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Five Eyes Nations to Force Tech Companies to introduce back-Doors*

Five Eyes Nations to Force Tech Companies to introduce back-Doors*

By Rebecca Hill

The Australian government looks set to take a hard line on encryption at this week’s Five Eyes meeting, and encourage the other nations in the network to jump on the back-door band wagon.

The Five Eyes nations – the U.K., United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – have an agreement to gather and share intelligence, and are meeting this week to discuss national security.

Talks are expected to focus on how to force tech companies to introduce back-doors into their previously encrypted products.

The U.K. government has already indicated it is thinking of going down this path – plans that have gone down like a lead balloon with tech experts and privacy campaigners – but its Australian counterpart has been more forthright in its praise of the idea.

In a statement, Australian attorney general George Brandis said that he would “raise the need to address ongoing challenges posed by terrorists and criminals using encryption” as his government’s priority issue at the Five Eyes meeting in Canada.

“These discussions will focus on the need to cooperate with service providers to ensure reasonable assistance is provided to law enforcement and security agencies,” Brandis said.

Meanwhile, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull used a speech this weekend to emphasise his government would be pushing for weaker encryption measures at the two-day meeting.

“The internet cannot be an ungoverned space,” he said.

“We cannot continue to allow terrorists and extremists to use the internet and the big social media and messaging platforms – most of which are hosted in the United States I should say – to spread their poison.”

He continued to say that one of the “key focuses” of the Five Eyes meeting would be on how to prevent terrorists and criminals from using “these extraordinary tools” – which he also acknowledged had been “such a blessing for mankind”.

Turnbull said that “the rule of law must prevail everywhere online was well as it does today in the analogue, offline world” – although arguably asking firms to introduce back doors would effectively open up Joe Public’s online interactions to interference in a way that the rule of law in the analogue world does not.

Meanwhile, the criminals would most likely get around the law by developing their own (illegal) encrypted messaging apps – y’know, because they’re criminals.

Turnbull said his government would raise the debate at the G20 summit on 7 and 8 July. The rotating presidency of the G20 currently lies with Germany, another nation that has recently come out in favour of anti-encryption laws.

Earlier this month, German interior minister Thomas de Maizière said the government was preparing a new law that would allow authorities to decipher and read private encrypted messages.


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Facebook – Amazon – Goggle: A Convergence of EVIL*

Facebook – Amazon – Goggle: A Convergence of EVIL*

With Amazon.com now purchasing Whole Foods, giving it a near-monopoly over multiple sectors of the U.S. economy, we are entering the age of corporate giants dominating and enslaving humankind. Apple has more debt-free cash than nearly all world governments, including the United States of America (which is drowning in debt). Google has a near-monopoly over all search results, a position of power it exploits to silence dissenting views and disconnect humanity from important knowledge. And Facebook suppresses all truthful information that challenges the false narratives of the globalists. Corporations like these abuse their power to enslave humanity rather than setting us free.

At the dawn of the invention of television, the technology was hailed as a way to bring uplifting education to every corner of the globe. It didn’t take long, however, before broadcast television was turned into a means to control the masses through the dissemination of fake news — which has been going on forever — and the programming of consumers to purchase branded products often made with toxic ingredients. The dream of turning TV technology into a mechanism to set humanity free was quickly crushed, and today it is widely known that the more hours people spend watching TV, the more unintelligent and unaware they are. (Do you know any intelligent, self-aware, healthy person who indulges in watching fake TV?)

