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ICC Issues Warrant for the Arrest of Bush and Obama

ICC Issues Warrant for the Arrest of Bush and Obama

From Alexandra

A top judge at the International Criminal Tribunal at the Hague, Judge Frederick Harhoff has issued international warrants for the arrests of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama for war crimes.

The world’s top war crimes prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal, Francis Boyle has initiated cases against Bush in several countries, cornering him – and he affirms that Bush and his advisors have been counselled by their attorneys not to travel around the world.

“We’re going to get them here, too. They killed 1.5 million Iraqis. As for US personnel,Bush and the rest of them murdered about 5,000 – so that’s why it’s going to take longer,because the offenses were so grave and so extreme, compared to Milosevic” [whom he
previously prosecuted].

Lawyers in South Africa filed for the arrest of Obama for genocide before his recent visit
there, charging the Obama Administration for its indiscriminate confinement of Muslims
without charge and for its targeted drone attacks on civilian Muslim populations across
the globe – which constitutes genocide.

South African lawyer, Yousha Tayob says that it’s a history that his nation can identify with
and knows only too well, saying, “Prior to 1993, we had an extensive history of detention without trial in this country and the feeling among South Africans today is: “You didn’t condone it then, why must you allow this to happen on an international basis today?”

In addition, former NSA officer, Scott Rickard has been investigating secret wars being fought with US Tax Dollars, that the American public is completely unaware of: a war in Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, the latter of which has now been separated into two countries, with the new “South Sudan” being used by big oil companies for the development of oil fields there, while food production has plummeted in the devastated countryside, resulting in mass famines.

Rickard also points out that the use of depleted uranium munitions in all of these battlegrounds results in the permanent nuclear contamination of these areas, which will inevitably lead to deaths by horrific cancers, within 10-15 years of the people continuously exposed. He notes that the US soldiers who have fought in these areas are beginning to die from this but it is “not being talked about.”

Many lawyers think that it will be difficult to try Obama while he is still in office, but that Bush and his advisors have now become “prisoners in their own country”, which is not punishment enough, in the minds of the millions of victims they have left in their wake.

Keith Olbermann talks with Jonathan Turley (law professor) about a piece in the conservative Daily Telegraph where Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, advises George W. Bush not to bring his book tour to Britain, because he could face arrest as a war criminal.

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Assassination of JFK, the Bush Connection

Assassination of JFK, the Bush Connection


From Alexandra


I thought it timely to run this piece, in light of the press conference held last  week by Robert Kennedy Jr. in Dallas, where he reiterated his position that neither his uncle, President John F. Kennedy nor his father, Attorney General Robert Kennedy were assassinated by

“lone gunmen,” as officially claimed.

This homemade video claims not only to prove that JFK’s assassination was perpetrated by forces within our own government but it goes a step further; to show how George Bush Senior is connected to the murder of JFK.

Billed as a “thoroughly documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt, his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to murder John Kennedy,” this accusation derives from a memo written by none other than FBI Chief, J. Edgar Hoover.

Furthermore, the film suggests that the treasonous crime, itself constituted a “rite,” which created Bush Senior as a “Made Man” within the CIA, similar to the way that certain “hits” cause Mafia soldiers to move up the ranks of la Cosa Nostra.

The film “relies exclusively on government documents and the publicly acknowledged statements and histories of the guilty parties,” showing how c Sr. was appointed to increasingly high positions of power — no matter how many elections he lost.

It then goes on to suggest something even more shocking: that the untimely death of JFK Jr., constituted a similar “rite” for Bush Jr., who incidentally went missing for 18 hours after the 1999 downing of John Jr.’s plane in the Atlantic.  And a year later, Dubya was “made” President in the most controversial election in US history.

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The Year Ends with Two Players in the US-Global Nightmare Hospitalized

 The Year Ends with Two Players in the US-Global Nightmare Hospitalized


The going saga of Hilary’s stomach-bug, now aged 65 that has rendered her unconscious during the Benghazi enquiries, has resulted in her hospitalization at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan once the doctors discovered that the outgoing Secretary of State has a blood-clot. According to deputy assistant secretary, Philippe Reines the clot stems from a concussion Clinton had a few weeks ago. It is believed, but not known that Clinton developed a blood clot in her lower limbs as a result of prolonged rest and inactivity after her recent concussion.

