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Powered By the Sun

Powered By the Sun

By Hwaa Irfan

The Qur’an tells us:

{He hath constrained the night and the day and the sun and the moon to be of service unto you…} (Al-Yusuf 12: 13)

While we seek to use up other natural resources to the detriment of the ecosystems that sustain us, nowhere is the service of the sun more evident than in the case of solar energy. In fact, in the Middle East in particular, where hot days are many, the sun presents the ideal sustainable energy source of the future. For those who argue that the sun is dying with no knowledge of its future, if they could predict the death of the sun, then it would logically follow that life on earth as we know it would come to an end, for all creation, all ecosystems of the earth depends on the sun.

The manner in which the sun provides energy to the earth and the non-polluting nature of that energy are key factors in providing sustainable energy. In fact, it is the source energy supply of the fossil fuels that we have been burning up since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution to the detriment of the health of the earth, and all life.

In July 2010, a record-breaking pilotless plane broke the world record for the longest time in the air (two weeks) was totally solar powered. Ratified by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the 50kg plane stayed airborne for 14 days, 22 minutes, and seconds. Built by defense technology company Qinetiq, ignoring the purpose for which the plane was built, the solar powered panels of the plane had lithium batteries, which stored the energy allowing for the plane to remain airborne at night! This technology should be redirected to civilian use, powering homes, industries and transport!

The amount of solar energy from the sun’s radiation on just one kilometer square is about 4,000 megawatts – enough to light a small town. In the report “Solar Lighting for the Base of the Pyramid” by Lighting Africa sponsored by the World Bank, and International Finance Corporation is broaching the idea of solar energy for Africa. Unfortunately there are cultural overtones when one states that 140 million African people living without regular or reliable access to electricity.

When one uses the day and the nights as our Creator intended, there is no need to upset our circadian rhythm by not functioning according to the rhythms of nature. When the sun sets, the pineal gland shifts gear and produces its primary hormone melatonin in larger quantities until it peaks from 2 – 3.00a.m in the morning.  The circadian rhythm sets the biological clocks, turns on the immune system and inhibits tumor promoters like estrogen. Studies indicate that even the most modest exposure to extended light stresses our bodies, accelerates aging and debilitates the immune and nervous systems. So when attempts are being made to change the lifestyle of a people in line with the globalized trend of pushing back the hours, one should not accept an unsustainable way of doing things, using sustainable means. However, when the intention is as follows one prays that it will be taken with such intent. Programming Manager for Lighting Africa Arthur Itotia told SciDev:

“By converting from kerosene to clean energy millions of consumers can improve their health, reduce their spending on expensive fuels and, ultimately, benefit from better illumination and more productive time in their homes, schools and businesses.”

As Lighting Africa helps to build the market for off-grid lighting across sub-Saharan Africa, it becomes apparent that the focus is in terms of business, as intrinsic to the initiative is consumer education, and improving access to finance. If the intent was pure, the focus would be about building a solar powered grid for homes, places of learning and industry. The marketing side would then take care of itself, as who would not want to have a less costly energy supply, and one that can be put in the hands of the consumer. Alas, the aim is to use Africa as one of the world’s largest markets for portable solar lighting, instead of helping Africa to provide its own supply of sustainable energy.

Meanwhile, coal dependent South Africa is setting up a solar power station with the aim to supply an annual output of 5 gigawatts of electricity i.e. 1/10th of its energy requirements. When apartheid finally ended only 40% of households had electricity compared to the 83% who are now connected. Looking for foreign as well as domestic investment, the plan for the solar park is being designed by Fluor, a U.S. engineering and construction company to be located where it hardly rains in the poorest province of the Northern Cape.

Shell Petroleum predicted as far back as 1995 that by 2050 that solar power would become our main source of electricity. The World Solar Program from 1996 – 2000 has been trying to coordinate efforts such as the Arab Solar Energy Programs of Morocco, and Oman via the Clean Energy Fund, promoting the unfortunate role of banks in financing renewable energy sources.