Similarly, the internet was once hailed as a means to set humanity free. But that dream, too, has been crushed under the extreme censorship and obfuscation of internet-intensive businesses like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Here are just a few examples:

  • Google censors nearly all REAL news publishers from Google News, making sure that only FAKE (mainstream) media achieves visibility so that fake media narratives dominate public attention. Those fake narratives include everything from the collapse of WTC 7 from “office fires” to the pharmaceutical industry’s ridiculously false claim that vaccines have never harmed any child in the history of the world. For all the same reasons, Google also algorithmically suppresses websites it doesn’t like, including independent news publishers covering investigative stories on vaccines, GMOs and the climate change science hoax. Far from setting humanity free to find what they want on the internet, Google covertly limits search results to primarily those content sites that agree with globalist narratives, all of which are anti-human and anti-progress. Google is also pro-Big Pharma and bans the advertising of natural supplement products that help people prevent disease and reduce suffering.
  • Facebook follows a similar algorithmic censorship track, penalizing websites that dare talk about children being harmed by vaccines, science corruption in the genetic engineering industry, the dangers of pesticides or the scientifically validated benefits of carbon dioxide to planet Earth. Facebook manually assigns penalty scores to entire websites, crushing their reach and making sure their content can’t even reach fans who have deliberately “liked” the site and want to receive its information. Mark Zuckerberg, the grandson of a Rockefeller, is being groomed for a position of globalist domination and says he might run for president. He’s already obediently spouting every official lie that Hillary Clinton repeated on the campaign trail in 2016.
  • Amazon.com, founded by evil globalist Jeff Bezos, uses its marketplace dominance to promote the interests of the pharmaceutical industry while suppressing natural medicine. Did you know that Amazon is getting into the prescription drug business in the hopes of putting local pharmacies out of business? The company also bans FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) activities with many nutritional supplements and botanical extracts that can prevent serious diseases such as cancer. Now that Amazon is purchasing Whole Foods, Jeff Bezos is likely going to use the same pro-pharma stance to try to transform Whole Foods stores into prescription drug pharmacy locations while eliminating most of Whole Foods’ staff by replacing them with robots.
  • Amazon has already pioneered robot-staffed retail stores and has also developed a way to eliminate human cashiers by using RFID tracking of all customers and the items they pick off the shelves. Whole Foods workers are already freaking out, realizing they’re going to be replaced by robots and drones. In effect, Jeff Bezos will promote mass unemployment, mass drug addiction, the censorship of natural products and centralized control over retailing. All of this makes Jeff Bezos richer and more powerful, but it also destroys human dignity, human health and human knowledge. (For people like Jeff Bezos, selling opioids is a great business model because people keep buying them over and over again… the impact on society be damned!)

Evil corporations, evil globalists and evil agendas

What do all these evil corporations and globalist leaders have in common? They are all enemies of humanity:

  • They all promote toxic vaccines that are right now killing over 1,400 children a year in the U.S. alone, injuring another 100,000 plus annually.
  • They all promote Big Pharma’s toxic medications that earn high profits.
  • They all suppress natural medicine, medicinal herbs and cannabinoids (CBD).
  • They all supported Hillary Clinton and promote Democrats, the DNC and big government. They all hated Trump just like they hate America, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.
  • They all promote Monsanto, GMOs, glyphosate and pesticide chemicals as being “good for humanity.” They all claim to be “pro environment” even while supporting the corporations that poison our world with toxic chemicals that kill life and devastate ecosystems.
  • They all believe in censorship and suppression as a way to shore up their power and silence dissent.
  • They all put profits first and humanity last. To them, human beings are just “useless idiots” to be manipulated or exploited for profit. If Jeff Bezos could fire every single Whole Foods worker right now and replace them all with robots, he would absolutely do so.
  • They all believe the ends justify the means, which is why Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post feels justified in completely fabricating “anonymous sources” to publish fake news in an attempt to overthrow the American Republic.
  • They all despise diversity of thought and demand absolute conformity and obedience to left-wing narratives covering everything from LGBT issues to the elimination of gun rights. Diversity of opinion is not allowed. Conformity is mandatory.

In effect, these corporations are pure evil. They are run by evil globalists and they ally themselves with other evil corporations that poison our planet, enslave humanity and seek to deprive us all of basic human liberty and dignity.