Meanwhile, 88 year old ex- president George H.W. Bush whose economic policies that made the rich, richer, the poor poorer, and the country broke come to a close as we enter 2013 has bronchitis. Bush is currently in intensive care at The Methodist Hospital at the Texas Medical Center in Houston on a liquid-only diet. He has been there since November. While Clinton’s stomach-bug seems to have been the result of a Chinese take-away, which is what Bush’ family provided for his Xmas meal in hospital. Extremely edited obituary’s seem to be in the writing at the moment as a tumultuous 2012 comes to a close.


Hadlock, C. Chuck, E. “George H.W. Bush in ‘guarded condition’ in intensive care, battling elevated fever, spokesman says.” usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/26/16168864-george-hw-bush-in-guarded-condition-in-intensive-care-battling-elevated-fever-spokesman-says?lite

Hillary Clinton hospitalized after doctors discover blood clot


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Call for Rumsfeld and Bush to Be Indicted

Canada: Now Bush Reappears on the Scene

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Call for Rumsfeld and Bush to Be Indicted

Call for Rumsfeld and Bush to Be Indicted


From A.N.S.W.E.R

It is hard to overstate the significance of the ruling by the US Court of Appeals that Donald Rumsfeld will face trial for torture. Every Bush-era official who committed crimes, including authorizing torture, has to be deeply alarmed.

The movement for accountability has entered a new, decisive stage and we are committed to stepping up the momentum.

The court ruled on Tuesday that two U.S. citizens who worked for a private security firm in Iraq can proceed to take Donald Rumsfeld to trial for the torture they assert they endured during months of imprisonment in 2006 in a prison set up by the Pentagon at a military base near Baghdad’s airport..

The two men say they were arrested and then brutally tortured after they tried to expose bribery and corruption in the private security firm that was on the Pentagon payroll. They informed U.S. authorities and began cooperating with them to expose bribery and corruption. In early 2006 they were unexpectedly arrested and sent to the prison at the US military base Camp Cropper located near Baghdad’s airport.

After months of imprisonment they were taken from the jail and dropped at the airport without ever having been charged with a crime.

The Court of Appeals in Chicago on Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling that the men have a right to take Rumsfeld to trial.

The court ruled, “We agree with the district court that the plaintiffs have alleged sufficient facts to show that Secretary Rumsfeld personally established the relevant policies that caused the alleged violations of their constitutional rights during detention.”



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Controlling Haiti

People rally in the streets on February 7, 2011 in Port-au-Prince to protest against the presidential elections. Haiti politician, Jude Celestin, who was dumped from the race to be president, on February 4, 2011

Controlling Haiti

By Hwaa Irfan


Why this has become such an intriguing subject, a subject that requires more time and space than that offered here, is the one simple fact that since the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti just before 5pm on Tuesday 12 January 2010, the extent to which information in and out of the country has been controlled. With the cholera outbreak months later, once again, the information in and out of the country was being controlled – the manipulation of truth blaming Haitians to an extent worked, because of the hold that racism still has preventing anyone from asking pertinent questions over what is a disease that should not have caused the amount of deaths that it had. Outsiders were not to know that the U.N. and other aid agencies like Doctors Without Borders had no idea, and in fact had unhygienic practices that even the Haitians balked at, or the fact that the cholera disaster was one which Haitians had demanded the departure of the U.N from its shores – instead the media was fed with and accepted that ‘those blacks… what else can one expect’ when they had protested about keys issues above and beyond the outside perception of a people who want something for nothing. Neither was attention paid when it became glaringly apparent that former U.S. presidents Bush and Clinton had set about raising money in the name of the Haitian disaster, to date none of which has been seen by Haitians in any form.

Keeping the Natives Quiet!

