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Russia Foiled 70 million Cyber Attacks in 2016*

Russia Foiled 70 million Cyber Attacks in 2016*

By Jim W. Dean

[Editor’s Note: This story reminds me of the old grandma saying, “Better late than never”. I had always been wondering why the Russians, which I assumed to be under constant massive cyber attacks, did not put out the statistics on them. They finally have.

Of course Western media will have no interest in this revelation whatsoever, as 70 million attacks are primarily Western attacks, with the motherload coming from the U.S. Note the last paragraph mentioning where most of the servers are located.

I was dreaming that I might see at least a mention for Israel, but alas Moscow continues to have a blind eye to what the hardcore Zionists to do them, along with everyone else on the planet, conduct war against them by all means possible.

The short story there is Israel being a wholesale espionage operation, going not only after stuff that is critical to them, but everything it can get its hands on to sell or trade, to defer the cost of it all.

Don’t hold your breath on seeing a Congressional investigation on this anomaly any time soon. We could not even investigate 9-11 competently due to insider corruption. Going back to the glory days of IBM, the US always had a big lead on all things computer-wise, and that naturally expanded into cyber offensive operations.

Those on the receiving end were back on their heels for the many years it took for them to catch up, but they are up to speed now. That is why you are seeing what coverage their is now, with one huge exception. In the West, with its free press, there are no stories about Western or NATO cyberwarfare. Imagine that. I guess all the investigative journalists and big media houses just must have been too busy.

There was the token exception on the Iranian nuclear reprocessing plant attack, which was proven to be a peaceful program, but could have resulted in a major nuclear contamination attack as it was designed to destroy the working centrifuges. As Gordon would say, “Welcome to how the world really works.”Jim W. Dean ]

… from Press TV

Russia’s principal security service says the country has fended off 70 million cyber attacks targeting its critical information infrastructure over the past year, mostly from abroad.

“Seventy million cyberattacks [targeted] relevant facilities of the Russian Federation during this year,” said Nikolay Murashov, a spokesman for Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), on Tuesday.

He was testifying before a State Duma committee for information policy.

“At present, Russia has sufficient potential in the development of means of information security,” Murashov said, RT reported Wednesday.

The development came after recent claims by the administration of former U.S. president Barack Obama that Russia hacked into computer networks linked to the Democratic Party to tilt the 2016 presidential election in favor of the then-candidate Donald Trump. Obama vowed unspecific counter-measures.

According to the report, the parliamentary committee meeting which Murashov was testifying at deliberated over a bill that requires all companies deemed to be a part of Russia’s critical infrastructure to be equipped with tools to counter potential cyberattacks.

The bill is titled “On the Security of Critical Infrastructure of the Russian Federation” and stipulates that companies listed as belonging to critical infrastructure also report potential hacking attempts against them to relevant state institutions and cooperate in subsequent investigations.

Earlier this month, chief of Russia’s Security Council Nikolay Patrushev told the daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta that Moscow had witnessed “a growing number of attempts to inflict damage on Russian information systems from abroad” by means of hacking attacks and unlawful collection of personal data.

Patrushev said that while the former Obama administration was constantly accusing Russia of hacking,

“all major internet servers are located on U.S. territory and are used by Washington for intelligence and other purposes aimed at retaining [U.S.] dominance in the world.”


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Victory for Guatemala’s Mayan People over Hydroelectric Plants*

Victory for Guatemala’s Mayan People over Hydroelectric Plants*

Fierce opposition to hydroelectric plants in Guatemala have been ongoing since October of last year.

Guatemala’s Supreme Court has suspended the construction of two major hydroelectric plants fiercely opposed by the region’s Mayan people.

Citing irregularities in the community consultation process, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), Silvia Patricia Valdés, ruled against the construction of the Oxec I and Oxec II hydroelectric plants. Until that issue is resolved, she said, the operation remains suspended.

For its part, the company claimed to be “very surprised by the decision” since it had carried out the consultation “fulfilling all the requirements of the law.”