You’re not helpless: Here’s what you can do to protect your power, your liberty and your future

All these evil corporations depend on one thing to remain in business: Compliant consumers.

If people stop financially supporting these evil corporations, they will cease to exist. The only reason they continue to grow right now is because people continue to feed them economic resources.

Until now, many people had not been fully aware of just how evil these corporations truly are. They had no idea they were about to be enslaved and overrun by Google, Amazon, Facebook and other similar corporate entities. Suddenly, however, it’s becoming obvious to even those who previously decried such warnings as “conspiracy theories.” Suddenly even Whole Foods workers are waking up, flipping out and realizing they are all about to be made obsolete by the Jeff Bezos robot apocalypse. From Reuters:

“I’ve heard that Amazon’s culture is really cutthroat. That worries me,” one bagger at a Providence, Rhode Island, store said.

At least one customer was concerned that an Amazon purchase would further distance Whole Foods from its roots as a purveyor of premium, organic and specialty foods.

…”I think that they are a very profit-driven company, so there might be some streamlining as far as labor,” said Sasha Hardin, 28, of the Mount Pleasant store, who has been with Whole Foods for 6-1/2 years.

Here are some action items you can take right now to stop feeding these corporate monsters that are destroying our collective future:

  1. Stop using Google. Find alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo. For searching news and the independent media, use GoodGopher.com or read Censored.news each day, which aggregates headlines from the internet’s most censored indy news sites.
  2. Stop using Facebook. Why would you divulge all the details of your private life to an NSA data collection front anyway? Facebook is nothing but a massive social network spy machine that ruins your life and makes you feel disconnected and depressed. Check out GAB.ai instead.
  3. Stop shopping at Amazon.com and Whole Foods. Support local retailers and local grocers, or you’ll soon find them all out of business. If you don’t consciously decide to start shopping at other retailers, you’re going to wake up one day in a world totally dominated by Amazon, where natural health products are banned and prescription drugs are pushed for everything. For lab-verified natural health products, support the Health Ranger Store. For fresh produce, grow your own food or support your local grocers that provide organic and non-GMO options.
  4. Make conscious choices about where you spend your money, knowing that every dollar you spend is a “vote” for that organization. Globalist organizations like Google, Amazon and Facebook are all about enslaving humanity and stripping you of knowledge, dignity and health. Vote for the kind of companies who share your belief in natural medicine, empowering individuals, decentralizing political power (returning power to local communities) and halting the mass poisoning of our world with pesticides and GMOs.

The power is in your hands.


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U.K. Arms Firm Sold Spyware to Repressive Middle East States*

U.K. Arms Firm Sold Spyware to Repressive Middle East States*

BAE Systems distributed the software which allowed governments to trace the activities, locations and traffic of pro-democracy activists

A BAE Systems booth at a trade show for naval and maritime safety in France (AFP)


A leading British arms company has been selling spy software across the Middle East, potentially risking the security of activists and dissident groups.

The findings come after a year-long investigation by BBC Arabic and a Danish newspaper, which revealed that BAE Systems had been selling a mass surveillance software called Evident, acquired after the purchase of Danish company ETI in 2011, to governments in the Middle East, including those involved in crackdowns on pro-democracy activists.

“You’d be able to intercept any internet traffic,” said a former ETI employee speaking anonymously to the BBC.

“If you wanted to do a whole country, you could. You could pin-point people’s location based on cellular data. You could follow people around. They were quite far ahead with voice recognition. They were capable of decrypting stuff as well.”

Among the clients for the software was the government of the former Tunisian president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who used it on opponents before being overthrown in the 2011 Arab Spring demonstrations.

“ETI installed it and engineers came for training sessions,” explained a former Tunisian intelligence official, speaking to the BBC.

“[It] works with keywords. You put in an opponent’s name and you will see all the sites, blogs, social networks related to that user.”