We will not go back into history, not much anyway, but this one important point one must begin with, because it is still relevant today:

“In 1789, at the time of the French Revolution, the colony of San Domingo supplied two-thirds of the overseas trade of France and was the greatest individual market for the European slave trade. In August 1791, the island’s slaves revolted. Their struggles lasted for twelve years, during which time they defeated in turn the local whites and the soldiers of the French monarchy, a Spanish invasion, a British expedition of some 60,000 men, and a French expedition of similar size under Bonaparte’s brother-in-law. The defeat of Bonaparte’s expedition in 1803 resulted in the establishment of the black state of Haiti.” – New York Times on the Black Jacobeans by C.L.R. James.

To France, the Revolution was a grave injustice; after all they have done to line their pockets. Haitians Merceron and Sambou Djibi recount what the French reaction was while publicly recognizing the independent state of Haiti:

“Freedom was acknowledged at the price of a huge ransom. On July 11th 1825, under threat of an expedition equipped aboard 14 vessels armed with 500 cannons, Haitian leaders were forced to sign a treaty with the king of France, Charles X. The King proclaimed by royal decree that the current inhabitants of the French part of Saint Domingue would pay the French Federal Deposit & Consignment Treasury in five equal terms for each subsequent year the amount of one hundred fifty millions francs. The first payment was due on December 31st, 1825 to compensate former colonizers who claimed loss and suffering. “We concede, under the stated conditions, as per the decree, that the current inhabitants of the French part of Saint Domingue to have full  and complete independence of their government.”

“… in exchange of a massive ransom of 150 millions gold francs, which was later reduced to 90 millions, a reduction of 50% in custom fees. Haitians paid until 1888! This is the equivalent to approximately 21 billion dollars today. This crippling independence debt paid to France by Haiti formed the basis of the structural anomaly accounting for the social and economic instabilities prevalent on this island. Haiti was the richest Caribbean island weakened by a cycle of debts that sank it into abject poverty. The Negroes should not be able to build a nation or develop a prosperous economy on the new American continent. This would set a ‘bad precedent’ and generate ideas of emancipation from other enslaved afro-American people. By playing the race card between mulattoes and blacks, Westerners succeeded in depicting Haiti as the land of lawlessness, violence, corruption– a symbol of the inherent incapacity of the Negro, this big kid, to self-govern.”

Maintaining the Upper Hand

In WWI, France demanded from Germany 132 billion golden marks as restitution, but has ignored the U.S$21bn demanded by Haitians for restitution and reparation in 2003. This demand was voiced by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the President exiled in South Africa currently, the same president that the powers that be is preventing from returning to and responding to the Haitian call, the same president that The U.S. removed from position via U.S. Special Forces in 2004, who kidnapped him. This call, was made by a people who obtained their freedom at the hands of one man, Toussaint L’Ouverture who led the slave revolt in the 18th century, and lost what they had on the invasion by the U.S. in 1915, who have controlled Haiti ever since, and to them the U.N have occupied their country since 1994 with 80% of the population living on a little over US$2 a day, 9 out of every 10 Haitians out of work, and the same U.S.-U.N backed government for 20 years.  In his speech to ActionAid Jean William Jeanty said:

“Nobody in the US, the UN or the government has been able to tell us who left the city or the country and how many houses were destroyed. Nobody can tell us scientifically how many people died. Some people are saying 300,000 – others are saying 400,000 – but we don’t know. We know that it destroyed the three biggest institutions in the country, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power. It destroyed the churches and the schools and now there are more than 2 million people in the streets, some in Port-au-Prince in camps and tents and others who left and went back to the countryside.”

With that numbers of deaths after the earthquake, Haitians do not blame the earthquake; in fact they do not believe the earthquake can cause that many deaths. Instead they blame the way in which the U.S. has governed resources from their invasion 1915 – until current times with everything concentrated in the capital, Port-au-Prince. To those that have survived, the earthquake offered an opportunity, an opportunity that is being kept in check by the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti, a commission led by former U.S. president Bill Clinton, that consists of foreigners, and remain completely unknown to the Haitians who remain excluded from the whole process. According to Jeanty, the Articles 12, 13, and 14 of the bill that Bill Clinton wrote in includes:

  • The power to reclaim any land in Haiti for whatever reasons
  • The power to take any land they want
  • That the Ministry of Finance have to give Clinton what he wants

And this is in contradiction to the 1987 Constitution which prohibits any foreigner from owning land. On method employed by Clinton is the awarding of no-bid contracts, an example of which is a ‘foreign company that was awarded contract of US$400mn, the name of which remains unknown to the Haitians, and the task of that company was simply to clear up the rubble that still remains after the earthquake – in Haitian law, any contract over US$2,250 has to go through process of bids. The Haitians fought and lost against this bill being passed.

