sources, the U.S. is a captured operation. The lie is bigger than most people realize or are willing to confront. That is, until there is no other option. By then, it might be too late.

SourceNortheast Intelligence Network *

But why????

The people at the top of the pyramid of global governance are a superstitious lot. Could it be the Tesla experiments that arose out of the Montauk Project that indicated that their power-base would have no influence beyond 2013!? They have played with the devil in this their final battle, but there is no complete darkness when there is Light.

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Cashless Society: Push of a Button can Empty Your Credit Card Account*

By Mac Slavo

Late last week it was learned that some 40 million charge cards were obtained using physical processing systems located in Target retail locations nationwide. Though no details of the how the hack-attack was executed have been released by Target, the FBI or other agencies investigating the breach, it is likely that the processing machines themselves were compromised.

Target claims that the hack was sophisticated, but on the technical side, once hackers found a way into the credit card processing machines, probably via remote entry from servers somewhere in Eastern Europe or Russia, the theft of credit card data itself would have been fairly straight forward by using scripts or applications that simply capture the data and send it off to servers owned by the hackers.

This was probably one of the largest credit card thefts in history, though it is not at all surprising. Two years ago we noted that cyber attacks would soon be targeting America’s e-commerce systems and just a few months ago it was noted that rogue terrorist groups were specifically working on sabotage operation to bring down the U.S. economy. While this latest attack on Target stores and their customers fell far short of crashing our economy or financial system, it proves, as did recent breaches of Pentagon military networks, that even the most highly secured systems in the world can be compromised.

Furthermore, what this attack highlights is that with the right type of “event” the economy and financial system of the United States can be shut down… almost instantly.

If you are a JP Morgan Chase banking customer and happened to use your debit card at Target stores between November 27th and December 15th, then you got a first-hand taste of what a shutdown of the banking system might feel like and how fast in can happen.

It was done with the push of a button and impacted some two million holiday shoppers:

[But what it allowed for is forcing the limitation the carrying of cash = a cashless society]

JPMorgan Chase has notified card holders impacted by the Target breach that their cards will be restricted to $100 ATM cash withdrawals and $300 card purchases until replacement cards can be issued. The new limits impact nearly 2 million debit card accounts, but not     credit card holders.

Chase bank made no announcement to their customers of the coming restrictions just days before Christmas. They simply obtained a list of the potentially compromised cards, uploaded them into their system, and with the flick of a finger shut down electronic access to customers’ funds. Whether Chase’s actions were a bad business move is not necessarily at issue, though it was probably quite inconvenient for those affected.

What is at issue is what many in alternative media have been warning about for some time – that the entire financial system of the United States can be shut down within a matter of minutes should the right set of events be realized.

Most Americans don’t believe it can happen. Likewise, most people didn’t think that American domestic security agencies could shut down our borders and put transportation across the country on lock-down within a few hours – until it happened on September 11, 2001.

Former national security coordinator Richard Clarke has warned that America’s cyber infrastructure is so fragile that it could literally be brought down by a coordinated cyber attack in a matter of 15 minutes. It sounds absurd to suggest that our country could potentially be crippled that quickly, until you realize that China, Russia, and Iran have long been mapping our entire utility, commerce and communications grids, all of which would be the first targets in any large-scale confrontation.

Because cyber space is now considered a national asset, the President of the United States has the authority to completely shut down the internet (and all of the components attached to it) with what experts call a “kill switch.” If this executive action is ever implemented the President would need very little justification to shut it all down – the financial system, commerce systems, and all personal web surfing – for a period of up to four months, and then indefinitely if he can provide a justifiable reason to Congress.

We live in a world that is, for those paying attention, completely out of our control. Our entire way of life could change overnight for any number of reasons.

A war with a foreign power, a rogue terrorist attack, or a false flag event could all be a trigger event for something so debilitating that it would cause pandemonium from coast to coast.

Former Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano recently said that a massive and serious attack on the homeland is imminent. It makes no difference why it happens. Only that it does.


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Sweden: Money Laundering and Emptying your Account Easier in Cashless Society*

Sweden: Money Laundering & Emptying your Account Easier in Cashless Society*

Easy  MoneyEffort to restrict the use of physical money is a further step towards a modern day fascism in the Scandinavian country.

On October 1st the Swedish government posted new regulations on its site bolagsverket.se (“corporation agency”) which prohibits citizens from engaging in certain business activity without registering with authorities and paying a fee of close to 100 EUR (850 SEK). Three regional administrations have been selected to supervise and maintain the registry which affects private firms as well as limited companies (LLC/INC). It also applies to foreign corporations that have a branch in Sweden.

Running a business in Sweden in any of these areas is now prohibited without being on the government registry and paying the fee:

– accounting/bookkeeping
– tax advising
– legal counseling concerning the sale of real estate and corporate entities
– law firms that create, sell and mediate corporate entities
any business activity that involves a single cash transaction of 15000 EUR or more (the government cites car dealers, jewelers and anyone who deals with watches and antiques as a subject to the new regulations)

The troublesome legislation does not end with a government registry and yet another extraction of resources from the citizens.