According to Freedom of Information requests made by the BBC and the Dagbladet Information newspaper in Denmark, other clients included Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Morocco and Algeria.

The rise in surveillance technology in the Middle East is thought to have had a serious impact on the activities of pro-democracy campaigners in the region since the beginning of anti-government protests in 2011.

Yahya Assiri, a former Saudi air force officer who fled the country following the posting of pro-democracy comments on social media, told the BBC he “wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said more than 90% of the most active campaigners in 2011 have now vanished.”

Marietje Schaake, a Dutch member of the European Parliament, described the sale of the technology as “unacceptable”.

“Each and every case where someone is silenced or ends up in prison with the help of E.U.-made technologies I think is unacceptable,” she told the BBC.

“The fact that these companies are commercial players, developing these highly sophisticated technologies… requires us to look again at what kind of restrictions maybe be needed, what kind of transparency and accountability is needed in this market before it turns against our own interest and our own principles.”

The U.K. government has, however, been keen to support BAE Systems, a major employer, with regards to its activities in the Middle East.

In particular, Saudi Arabia is a vital market for the company, which employs more than 80,000 staff worldwide and accounts for one percent of U.K. exports, according to the company.

The U.K. government has approved more than $4.2bn of arms to Saudi since the start of the conflict in Yemen 2015, and last month The Times reported that the British government threw its weight behind the company to secure a long-awaited Typhoon jet contract with Saudi Arabia for 48 new aircrafts.

Olly Sprague, Amnesty U.K.’s programme director for military, security and police, told MEE that BAE is hiding behind the U.K.’s “warped rules on arms exports”.

“BAE Systems acknowledge they have more than 6,000 people working in Saudi Arabia helping to strengthen the country’s arms capability – so it is outrageous that they continue to hide behind the UK Government’s warped ‘rules’ on arms exports as a justification for their work,” he said.

The U.K. Department for International Trade issued the following statement:

“The government takes its defence export responsibilities very seriously and operates one of the most robust export control regimes in the world.

“All export licence applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis against strict criteria, taking account of all relevant factors at the time of the application, including human rights considerations.”


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Judy Malware Infects Over 30 Million Android Users Worldwide*

Judy Malware Infects Over 30 Million Android Users Worldwide*

An application masked as an adware infected over thirty million Android devices

More than thirty million Android users might be infected with an adware that has been on Google’s Play Store for many years.

Again, thanks to security experts at Check Point they were able to discover the malware, naming it Judy. The malware was discovered in more than forty applications that were all linked to a single Korean company named ENISTUDIO.

Image Source: Check Point – A malicious Judy app on Google Play


Even though Google has removed the infected applications from its store, the damage already done casts no doubt on the efficacy of the adware it spread through the application and by bypassing Google Play’s security screening system, Bouncer.

According to the report published by Check Point, for an infected application to bypass Bouncer protection, the application creates a bridge between a server and the device it was installed on – like many applications out there – which is why it remained undetected for so many years.

Image Source: Check Point – Searching for iframes containing Google ads.


Once the application is downloaded from Google Play Store it pings the server and registers the target. From there the command and control server replies to the application with the malicious code that is made up of JavaScript, along with different variables and strings and URL’s that are all controlled by the server.

The malicious code then fills the device with advertisements, many of them are click-adverts, meaning they interact with the spam advertisements to get back to their home screen, and these click-advertisements then make the hackers their money.

Image Source: Check Point – Comments made by suspicious users


Be aware, it is not only the Korean company that is making these applications. Reports from a more recent discovery show that there are other developers following the same trend; more than forty-five applications were discovered on Play Store using the same two-step tactic. Users are fooled into downloading the applications and then once done, the server would send the payload of malicious code to the user’s phone.

It is applications like Judy that highlight a very important message for users: always check the information on applications before downloading them. Good ratings do help to know if the application is safe. There were others saying that these applications had tremendous advertisements that Judy was generating.