Yet, what is the reason for this commission, when the UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti, MINUSTAH, was set up after the kidnapping of Haitian president Aristade? Should not the cudgel have been passed onto them after the earthquake? But MINUSTAH is not all what it seems, and many Haitians still alive can testify to the way in which MINUSTAH persecutes Haitians, and have played a direct role in massacres.

In 2008, human rights groups, Zamni Lasante, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, RFK Center, uncovered in their report that the former Bush Administration had blocked life-saving aid to Haiti. The RFK Center had uncovered documents of the US Treasury Department which had prevented the release of US$146mn in loans (US$54mn allocated to water and sanitation), which was approved by the Inter-American Development Bank, and had shown that the intention was politically motivated, although the IDB was complicit in preventing those loans being released unless the Haitian government under Aristide did what they want!

The Elections and Aristide

The impending elections would help to maintain the status quo as Clinton’s commission tries to rush through the elections, the same way the U.N. has been trying to rush through the elections in the Ivory Coast, where France owns most of the wealth! The hypocrisy of U.S. and France over Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, when the U.S. excluded 14 candidates from the first round in November 2010 one of whom was Aristide’s former legal counsel Fanmi Lavalas. As stated by the International Crisis Group:

“To stimulate turnout, voter and civic education about the process and the stakes should be intensified, particularly among IDPs….Once the elections are over and parallel to the new government’s priority task of pushing reconstruction and sustainable development, a national consensus will be needed on electoral and political party reforms….But the urgent requirement is to succeed with the November elections.”

The International Crisis Group was set up in 1995 by World Bank vice-president, Mark Malloch Brown, and former U.S. diplomat Morton Abramowitz.

Ready for the elections Aristade awaits in South Africa with his diplomatic passport according to officials, but he has not received it! This makes one wonder at the nature of the relationship with the South African government and the powers that be. As protests took place in Haiti demanding for the current president to step down in February 2011, former Catholic priest Aristide anxious to return sits in limbo. How is it that the first democratically elected leader was kidnapped and sent into exile by a proclaimed democratic government leaving a former First Lady, Mirlande Manigat, and Michel Martelly, a singer as the contenders as declared by the election officials. They must be getting the U.S. qualifications of actors Ronald Reagan, and others confused!  The second round, is the final round, so what providence do the powers that be tempt?

A call by prominent individuals went out to allow Aristide the right to leave, and for the South African Government to make that possible. An extract from the open letter addressed to South African President Jacob Zuma reads as follows:

“We write in the hopes that you can assist the Aristides in making their transition as soon as possible. The situation in Haiti remains dire, and the Aristides have expressed their willingness to help Haiti rebuild, through education initiatives and in other desperately-needed areas. Many people in Haiti have been greatly inspired by the news of the issuance of (his) passport…”

Delaying his return would be a major “disappointment to a people that have already experienced a long list of tragedies, disasters, and heartbreak….(We) support the efforts of the South African government to assist President Aristide and his family in quickly returning home. And we hope to see (him) in Haiti very soon.”

The authors included:

  • Jesse Jackson
  • Danny Glover
  • British MP John McDonnell
  • Dick Gregory
  • Jack Healey, Human Rights Action Center’s founder and director;
  • Jack Heyman of San Francisco’s International Longshore and Warehouse Union, who refused to unload ships with South African goods in the 1980s
  • Selma James, widow of CLR James
  • Byron Rushing, Massachusetts State Representative
  • Margaret Prescod Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike’s
  • Walter Riley civil rights attorney, Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) chairman and John George Democratic Club co-chair.