The American Whitehouse began converting years ago when it was more expensive. Former president Jimmy Carter spent $30,000 in the 1970s on a solar water heating system for the West Wing. Former George W. Bush the elder, installed a solar powered maintenance system, which also heated the water for the pool. Now President Barack Obama will install solar panels on the roof of the living quarters with the aim of heating water, and supplying some electricity

A Solar Powered Home

Not everyone has the opportunity to solar power their homes, because of the issue of ownership, but when certain developed countries are increasingly experiencing the problem of power cuts do to demand outweighing supply, then those who have the option should consider solar powering one’s homes as a viable direction to go in. Imagine, the long term prospect of not having to pay exorbitant electricity/gas bills. It also means with the unreliability of the job market, that one has less bill to worry about.

In Yorkshire, England, A Shade Greener, which fits solar panels to homes, has had a push with government backing to help people solarize their homes for little cost. As such the business has expanded enabling them to increase their workforce, which in times of an economic meltdown, is beneficial all round.  By helping those who can make that choice, frees up the grid for those who cannot.

In Australia, where it is not uncommon to off the grid, there is a connection system for those whose homes are powered by solar energy without the need for batteries. If one has excess energy, the system allows for energy to flow into the grid, and if you are lacking or on need of more in energy, one is able to draw on the grid. With growing eco-communities with lots of experience, sharing the ups, downs and lessons helps the newcomer to link up with alternative ways of living. For instance:

–        To make sure one is not being short-changed when buying solar panels, there should be two types of warranty:  a) Power output (lasts 20 – 30 years), and a Material Warranty (lasts 2 – 10 years)

–        Look out for get out clauses

–        Position of the solar panels if one does not have a roof that slants at an angle of 30°

–        Obstacles that would prevent the solar panels from getting sunlight

–        If one is connecting to a grid, make sure it is not the electricity company who installs it

–        Make sure that are using energy efficient appliances: fridge, light bulbs, draught proofing, pipes leak proofed etc

–        Have the meter reconfigured if going on the grid to make sure the charge is correct for what energy one is supplying, and what energy one is receiving

–        Have an inverter installed because a) convert electricity supplied from the solar panels to alternating current for power points, b) Changes the lowest voltage from solar panels to higher voltage needed by one’s appliances, c) protect one’s home from shutting down when supply is cut from the grid due to power outage/cut, d) export electricity to the grid when the solar panels are providing more electricity than one is using

Thinking about it!?


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Providing Your Own Energy Supply

Providing Your Own Energy Supply

This is not a new idea; in fact there are a couple examples in history e.g. the Naqshbandi of Turkey, and Tesla whose blueprints fell under the umbrella of “national security.” In fact, in recent times, I recall an Australian couple who provided their own domestic (solar) energy supply enough to even contribute to the local electricity grid – there’s a revolutionary notion.

Here, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dan Nocera talks about  Sun Catalytix, the company that’s producing the next generation of solar energy. He recently discovered an inexpensive way to power homes and transportation by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with the Sun.

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of his concept is that of “Personalized Energy,” where each individual would produce the energy that they require, rather than relying upon a vast electrical grid or on any of the toxic and quickly depleting fossil fuel resources currently in use.

To develop his discovery, he was given a $4 million grant through the Advanced Research Project Agency and the Department of Energy via the Recovery Act.

President Obama’s Administration may not be popular at the moment, but their support of this forward-thinking model of energy independence may well be the best decision made by a sitting
US Government in a long, long time.

Have you been convinced by the idea of burning up all our vegetation in the name of “alternative fuel” under the guise of biomass? Full of doubts, well listen to this argument also presented by Dan Nocera!