“In any case we are waiting to be notified of this resolution,” it added.

Opposition to those and other projects have been ongoing since October of last year.

At the time, Indigenous people from the department of Alta Verapaz, in the north of Guatemala, marched to the capital to denounce a group of companies that had practically exhausted the entire Cahabon River, leaving the community without access to water.

Women from along the Cahabón River demonstrate in Guatemala City on October 17 by holding inverted water containers to symbolize the privatization of their water. (Prensa Comunitaria/Nelton Rivera)

Women from along the Cahabón River demonstrate in Guatemala City on October 17 by holding inverted water containers to symbolize the privatization of their water. (Prensa Comunitaria/Nelton Rivera)

Women from along the Cahabón River demonstrate in Guatemala City on October 17 by holding inverted water containers to symbolize the privatization of their water. (Prensa Comunitaria/Nelton Rivera)

The community took that fight to the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala to denounce the environmental impact of those hydroelectric plants.

The company is owned by the president of the Real Madrid Club, Florentino Pérez, who diverted the river channels and now affects the populations of the Alta Verapaz department.


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Natural Catastrophe Losses in 2016 at their Highest Since 2012*

Natural Catastrophe Losses in 2016 at their Highest Since 2012*

According to Munich RE, a global reinsurance company, after three years of relatively low natural catastrophe losses, the ‘figures for 2016 are back in the mid-range, where they are expected to be.’ In terms of casualties, 2016 had the fewest fatalities (after 2014) since 1986.

A number of devastating earthquakes and powerful storms made 2016 the costliest twelve months for natural catastrophe losses in the last four years, the company said. Losses totaled US$ 175 billion, a good two-thirds more than in the previous year, and very nearly as high as the figure for 2012 (US$ 180 billion).

While the year saw a two-thirds increase in the financial impact of catastrophes, the number of casualties from natural disasters were far lower in 2016 than in 2015, with some 8,700 deaths compared with 25,400. This is within the ten-year average of 60 600 but it makes 2016 the year with fewest fatalities (after 2014 with 8 050) in 30 years, since 1986 with 8 600.

The high number of flood events, including river flooding and flash floods, was exceptional and accounted for 34% of overall losses, compared with an average of 21% over the past ten years.

The most devastating natural events in 2016, in terms of financial loss, were two earthquakes on the Japanese island of Kyushu in April (US$ 31 billion) and floods in China in June and July (US$ 20 billion). Hurricane “Matthew” in October was third, at $10.2 billion.

“After three years of relatively low natural catastrophe losses, the figures for 2016 are back in the mid-range, where they are expected to be. Losses in a single year are obviously random and cannot be seen as a trend,” said a member of the Board of Management Torsten Jeworrek.

With 160 events recorded, North America was hit by more loss occurrences in 2016 than in any other year since 1980. The year’s most serious event here was Hurricane Matthew. Its greatest impact was in the Caribbean island nation of Haiti, which was still struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake.

North America was also impacted by other extreme weather hazards, including wildfires in the Canadian town of Fort McMurray in May, and major floods in the southern U.S. states in summer. In Canada, the mild winter with less snow than usual, and the spring heat-waves and droughts which followed, were the principal causes of the devastating wildfires that hit the oil-sand-producing region of Alberta, generating overall losses of US$ 4 billion.

There was a series of storms in Europe in late May and early June. Torrential rain triggered numerous flash floods, particularly in Germany, and there was major flooding on the River Seine in and around Paris. Overall losses totaled some US$ 6bn (approximately €5.4bn), around half of which was insured.

“A look at the weather-related catastrophes of 2016 shows the potential effects of unchecked climate change. Of course, individual events themselves can never be attributed directly to climate change. But there are now many indications that certain events – such as persistent weather systems or storms bringing torrential rain and hail – are more likely to occur in certain regions as a result of climate change”, explained Peter Höppe, Head of Munich Re’s Geo Risks Research Unit.