But it will take more than Aristide’s right to return, it will take guarantee of his safety, adequate protection, the right to participate in the elections, and most of all the people’s will and determination without the support of the powers that be.


Haiti ‘Gives ex-President Aristide New Passport.’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-12388715

James, C.L.R. “The Black Jacobins.” Alison and Busby, London. 1980.

Jeanty, J.W. “Haiti: Reclaiming Sovereignty.” http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/comment/69025

Lendman, S. “Haiti’s Sham Elections – Solidfying Imperial Control.” http://www.progressiveradionetwork.com/the-progressive-news-hour/.

Lendman, S. “Obstructing And Delaying Aristide’s Return.”http://www.rense.com/general93/obstr.htm

“U.S. Repression of Haiti Continues.” http://www.projectcensored.org/top-stories/articles/16-us-repression-of-haiti-continues/

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Society Says Your Body Not Your Mind!

Society Says Your Body Not Your Mind!
The Process of Self Objectification, and Sexual Objectification

By Hwaa Irfan

The right to do something is a curious notion that everyone assumes means the same thing. In Islam a right carries with it a responsibility or a duty. In the laws of nature this “right” is echoed in our lives as it is expressed in Islam. For instance, pertaining to the individual “right”, it comes with the right that the family has over that person, and the right that the body has over the same person. In other words there are repercussions to that “right”, as in the right to not marry means diligence over the body, because the body has needs, as well as the heart and the mind. Man as a god unto himself assumes that we are in full control of that right – the secular “right” to not get pregnant, means taking contraceptives, if one assumes the “right” to have sex, except the right to take contraceptives, means the rights of the body are denied, and become enslaved to the arrogance of the ego which assumes that there are no repercussions. However as evidence proves there are repercussions, and the kind of repercussions that re-shape a person’s life detrimentally emotionally, and physiologically.

The reasons why the repercussions can be so disabling, is because, in the process of stealing the rights of the body, a process of self- objectification takes place. This means eliminating one’s own belief’s, values, as if the only contribution that one can make is through the eyes of the beholder.

What is Self-Objectification?

Self –objectification is the process of viewing one’s self and one’s environment through the eyes of others. Some people live their lives like this never really holding their own opinion/thought/belief about an experience, a person, an event, themselves, the people they know etc – they will only echo what they have been told to see/believe.

And then there is Sexual-Objectification when a person (more likely a woman though increasingly men), sees themselves through the eyes of others which only see’s only their bodies as an object of pleasure, and their whole worth is judged by their body. In a society which has become increasingly obsessed with appearances, and thus physical perfection with the aim to please the beholder. As a result a female might spend most of her time on her body image: weight, color, hair leading to constant diets, makeovers, cosmetic surgery, and consequentially a perpetual state of dissatisfaction with the physical self.
The body is perceived as simply biology, disregarding the rights that the rest of ourselves have i.e. the psychological and emotional self. In fact, it is a form of gender oppression, and is referred to as sexual objectification. From the women’s point of view, she is just a body one that many Muslim women argue against being reduced to in support of wearing the hijab. A woman is measured and evaluated by not only men, but also women. This often occurs in public spaces, where the gaze of the onlooker deems a woman’s physical attributes in terms of pleasure. This is reflected in a powerful way by the media, to the extent that self or sexual objectification happens at an earlier and earlier age, and has fed the ever growing pornographic, and human trafficking industry, and may even include incest. For women of colour sexual objectification has become a trait of colonialism/racism with the perception of women of color as being more exotic, and is now infused with racial stereotypes. Some of those racial stereotypes might come across as a bonus, because they contain characteristics that are not prevalent in another race, but In some societies sexual objectification is so pervasive that a female student’s grades will be influenced, successful entry into university will be blocked, and promotion at work will be impeded if the woman was fortunate enough to be accepted in the first place.

A female might learn to feel ashamed because she does not come up to the accepted notion of attractiveness at school, university, or work. The fact that more people of color in both the U.S., and the U.K., are going in for cosmetic surgery than the dominant culture, gives some indication of the depth of that shame, and the racism involved. How many people of color will you find in advertising, and when one does, it is likely that certain distinguishing features will have been acculturated to look white.

