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Asleep or Awake!?

Asleep or Awake!?

“Contemporary culture requires automatons. And people are undoubtedly losing their acquired habits of independence and turning into automatons, into parts of machines. It is impossible to say where is the end of all this and where is the way out – or whether there is an end and a way out. One thing alone is certain, that man’s slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to man.” G.I. Gurdjieff

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Don’t Play that Song!

Brain_WavesDon’t Play that Song!


By Hwaa Irfan

How are you doing in the midst of these changes? Thought you grew up, no longer drugged by the lies used to manipulate us, reduce us down to our lower passions so that we would remain perpetually distracted from their games with our lives?

But there it is that test, always lurking, waiting, beckoning to the lower self, calling it forth to return one’s self to a state of mindlessness – a perpetual state of deficiency.

Feeling in control, a sense of one’s purpose, you’ve been there, done that, but there comes that song as you switch on the radio for a little light entertainment, those songs that provided you with so much pleasure, and those addictive love songs.

Did you feel it, that twinge somewhere around the heart, but instead of turning of the radio, you continue to take an addictive shot of yearning for what will always leave you yearning.

That state of deficiency is what we have become used to, hence why even we never seem to feel quite satisfied. Many have referred to the endless love songs as born out of the feeling of being separate. On a metaphysical level, it is a primal unconscious need to reconnect with the Divine.

In simple psychological terms Maslow’s hierarchy it is a matter of basic needs, the same basic needs that our global governors have been trying t entrain into us without the self actualization:

Is Sternberg’s model closer to the truth?

In our one-sided lives we only possess one piece of the puzzle. Depending on where we feel deficient in our lives we might be feeling:

  •   Romantic

A lot of romantic songs are being played at the moment plucking on that addictive mode, hence a thirst for passion and intimacy to brighten these murky days of change we are going through, but like a firework, that soon fizzles out once that basic need is met.

  •     Liking

Also a lot of this is being pumped out at the moment by the mind control music industry  – the perpetual quick physical fix, because one has become incapable with each fix to commit to anything more. We have been made to believe through the media, sex education and  gender issues of the day that sex without  commitment is a right, and because it gives us s much pleasure, we go with it until the rate of exchange sexploitation regardless of age has become too high providing the foundations of  dysfunctional self, family life, and society. Yet it is that commitment to love that makes more out of us and brings us closer to self actualization transmuting our negative force for a higher force.

  •     Companiate Love

More and more couples have been moving towards this, but it is on the cusp of liking and commitment. It is comfortable, for as long as it lasts, but without commitment each partner is operating at a different frequency, a different pace of development, and a point comes when the other will want more,  or will want to move on; if not physically, it will happen psychospiritually.

  •      Empty Love

At the bottom of the pile we find empty, infatuated love, which speaks for itself. Far too many have experienced or are experiencing this which is rooted in the opposite to love, i.e. fear!  Unless one is willing to receive as well as give of the bounties of life, the one remains safe from the emotional risks and challenges like Neo before he took the pill of life. Life was never meant for cowards!

It is with Consummate Love where all pieces of the puzzle meet, for Consummate Love is where everything conjoins – the prime mover throughout the universe, and throughout all life forms – this is what marriage has been deemed sacred throughout all religions. For those who argue that marriage is a false concept, and trace it back to the animal kingdom, they negate whereas animas have no choice, and are ‘wired’ to their purpose in life, to the Divine Laws of Nature, humans were bequeathed with that heavy gift of Choice, a gift that we have handed over to others relinquishing our purpose in and to life to be left lost, confused and deficient. Even as the word falls apart around you, you cannot pay your role, able to love all unconditionally.

If you keep playing that song you will never know what a wonderful life you can have after all!

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Giving Birth to a Child Artificially

TwinfoetusmainGiving Birth to a Child Artificially


By Hwaa Irfan

Until we reach the point of acknowledging and respecting that life is not a mechanical process, but is integrated with the mind, soul and spirit, we will continue to abuse and disrespect the whole process of life and life forms, including our own.

Robert G. Edwards and Patrick Steptoe developed the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure that produced the first “test tube baby” in 1978.  As we await the impact on child health both physical and mental born as a result of genetic engineering, last December the findings of those born of infertility treatment was released by the UK Millennium Cohort Study. The study revealed that asthma is more common among children born of infertility treatment than those who are planned for and conceived naturally. That study focused on assisted reproduction technology (ART). ART is multibillion-dollar industry that in 2009 has conceived  60,000 children in a petri dish in the U.S alone from ‘fresh’ or frozen embryos.