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Developing the Muslim Self Through Martial Arts 

Developing the Muslim Self Through Martial Arts

By Hwaa Irfan

Al-jihad al-akbar the greater jihad, is the inner battle; the invisible war towards self development and unity of mind, body and soul. Many Islamic scholars view this as the prime ambition in Islam, for without this inner jihad, man’s will over his personal and public life is meaningless as man’s physical tendencies and weaknesses cannot be overcome. The modern exterior of life created by man has added ugliness where the signs of Allah (SWT) through nature once added beauty, meditation and reflection. The Qur’an states:

{Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition} (Surat ul Ra’d 13:11).

However, before the external changes (political and social) can take place, the internal must transpire first; otherwise it is all short lived.

In the past for Chinese Muslims, the martial arts were a means to bring the inner jihad into a tangible method of self development.

Many reports have shown that the proper learning of martial arts has helped troubled youths claim and earn self-respect and understanding. The enemy within is thus tamed and understood.

    “A man’s enemies can be of more benefit to him than his brothers, for they draw attention to his faults from which he can then turn away.” – Ali ibn Abi Talib

Mind-Body-Spirit Union

Martial arts is seemingly a physical art form that has undergone many transformations over the years making it appear to focus on defense and attack. Yet in its truest form, as in Islam, it uses the physical world of man to understand the non-physical world to create a mind-body-spirit union.

Christian educator and theosophist Rudolph Steiner once pointed out that a great debt was owed by western natural science to the spiritual stream of what he called ‘Arabism’. He argued that Western natural science was the product of the Christian Crusades and Muslim Holy War in a martial age. It was during the battle for Christendom in Northern Spain that the works of ibn Sina (Avicenna) and others’ overwhelming belief in the transcendence of Allah (SWT) affected and influenced such prominent Christian scientists of the times such as Roger Bacon. Crusaders perceived Muslims as having a spiritual power and sense of unity that moved them with elemental force.

Kung fu is part of our long history as Muslims in seeking to learn and develop within ourselves. The word “Kung fu” actually means the ‘mastery of a difficult task to a standard of excellence’. It is the origin of most of the Asiatic martial arts, but focuses on the development of the complete person mentally and physically. The art of energy management, however, is not confined to Chinese martial arts forms which Muslims have helped to develop and even originate as some might claim!

Energy as in the life force directed through the human energy field in Chinese is called chi and shan. In Islam it is nafas and ruh. Used in spiritual cultivation, the direction of the life force plays a different role – the inner jihad.

Islam and the Martial Arts

Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia practice Muslim forms of martial arts like Silat. In China, where the Muslim place of worship is called Qing Zhen Si (Temples of Purity and Truth), Muslims have contributed to the development of chi kung and kung fu.

Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang was the founder of the famous Ming Dynasty, and although he never proclaimed to be a Muslim, his six most trusted commanders were. They were Chang Yuchan, Hu Dahai, Mu Ying, Lan Yu, Feng Sheng and Ding Dexing. They were all wushu (Chinese for martial arts) masters. As commanders they defeated rebellious activities including that of the Mongols. A significant number of Muslims died between 1644 –1911 AD in the attempt to restore the Ming Dynasty, which was instituted to bring harmony and fellowship amongst all the different groups of China.

The leaders of the Hui, a Muslim minority of five million, called on the people to learn wushu as a “holy practice in the struggle for survival and self-improvement.” During the Lesser Bairam (Eid ul Fitr) and the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) birthday, the Hui local mosques held wushu contests or exhibitions. The Chinese martial arts technique called “Tan Lui” (spring leg) was actually developed by a Hui Muslim named Chamir from Xingjiang during the Ming Dynasty (1368 –1644 AD).

Cha Kungfu is a Muslim technique from Northern Shaolin also named after a Muslim Kung Fu master – Cha Mi Er. Another Muslim master was Cheong Ho, an admiral of the Ming Dynasty.

The Baijiquan (8 extreme fists – rake hand) was first practiced by Wu Zhong, a Chinese Muslim from the Mong village in Kang country. In 1936, Zheng Wen Guang, a Muslim, attended the 11th Olympic Games as a specially invited member on the Chinese Wushu team.