Businesses must now in many cases also violate the privacy of its customers. According to the law “Act (2009:62) on actions against money laundering and financial aid of terrorism” businesses or their employees must obtain detailed knowledge about its customers and also ask for their identification. Any ‘suspicious activity’ should be reported to the financial police. Funnily enough businesses do not have to obtain knowledge about their customers if they are dealing with Swedish authorities or with banks and insurance companies. Article 2 section 5 of the law states that these are exempt.

Customers that use electronic money to a value of less than 2500 EUR per year are also exempt from further scrutinizing. Cardealers are able to stay out of the registry if they only accept credit/debit cards or electronic bank transfers. The assault is mainly on cash, the real physical money that we can store privately and share with each other without governments and banks knowing about it.

Section 6 states that measures should be taken in order to avoid the possibility for a customer to act anonymously. As high risk transactions are listed all transactions that are made from a distance. In these cases the business owners or its employees have to obtain specific knowledge on the origins of the money that are used to complete the transaction. They also have to obtain as much information as they need to make an assessment of the customer’s business operations whether it is a corporation or a private citizen they are dealing with. They should also assess what kind of control mechanisms the customer is using in order to avoid money laundering or the financial aid of terrorism.

Article 3 section 4 prohibits business owners, the board of directors or an employee to talk to the customer or any outsider about the fact that they have collected data about the transaction or given any details to authorities. All transactions should be documented and stored for a minimum of 5 years. Each company needs to have a system up and running where specific information is quickly extracted and given to authorities on demand. The regional administrations in charge of creating the registry are already contacting businesses around the country and calling for them to pay the fee and submit their details to the government database. Exactly how the registry and the fee would work against money laundering and terrorism is not told. The Swedish authorities already have a huge registry of all corporations and their owners, where the businesses also are divided into so called SNI codes (different types of commercial activity). So this kind of database could easily have been constructed on existing information.

A few small business owners have voiced their concerns about the breach of privacy and the worsening bureaucracy, but the topic as a whole has not caused a great debate in the country. The Swedish society has been an experiment (a great demoralization process) for the cashless society for a long time and people don’t seem to see the dangers of having a highly centralized system with the banks, the government and the EU in total control of the nation’s money.
The Swedish government lost the country to lobbyism a long time ago and with the EU the degradation of national sovereignty is set to get worse in the future.

Both the Swedish state and the population on average hold a large debt to the banks. The population is mainly divided in two categories. The highly indebted taxation class, and the increasing dependent class.

At the same time multinational corporations are let in to extract resources from the mining industry as well as taking over the electronic grid which has made the power prices skyrocket. When the state and big business are in collusion like this doesn’t that look like fascism?

Links in Swedish language:
(Swedish corporation agency) http://www.bolagsverket.se/om/oss/fler/penningtvatt
Law (2009:62): http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/lag/20090062.HTM
SNI codes: http://www.allabranscher.se/sni-koder


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Occupy World: Karzai, Loosening the Ties that Bind*

Occupy World: Karzai, Loosening the Ties that Bind*

By Rizwan Khatik

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Saturday used a Hindi couplet to express his frustration over tensions with the US on inking a security agreement, and said if Washington was willing to accommodate Afghan concerns the deal could work out to be a win-win for both sides.

Addressing media persons here, Karzai said he did not want the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) to be an “either, or” deal but wanted it to be profitable to both sides.

He said the US wants Afghanistan to accept billions of dollars in aid in exchange for putting the country in a continuing state of war.

“Ask any Afghan if they want continuous attacks of civilians and bombing of houses in the name of fighting terrorism or they want to be at peace in their homes, and they will say they want the security of their homes and people and the peace process (with the Taliban),” Karzai said.

The US should frame the BSA in such a way so that it can help Afghanistan and launch the peace process, he said.

Karzai then recited a Hindi couplet, “Dua detey hain jeeney ki, dawa detey hain marne ki (They pray for our lives but give us medicine for death)”.

Karzai has been firm on his demand that the US stop bombing Afghan homes in their search for Taliban and that the peace process with the Taliban be officially launched as a precondition for signing the BSA.

He said the US has to stop attacks on Afghan people immediately for Afghanistan to sign the agreement. “Our sensitivities have to be respected.”

He expressed pain over the US bombing on supposed Taliban targets that have led to many casualties.

He mentioned the example of 16 members of an Afghan family being killed with only a 14-year-old girl left alive, with her face nearly blown off and also maimed.

“I want this to stop, the people are suffering,” he said.

Karzai said after the April presidential polls that he would be a “retired president, a happy citizen with plenty of freedom to move around, and regain my freedom of speech”.

Though he hit out at the US for playing a “game of brinkmanship” with Afghanistan and launching a “psychological war on Afghanistan”, he said his country would “bear with it”, “let it come what may”.

While he criticised the US over the killing of Afghans and Washington trying to force Afghanistan to sign the BSA, he was full of praise for the US and European help in boosting his country’s social indicators, like education and health care.

On Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promising to help in Afghanistan’s peace and security efforts, Karzai said “he has confidence” in Sharif’s sincerity and they would have to see how things turn out in the future.


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