The Oxford study arose from findings that children born of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are 2- 4 times more likely to have asthma, wheezing or be taking anti-asthmatics.

There are considerations in any related study pertaining to the age and state of health of parents who undergo infertility treatment. Accumulative studies have pointed to a rate of 6+% children more likely to have congenital anomalies, whereas the rate for children born normally is at 4%. A May 2012 Australian study of 309,000 Australian children, 6,163 of those conceived through ART found that birth defects occurred in 9.9% of babies conceived using ICSI, 7.0% of babies conceived using IVF that didn’t involve injection of the sperm into the egg, and 5.8% of babies conceived naturally. Overall, the researchers found a 26% increase in risk of birth defects among babies conceived using any form of ART (8% of births) compared to those naturally conceived, 6% of births.

Other consequences have as been noted including lower birth rate, preterm birth, cerebral palsy (more prevalent amongst twins), leukaemia, and perinatal death. In 2011, U.S researchers compared ‘fresh’ and frozen embryos. They found a 35% increased risk of low birth weight in children of ‘fresh’ embryos amongst 57,000 conceived from IVF 2004 -2006 as compared to frozen embryos.

Michèle Hansen of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Australia, probably came closer to the truth when she pointed to evidence that fertility drugs changed the period of time embryos are able to implant in the wall of the uterus.

Informed wannabe parents calculate the risks against their emotions. Those emotions are exploited by the infertility treatment industry. On July 25, 2003 Louise Brown celebrated her 25th birthday. For pioneer Robert G. Edwards of the IVF treatment it was:

“. . .was a fantastic achievement but it was about more than infertility. It was also about issues like stem cells and the ethics of human conception. I wanted to find out exactly who was in charge, whether it was God Himself or whether it was scientists in the laboratory.”

But the achievements of Robert G. Edwards and Patrick Steptoe were about exploiting the emotions of childless couples, and experimenting with their fertility, to find a much needed solution for the global elite, who tend to marry into one another maintaining their own circle of power and wealth, but at the risk of their own fertility.

Schooling By David DeesMarch 1934 Scientific America noted artificial insemination for eugenics ” was made possible to humans a privilege, in posterity, heretofore enjoyed only by thoroughbred plants and animals.”

‘Some 10,000 – 20,000 babies [could be born every year from selected sources, while less than 500 babies per year are now being born to the men of real talent in our country What will be the eugenic effect on the race, if this same tendency grows?”

This is not just the ruminations of a science magazine, but echoes, along concern of the eugenics movement post WWI.

For today’s parents living in countries with decreasing fertility rates, and decreasing economic stability, the intentions of the past is of no concern. Neither is any question as to the growing number of children forced into a life of poverty, and homelessness as the world first GM babies are born. For today’s parents who really want to give love, there are the millions of children in want of a home languishing in orphanages in their own country. For instance those Americans who would rather adopt a Russian child than an American child, if giving love, and sharing love, and nurturing a life, what is the problem with doing all of respecting one’s own in a country that disrespects the sanctity of childhood more than any underdeveloped country.

“Love’s in need of love today, don’t delay, send it in right away!”

With that love, ones society can be healed, and the global elite would have less people to exploit in the name of their own misguided perception of their own divinity.


C. Carson, A. Sacker, Y. Kelly, M. Redshaw, J. J. Kurinczuk, M. A. Quigley. Asthma in children born after infertility treatment: findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. Human Reproduction, 2012; DOI: 10.1093/humrep/des398

“Children born after infertility treatment are more likely to suffer from asthma” oxfordjournals.org/news/2012/12/06/asthma.html

Halpert, J. “Altering the Primal Environment: Health Effects Associated with Assisted Reproductive Technologies” ehp.niehs.nih.gov/2012/10/altering-the-primal-environment-health-effects-associated-with-assisted-reproductive-technologies/

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Love Misplaced By Capitalism*

Jihad an nafs (struggle of the heart)Love Misplaced By Capitalism*

Capitalism gave our fantasy a blank check but it stole our reality.

By  Lynn Parramore

Love is older than capitalism. But the romantic variety, along with its peculiar pains, takes cultural center stage just as capitalism makes its debut. That’s no coincidence. Capitalism and romantic love have grown together, reinforcing and reflecting each other in ways that we hardly notice.

Our society’s organization has a lot to do with the way we understand our perceptions and experiences, including love. Depending on what values we emphasize and the way we imagine ourselves in relation to others, our expectations can bring us fulfillment or crash on the rocks of disappointment.