This is just one example discovered. In time, security researchers will develop different tricks to see how hackers fool us. We recommend using a paid anti-virus service for your smart device and keeping it up to date with all the latest security updates.

Anonymous recommends: Click Here To Surf & Download Anonymously, Protect Yourself From Any Hackers Or Spy Agencies And Get Around Censorship Filters


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Trump Administration Launches tough new Social Media Vetting for U.S. Visa Applicants*

Trump Administration Launches tough new Social Media Vetting for U.S. Visa Applicants*

By Matthew Hughes

For the majority of people who visit the United States, applying for a visa is a routine task of filling in the boxes. But for those applicants who have been flagged for further review, it’s going to get a lot more difficult.

The Trump administration just rolled out a tough new visa questionnaire which, among other things, asks applicants for their social media information, as well as every email address they’ve had for the past five years.

The questionnaire, Form DS-5535, was approved after two weeks of public comment, and will be presented to the 0.5% of travelers selected for further scrutiny.

Officials will request the additional information when they believe “that such information is required to confirm identity or conduct more rigorous national security vetting,” a State Department official told Reuters on Wednesday.

Form DS-5535 asks for the following information:

  • Every social media handle used during the past five years.
  • Phone numbers and email addresses used over the past five years
  • Fifteen years of travel history, with detail on the source of funding for the travel.
  • Fifteen years of address history
  • Fifteen years of employment history
  • Details on all passport numbers held, along with country of issuance
  • Names and dates of birth for all siblings
  • Names and dates of birth for all children
  • Names and dates of births of all current and former spouses, civil, or domestic partners.

The form is already circulating through official channels, and can be downloaded from the website of the US Embassy and Consulate in Turkey. It notes that it expires on November 30, 2017, and should take about an hour to complete.

While the form is voluntary, those who fail to complete it are likely to experience delays with their visa application, or have it denied entirely.

Proponents of the changes argue that it is a necessary step in order to protect Americans, others argue that it will trip up innocent travelers, who will struggle to remember every single login they’ve created, and every single international trip they’ve taken.

Asking for more information will also inevitably increase the administrative overhead, and will likely result in increased delays to visa applications.


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Muslims Launch the World’s First Islamic Sign Language Book*

Muslims Launch the World’s First Islamic Sign Language Book*

Did you know nine out of ten deaf children are born to hearing parents? Well, meet Zakariyya, a 19-year-old deaf teenager who was also born to hearing parents. For many children like Zakariyya, although he grew up in a loving and supportive home his communication and language barriers have affected his ability to enjoy a normal life.

Zakariyya attended primary specifically catering for his needs who supported him with much of his language development. However at his first secondary school, like with many other deaf and hard of hearing children, had very low self-esteem and confidence. Zakariyya was often a sadly a victim of bullying and it was unfortunate that his peers would tease him, run away with his hearing aid or simply wind him up knowing that he could not verbally respond and react.

Zakariyya also had additional learning needs, which his first secondary school could not fully cater for. Though he had a chance to integrate in mainstream school with his hearing peers, his parents made a conscious decision to send him to a specialist deaf boarding college to meet his tailored learning needs.

However, although now he was settled, interacting with fellow deaf peers and his learning needs were now being catered for at the boarding school, Zakariyya unfortunately severely lacked many of his core social skills. Like many others, he would be taken and brought home in a special school bus arranged specifically for students with special needs.

This is the case for many deaf children and adults, as they have grown up only experiencing limited interactions beyond their own communities. Thus many tend to grow up feeling isolated, neglected, and frustrated with limitations on many aspects of their everyday lives and in fact eventually suffer from depression, anxiety and other similar conditions.