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U.S. Moves to Arm Terrorists in Syria with Anti-Aircraft Weapons*

U.S. Moves to Arm Terrorists in Syria with Anti-Aircraft Weapons*

File photo shows weapons seized by Syrian security in Homs, Syria

File photo shows weapons seized by Syrian security in Homs, Syria

Russia says that the new bill could see weapons fall into the hands of its enemies.

Russia has said that a U.S. decision to lift restrictions on supplying Syrian rebels with weapons Tuesday, would be a threat to Russian troops operating in Syria and amounts to “a hostile act.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswomen, Maria Zakharova, said in a statement that the move by Barack Obama’s administration to ease restrictions on arms deliveries, through the defence policy bill passed last week, would threaten the Russian air-force, military personnel and the Russian embassy in Syria.

“Washington has placed its bets on supplying military aid to anti-government forces who don’t differ than much blood-thirsty head choppers. Now, the possibility of supplying them with weapons, including mobile anti-aircraft complexes, has been written into this new bill,” said Zakharova.

“We, therefore, view the step as a hostile act,” Zakharova continued.

Zakharova argued that Obama’s outgoing administration was trying to get Donald Trump’s incoming administration to continue an “anti-Russian line” and is attempting to complicate the already difficult situation for when Trump takes office on Jan. 20.

The statement made reference to U.S. accusations that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential elections, arguing it was an attempt at “increasing the degree of Russophobia.”

The signing of the bill is to purportedly help arm Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, a group made up of mainly Kurds fighting against the Islamic State Group. However, previous shipments of U.S. arms have landed in the hands of extremist organizations in Syria, including the al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra front.

Turkey sees the majority Kurdish force as a terrorist organization and Turkey has been aiding the Free Syrian army, FSA, as part of Operation Euphrates in Northern Syria.

Despite Trump inflaming tensions with Russia, by renewing calls for an arms race, the statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated President Vladamir Putin’s hope for ease tensions between the two states.


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Brazil’s Coup Government Moves to Scrap Environmental Regulations*

Brazil’s Coup Government Moves to Scrap Environmental Regulations*

Yanomami Indians in an illegal gold mine in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Roraima state, Brazil | Photo: Reuters


If approved, the changes are expected to have devastating consequences for Brazil’s Indigenous people and efforts to mitigate climate change.

The Brazilian government is attempting to scrap two important environmental regulations which environmental and Indigenous activists say will have a disastrous effect on efforts to fight climate change and put Indigenous communities in danger.

The first proposal, backed by a number of figures in Michel Temer’s coup-imposed government, sees that environmental licenses on Indigenous reserves that are now issued by the federal government will be handed over to states and even private companies.

Heavy polluting industries such as farming and forestry would then be exempt from current licensing laws. States would be authorized to choose the terms of the licensing agreements for companies operating under their jurisdiction.

More than 250 representatives including NGOs and individuals signed an open letter opposing the change, arguing that there has been a lack of consultation and the proposal would only increase environmental destruction.

Mauricio Guetta, a lawyer for Socio-Environmental Institute, told The Guardian that the changes are “the most worrying regressions of our recent history,” and would make it near impossible for Brazil to make its climate change target from Paris COP21, which includes ending illegal deforestation by 2030 and significantly cutting greenhouse emissions.

The proposal, which has already been stalled for years has been causing political division. Mauro Pereira, a congressman from Temer’s party pushing for the change, says that the laws need to be overhauled to promote business.

Others from the government environmental bodies have warned that the change would create an “environmental civil war” as states would compete against one another to offer the weakest restrictions. Opposition politicians say that Temer’s government is bowing to the interests of the “Ruralistas,” a block of pro-agribusiness who advocate the change.

The second planned change includes a draft of a government decree that would affect Indigenous reserves within Brazil. Under PEC 215, new reserves would only be permitted if Indigenous groups had occupied the areas in 1988 when the country’s constitution was signed.

