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A Symbol of Hope, Mandiba (Mandela)

A Symbol of Hope, Mandiba (Mandela)  

Many had written his obituary, which doesn’t say much for the current global state that journalists sit and write about the death/life of someone was is not yet dead. After two months in hospital, Mandiba in his impish manner came out with a smile at the beginning of July to let the word know that he is going to have a 95th birthday.

As the singing and dancing ensues, although apartheid a Dutch invention is not quite dead, it is a Dutch design firm reconstructed Mandiba on the side of Table Mountain looking out over Cape Town reminding generations to come how one person gave his life for justice.

Actually, the idea is of a building in the shape of Mandela’s head, which seems to be a bit of contradiction for someone who has always had a mind of his own, and therefore able to think for himself, only compensated for by a full statue of the man at the centre of the building visible  at all levels.

The idea is to have the sculpture serve a purpose, and one that will attract tourists providing a panoramic view. From below the building will appear green, and from above the building will be busy catching its energy source, the sun, making it self sustainable, supplying energy to nearby neighbourhoods,

From below the building will look green by its vegetation façade. While from the sky solar panels catch the sun rays to provide not only the building with sufficient energy, but it should also be able to power nearby neighbourhoods. Passionately, Ramon Knoester architect for WHIM architecture


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