This is a glimpse at what once was. Last August, China’s military completed a large-scale ‘exercise’ in the Muslim region of Xingjiang.

Not acknowledging our religion and the wealth that has been offered to us is a reflection of our inability to bring into focus the inner jihad, as we seek to develop understanding and further control over our lives.

This was orginally written in 2002…


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The Patterns of Our Lives

The Patterns of Our Lives
The Natural Laws of Life
Intro + Law of Nothingness

By Hwaa Irfan

In Islam today, many Muslims have been facing many questions that challenges their faith as they gradually submerge themselves more and more in the secular world; and so it has been for all people of faith.
Some of these questions could be answered but shouldn’t, if it is about convincing them as to why they should remain a Muslim. In fact those questions can be faced by anyone from any faith, as they essentially question the idea of God, as secularism increasingly makes their minds and hearts unavailable to them.
Life reflects God – even when we ignore the pattern of things, life still reflects God no matter how much we try to take Him out of the equation. Everything is built on a pattern, and when we stray away from that pattern consciously and/or unconsciously, the consequences lay down their own patterns the result of which are inevitable. Everything in life reflects His laws for there are signs in everything.

    {It is He, Who brings out the living from the dead, and brings out the dead from the living, and Who gives life to the earth after it is dead…<strong>} (Ar-Rum 30: 17)

    {And among His Signs is this, That He created you from dust; and then, Behold, ye are men scattered} (Ar-Rum 30: 20)

    {And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves that ye may dwell in tranquility} (Ar-Rum 30: 21)

    {And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors, verily in that there are Signs for those who know} (Ar-Rum 30: 22)

    {And among His signs is the sleep that ye take by night and by day and the quest that ye (make for livelihood) out of His Bounty} (Ar-Rum 30: 23)

And so the above are examples of the signs pertaining to our world whether physical, psychological or spiritual, with each serving a purpose which we may or may not know.

Just think of a scenario, small or big, and transfer the sequence of events to another situation and so on and so forth. All the modern sciences are based on this pattern from social science to political science; however the only thing that cannot be guaranteed is how the subject will react/respond as we all have our weaknesses and strengths. In whatever way the subject responds, there too are patterns for each reaction up until a certain point – a point which not many experience. The beginnings of western science are founded upon these patterns or laws of nature/universe for these laws describe what is otherwise there would be chaos. Look at the world we live in today, and the emerging chaos.

The Source

The west came to know of them through the Arabic “Kitab Sirr al-Asar”, a book of guidance which was translated into Latin by Johannes Hispalensis in 1140c. Muslim scholar Jabir ibn Hayyan (a 12th century, Andalusian astronomer and mathematician known in the West as Geber) translated these laws as follows:

0) Balinas mentions the engraving on the table in the hand of Hermes, which says:
1) Truth! Certainty! That in which there is no doubt!
2) That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one.
3) As all things were from one.
4) Its father is the Sun and its mother the Moon.
5) The Earth carried it in her belly, and the Wind nourished it in her belly,
7) as Earth which shall become Fire.
7a) Feed the Earth from that which is subtle, with the greatest power.
8) It ascends from the earth to the heaven and becomes ruler over that which is above and that which is below.
14) And I have already explained the meaning of the whole of this in two of these books of mine.