Indigenous people who had previously been expelled from areas would not be eligible and activists say it would open up these lands to corporate exploitation, and threaten the very survival of Indigenous groups as well as squandering any chance for traditional owners to have their land returned.

“This is a clear violation of Brazilian and international law, which could result in the destruction of whole peoples,” said Indigenous activist group Survival International.

The proposal comes on the back of data that shows that 2016 has devastated the Amazon rainforest, where deforestation increased by 29% from 2015 levels.


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First Water Protector Trials Set for January as another ND Pipeline Leaks*

First Water Protector Trials Set for January as another ND Pipeline Leaks*

On Monday, December 19th, water protectors charged with disorderly conduct stemming from their August 11th arrests made their first appearances in Morton County court. The results of the appearances was Judge Cynthia Feland granting a continuance till January 31st, 2017.

The judge heard Morton County State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson’s motion to “keep issues of tribal sovereignty, the concerns about the Dakota Access Pipeline and “any other social or political cause” out of the courtroom and did not approve it.

Judge Feland stated in her denial that defendants didn’t have enough time to respond to the motion.

The motion came days after County Attorney Ladd Erickson filed a motion requesting that DAPL water protectors not be provided with free legal counsel by public defenders. The Water Protector Legal Collective responded to the motion by calling for Ladd Erickson to step down for trying to deny water protectors their Sixth Amendment constitutional rights.

Monday’s trial hearing follows a week that saw outgoing North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple meet with Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault on December 12th. They met to discuss the removal of the Backwater Bridge roadblock put in place after the October 27th eviction of the 1851 treaty camp and to better North Dakota and Tribal relations. Those in attendance felt the meeting went well, according to press reports.

On his way out of office, Dalrymple asserted that water protectors deployed fake news” to discredit the pipeline, although specific examples were not cited.

Gov. Dalrymple’s term ended on Thursday and the new Governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, made his first public statement. On his first day of office Burgum, a technology businessman, stated that the reason the “legal” Dakota Access Pipeline project has been delayed is because of Obama administration failures.

Burgum reinforced North Dakota’s stance that the pipeline should be completed, saying,

I support the legal completion of this pipeline.”

He used this first public statement as Governor to ask Obama for approval of the easement, and stated his plans to ask the incoming Trump administration to approve the pipeline.

Burgum’s announcement follows the leak of an audio recording of a December 14th Energy Transfer Partners corporate meeting. Those at the meeting discussed their expectations that the pipeline would be approved promptly after Trump’s January 20th inauguration.

In the recording, an Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) official states,

Make no mistake about it, this pipeline is going through, it’s going through exactly where we have it planned.

The man heard speaking on the recording also says that ETP officials have met with the National Sheriffs Association, a private entity made up of Sheriffs from around the country which has helped coordinate out-of-state law enforcement assistance to the Morton County Sheriff.  Both the statements from Energy Transfer Partners and the new Governor of North Dakota threw shade on water protectors’ celebrated victory of the December 4th easement denial by the Army Corp of Engineers.

Water protectors still hold space on land just south of the Dakota Access Pipeline drill pad, considered by the federal government to be U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property.   They’ve stated they are there to protect sacred water and have warned that all pipelines leak.

Last Monday, December 12th, those warnings came to life as a pipeline leaked 170,000 gallons of oil which contaminated 5.4 miles of the Ash Coulee Creek in North Dakota. That pipeline was equipped with monitoring equipment which did not detect the leak. The leak was only found because a landowner happened upon the leak and reported it.

Water protectors continue to pray and hold space as construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction is halted, at least temporarily.


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Faith Spotted Eagle got Killary Clinton’s Vote*

Faith Spotted Eagle got Killary Clinton’s Vote*

Faith Spotted Eagle, an elder and prominent water protector at Standing Rock, received a vote in the Electoral College from Robert Satiacum, Puyallup, an elector who opted not to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton


The elder and spiritual leader was a write-in by an elector from Washington State who was supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton

By Richard Walker

Faith Spotted Eagle, Yankton Sioux, was driving her daughter to the airport on December 19 when a reporter messaged her with the news: An elector had voted for her for President.