Where is the Evidence?

In this case, the evidence is right in front of you, and if not, you see it every day, it is the process of socialization that sometimes makes the pathological seem normal. For instance, in the war on Afghanistan, the West has gone overboard to emphasize a depravity, which is actually cultural. Not all women want to spend hours in the coiffure, wear makeup, go to work, and then return to work art home, bear children and look after the husband all by themselves, and then at the end of it all to feel unattractive and worthless. Well. What am I talking about? The war on non-Western women who do not behave in a “western” way has been waged, albeit in the name of “terror” in the form of terms like “democracy”, and “freedom” etc. One could say there have been many ways in which that “war” has been waged, but unfortunately one cannot! If you have ever seen the film (the original) “Stepford Wives” you will know what I mean.

In the early days of the “war on terror”, Laura Bush participated by stating in a national radio address:

    “The brutal oppression of women is a central goal of the terrorists.”

Washington,s perception of Afghan women, were at the time reports. Even when Lauara Bush went to Afghanistan, she learnt about girls who were prevented from going to school through reports, but the effect resulted in a CNN documentary “Beneath the Veil,” an undercover investigation on the lives of women under the Taliban. Five and a half million viewers later, and ten repeats within the same season led to the establishment of many beauty parlours as forms of resistance to Taliban rule. In response to the documentary, the typical response of Americans was as follows:

This is so sad! These women and children are suffering so much. Also the innocent civillians do not deserve this. Good documentary!

The sad thing is much the same was repeated by Muslims

salam to all beloved muslim , brother ,and sister . well , i have somthing to say , islam is not like this . woman in islam has got right to work and feed her kids and participate in her society . yet , what we see in this film is horrible , woman are worse then animals , this is not islammm. may allah give them the right sight .
salam alah alaikom wb.

However one thinking response, put it into context:


This is totally a misleading documentary!! Playing sounds of violin and editing it in such a way to make the uninformed person draw the desired conclusion.

1) Yes, the justice system of the Taliban is barbaric and crude, but they don’t do it with any more different motive than the U.S where prisoners are executed. The only difference here is the method! That they do it in public for all to see as required by their religion. It is not mentioned what crimes the woman was accused of!
2) The Taliban treatment and view of women is backward, and that is how it has been and still is in many muslim and non-muslim countries. It wasn’t long ago that woman were not considered a “person” in the west. So they are behind? Due to economics?
3) The documentary is too eager to show the injustice without putting it into context, so the Afghans are now a victim of it.
4) They are not doing this to be evil!

“It wasn’t long ago that woman were not considered a “person” in the west,” said Casan, and the process of self objectification and sexual objectification has brought women in the West right back to that point, of being non-person! Ignore the continual occupation of Afghanistan which would disrupt any progress being made. By 2003, Stepford women descend upon Afghanistan (Americans, and one Briton), to open a beauty academy in Kabul. What man wants his wife to be the object of attraction to other men, is a man who has undergone the sexual objectification of women including his wife!

Purnima Bose points out in her essay “From Human Intervention to the Beautifying Mission

    ““Identified in socialist ideology as a corrupt bourgeois practice oppressive to women,” Kathy Peiss observes, “cosmetics-use then marked a turn away from totalitarianism to Western-style individualism and autonomy” (101). I am interested in what we might call “feminist neo-imperial individualism” in the film, an individualism which enables the white American and British beauticians to understand their work as a beautifying mission that will socially and economically empower Afghan women and compel their entry into modernity. Feminist neo-imperial individualism abstracts Afghan women as individual subjects from their larger familial and social contexts, universalizes a bourgeois form of feminism dedicated to capitalist empowerment, and conceives of modernity as rooted in American consumer practices. In several scenes of the film, the beauticians commend their Afghan students for refusing to dwell on the past, thus, presenting imperial modernity as an unusual mode of forgetting and the beautification process itself as a means of powdering over the terrible blemishes of the Taliban era and the history of U.S. covert actions in the region that contributed to the emergence of the Taliban”.