Sir Isaac Newton, 18th century English born astronomer, mathematician, and theologian translated the text as follows:

1) Tis true without lying, certain & most true.
2) That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do ye miracles of one only thing.
3) And as all things have been & arose from one by ye mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.
4) The Sun is its father, the moon its mother,
5) the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nurse.
6) The father of all perfection in ye whole world is here.
7) Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.
7a) Separate thou ye earth from ye fire, ye subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry.
8) It ascends from ye earth to ye heaven & again it descends to ye earth and receives ye force of things superior & inferior.
9) By this means you shall have ye glory of ye whole world & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.
10) Its force is above all force. for it vanquishes every subtile thing & penetrates every solid thing.
11a) So was ye world created.
12) From this are & do come admirable adaptations whereof ye means (Or process) is here in this.
13) Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of ye philosophy of ye whole world.
14) That which I have said of ye operation of ye Sun is accomplished & ended

Sufi mystic Idries Shah translated it as follows:

1) The truth, certainty, truest, without untruth.
2 )What is above is like what is below. What is below is like what is above. The miracle of unity is to be attained.
3) Everything is formed from the contemplation of unity, and all things come about from unity, by means of adaptation.
4) Its parents are the Sun and Moon.
5) It was borne by the wind and nurtured by the Earth.
6) Every wonder is from it
6a) and its power is complete.
7) Throw it upon earth,
7a) and earth will separate from fire. The impalbable separated from the palpable.
8) Through wisdom it rises slowly from the world to heaven. Then it descends to the world combining the power of the upper and the lower.
9 )Thus you will have the illumination of all the world, and darkness will disappear.
10) This is the power of all strength- it overcomes that which is delicate and penetrates through solids.
11a) This was the means of the creation of the world.
12) And in the future wonderful developments will be made, and this is the way.
13) I am Hermes the Threefold Sage, so named because I hold the three elements of all wisdom.
14) And thus ends the revelation of the work of the Sun.
The West became acquainted with these laws through branches of Islam, or to be more accurate through Muslim scholars like ibn Sina, Sufi ibn al-‘Arabi, and the Brothers of Purity or Ikhwan al-Safa’.

What is the actual source of these laws will probably remain unknown, but if all was born in a state of Islam i.e. submission to our Creator, and the “originator” of these laws gave rise to them out of this state, then the laws should reflect the laws of nature as what goes round comes round. Many great scholars both Muslim and on-Muslims have explored these laws to their satisfaction, but how do they affect our personal lives?

Our physical is governed by the law of the land though there are attempts to govern our hearts and minds, but our body is not just physical, and is not just our hearts and minds, and therefore can only be governed by the law of the land if we relinquish our higher selves, and think only of the material world. Our spirit recognizes the truth of any given situation, but when our minds are disconnected from our spirit, we communicate a lie, which can then translate into actions of envy, greed, lust, hate, manipulation, corruption, death, death and more death in terms of our own self development, and in terms of others whether that death occurs on the emotional, psychological, spiritual, economical, environmental, and/or socio-political plane – in others words injustice reigns as we become pawns instead of rising to our higher selves to become the player. Many great scholars have explored how the laws of nature apply, so let us see what it means for our personal lives.

The Law of 0 = Nothingness = All is Mind/Spirit

Can you imagine a world that is not earth, where day and night (i.e. time), hot or cold, gravity and mass, and all that you can touch does not exist including yourself? Fourteen million years ago: (who can tell actually as we measure everything according to earth time, even that which is not within the sphere of the earth.

The Law of Nothingness says that everything came from the Void. From Him we come, and to Him we return the Qur’an tells us. Cosmology tells us that the beginning of everything and the end of everything is the Void for He is our Alpha and Omega.

All sounds familiar, but what does it mean? A Cherokee Indian teaching describes it as follows:

    “From the Mystery all came forth. All manifestation is in harmony with that sacred Law; nothing is outside of it”!

So from nothing came something, but evolution has led us to believe that everything came forth and originated of itself from the Big Bang. This understanding is contradicted by the First Law of Thermodynamics, which states:

    “Energy cannot by itself be created nor destroyed. Energy may be changed from one form into another, but the total amount remains unchanged.”

{Surely We have created everything according to a measure} (Al Qamar 54: 49)

So His intention was made manifest and from the Void came energy. Albert Einstein demonstrated that matter is but another form of energy as represented in the famous equation E =MC². If all energy came from the Void, and all matter is energy transformed then we are energy transformed in part to matter. Spirit, thought, mental activity, and emotions are but forms of energy before being transformed to negative or positive energy – after all we have a choice!