When she was told an elector in Washington State had cast his vote for her for president, she first thought it was “fake news.” But then she got a call from the elector, Robert Satiacum, Puyallup, and later saw her name on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show.

“I’m not a candidate, but I stand for something,” the water protector and elder said.

Satiacum’s vote is not about her, she said, but is “symbolic of the fight for Mother Earth at Standing Rock.”

She said the teachings are that there will be a war over water, and people must take a stand to protect the river for the grandchildren.

Spotted Eagle is no stranger to politics. She once ran for South Dakota state representative, in 2006, and lost by 431 votes. On December 19 she came within 269 votes of the presidency of the United States.

Four electors in Washington State broke ranks and cast their votes for alternative candidates—three for former secretary of state Colin Powell and one for Spotted Eagle. Electors are expected to cast their votes for the presidential candidate that won their state—in Washington, that was former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. However, Satiacum made it clear early on that he planned to break ranks because he believes Clinton has flip-flopped on issues and he distrusts her regarding the environment.

Satiacum met Spotted Eagle at Standing Rock during the stand against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Spotted Eagle, chairwoman of the Ihanktonwan Oyate Treaty Steering Committee, has long been a defender of Mother Earth. When she was in her own mother’s womb more than 68 years ago, she said, the place where her family lived along the Missouri River was flooded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She was born fighting for the river and the land.

Satiacum “felt that spirit, felt that urgency to get that message out by doing what he could do,” Spotted Eagle said, by casting his electoral vote for an alternative candidate. His vote wasn’t about her as much as it was about Mother Earth and all the water protectors at Standing Rock, Spotted Eagle said, and she wants others to stand for something—to stand for Mother Earth—too.

The fight to bring down the dams on the Elwha River in Washington State took 100 years, but the dams came down, the river and beaches are healing, and the salmon are returning. Likewise, the fight to protect Ihanktonwan Oyate water and lands has taken generations, “and we are still here,” Spotted Eagle noted.

“Without water there is no life,” Spotted Eagle told ICTM’s Gyasi Ross in February 2015.

“These pipelines, fracking and uranium development are polluting the Mni Wiconi—the water of life, the Missouri River and her tributaries. The only way to get out of this assault on Mother Earth is through prayer, healing and unification among races and various populations, public outcry, and the assertion of both our treaty rights and our reserved rights, even in unceded territories. We are occupied peoples but maintain our tie to the land and that makes us sovereign with the earth and all living things.”


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Officials Investigate Election Fraud after New Recount in Michigan*

Officials Investigate Election Fraud after New Recount in Michigan*


New records show Detroit poll books went missing for days and were delivered unsealed, leaving them vulnerable to tampering.

Officials in Michigan are now reporting the discovery of more voting irregularities in the Michigan recount efforts revealing that 95 poll books were missing for days and 5 more were simply never.

Records from the Board of Elections also show 101 of the poll books were delivered without a seal on them and an additional 17 poll books were missing seal numbers from the ballot boxes.

The missing seals are violations of state election laws and raise the possibility that the poll books may have been tampered with before being delivered.

During the recount machine counts were compared to poll book counts to verify the two counts were the same which led to the discovery of precincts across the state which were originally certified by officials even though they knew that machine counts didn’t match the number of voters logged in the poll books.

Last week Detroit officials were forced to disqualify over half of the votes in Detroit from being recounted because machine counts from scanners did not match the number of actual ballots or the number of voters logged in poll books as having voted.

In two-thirds of the disqualified precincts voting machines counted more votes than people that actually voted which led to officials launching an audit to determine if the miscounts were due to fraud.

In Wisconsin, election observers are reporting similar problems with machine counts not matching votes in the toll book and votes being misread by scanning machines but officials there chose to sweep the problems under the rug.


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