In a study of 221 undergraduate women in the U.S. IN 2005 aged 17 -45 years, 64% were white, 11% were Hispanic, 8% were black, 8% were Asian-American, 1% native American, and there were 8%. others. The focus of the study was:

• Reported sexual objectification experiences

• Internalization of socio-cultural standards of beauty

• Self Objectification Manifesting as Body Surveillance

• Body Shame

• Eating Disorder Symtomatology

• Body mass

In general there were no low scores, but white participants had lower internalization of sexual objectification. It was found that there was direct correlation between internalization of socio-cultural standards of beauty, body surveillance, body shame, and eating disorder symptoms.

What is the Effect?


Having always related to people across generations, both male and female due to the nature of the community I grew up in, and the type of work I have done, over the years, it has become more apparent that men in general are not what they used to be. Their identity has become more confused, and they have been left to discover their individual manhood for themselves without any guide posts on the journey, and this runs parallel with the increasing jurisdiction of secularism in our lives. Men are more free to do less, and therefore have less the kind of challenges that can awaken them to their true selves. One of those challenges is a social construct of city life which engages in flirting, dating and the like, as a means of testing one’s virility. As families become increasingly dysfunctional, the emotional nurturance that is supposed to take place in one’s early years is becoming less and less; and in some cases it is becoming quite violent (child abuse, incest etc). However, how a male finds the predicament should be best said by a male:

    “It is no secret that men have a lesser degree of access to their emotions and feelings than do women. There are all sorts of reasons for this, and the topic, in and of itself, could fill pages. Suffice it to say, that where women are more likely to express emotions and feelings directly, men are more likely to express emotions and feelings more indirectly, if at all”.

    “Pornography itself is about the objectification of women. In this context women are treated as things, receptacles and socially dissociated objects to be used and tossed aside. They are, in a word, not real. In fact, most men who indulge themselves in pornography would be appalled – despite the immediate response — if their wife or girlfriend walked into the bedroom wearing fishnets, stilettos and a latex corset and wanted to get nasty”.

    “The genesis of pornography addiction is driven by this emotional disconnection – plainly put, a pervasive and on-going feeling of loneliness. If a man matures in an environment in which he is emotionally isolated, especially from female affection, he will develop an expectation that this experience will be consistent.
    “So, in treating pornography addiction, rather than stopping the behavior because the behavior is destructive, it is more important to redirect the needs driving the behavior into something more productive. This begins with teaching men how to access their emotions and express them in a way that is relevant to their lives and experience” Michael Formica – “Pornography, Emotional Availability, and Female Objectification”.


Robin Gay and Emanuele Castano in their recent study “Your Body or Your Mind” found that women’s cognitive ability is being undermined when subject to sexual objectification. Not new by all means, as studies on girls performance in schools found a link between:

• Pretty girls who pay much attention to their appearance were not only getting more attention from the teacher, and sometimes better grades, but also that pretty girls pay less attention to learning.
However, in “Your Body or Your Mind” experiments were employed that mimicked the everyday experience for women. Testing 25 women aged 18 -35 it was found that of those women who when placed in a situation whereby they were being watched by men, made more mistakes on the cognitive tests. Authors of the study pointed out:

    “A woman in this situation simultaneously sees herself as a unique individual and a generic sexual being. Dividing the psyche in this uncomfortable way “is likely to increase cognitive load, with a resulting decrease in the availability of cognitive resources for the tasks the individual engages in,”

The mind-body relationship cannot be understated here, because what effect the mind palys out in the body, especially with women. How many stresses do we suffer daily which impact upon our immune systems in one way or another. As a long standing expert in obstetrics and gynecology, Christine Northrup has witnessed enough evidence as to why women today have so many health problems. She comments:

    “Female’ s naturally have more body fat than men, and because of better nutrition than in the past decades, women today are also bigger than were their mothers and grandmothers. Yet, the average fashion model, our cultural ideal, weighs 17% less than the average American woman. No wonder anorexia nervosa and bulimia are ten times more common in females than in males…
    “This denigration of the female body has made many women either afraid of their bodies and their natural processes or else disgusted by them…”

Note that Anorexia Nervosa began as an illness that happened to young girls who wanted to be unappealing to men or to seek the missing parental attention; then it moved onto to becoming the precursor of other illnesses the focus of which is to be as thin as one can.