Alhamdulillah it was fortunate that Zakariyya, through his local council disability service was paired with a family link supporter named Aminul Hoque who was trained in BSL (British Sign Language). Aminul was responsible for delivering stimulating play and social activities such as football and bowling, as well as introducing new ‘first time’ life experiences to Zakariyya, like travelling by train, going shopping and eating in public restaurants. His parents were so happy with the impact this had on their son: 

“We are grateful for such encounters, which have enormously contributed to the progressive development of Zakariyya’s routines, behavior and positive interactions at home and school.”

However many children across London and the U.K. don’t have access to such services due to Government funding cuts. Four in ten parents (38%) said their disabled children ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ have the opportunity to socialise with non-disabled children. (Source: Scope & Mumsnet)

Aminul continued to mentor Zakariyya and maintain relations with his family, as Zakariyyah and his sister Suraiyah were chosen to feature in a ‘deaf-friendly’ special campaign video by Amin & Yasmin.


Amin and Yasmin themselves are also brother and sister, whom many years ago both embarked on the pursuit of learning British Sign Language (BSL). During their journey and interactions with members of the deaf community and their families, they realized the growing concern and limited access globally for deaf friendly Islamic educational resources.

They have launched an incredible campaign to raise funds for the World’s first Islamic Sign Language Book series in BSL along with a digital app and other educational resources.

They want to empower Deaf Muslims and improve family bonds through fun, interactive ‘deaf-friendly’ resources and bridge the communication and social skills gap between communities.

YOU are invited to support this awesome campaign by following this link;

  • Contribute & Donate – Sponsor part of the campaign even if just one book, with a generous donation today!
  • Gift a book to child, sibling, parent, cousin or nephew/niece.
  • Share – Please spread the word about this unique project through your personal social media and in conversations with family, friends and colleagues.


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Man who Accidentally Saved the World from the Hack Failed his IT GCSE*

Man who Accidentally Saved the World from the Hack Failed his IT GCSE*

The event led directly to his work securing the hospitals against the attack

By Andrew Griffin

The man who saved the world from the hack that took down the NHS didn’t pass his IT GCSE.

Marcus Hutchins, who accidentally discovered a kill switch that helped shut down the WannaCry virus as it spread around the world, doesn’t have the most basic IT qualification. And it’s all because his teachers thought he was a hacker.

The accidental hero’s problems began when he was hauled into the head teacher’s office at school and told to explain why the network was down. He couldn’t and so was blamed for having hacked into the network – something that despite his claims not to have done anything, led to him being suspended.

That in turn meant that he had to work with pen and paper rather than computers – as NHS doctors did during the hack – and as a result he failed the course in his IT GCSE.

He said that he had become sick with school after the incident and that he had decided to take the non-academic route. That is what led to him working for a U.S. security firm from a room in his parents’ house – and helping save hospitals and the rest of the world from the virus.

Mr Hutchins, who works for Los Angeles-based Kryptos Logic but is from Ilfracombe in north Devon, said that he didn’t recognise the “accidental hero” label that has been applied to him since he helped foil the attack.

He told the Associated Press: “I’m definitely not a hero. I’m just someone doing my bit to stop botnets.”

It came as the former head of Britain’s eavesdropping service has hit out at Microsoft for failing to protect vulnerable computer systems affected by the crippling ransomware attack.

Sir David Omand, the former head of GCHQ who was once homeland security adviser to Number 10, said the tech giant knew public bodies around the world were at risk from hackers.

In a letter to The Times, Sir David said: “Should Microsoft have stopped supporting Windows XP so soon, knowing that institutions had invested heavily in it (at the urging of the company at the time)?”

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the NHS was “open for business”, with only a handful of hospitals still suffering disruption caused by Friday’s hack.

Following a meeting of the Government’s Cobra contingencies committee, Ms Rudd said more than a million patients had been treated in the course of Monday.

“All GPs surgeries did open, though some of them had to use pen and paper,” she said.

“The vast majority of patients have noticed no difference. It has been a very strong response.”