But where did the energy come from?

Again we measure in earth terms. We measure what we can detect, and we can detect the universe and so it is measureable, or would it be more accurate to say that with earth time, and experience, that man has learnt to detect now what he could not detect before. Man can now detect planets he could not detect before, so how is he supposed to detect the Source of the energy, the Void? Quantum theory gave birth to the ability to detect quarks of energy that could not be detected before, but it has always been there!

Hold This Thought

As recent as 2001, the Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe (WMAP) was sent into space to explore the ability of X-Ray cameras to map the constitution of the universe. Two years later the evidence revealed that the universe is made up of 73% dark energy, which is invisible and is the cause of spaces itself, 23% dark matter, which generates a gravitational pull that keeps the universe together, and what we can see with our eyes is only 4% physical matter!

Now say it is impossible to create something from nothing!

{He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth, and He directed Himself to the heaven, so He made them complete seven heavens, and He knows all things} (Al Baqarah 2: 29)

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics also contradicts the theory of evolution, which is:

    “All things gradually and ultimately decay”

Whereas in the theory of evolution, it is believed that all living things become more complex. From an evolutionary point of view there is a case in terms of the evolution of the species, but with all species, including man there is a “sell by date” especially as the prediction of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics proves itself i.e. a system left to itself will, in the course of time, go towards greater disorder. Man has been proving this to be the case, as man insists on eliminating His Creator from the equation called Life.
A life system cannot sustain itself without the Creator. We cannot sustain ourselves without His Laws maintaining the balance, which we deny: because from Him, everything both seen and unseen is derived.

{Say: He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. He begets not, nor is He begotten. And none is like Him} (Al-Ikhlas 112: 1- 4).

What Does the Law of Nothingness Have to Do With You!

When we believe we have no reason to rise above our situation, we become a slave to that situation because for us at that moment, the situation is our god. It directs and influences our thoughts and emotions, and we feel powerless. A people who feel powerless allow their minds eye rule, and this creates the self perception that they are alone or separated from their Creator. Of what is within their physical realm, they become possessive, and the truth of their spirit is submerged by the lies they tell themselves so that they can feel in control in order to create a false sense of security through neglect, blame, persuasion, manipulation, deceit, greed, bullying, and a gamut of other negative emotions.

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) struggled with the ignorance of the town in which he lived, an often escaped to the desert to meditate in a cave. The process of meditation is a process of connecting with the Nothingness, of letting go of thoughts that invade the mind, of arriving at the point of complete silence, by which one can listen to one’s spirit, and connect with the Creator. In that Nothingness, comes the Truth, that we are all one in Him, and life is more than what we have limited our lives to. We discover what we have and can be grateful for, and we open inner lines of communication to a more wholesome self because then we would have accessed our subconscious mind where our will aligns with His Will, and the Laws of Nature. As Muslims, we are given the opportunity to do this at least 5 times a day in a state of submission(Islam)/prayer where we can open ourselves to the power of gratefulness to Him. Our mind becomes more in line with our spirit, and with the collective consciousness because we would have flowed with the pattern:

Attention + Intention = Manifestation

Reaching that meditative state increases relaxation, there is increased activity in the limbic area of the brain which connects both the left and right side of the brain, triggering positive emotions. One becomes more receptive to the higher self, and less responsive to external influences allowing for new patterns of thinking. One improves ones relationship with one’s self, God, and with others.

Our Creators attention led to His intention and so the universe was born becoming manifest. Your attention to your relationship with Him, and thus your higher self brings about intention/will that manifests to bring about a more balanced life from a state of nothingness. Open to the new learning experiences of life, you become more acquainted with other parts of yourself over your limited self. Equally the equation attention + intention = manifestation can bring about for example “war on terrorism”, which goes to show the pattern of our lives for good or for bad.

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