It is generally considered to be normal for a woman to suffer from PMS, and menstrual cramps etc, but that is more indicative of the society in which one lives, because women have learnt to see their bodies as machines/objects that must be instructed what to do, when instead PMS, and menstrual cramps are a sign that a woman has problem in how she relates to her own body. Some problems of a reproductive nature can be traced back to a woman’s relationship to herself as a woman or is as a result of sexual objectification including frigidity.

Husbands and Wives

Previously mentioned is the disturbing trend in how the sexual objectification has a disturbing influence on the nature of the marital relationship with their wives. Below is one example from a wife about her husband:
“Please help me. I can’t decide what to do about my husband. He has love and sex addiction and it’s destroying our relationship. He spends hours online, and on the phone talking to other people. We have been going to counseling, but I don’t feel like its working fast enough. We have a baby together, and I am having to bring the baby up alone while he attempts to resolve this problem. Unfortunately, he falls back into this problem over and over again.

“I am torn up inside. I can see he needs help. He is like a child who has never grown up. He has told me he’s always had relationship problems all his life. He can’t seem to connect with people on a deep level. He prefers relationships from a distance. But I need him to be in a relationship with me. I feel so alone. And I’m fed up of giving him chance after chance.

“He is also unemployed. He could try harder, but he doesn’t. I am so frustrated with him. I sometimes think it would be better for me to leave him and concentrate on making a life for my son and myself. I just don’t know what to do, because I want to help him, but he’s hurting me so much by having these awful relationships (some completely haram) that I just feel at least to keep my own sanity it may be better for me to leave now. I mean, say if I stay and try to help him, how do I know that in 5 years time he might not just run away with someone else, and leave me with nothing anyway – he hasn’t given me anything anyway.
“We don’t have a home. He has no job. No money. He has debts, which are accumulating. It feels like I should just give up. I don’t trust him. He has lied to me often- I think he still does. I don’t know if I will ever truly trust him. So what is there, if there is no trust? Please advise me. I’m at my wits end. I feel so stupid”.

One of the questions received is from a husband who loves his wife, but because if the process of sexual objectification he has undergone, he cannot be intimate with her because his past habit of indulging in soft porn has made him feel able to be intimate with the types of women portrayed. The husband had identified the cause for himself, but did not know how to overcome the problem. Also, increasingly husband’s find that they cannot relate to their wives, but can only relate to women from a distance, i.e. chat-rooms, porn, phone-sex etc. This emotional distancing begins with seeing women in a certain way, without realizing the emotional psychological, and human cost in doing so.


To be a mother to a newborn child in the west today might seem quite normal, but it comes at a cost to the bonding relationship between mother and child. An Egyptian woman can travel on the underground in a women’s carriage, and feel no anxiety at being able to breastfeed her nursing child. However, in the West this can only be done in the comfort of one’s home, because breastfeeding is looked upon with some disgust, because the breast is seen as an object of pleasure, and not as the natural means by which to feed an infant. In some countries, some women do not even want to breastfeed because they are concerned with how it will affect the shape of their breasts. In this context a woman can be everything to a man, but not to her child. In this case a mother is being asked to choose between her body or her heart.

A New Day

Only women can heal themselves, no one else can do it for them, of they are to reclaim their femaleness, and their womanhood as a gift as given by Allah (SWT). The problem is exacerbated by the fact that women are complicit to the problem, as women who sexually objectify, like any addiction, will continually seek means to support that addiction. Pressure will be placed on women who are happier with themselves to conform in some by being asked to wear something more revealing in some way, or with make-up, but these are easier to handle than the type of conversation that is only about worsening the problem of self/sexual objectification. So like most things, the first step is to spend more time with one’s self to reflect and discover what one really wants, likes, dislikes, and needs. In this way one is developing one’s own identity enough to be able to distinguish it from somebody else’s identity!

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