Earlier on Monday, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt confirmed there had not been a second wave of attacks on NHS trusts and said it was “encouraging” that the level of criminal activity was at “the lower end of the range” anticipated.

Mr. Hunt has come under fire for failing to appear in public since the attack, which hit 47 trusts in England and 13 Scottish health boards.

In his first public comments since the attack, Mr. Hunt told Sky News:

 “Although we have never seen anything on this scale when it comes to ransomware attacks, they are relatively common and there are things that you can do, that everyone can do, all of us can do, to protect ourselves against them.

“In particular, making sure that our data is properly backed up and making sure that we are using the software patches, the anti-virus patches, that are sent out regularly by manufacturers.”

NHS Digital said health trusts across England were sent details of an IT security patch that would have protected them from the attack.

The health service has been criticised for using the outdated Windows XP operating system to store digital information, despite security updates for the software having been discontinued by Microsoft.

NHS Digital said it had made health trusts aware last month of IT protection that could have prevented the damage.


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Wikileaks Shows How Google Helped Al-Qaeda in Syria*

Wikileaks Shows How Google Helped Al-Qaeda in Syria*

By Henri Feyerabend

Google has helped Al-Qaeda and other Salafist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood gain new members at the dawn of the Syrian conflict, secret documents and e-mails published by Wikileaks show.

The then director of Google Ideas, Jared Cohen coordinated actions to support the groups often dubbed as rebels with then U.S. Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton and Deputy U.S. State Secretary William Burns. Google employed it’s expertise in the IT sector to help the conflict in Syria gain traction.

In July 2012 Google provided a software tool, with which defections in Syria were to be tracked and the thereby gained informations spread in Syria with the help of Al-Jazeera. According to the plotting of U.S. officials and Google, this should encourage more people to take up arms and join the ranks of the rebels. Then Director of Policy Planning for Obama, Jake Sullivan let Hillary Clinton, for which he served as an advisor in the last presidential election, know that, “this is a pretty cool idea.”

The U.S. administration back in 2012 was already aware of the fact that the opposition in the Syrian conflict mainly consists of Al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups. In a then secret, now publicly available internal report of the U.S. administration on the Syrian conflict is stated, that “the salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.”

Furthermore the rise of the Islamic State was anticipated to result out of an empowered Al-Qaeda along the Syrian-Iraqi border: “If the situation there unravels, there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasakah and Deir Ez-zor) and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want.”

Supporting Al-Qaeda it seems, was already feasible for the U.S. administration in 2012, just 11 years and 2 wars after the Twin Towers in New York were hit by planes. Sullivan wrote in another mail reporting to Clinton about the Syrian conflict in 2012 that “Al-Qaeda is on our side in Syria.”

Google which tries to gain users trust with it’s slogan -Don’t be evil- since year 2000, has also evolved. In 2015 the company was restructured, with Alphabet now being the parent organisation of the sub-branches like Google, Verily and Google Ideas. It has also become part of the U.S. military industrial complex, which provides products and services essential for the deployment and sustenance of military operations, as NSA director Keith Alexander assessed.

Alphabet’s head Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen envisioned this new status for Google:

“What Lockheed Martin was for the twentieth century, technology and cyber-security companies will be for the twenty-first.”


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Al Qaeda Rebranding Serves U.S. Agenda *

Over 100 Civilians Dead after Recent U.S. Raids on Alleged al-Qaeda Training Camps*

SAA Seizes 2 Shipments of NATO Weapons to Al Qaeda Near Damascus*

ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the U.S. Waging War on Syria’s Public Utilities*

Pentagon Re-Packages Al-Qaeda as ‘Khorasan Group’ to Sell Attack on Syria*

Al-Qaeda Cuts Water Supply to Damascus, Attempts to Break Ceasefire*

CIA “Journalist” Spy with Al-Qaeda Arrested In Turkey*

German Paper Admits Ghouta Sarin Attack in Syria Committed By U.S.- backed Al-Qaeda*