In the High Middle Ages, the tradition of courtly love among the nobility focused on a knight’s bond to his lady fair; a reflection of the relationship between vassal and lord. Reciprocity was a strong feature of this connection. Women like the powerful Eleanor of Aquitaine, who could often both inherit and manage property in the feudal system, found that courtly love offered them a way to freely express sexual desires outside of the conventions of patriarchy. They could put chastity aside, along with the need for the legitimacy of children. Feudal values, based on a system of private jurisdictions, fed the possibility of love for both men and women outside the bounds of marriage.

The Renaissance turned things in a somewhat different direction. In the 16th century, bourgeois writers like Thomas More (a major figure in the court of Henry VIII), didn’t have much use for female sexuality and influence. They were preoccupied with the emergence of the mercantile and manufacturing economy, and under the early capitalist model, sexuality was to be regulated, religious devotion encouraged, and public life circumscribed. Instead of reciprocity, hierarchy was the primary structure of relationships between king and subject, man and woman, and, eventually, employer and employee. Patriarchal family values were restored. For women, love had to lead to marriage and it had better not stray beyond that boundary. (Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife, famously got caught in the crosshairs of this shift.)

As the ideal of love as mutuality and reciprocity among men and women declined, love became, in the words of historian Joan Kelly, a “narcissistic experience.” It also reflected a general shift in the conception of the self. In his book, The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love and Eroticism in Modern Society, Anthony Giddens suggests that romantic love introduced the idea of a personal narrative, which is why it emerged along with the novel. Self-realization became the keynote of romantic love. As the Enlightenment loosened religious dominance, people turned to the inspiration of romance as a replacement for what had once been provided by religion. Romantic love became salvation.

By the 19th century, the decline in the belief in immortality sped the transformation in the way people saw themselves. If we don’t possess an immortal soul, then we have to elevate our sense of our temporary selves. If we can’t live forever, then we have to fulfill ourselves now. Our individual hopes and desires gain more significance. We don’t want to accept limits in our earthly life, and we are constantly reaching for more. Romantic love becomes the way we can expand, the place where we imagine ourselves heroic.

As capitalism matures, its emphasis on leaping toward the new and the original stands out. It thrives, as historian Joyce Appleby tells us, on “relentless revolution.” Novelty reigns supreme. The consumer is groomed for the ceaseless search for new sensations and new possibilities. Capitalism looks forward. It revels in future visions rather than reflection. As industrialization brings the demands of endless work, capitalism has to stimulate the desire for pleasure and consumption. The Puritan ethic of delayed gratification, based on the idea of scarcity, is pushed aside. Capitalism offers us the fantasy of abundance, where restraint is unnecessary.

Occupy Your Heart by Ian MacKenzieLasting love becomes constricting and banal. The bond of Ma and Pa Kettle, quietly sharing companionship on the front porch of the farm after decades of living, looks drab and uninspiring. Romantic love is not based on companionship, but on the feeling of being desired. This kind of love appears to give us the opportunity, just as money does, to constantly remake ourselves, to project new versions of our lives. It’s about longing, fleeting highs, the same stimulation we feel in buying a new car, a new wardrobe. As the married couple’s romantic attraction wanes, the need for stimulation is transferred to the next big purchase, the washing machine, the wide-screen TV. Capitalism goes humming along.

Until it doesn’t. The problem with capitalism is that it mostly pumps possibilites toward the top. The inequality it breeds results in the restriction of choices in so many areas of our lives – our work, our health, our retirement, even our love lives. We begin to see that capitalism gave our fantasy a blank check but it stole our reality.

Now, in its late stages, capitalism must offer more intense fantasies of romance to counterbalance the reality of those restrictions. As we become more insecure and uncertain, we reach more desperately to proof of the meaning of our existence. We want things we can touch and feel. The blockbuster pop romance, the Twilight series, starts out as a shy-girl-meets-boy story but builds toward a climactic orgy of material abundance as Bella and Edward frolic in the fantasy of endless supplies of helicopters, fancy homes, luxurious clothes, and exotic vacations (where do vampires invest?). This was carried even further by E.L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, who renamed the Twilight characters and set them down in high-tech Seattle, where Edward becomes the billionaire Christian Grey, whose quest for novel sensations captures the imagination of ingénue Anastasia. The dream of this diamond-studded romantic fulfilment promises to relieve us of our anxiety as we push aside the horror of our depleted savings, our pink-slip.

Capitalism and romantic love offer the ceaseless promise of escape to a better world over the rainbow. But a general sense of the lie inherent in that promise is growing. The system of promised rewards has broken down, and left us with too many broken hearts.


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Navigating 2013!

The door to a spiritual journey is always open...Navigating 2013!


By Hwaa Irfan

Many will admit that as 2012 came to an official close that the commencement of New Year of 2013 was met with some trepidation, more so than any other previous New Year. The sand under our feet has been shifting since 2008, but even if one made it through 2012 in a state of denial was challenged greatly by an anticlimax that stated loud and clear “the ground under my feet has shifted.”  Those whose voices have been bullied into silence with the reactionary “conspiracy theory” have become louder and louder as the ‘shit’ quite literally have been hitting the fan, and spreading.

That ‘shift’ has left many feeling as if in a state limbo, because the world has portrayed by  our minds  and perpetuated by the man-made matrix, those who deem themselves our betters, has proven to be unreal, yet those who believe they are removed from that unreality are still fighting their way into what is disintegrating around the world.

As that unreality becomes more real we still have the God-given gift of choice, the gift that we gave away when we subscribed to the unreality. We can choose to subject ourselves to remaining enslaved that those who deem themselves our betters have planned and schemed for us, relinquishing the right to be a human being of body, spirit and soul with a purposeful life full of meaning that is not just about self interest, but the floor is waiting for us to stand in our own shoes. But we can choose to realize this sense of ‘limbo’ is a pause in the process of becoming more than this!

Spending time with a 10-year old boy removed from the Western world observe a potential obstacle as a reason for not achieving a goal, presenting that he has created an obstacle with his mind, then free himself from the perception by declaring from his higher self:

“I am the past, the present, and I am everywhere”

. . . then gets a response that reflects the Divine Breath that was breathed into him demonstrates how much potential we all have. Sworn to secrecy to not reveal this awareness to his mother, the following week, he thanked me in front of for not revealing his secret, and she was unaware that I did – in that moment I understood why!

It means giving space to the parts of ourselves that we deny out of rejection/humiliation, and knowing how to carry that space.

2013 Onwards. . .

That is the space we are invited into, the eye of the storm where our connectedness to our whole self awaits ready for the dawn of our lives. All that those who offer us a way forward to can only be done by ourselves – the protests, the advocates, the leaders, the benefactor, only offer us a way back into what is crumbing before our very eyes, which is disintegrating because it is unsustainability founded on human and environmental sacrifice.  Our Creator has not given us life to hand it over to somebody else, that  life, our life has been given to honor, respect, and to nourish at all levels, and in doing so to honor, and respect all both great and small. In that growing awareness, those who have benefited from our enslavement with our full participation will do everything to distract, beguile, control and entrap us. They will play with our emotions pitting ourselves against ourselves, and against each other as they have always done in order to hide the truth of the power of our inner unity, and common unity.  This power play is heightened during a time when our Earth draws closer to our Sun making our Sun appear larger than usual a phase that began on January 2nd 2013. It also began when the Period of the Leveling began when Pluto entered Capricorn on 26th November 2008, and continues thruough to 23rd March 2023 hence the disintegrating system of unsustainable unreality. That is less than it took Prophet Musa/Moses before his people (those who were ready in body, mind and spirit) could leave the Wilderness before they went astray.

How we are affected, depend on how much we cling onto that unsustainable unreality, and resist our own becoming. That is easier said than done because of the fear factor, and the more we fear, the harder it will be for we have descended far enough into a hell of our own making. All violent emotions, global crises, wars, and forms of cruelty are an expression of that for from seeing us as not the same, but different in expression, mercy and compassion is removed, and “me first” rules.

Despite all that is going on around us, 2013 offers us a fork road, the road of choice, and we have t decide which of the two roads to take to the rest of our lives, and generations to come. It will all seem intense until we wake up from our slavery and make that choice!

We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. (Al-Fussilat, 41/53)


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Unplugging from the Lie*

The Matrix of Our LivesUnplugging from the Lie*

By Catherine Lamb and Elaine McLellan

Good ideas abound, presented by caring individuals with skills and knowledge to share; organic gardens, survival skills, the promise of new industry and medicine from hemp and cannabis, etc. It truly does offer hope.

Solutions swirl around us like a storm yet we remain paralyzed and puzzled in the middle of societal chaos. Economically, environmentally, politically; it’s all a mess.

We all know something essential is missing from the picture.

Let’s be realistic. It may not be possible for you to get off the grid, grow your own garden, amass emergency survival items, or find gainful employment any time soon.

But there is something that you CAN do immediately, to bring about the solution to what plagues our world.

The “powers that be” are determined to keep you and me sick, dumbed-down, and in a state of perpetual stress, chaos and in-fighting.

What if you and I stopped dancing to their music and began to see our interactions with others (friends, family and total strangers) in a new light?

Think what a difference it would make in our society if we really knew and understood how to treat each other; how to authentically love one another in every situation (we’re not talking religion or laws, “random acts of kindness” nor just being nice).

If you think it can’t be done, you’ve been fed the biggest lie. You’ve swallowed the blue pill…go back to sleep.

Taking a stance like this does require getting off the grid, so to speak. There really is a way to disconnect from the hate mongers who run most everything. You can build our own “power grid” and use your own innate senses to arrive at liberty, happiness and well-being for yourself, the people you love, and those you come in contact with.

Unplug From the Lie

You have, no doubt, learned that “love” is just romance or something for family and God. This is a convenient place to keep love stashed so we can’t really learn how to apply basic universal principles to our own actions and to the details of our lives.

(It would be dangerous if people everywhere caught on to the fact that love is not simply a subjective experience, but is profoundly, objectively real! )

It’s not just by chance that you find bullies in your neighborhood school, corruption in every corner of your community politics, and shoplifters at your local mall.

This is to be expected, right? Remember, government thrives on crime.

According to “their” way of thinking, we human beings are incapable of being anything other than mean-hearted morons who need government to tell us how to act and make laws telling us it is wrong to do these things…if you get caught.

The “powers that be” depend on you and me being at odds with one another. Keeping a state of division, mistrust and apprehension alive in the USA is as important as maintaining perpetual war around the globe. Divide and conquer!

The good news is that you are free to choose how to act when it comes to the way you treat others. There is a helpful, easy to learn blueprint that will enable you to begin the process of identifying and shedding the actions that violate love (and which cause misery in your own relationships and this world), thus becoming a significant and vitally important part of the solution.

If you think this is about touchy-feely stuff, hold on!

Over 30 years of scientific research dedicated to the philosophy and study of Love discloses the way to build Love into our society from the ground up, one person at a time.

Did you know that love is a system that works the same for everyone across all cultures? Have you ever been told that Love is mathematical, possesses symmetry and has an invariant allowing for no possible coercion?

Consider the scientific theory that the system of Love defines a unique logical foundation for all of the human and social sciences, psychology, sociology, economics, and politics, all of which, unless they can find a fundamental principle of symmetry and efficiency of their own, must eventually bow to the symmetry and inherent efficiency of love.

This crucial information blasts open the door to the solution you and I are longing for, “the logical foundation by which the construction of a new age may begin.”

Rudeness, taunting, teasing, lying, cheating, coercion of any kind, etc. all cause a measurable and visible, negative and destructive response in our human system. It works the same way for the person doing the violating or the one receiving it.

Violating Love is malignant and fatal. Over a period of time, it will kill and destroy any individual, system, group, relationship or business, in which, and to which, the violations occur. This is science, not myth. (The government mechanism of the welfare state does not derive from or deliver Love, which is why it has led to decay and destruction on a national scale.)

On the other hand, the action elements of Love deliver beneficial, life enhancing rewards to the giver and the receiver. Over a period of time they will cause you or any individual, system, group, relationship or business to flourish, grow and become all it can be.

In fact, “feel good” hormones are released in your brain when you act with the “Intent to Please.”

Now it becomes clear why the Golden Rule works to the benefit of everyone. We are hard-wired to love one another and we are rewarded for doing so, even at the cellular level. To top that off, you and I have a built in (innate) sense that tells us when we have been the recipient of Love as well as when we have been on the receiving end of a violation of Love. Clever. Who could have thought of that?

The principles of liberty, non-aggression, and non-violent communication work to the benefit of you, the individual, and to society because they sit squarely upon the underlying foundation of Love!

Love is cause-able and do-able. You can learn how to cause and maintain it in your life. All of the possible expressions of Love can be placed in ten easy to remember categories. You can start implementing these in your life right away with the next person you encounter.

The solution starts with you.

Loving one another doesn’t cost a penny and is free to all. It makes everything work better and it works the same for all people across all cultures. It’s the one thing that will change everything.

The choice is simple. You and I, and countless millions, can Love and feel good, or hate and be miserable and, in the process, continue to destroy ourselves.

These are facts and facts are stubborn things!

Try Love on for size. Notice the difference. If not, why not?


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